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  1. Hi I start my new employment in august and have given my notice for the 3rd August as my finish day today i was asked to come into the office and as usual asking me to reconsider dont know why i would as the company gives me a constant head ache. They sat down and said to me that they are not willing to wait 10 weeks for me to leave the business and said i have to give a maximum of 4 weeks notice which should be done today and sent by tonight to state my end of employment should be 25th June 2018 I am not ready to leave in June and have 2 children i need to provide for
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that for those of you dealing with 247 Money Box that it is possible to get a Default removed. I opened a complaint with them yesterday and I have today received an email from them confirming they will write off my balance of £274 and remove ALL adverse data from the credit reference agencies. I will believe it when I see it, but this was the most recent of my Defaults not coming off my credit file until November 2021, so I am just slightly happy at the moment. Thank you to the help on this site and the template letters, it would not h
  3. Howdy! Entering a Token Payment Plan with StepChange as been avoiding creditors for long years now. Could someone tell me how to find old bank account numbers, old ref numbers to finish off my paperwork for TPP? I haven't kept any old letters etc, and I'd like to avoid ringing creditors at all costs. My credit report doesn't exactly show ref numbers. Is it actually crucial to find them anyway? StepChange said it would greatly help.
  4. Sent my appeal off with some brief details of why i was appealing , Had a Letter from DWP confirming that they received my appeal, and about how much ESA i will get until it's heard, But so far over 1mth since requesting the full written statement of the Atos wca Form IB /ESA85, But so far i have not been sent it, The person that i recently spoke with from DWP ,Confirmed that they could see that i had previously requested it, but could not understand why i had not yet received it, What can be done to force them to supply this info,(assuming it actually exists) ?
  5. Hello all, Friend of mine asked if I can check something for him. Is his debt written off after 6 years? For example letter had arrived today from DCA and debt last payment he made was on 01 Jan 2012. That when he made last payment. Does DCA 'reset's almost 6 years period of time? Thank you!
  6. Can anybody offer any constructive advice please? My daughter was involved in an accident on 29th April last year and her car was declared a write off and removed the following day by her insurance company who took all the documentation and paperwork including the V5. She tells me that she sent off the section 9 part to inform the DVLA that the vehicle was now transferred to her insurance company and thought that was that as far as the DVLA was concerned. However, in September, she received a Late Licencing Penalty letter demanding £80, as she hadn't renewed the licence
  7. Hi, I just wanted some advice please. My husband passed away 2 months ago. He had an old santander card which was taken over by capquest. I wrote and told them what had happened and sent a copy of the death certificate. I received a letter from capquest today addressed to my dead husband saying they are sorry for the delay and are waiting for santander to get back to them and they will contact him soon. I am so angry and upset I just want to know who I can complain to. I am going to write to capquest and send the original letter to santander and I also though the fca? Just wanted t
  8. Hi Six weeks ago our car was involved in an accident, at the scene the third party wouldn't admit liability. However we had witnesses and it seems possibly CCTV so it ended up she did admit liability. We contacted our insurance company and hey took over dealing with it all. I was given a hire car when they collected our car five weeks ago and FINALLY today I have heard back from the accident claim management company to say that the car has been written off. The guy said he had a cheque sitting on his desk for £2300 which he would be sending me today, plus they would get a further £
  9. in may this year my daughter had a car accident and the car was written off (although we didnt think it was necessary). Two men have just knocked showed me a copy of my daughters registration doc asking if i knew the person, they were after the log book and they were driving the car that had been written off. I didnt have the logbook as logbook and reg docs had to be sent in to the insurance company. I hope we are not going to get some kind of come back over this
  10. Hi new poster and any information is greatly appreciated. Had a credit card debt with HSBC which become statute barred last year. Earlier this year I received a phone call from a collection agency about the debt and after explaining it was statute barred and didn't want to discus it with him he said ok he'll check. A few week later HSBC sent me a statement saying the account balance was now zero so I'd assumed they'd written off the bebt. Today I've received a letter from HSBC stating they have upheld my PPI complaint for mis-selling on the credit card and they would
  11. After one applies for jobseekers allowance, they are invited to their first appointment to sign their application. If there are topics that need to be expanded, or for example special circumstances that cannot be answered with a simple yes/no, can one attach a written statement to be sent to the decision makers? Thanks
  12. I was having disciplinary hearing and has been giving first written warning. I have appealed against this decision. Is it compulsory for my employer to conduct the appeal hearing?
  13. We had a loan with welcome finance many years ago. Phoned them up last month regarding miss selling of ppi to which they said there was some on the account so we started the claim. Everything on the phone was fine no issues, the loan account was closed. We've had our decision letter today saying they were using the compensation to settle the loan. It was secured against our house, we sold the property in 2004. It seems there was was some of the loan left outstanding after the sale. We've had no correspondence or notifications regarding any outstanding sums on the loan.
  14. I have a debt to EE which is in default and I've had for some time now. A month ago I wrote to EE with an offer of a full & final settlement which they say they couldn't accept but as an act of goodwill regarding my situation they would write off the outstanding balance. Just over a month later I receive a letter from Fredrickson International saying that their client has instructed them to collect the outstanding balance. I also notice that the balance they have on the letter is actually £45 higher than what was originally owed (no interest or charges were being added by EE - I
  15. We have had a disasterous refit of our shower, and are suffering leaks and noticed some cracked grouting too. We have been in touch with Citizen's Advice Bureau and the first thing they said we needed was a written report from a professional to explain what the problems are and how to put them right. However we are struggling to find a professional who is willing to put pen to paper to give us this. Reasons cited include they don't want to get involved in a legal battle, the repercussions for them going against some dodgy plumbers. Can anyone suggest how I can get a plumber wil
  16. Hi All, I will set the scene with a brief timeline of events.... 1. Purchased a 62 plate car for 10k on a HP agreement with a £300 deposit, picked the car up from the dealers on the 2nd March 2016. 2. I made the first payment on the HP agreement on the 2nd April 2016. 3. On the 8th April 2016, the car was written off in an accident. The other party pleaded no contest and their insurers have admitted full liability for the claim. I spoke with my finance company yesterday after receiving a letter from my insurer declaring the car a write off. Naturally as the legal
  17. Posting on behalf of a friend, who is employed by a cleaning company. The facts: - She's been working for the company for 5+ years as a cleaner for a certain client for GBP 6.50/hr for 2 hrs/day (10hrs/week) and her husband was also employed there for the same wage for 3 hrs/day (15 hrs/week). - There is no written contract and she and her husband have never received anything from the employer except salary payments into their accounts. - Ever since she's been working there she was told by her supervisor that as long as the offices are cleaned properly it doesn't matter how many hours
  18. I'm helping a friend with a few debts a year ago sent a CCA request to Robbers way who couldn't comply. Just received a letter from Hoist - "we refer to the query .............As we are unable to resolve in a satisfactory manner, we have taken the decision to write off the account and cease all collection activities....." Although my friend is pretty sure she didn't have PPI, we are now sending an SAR to Captial One and I'm betting her that not only will there be PPI but also charges. Just for interest I'll keep you posted BTW, she's been cash cowed for years!
  19. Hi I have a car which was a Cat C - repairs were done and insurers were happy for it to be back on the road. Two weeks ago I was hit on a roundabout by a driver turning right from a straight on lane. Car went to Dingmasters in Bristol who have told me today that my car is write off. The damage was a dent above the rear passenger wheel arch and scratch to paint work. I'm not in a situation where I can find the money that easily for a new car after a few months unemployment. I have asked for the car back which they have said will be today. Can I seek a second opi
  20. Hi, I have been lurking on these forums (and Google) but cannot seem to find any information about the problem I currently want to resolve. I took out a Wonga loan in 2012 which was assigned to Portfolio Recovery Associates U.K. Ltd in June 2013. I am currently on a DMP with Step Change and I am repaying the loan to PRA. I'm aware that Wonga has had to write off loans which were in excess of 30 days in arrears (which mine clearly is) and would not have been approved under the new affordability guideline. I am certain that my loan falls into that category as I was unemployed at
  21. my brother did something wrong at work and fully admits this.he has been in the job for just under a year and the firm had him in the office and the outcome was that he was given a written warning,now this was in the first week of December 2015 and he still hasn't recived anything.if he now gets something should it be from the date in December or from the date its issued? and does it expire after 6 months? cheers
  22. Hi I have been on this debt journey for a while now. I got sucked into the cycle of payday loans, all of which I paid off until it got too much and I defaulted with QQ at just under £1000 This was then sold to RedCastle. I emailed Redcastle in October Asking them to provide information on the debt as there were two separate entries for the same amount with different default dates on my credit file. One from Redcastle and the original one with QQ. I Sent a copy of my request to QQ and they removed their entry. I have now received this letter from Redcastle Re
  23. Forgive me if this comes across as long winded or angsty but I could do with some advice. I still feel sick to the stomach thinking about it. I had an accident in my car on Friday just gone. My fault, I ran into the back of someone, which I admitted was my fault straight away. After speaking to the insurance company, they're going down the total loss route as my car is 12 years old and with the damage it's probably beyond economical repair. They're saying they will inform the DVLA once they have had the engineers report to say it's being written off. I've asked them what happens with
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