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  1. Thanks will ignore them from now on I had my suspions after he left no paper work and strange how someone phoned more a less after he left
  2. Yeh phone number is 01612416835 Apparently they went to my neighbors must be something to do with her I'll speak to my housing association tommorow and ask them about it and also query this damp issue with them
  3. I've had someone knock on my door claiming they work for a company called resolver who can deal with damp issues in my home as my housing assoation hasn't rectified any of the issues they came into the property took photos of the damp took very basic details name, address, phone number national insurance number and had their office call me back within 15 minutes to take the details over the phone I get paranoid with this kind of thing They seem very certain a solicitor will be in touch to claim housing association has been out 3 times in 3 years cleaned the damp and used anti mould paint which hasn't even resolved the issue was told someone would come out and look at the roof and nothing damp has been bad this year Does this sound legit or something dodgy Thanks
  4. I have had a scan through my contract and it mentions about garden leave but im not that well educated on the term garden leave. I gave my notice early as i wanted it all out of the way and then i could just sit back until i left my current employment up to now he has not accepted the notice and told me to give 4 weeks but by the sounds of it i could just hand this to them on 3rd July and finish on 3rd August. After looking through my contract there was nothing about leaving the business on my own accord and about the amount of notice i have to give to the company. reason i am asking for advice because this company has bent more employment rules than any other business i have ever worked for not to mention the wage dropping dispute which i settled with them out of court and eventually got my money back dated off them and my new rates increased to what they should of been 12 months i worked under this dispute. could anybody clarify what garden leave is Thanks Also been working for this company since June 2013 Unfortuatnly cannot start my new employment early as i am going on holiday in July to Majorca and they require me to be in work for 3 months due to training and buddying in the field thats why my start date is August
  5. Hi I start my new employment in august and have given my notice for the 3rd August as my finish day today i was asked to come into the office and as usual asking me to reconsider dont know why i would as the company gives me a constant head ache. They sat down and said to me that they are not willing to wait 10 weeks for me to leave the business and said i have to give a maximum of 4 weeks notice which should be done today and sent by tonight to state my end of employment should be 25th June 2018 I am not ready to leave in June and have 2 children i need to provide for a car to pay and rent to pay. Am i in my rights to give them ten weeks notice or are they right in what they say. By the sounds of it they havent accepted my notice for 10 weeks so they see me as continuing my employment until i settle another notice. If i give them 4 weeks notice am i in my rights to hand them this 1st July to finish 1st August Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info im not in any deep debt I had a look at my application today and it states do you have any ccjs over 750 pound where you cannot provide a payment plan for obviously I stated no
  7. Hi Yes it's working in people's homes carrying out tv installations so crb will be required which will be clear and clean So the credit check is some sort of identity check which gives very basic information right????
  8. Hi Went for my interview today for the installation engineer role passed everything did my medical and passed all that and been told their recruitment recruitment will be in touch soon to do CRB checks and a credit file check. Only thing im worried about is the credit check few years ago after i lost my job i went through a stupid patch with silly loans and an over draft, i paid the loans off, still currently paying the overdraft which is not far off setteled since then things are getting better was recently accepted on a credit card to boost my credit history which ive been using and paying off on the payment due date. I am still worried about this credit check though as my credit history still shows very low on noddle or clear score. I have never had a CCJ or been bankrupt i have set payment plans with the lenders and are paying them all off in full. Why do employers want to do a credit check this role isnt dealing with cash or anything so dont see why its needed. Thanks as for my CRB this will come back clear as ive never been in trouble i was going to ask today but didnt feel it was the best idea
  9. So i finally got a reply off drp and they claim sending mail to my place of work is not data protection and they have done nothing wrong I emailed the ICO and got no response off them DRP have sent another letter stating that I now owe 169 pound but there client is happy to settle 139 pound (this part made me laugh) the next step will be court proceedings apparently I asked them for the evidence of the car sat on their car park for the time stated and they actually missed that bit off the reply to my email not surprised really
  10. Well ive made a complaint as you suggested also emailed the CEO as ive had enough this guy actually thinks he is clever dont know how this moron has the brains to run a business this was his reply haha guys an absolute tool
  11. make me laugh these companies how they think they can one minute say you owe nil, 0, zilch then turn around weeks later and state you owe a £150 cancellation fee, im no professional on these matters but keep all the letters they sent to you i cant see it going far for them perfectly happy to offer you a service, usually pester you to sign up with them but when you decide its time to call it a day, they shaft you side ways, wash there hands of the whole affair and then let some other pestering harassing company do the dirty work for them
  12. Today i got into work to find a letter had been sent in my name from DRP debt recovery on behalf of euro car parks rising the parking notice from £100 to £160 i am annoyed at the fact these pathetic morons think they can send a parking charge debt recovery letter to my employers address when the car is registered at my home address and has nothing to do with work. I have been ignoring these people for the past 8 weeks like they had done to myself when i asked them to provide the evidence of my car parked up in the car park and to this day still nothing off them can anything be done about reporting them for sending correspondence to my work address, could do with something as my employer isn't to happy about personal mail coming into work
  13. Hi Just before christmas received a letter from Euro Car Parts Stating that wife had parked on Kay St Bolton car park without attatching a paid ticket on the window i phoned them stating i have never parked on this car and do not intend on parking here ever never spoke to such rude people. after 10 minutes of arguing with a sarcastic person down the phone i was told to appeal which i havent i instead sent an email to their CEO office also a person who doesnt reply to his emails he receives. They claim my wife parked there between 13:47 and 15:00 and didnt display a paid ticket on the window she has told me she has not been in this car park and cut through just to avoid the build up of traffic on the same road but she never parked there or stopped in this car park sent their ceo a nice email politely asking for the CCTV images of her entering the car park, parking up the car and walking off without paying for a ticket and also at 15:00 an image of her getting back into the car and driving away just as exepected no reply off him sent the same email twice. Today another letter comes through saying the 40 pound discount has passed and i now owe them £100 to be paid in 28 days or they will instruct a debt collector. This company sounds like an utter joke What steps shall i take now as they refuse to email me back. im just disgusted at how they think they can obtain my details through my registration and my address
  14. Had another letter off them today stating a door collector will be attending my property if I don't reply by 02.09.16 These muppets don't scare me and surely stepping foot on my path is classed as trespassing
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