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  1. Sorry I've left this thread for an incredibly long time but... SUCCESS! My Wonga loan has been written off and I will also receive a small refund. There is hope, you just have to fight for your rights. I am lucky that I am now in control of my finances and have a small amount of debt that will be cleared in a matter of months. Don't give up, the hardest bit is the initial tackling then all you do is have to let it play out. Your future self will thank you. I'm sure that could be worded much better, but you catch my drift. Thanks CAG!
  2. I know the default will still be there, it will drop off on it's 6th birthday and the damage from that is already done. That is not our main priority right now. What I am struggling with is that the email is not clear enough to me that if payment is made, the remaining balance will not be chased (by themselves or somebody else). I'm hoping I'm just a little stupid and someone can advise me that the email will be sufficent evidence to stop any future organizations or a court from pursuing the remaining (or should I say written off) balance.
  3. Received a reply from the email address, thank you so much! But.. in the email it states: "After checking the above account and contacting the Collections Team, I confirm the remaining outstanding balance is £30.65 following a previous payment of £25.47. Although the balance had been written off pending potential transfer to another Debt Collection Agency providing payment is received prior to that, the account will be classed as settled with no further action. Please contact the Collections Team To confirm and make payment. Once payment has cleared this will also update with th
  4. I've heard from neither.. surprise surprise! The 8 weeks has literally just ended for me, so I'm able to escalate it to the FOS now. It is SO wrong how the forbearance programme only applies to 'existing customers' and by that I think they mean those who haven't been sold on. I actually logged on to the new Wonga website and I have a trust rating to be able to borrow over £400! It is beyond ridiculous.
  5. Thank you! An email has been sent to both, keeping our fingers crossed!
  6. I'm asking for advice on behalf of my partner. He has a 3(ish) year old debt with Orange regarding a contract mobile phone he took out. He took out the phone/contract then after a few months sold it as he was struggling to manage his finances and stopped paying the monthly bill. He was repaying the debt via his DMP with Step Change as it was passed to a couple of DCA's. It was passed back to Orange/EE a few months a go and Step Change were unable to make the repayments. He rang Orange/EE and asked for details to where he could repay his debt as it is included in his DMP but they
  7. In the document in #1 it says they are to waive any interest or charges owed to Microcredit but not too OPOS/Kapama. A customer had their account passed to a debt collection agency 2 years ago, therefore not owing Microcredit but have had their outstanding balance written off - so how? So basically Microcredit are writing off debts apart from those they had sold to themselves, if OPOS/Kapama are the same company/people. Apologies if I've got the wrong end of the stick, just want to know where my partner stands. He hasn't had a reply since Monday from OPOS which offered no inform
  8. It appears Mini Credit are writing off some outstanding balances. I've read 2 separate emails today on another forum saying that accounts have been closed, balances have been written off and credit files are to be updated within 3 days, even one that was passed to a debt collection agency 2 years ago!
  9. No I've never missed a payment or had any penalties/charges and I made sure the PPI box was not ticked when I applied.
  10. The I&E was very basic so I was happy to fill it in. The medical info - a fit note which I already had - was the reason why my circumstances had changed and I wanted the interest frozen. I'm happy with the result.
  11. Good news.. Simply Be have frozen interest on my account to be reviewed in 6 months. The balance should be paid off by then so I'm very happy. I had to fill in a very simple I&E form and supply a small amount of medical evidence - the reason why I wanted to make interest free repayments in the first place. Thank you!
  12. I received a response from the financial ombudsman representative today which included this.. 'I just want to let you know that it is Wonga’s decision as to what loans they write off and they made a decision that they would not write off any loans that had already been sold to debt collection companies, the ombudsman service cannot overturn this decision.' However they are going to contact Wonga on my behalf. I am still yet to find anything from Wonga that confirms this, they seem to have just ignored being specific about this. Please point me in the right direction if I'm wrong.
  13. Isn't that just so ridiculous and sad. I'm not getting at you here but just that point in general. I'll keep in mind your views about withholding payments whilst the account is in dispute. After Monday OPOS will have had 5 business days to reply with an update or outcome of their 'investigation'. Depending on their reply, and if they actually do reply then we will be making a formal complaint.
  14. I've never really thought about that, I suppose they just act as the middle man and make things that little bit easier for the debtor. I know myself and my partner are really grateful of their help. They are a charity so we don't pay them a fee, our bank accounts are secure, we see our money being distributed and the numbers coming down, we aren't hounded by any creditor/DCA either. For a full and final settlement, it would take an awful lot of missed payments - approx a year - for him to save the money for that. Also, I'm not sure how Step Change and other creditors would feel about that
  15. This is my partners debt, he is repaying them (and other lenders) through his DMP with Step Change. He cannot afford to do make a full and final settlement, hence the DMP. He just wants to pay back what he actually owes and to not get cash cowed.
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