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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that for those of you dealing with 247 Money Box that it is possible to get a Default removed. I opened a complaint with them yesterday and I have today received an email from them confirming they will write off my balance of £274 and remove ALL adverse data from the credit reference agencies. I will believe it when I see it, but this was the most recent of my Defaults not coming off my credit file until November 2021, so I am just slightly happy at the moment. Thank you to the help on this site and the template letters, it would not have been possible
  2. Hi all, As I have posted in similar threads I got myself into a real mess with payday loansicon, going back to divorceicon/unemployment in 2009. At its worst, between May 2012 and January 2015 I had nearly 140 loans with over a dozen lenders, in an endless bucket brigade of borrowing from one to repay another. I walked away from the whole toxic lot in January 2015 and am now redressing the situation. Without going into the entire borrowing history, one of the many lenders was 247 Moneybox, from whom I ended up receiving a default for £483 in May 2015. I submitted a formal complaint just under a fortnight ago requesting repayment of interest and charges (£742.26) plus interest (£182.54) plus removal of adverse data. Response received today: "Please take this email as acknowledgement of your complaint. We will now investigate the issues you have raised within the timescales as set out in our complaints procedure below. A little concerned by the calculations you have attached - you seem to have some balances which are not payments or interest on your account. Concerned you may be adding transactions on from another lender. I also note you make no reference to your current outstanding balance of £687.00, towards which you have made no repayments to date. We are aware that there are many forums and templated letters available on the internet to exploit any previous credit commitments under the wholly subjective banner of affordability. To compare our actions with the reported behaviour of other lenders is inappropriate. We are confident that the required assessments were carried out prior to the advance of all loans. We are able to substantiate fully the information on which lending decisions were based. Our relationship was based on responsible lending in addition to responsible borrowing. We provided you with all the facts about our product and the charges and costs involved. We treated you as a rational individual able to make a credible decision as to whether to borrow or not. For our part of the relationship we acted on the information available to us at the time and the prevailing regulations and guidance at the time. We are happy as a gesture of goodwill to resolve today by writing off your current outstanding balance of £687.00. We can also remove all negative information from your credit file." I'm trying to obtain a mortgage at the moment so I'm more inclined to accept the offer and have the data removed asap than to dig my heels in and fight for more money.
  3. Hi, I have been working through sorting out my credit file and I have come across a default posted by Active Securities. Now, I didn't even know who this was so googled it and it appears it is 247moneybox. The default was posted in November 2011. I have only recently been checking my credit report - to be honest I was too fearful of how terrible it would be. I have checked through all my emails from around the time of the default and letters that I have kept related to my debts but I have not found anything at all that tells me of a default nor of this being reported to the cras. I did however pay the debt off when they eventually agreed to a repayment plan. Although this was a very painful process and they were absolutely appalling at replying to my emails. I am thinking of challenging the said default and wondered if anyone else has been successful in doing so.
  4. I was finally getting my head above water and was paying off my final payday loan which had been on installments, with payment details agreed with 247moneybox that I pay them each month interest free. This had been broken down into a regular payment each month. I received a letter from them on the 9th of February saying if I did not pay the full outstanding amount by the 1st of March, they would place a default on my credit files. As they are extremely slow at answering emails, I rang them up and said I'm on a monthly payment plan, which I have not defaulted. Guy who answered said "oh sorry, that's just a computer generated letter and you wont be defaulted if you stick to your repayment plan". I insisted he put this in an email to me while I was on the phone to him, which he did. I paid my 2nd last installment end of March and my final installment end of April. Last night I discovered according to checkmyfile that they had placed a default on my account on the 2nd of April 2016 with Callcredit and Equifax for the full amount of the original loan. This still shows as owing them the final payment which I had paid at the end of April. I've just rang them now, but customer services can't help me, and said they've put a request through for a manager to phone me back. Absolutely fuming. I'm giving them 24 hours to ring me back, then I will be putting in a formal complaint with them. My understanding, please correct if wrong: I can complain to ICO for incorrect data handling? I know I can complain to FOS if they don't want to remove my default. Luckily I've kept all the emails.
  5. In February... http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/active-securities-secures-full-fca-authorisation-569623481.html Yet... My complaint with the FOS - They completely ignored.. so it has to go to an adjudicator. How do they gain this status if they ignore the FOS? How is responsiveness to the FOS not a requirement?
  6. I took out 16 loans with 247Moneybox over an 18month period starting back in 2011. All but one successully paid back, the last loan I defaulted on. Usual story, started out with 1 PDL then had to take out a new loan at the end of the month to cover shortfall then another loan with other PDL companies. So I complained to 247 re the amount of loans provided and asked that all loan fees etc be refunded and the default loan to be cleared using monies from the refund. They said nope, we were responsible lenders etc etc. So off to FOS and FOS have upheld my complaint so am now expecting something like £1k of refunds after deduction of defaulted loan, plus all data for the loans removed from my credit files.
  7. Hi all, In July 2012 I settled an outstanding payday loan (for roughly £350) with 247MoneyBox, after it had been passed on to the debt collection company Equidebt. I agreed the settlement figure with Equidebt and paid it into their account, with the company assuring me they would now inform 247MoneyBox that the debt had been settled. I requested written confirmation of this (which I have since passed on to my employer as part of a security check). Over a year later and I have started receiving letters from a company called Rossendales Collect, informing me that I still have an outstanding loan with 247Moneybox. I rang them and explained that I had already settled the account with Equidebt, and they informed me that I would need to send them proof of this so that they could close the account. I can only presume that Equidebt failed to inform 247MoneyBox that I had settled the debt way back in July 2012. Now I need to prove this to both the new debt collection company and 247MoneyBox, but Equidebt have gone out of business. Can anyone help?! Its been over a year since I had any dealings with any of these payday loan/ debt collection companies and I really thought I'd seen the back of them! Thanks, Segway
  8. I have contacted Step Change (formerly CCCS) to start a DMP, one of the loans involved is an almost £800 with 247 Money Box. (along 7 more) The due date is tomorrow, I still haven't received anything from the DMP company and I asked them about this but still no reply. What should I say to them?, I am not gonna pay of course, Step Change says in his web I think that in this cases you should make a payment, even when not full, just to show willingness to pay.. but I don't know. What do you advise? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi Guys, I have been reading the forum for quite a while now and it has helped me greatly but I need a quick question answered. Basically, like a lot of others on here I have fallen in the vicious cycle of payday loans and I am having particular problems with Minicredit. To cut a long story short, Minicredit and others have been raiding (without success) my main bank account. I have taken out a loan with 247Moneybox, relatively small compared to the others I have and I want to pay this back (due tomorrow). I have setup up a parachute account (completely separate bank) where my wages will be paid into tomorrow. The decison I am struggling with is should I give 247 my new bank details so that I can clear that balance with them and are they linked with Minicredit in any shape or form? I want to clear the 247 balance but im struggling to think of a reasonable way to pay them without making "public" my new bank details. Are 247 linked to any other PDL's? I hope ive made my problem as clear as mud and i would appreciate the advice from any of the wise heads on here. Cheers G
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