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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. The insurance company asked for the V5C, which I sent, first class signed for. They then sent a letter to say they had received the documents and action them as appropriate. However that was 2 weeks ago and the DVLA are still saying they have me down as the registered keeper. Just getting a bit worried as I don't want any come backs and the DVLA are saying to wait 4 weeks before anything can be done
  2. Forgive me if this comes across as long winded or angsty but I could do with some advice. I still feel sick to the stomach thinking about it. I had an accident in my car on Friday just gone. My fault, I ran into the back of someone, which I admitted was my fault straight away. After speaking to the insurance company, they're going down the total loss route as my car is 12 years old and with the damage it's probably beyond economical repair. They're saying they will inform the DVLA once they have had the engineers report to say it's being written off. I've asked them what happens with
  3. It's the South Yorkshire Safety Camera partnership. We're in Sheffield. Does anyone know how long it will take to get processed once the licence and penalty notice has been sent back?
  4. Also, he's now got the photo card & paper licence. Does he need to send in both parts or just the paper part? Thanks.
  5. Just wondered if anyone could help please. My dad has just received a FPN for speeding. It's the usual £60 / 3 points. Is there any chance that he could pop down to the local police / central ticketing office / magistrate court to pay it & get them put on his licence? What with talk of the Post Office going on strike and Xmas coming up, he doesn't want his licence getting caught in the backlog, it never getting there or taking ages to get back. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  6. thanks for the replies guys. I do tend to worry though as I beat myself up over doing silly / stupid things sometimes. It was more to put myself at ease in case it was 7/14 days and I was away if anything did come through.
  7. sorry to bring up an old thread, but I have a question on FPN and the time length to respond. Today I was out driving and I came to a set of traffic lights which has a camera to detect drivers going through red lights. As I approached the camera (this being on a dual carriage way, which has a speed limit of 40mph - I was within speed) it turned to amber. I went through the light on amber as I was virtually on top of the traffic lights as they changed. I wasn't quite sure if the camera flashed me or not. If it did, and I get a FPN, how long do I have to respond to inital confirm
  8. thanks Thailand and everyone else who has replied. Posted on another forum, and all I got was childish, sarcastic replies. Needless to say, you've all been a massive help on here.
  9. thanks guys, you've all been a massive help, which is more than I can say for TC. We usually book with Monarch, but initially TC were offering more than monarch for similar prices. How wrong was I?? TC have been nothing better than a bunch of cowboys with our booking. I know mistakes are made and people may think TC are one of the best of there. They've just left us with a very bad impression. Just one quick question (again). do we have to reconfirm our flights? We have done in previous years with other operators. Asked girl today whether we have to or not, and she didn't have a clue wha
  10. just another quick question, if anyone can help. When we made our booking, flight times were as follows dep - 0720 (man) - arrive 11:50 (tfs) - 7th August dep - 1320 (tfs) - arrive 17:40 (man) - 21st August since booking, flights have changed to following dep 0700 (man) - arrive 11:20 (tfs) dep 1255 (tfs) - arrive 17:30 (man) we have received our tickets today with the original flight times, however, these are wrong (tickets are showing dep - 0720 (man) - arrive 11:50 (tfs) - 7th August dep - 1320 (tfs) - arrive 17:40 (man) - 21st August), and our flight cod
  11. thanks for the replies so far. Called in TC shop on Saturday just gone as it was just short of 3 weeks prior to departure to see what the situation was with tickets. Had an email from Flexi trips saying tickets are despatched from their end 3 weeks before hand. TC looked on their system saying "yes, computer is showing tickets have arrived". Agent went to look for them, no physical copy, even though computer shows they're in. They then fob us off with the fact that an agent has scanned in an invoice and put it in system as tickets. How inept can one company be? They've cocked up our booki
  12. Hi all, I'm new to the forum, so apologies in advance if I seem a little finicky here (having aspergers doesn't exactly help). We've booked flights to Tenerife going on 7th August 2009. We had some initial teething problems, in that when we went to book the flight, we were told there were meals included plus a 20kg baggage allowance. This wasn't shown on the itinery. To be clear though we asked two different agents who said "yes, meals included, 20kg baggage". We asked if we could have it in writing, TC said no, we don't issue that in writing. Anyway, subject to further discussions w
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