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Found 17 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have just received a postal requisition for alleged criminal damage to property. I believe the prosecutor must issue a written charge not more than 6 months after the offence alleged. Is this correct ?
  2. Is anybody on Universal Credit and doing Postal Signing? You could do this on Job Seekers, but what about Universal Credit? Have been offered the phone option in regards to signing on, but the Work Coach wants full access to my Universal Job Match account, before authorizing it. The Work Coach says its not available for Universal Credit, but I would like see documenation stating this. Advice, and help would be great.
  3. Hello everyone, Credit Card-HSBC Bank, currently with Cabot/ Marlin Account Start Date: 01/2007 Opening balance:£2700 Default balance: £2700 Date of default: 06/2010 I think this probably was an online application.. After defaulted in 2010 Metropolitan Collection Service Limited contacted me and demanded high monthly payments while I was in the hospital- everyday calls etc. .. In the end reduced payments were agreed. I was paying them reduced payments (£10 or £20 I don’t remember exactly) on monthly basis until 2013. They agreed in writing in 2013 a monthly £1 payment : Commencing Date 29/06/13 Finishing date 28/08/2096! A few months after the agreement I was contacted by Marlin (Cabot Financial) advising me to start paying them the £1 monthly and providing me with their details. Noddle currently shows owing of £2400. I was contacted by Marlin over the phone recently for a review -I explained that my financial situation is even worse than it was in 2013. They were fine-still happy to receive the £1 .They also mentioned that a full and final settlement can be arranged at 65% discount but they would consider a lower offer if I go to them with one- they said. I sent them a CCA request on 08/01/16 and a change of address letter. They have received my letters on the 9th. Today I received the following letter (file of the letter attached) advising me that unfortunately they were unable to cash the postal order because there was no payee filled out. Please see the attached letter from Cabot. Apologies for the poor quality of the file- I think it is readable. ..but if it is not let me know an I will try again. They also returned my original CCA request letter and the change of address letter??? So I guess I should return these to them. They have written on my CCA request letter with pen: 'ops req £1' and also attached the sticker for sign for service from the post office (I sent the letter recorded)... I have also attached the file of the postal order. Please tell me what is wrong with the postal order? I asked for a postal order and in the post office they told me that the best is to buy a crossed one if I am going to send it to a company, so I agreed!? I did not ask them to put a name on the postal order... Although I left the postal order completely blank at the back- Cabot has written on it my Ref number and something like a signature next to the ref. number??!!!! Please advise on the above? Very much appreciated! Uploaded PDF files -post 3 .
  4. Hi Received a statement from MKDP today for a statute Barred Debt. In June last year before the statue I sent a S77/78 request along with the £1.00 Postal Order clearly stating it was for the Fee incurred and not to be used for anything else. I didnt receive anything from my request. On their statement its gone down as payment received!!! The Debt was statute from Feb 2015 I thought this wasnt allowed??? Hadituptohere
  5. Hi, thought I'd start this thread as it seems a lot of people can not easily find out how to see if their postal order has been cashed.... call 0345 611 2970 then click option 5, the option 6, then option 2
  6. Hello, I haven't caught up with this forum for a while, so please forgive me if this question has been already answered. I'm a male in my late 40s, long term unemployed but not yet claiming (long story why I didn't claim). I'm not yet technically homeless but will be in a short time if I don't find a source of income or claim JSA. At the moment I'm living in a sort of b&b/backpackers hostel in Birmingham (not a homeless hostel) and the owner doesn't really like the unemployed. If I should receive a brown envelope, he would probably kick me out (it has happened before to previous residents). As I have nobody willing to take my mail, would a homeless charity take my mail, even if I am not registered homeless? If so, can anybody recommend one in Birmingham? I know there are a few, but I'm not sure where to start and I feel very ashamed for doing that. I used to be an office worker and for me this is a new territory. Many many years ago I lived in Glasgow and I met an unemployed man who would receive his mail at the Big Issue office in Glasgow. Do they still do this? Sorry for the daft question. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can send me a PM. I check the Internet once a day. Thank you all.
  7. I'm asking for advice on behalf of my partner. He has a 3(ish) year old debt with Orange regarding a contract mobile phone he took out. He took out the phone/contract then after a few months sold it as he was struggling to manage his finances and stopped paying the monthly bill. He was repaying the debt via his DMP with Step Change as it was passed to a couple of DCA's. It was passed back to Orange/EE a few months a go and Step Change were unable to make the repayments. He rang Orange/EE and asked for details to where he could repay his debt as it is included in his DMP but they said he would have to wait for it to be passed to another DCA. Low and behold, he still heard nothing. Eventually, he rang Orange/EE again last week asking the same question and was told they would accept a settlement of £31. They said they only wanted to cover the cost of the handset. I told him to repeatedly ask them if that was a full and final settlement and them nor any other organisation would enforce or pursue for the remainder, and he would be free from any liability. They agreed to all this on the phone but were pretty sketchy when he said he needed confirmation and agreement of this offer in writing. They did say they would send a letter but as yet he has not had anything, and I don't think he will. Obviously, I've told him the importance of not making any payment until everything is in writing. So he has written a letter but we cannot find any postal addresses to send it to. Does anyone have a postal address we can send this letter to? What happens if we cannot find an address, therefore cannot send the letter, and he receives no letter from Orange/EE? What happens if they do not pass the debt on again so repayments can be started again? I'm worried of nothing happening for months/years then a letter through the door from a court. What evidence would he have that he has tried to repay? He definitely does not want a CCJ and he would not be able to repay it off in full within 28 days, if it did go to court. Honestly feel like I've hit a brick wall with this one.
  8. Hi, I require help in regards to a letter I received from Parking Control Management (in Slough). My wife required to hand in a letter in college which took hardly 7 min for her to come back and I stayed in a car at all times playing with mobile phone. I had parked my car just outside the college with no yellow lines. There was a space of parking, only 3 cars could be parked in this road side parking which also has got a notice board about Private Parking (which i failed to notice as i took this space belong to college). Roughly 3 min later a guy in a scruffy t shirt and jeans came and started taking photos of my car from his mobile phone, I was just thinking to myself why is he taking photos and then he went back of the car to take more photos. I asked him why the hell is he taking photos for and he replied "you will know once you get a parking ticket, this parking is a private" I said to him he could have asked me to move the car but he did not reply and sat in his car which he had parked on the other side of the road. i simply started my car and came out of parking space and made a U turn and I stopped my car in the middle of the road and I came out to ask him to show his ID. He refused to show by saying "I am not obliged to show you any thing". During this my wife came out of college and we came home. Today I received a letter from PCM asking to pay £100 (reduced £60). The letter also states that the driver drove off before the ticket was issued. How the hell he could have issued a ticket from his mobile phone? What I would like to know Is it legal to start taking photos with the intentions of issuing ticket while the driver is in the car ? I feel it is totally unfair that I have been asked to pay while I was in the car. I would appreciate if any one can help me in this matter Thanks.
  9. According to this article Parking Eye seem not to be receiving important mail that's been posted to them. Should they complain to Royal Mail! http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/Motorist-8216-ecstatic-8217-Derby-court-victory/story-21658621-detail/story.html
  10. Hi I sent a CAR to Vanquis bank with a £1 postal order. As per the lady at the post office recommendation, she left the postal order blank so it could be cashed by anyone. It printed 3 asterixes on it ***. Anyway Vanquis have returned my request and postal order with generic letter saying to apply for a CAR I need to include a cheque/postal order made out to Vanquis bank. Is this correct or are they just stalling? Thanks
  11. Hi everyone. I have read through the info on this great site and cca`d Lowell's after receiving letters threatening court action from Bryan Carter. No response was received from Lowell's when i sent my request with postal order after BC returned my request twice telling me to contact Lowell's directly, even though they were the ones threatening court action. today i received a letter from Lowell's saying they have received second letter and are looking into my complaint and my account is on hold. They haven't even acknowledged the first letter or returned my postal order. What do i do? The 'account' entered default on 31st December when i had no reply and fired off second letter. Any advice appreciated. The amount is due to drop of credit file this year at some point. Thank you. Res
  12. Hello, I met my husband 5 years ago and he had a lot of debt which together we have cleared all accept one with welcome finance. This loan was originally taken out for a car in 2000 for £3,999, however due to being hit with a £489 per month CSA payment he defaulted and sorry to say ignored them for a few years. They made his life hell and he tried to take his own life. No excuses he is at fault and we set up a repayment plan with welcome and have never missed a payment. Yesterday we received a letter from CABOT FINANCIAL SERVICES saying they have been sold the debt by welcome which now stands at £3,589 after paying for all these years he still owes a huge amount which is probably the interest from him ignoring them, his own fault. Now can someone please advise me of what to do? of course we will be paying back as we have been doing for 5 years but do I ask for the original loan agreement to see if they have the right to demand payment ? and would you recommend contact by email, phone or letter? My husband has not slept and as you can imagine it has stirred up old feelings!! Your help and advice will be greatly appreciated on this sensitive matter, please take into consideration that HE totally takes full responsibility for his actions. Thank you
  13. Good Morning, I am attempting to offer the DWP a Payment Plan for some money I owe them. Last time I called I was charged in excess of 20 quid while I waited - at that point they agreed to wait 28 days while I took budgeting advice. I don't want to incur those costs again and think its better to sort these things out by letter anyway so I can detail my income - outgoings. I cannot find a postal address anywhere and was wondering if anyone could help. If anyone has any experience of this kind of thing, would also be helpful to know how you got on/how understanding the DWP are to payment plans, etc. Thanks in advance
  14. I went to get some postal orders from the post office and was told there was a charge to buy one i.e. 1 pound one actually costs 1.50.
  15. Rohannah

    Postal Orders

    Hi, I wanted to check if the postal order I sent with a SAR had been cashed the number 01246 542 091 is no longer available it is now 08457 22 33 44 keep going until you get to option 5
  16. Hi all, This is the first time I'm using a forum and I need some help,please. My uncle sent a Postal order to pay for a Ticket he got. But thecouncil are stating they have not received it. I have contacted the Post Officewho have told me that it has been cashed, but they cannot provide me with anyinformation about who has cashed it as it was filled out by hand instead ofelectronically. The council are stating they need more proof before they willinvestigate. They want the bank account details of the account into which thePostal Oder was cashed. However the Post Office have stated that they cannotprovide this information. This is probably due to Data Protection Laws, but theCouncil are not willing to accept this. My uncle cannot afford to pay the ticket amount again, which hasnow been increased as they did not receive the payment within 28 days. I have been chasing the Council and the Post Office since May butto no avail and I do not know what to do next. I am considering contacting the Policeand reporting it as stolen, so they can investigate it. They may be able toobtain the account details. But I do not know if they will do this, as they maythink I am wasting Police time. If anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  17. Hello all this is my first time posting on this forum so please excuse me if I come off as a bit dense. I sold my TV on ebay for £320 pounds. Used Parcel Force to send TV from Wales to Yorkshire. TV Smashed. Foam that wrapped the TV unwrapped. Box ripped to shreds. What the hell was they doing? I phoned them up they said to fill out a form, I made it very clear that it was a TV that they had smashed. They said fill out form. Filled out form, guy I sent it to filled out their questionnaire. Weeks later their reply is that they can't payout because its not on item on the list. Its on their website apparently. I arranged this delivery over the phone as their website is not mac compatible. They did not mention items that they don't compensate. Thats beside the point as they also patronisingly said I did not package the thing properly. Which is BS because I ordered a box specifically online from specialists who sell big sturdy boxes designed for housing TV's for delivery or moving house also I wrapped it up tightly with foam. My point being I didn't just warp it with parcel paper. It was safe it was secure. Only one man came to pick it up. I expressed concern that it should take two people to lift it. The guy said it will be fine and hunched it over his shoulder. Already I was worried this wasn't in the right hands. The state it had arrived in looked like it had been in a warzone not in transit. I sold the TV so I can make a new life for my self after Uni. I refunded the guy who bought it straight away. I'm near enough penniless. Parcel force have created a very stress full situation for me and to make it worse they pinning all the blame on me. I should never have used their service and I will never again in my life. They can't compensate me for the mistakes they have made. Corporate greed at its worst. What can I do? who can help me?
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