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  1. They're not letting me speak to them. Everything by form and email
  2. Doh! Sorry, on really strong painkillers! By my registered bank card. Ive had a charge back request in with co-op bank for a month
  3. Thanks I booked a 2 day trip to kazbeghi from Tbilisi in Georgia on 20th Feb for May 5th. We were going to be in Tbilisi at the time. Paid $150 for a private driver through tour agency explorer tours based in Tbilisi. We then had our flights cancelled and visas annulled due to covid 19. We requested a refund but they refused saying different rules here. This went on for ages I asked PayPal to step in for services not received. Silly I know as too early. PayPal found in their favour when I challenged this over the phone was told resubmit dispute when the tour company officially cancel. 5th may tour company cancel. I log into PayPal to find I can't raise a dispute. Email them but keep getting automated replies. Log official complaint mid may Then nothing Log again 23rd may. Nothing. Email complaint regarding handling of official complaint from my PayPal email address - get reply that it must come from my registered email address. Do again, same reply. I give up!!!
  4. Hi. I am trying to claim for a cancelled trip through PayPal. They found in the travel companies favour, god knows how, as I never received the trip I paid for. They cancelled it due to #covid19. I sent them a formal complaint through their webpage and nothing, so resent and nothing. Then I sent it to 2 email addresses but they have bounced back saying I must send it from my registered email ( which I did). Everything is automated. I'm after an email address so I can get someone to acknowledge my complaint before I try court. Can anyone help. Tia
  5. UPDATE: penalty charge cancelled and a nice big apology from them. Thanks for all your help
  6. Thanks, we waived £700 of fees that were in our T&C's that we could claim just for quick closure but if they have not paid the invoices by close of business today then we will put a claim in for everything they owe us. We may have legal cover with insurance just waiting to hear. When can we name and shame them and how is best way
  7. Iits all started again, I'm getting called 5 times a day, straight to voicemail. I wrote to them back in Oct and asked them to stop harassing and me and that i do not acknowledge any debt with them and in fact I am owed money by Welcome finance. Do i re-contact them again? Thanks
  8. It does state in our terms and conditions that once insytructed a contract is deemed to exist Professional Inventory Management Services Ltd (PiMS Ltd) shall be entitled to charge a fee to the person, persons or company who has given the instruction. If the instructions are given by a landlord, letting agent or any third party, this contract is deemed to be made between Professional Inventory Management Services Ltd (PiMS Ltd) and any of these parties as the principle unless agreed otherwise in writing with Professional Inventory Management Services Ltd. INSTRUCTION CONDITIONS Professional Inventory Management Services Ltd (PiMS Ltd) can accept instructions from the Client via e-mail, telephone, SMS or the Client's own system via API. Once an instruction is received, a contract is deemed to exist between Professional Inventory Management Services Ltd (PiMS Ltd) and the Client subject to these terms and conditions. All instructions will be recorded in KMS, any errors contained within this system or within written confirmation not corrected by the Client upon receipt will be the responsibility of the Client.
  9. Terms _ Conditions.pdfTo cut a long story short, we have provided a service to a letting agent doing inventories, check outs, and mid term inspections. We had a fall out after a complaint about one of their staff and they have witheld payment on the invoices. Now, they are challenging parts of the invoice. The main part is where we have supplied and fitted smoke alarms and batteries as per our agreement at the start of our working together and as per our T&C's. They are refusing to pay for them as part of the invoice, £180 worth in March and £10 in April as they sdaid they never wanted them and we had no agreement. We cannot prove the agreement in writing but we have a witness who was at the meeting back in November ( the former lettings manager) willing to testify that was the agreeement. The company is made up of 2 directors, the one complaining and refusing to pay was not at this meeting but the other director was and stated that we were to replace smoke alarms if needed and batteries and not under any circumstances leave a property un-protected. As we said, this was back in November and we have been supplying and fitting where needed since then. The company have also paid up until now. We have had monthly meetings where we have been given excellent feedback and at no point was this raised as an issue, nor were we instruced to stop supplying and fitting smoke alarms. We have now been told to contact their solicitor. We will go to small claims but it is a long process and causing much worry. They owe us short of £4500. We emailed the solicitor this morning giving until close of business on Wednesday 2nd May to pay. I have uploaded our terms and conditions, it clearly states we will supply and fit alarms if instructed ( and we were). They are also disputing a charge of £50 added to the April invoice where iwas requested to undertake 2 accompanined vierwings at a property whilst doing a check out. This took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to do this for them, I am not their employee and they begged me to as one elerly couple had driven over 100 miles to see the property. They were short staffed so i agreed for a cost. No price was agreed though in writing and i have charged £50 for my time which I deem reasonable. I so look forward to stating who the letting agents are but cannot yet. Thanks
  10. Thank you and sorry. I will update tomorrow
  11. HI, Sorry if not ciorrect forum, Ill try to keep it short we had been supplying our services to an independant letting agent for 4 months until we were dropped after a complaint was raised against one of their staff. Now they wont pay their last 2 invoices despite us jumping through hoops to keep sending it and changing the layoiut etc so they could understand. ( they had always paid us before until the fallout) They are now refusing to pay part of it as we threatened if we did not recieve by close of business last night then we would go to small claims court. They claim that we cant charge for 6 smoke alarms we have supplied, it is in the terms and conditions that we were to put them up if missing in properties and we were instructed to do this at the very first meeting. They claim we cant claim for cancelled appointments but our T&C's state we can. In fact everything they are trying to get out off ( over £1000) worth on the invoice is covered by our T&C's that was handed over at the first meeting and witnessed by 2 other people and the director ( who now denies it) . Our T&C's also state that once instructed by this company then we have deemed to be in a contract. They are claiming they didnt sign anything but no one signs T&C's .of their complaints procedure as advised but to no avail. We have done everything but they just bully us and are nasty in their emails ( which we have kept) We have also reported them to their governing trade body and have requested a copy Anyhow, so off to court it is, they want us to go through their solicitor, we cant afford to as we are a small independent business, they owe us £4500 and we can only just manage to cover the court application fee. My questions are, do we have to go through his solicitor? Can we just apply to the court for the amount owed. ? Many thanks
  12. Many thanks, yes it is a ntk I have uploaded it but can only do from phone sorry Thanks ncp R.pdf
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