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  1. It's a little tricky to know how much to claim for, mainly because I don't know what their commission level was. The card ran from 2008-2012, I was a stupid teenager back then so was at the credit limit or over it for most of that time. Unfortunately, I have no statements to trawl through. They've given me ZERO indication as to their calculation.
  2. Initially I tried to claim mis-sold PPI in 2014 which went to the FOS but was rejected but in October 2017, Barclaycard invited me to complain under the Plevin ruling. Complaint submitted on 15th October 2017, letter from 3rd January 2018 says they haven't even looked into it yet, so submitted to FOS. FOS ruled in my favour, letter dated 1st Feb said they had 4 weeks to make payment. 4 weeks passed, FOS said to give them another 4 weeks. Those 4 weeks have also passed, BC told me it's in a payment queue but can't say when I'll know the breakdown of redress. FOS also said nothing they can do as they've agreed to make payment. It's taken 23 weeks so far and still I have no idea how much I'll be getting or when the funds will arrive. I don't care what it is but I just want information, nobody can seem to give it to me. What can I do from here to kick them into gear?
  3. CFO lending are in administration, doubt anyone's getting any redress. Told me I'd get some but been told by the administrators we won't get a penny.
  4. I don't believe so. We had an issue with people not receiving their welcome packs sometime last year and BG were urging customers to call us to tell us this makes the contract invalid. The WP is basically the nitty gritty T's and C's - the main points should be covered in the call, but if a customer has no access to the FULL T's and C's then they don't know exactly what they're agreeing to, thus the sale should be cancelled.
  5. Ofgem won't send you a copy of the call unfortunately, possibly down to DPA. EE themselves must send ALL calls if the SAR has been made, within 40 working days. This really is your only way of getting hold of that call, if you haven't done so already then don't put it off and get it done, or you'll never get anywhere with those con artists.
  6. Correct, but they can provide copies of calls, which will be included in the SAR and will also include the sales call.
  7. Apologies for the dreadfully slow reply, not been on for a while. Either party can initiate an ET request. If BG do this, they will inform EE of why it's been raised and EE have the option to accept or reject it. From my experience, we see literally hundreds of these a day, EE are utter swines and just blanket reject them claiming a 'valid contract'. EE themselves can initiate it also, but will only do so if they are wrong (have the wrong supply address for example) and it then will need to be accepted by the other supplier it's returning to. Unfortunately, if they had any contact with her they will just pull the valid contract card. They will also ignore you until they are forced to intervene. They're pretty much what the payday loan market was like 10 years ago - we do what we want, when we want and we don't care :/ You know something shady is going on when this time last year they were taking about 150 customers a week from one particular supplier, that's now in the region of 3500 a week..
  8. Has an ET (erroneous transfer) been initiated by EITHER Economy Energy or BG? If so, has the other party ACCEPTED the ET? IF it has been accepted it can take 6 weeks to return the supply. In this instance tell EE to , as BG will bill her for the period EE held the supply as if they never took it and any monies owed is not payable to EE.
  9. Have a look at their trustpilot page, it's hilarious. So many 1 star reviews but over the last 3 days about 30-40 review, all 4 and 5 stars from people called 'Tracy', 'Robert', 'Mark' etc. They all are very basic 2 liners all saying things like 'i recieved my card very fast' or 'so much cheaper than everywhere else'. Because they aren't EE employees at all are they.. Anyone who they can't confirm as a customer they report to Trustpilot, but all these one name wonders all have verified orders and are apparently genuine. They are beyond ridiculous.
  10. Perhaps not, but what they're doing is purely tricking people. Sadly people need to be more vigilant because almost everyone I speak to tells me they had no ID or don't inform who they are when cold calling.
  11. Another despicable trick they're pulling: When prepay customers switch on a smart meter, they're supposed to be given top up cards or a card number to use to top up. Nobody is being sent any cards and every card number given over the phone doesn't work. Customer reports this to Economy who add credit to their meter but add it as a debt also so when the customer can top up, it takes money back. Problem is they NEVER can top up. Some customers have been like this for months. Of course when it comes to switching, they'll object because of the debt and tbe customer is completely stuck, unable to top up and unable to switch!
  12. They have VERY scary similarities: Phone numbers are almost identical Same malpractice with sales Both have an exact round to the penny standing charge - nobody else does that Both are involved in wholesale fuels Both target prepay smart meter customers Both located in the same part of the country Small, but somewhat meaningful similarities!
  13. Yep, ombudsman won't touch it until then. I work in the industry and there is something massive going on with EE. Around May 2016 we started receiving an alarming amount of calls from customers saying they'd been switched without their knowledge, all prepayment customers. It soon became clear they were up to no good and OFGEM are investigating. Another company called E (or Lorimer Power) were up to the same tricks. They're well known for: - Doing fake price comparisons - Taking details then submitting a contract against the customer's request - Forcing their way into vulnerable people's homes, getting them to digitally sign a tablet to 'say they'd visited' which was also a contract - Telling customers they 'had a standing charge on their meter' and were there to remove it, again it was signing a contract - Telling customers their supplier is going out of business and they HAD to sign over to them - Claiming other suppliers were being shut down by OFGEM for mis-selling (ironic..) - Claiming WHD payments would be transferred when they aren't even part of the scheme - Saying they don't charge a standing charge, when they do Beware, if you've had any of the above happen or been steamrolled into signing up with them, contact Citizen's Advice and lodge a complaint that way. It was the sheer number of complaints in a short space of time that made OFGEM take notice. E are doing EXACTLY the same. I'm almost certain they're the same company under 2 different names.
  14. Finally, a date's been given. Applications open August 2nd. The scheme will run until May 2017 for this winter due to the delay in opening.
  15. Get a complaint in ASAP. They were very quick responding to mine, from emailing the complaint to paying out was about 2 weeks.
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