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  1. We've recently rented a house that from the very start seemed badly taken care - there were various problems like a mouldy washing machine/curtains, broken curtain rails, etc. When we arrived to meet the inventory clerk, we signed a 2-page document of handwritten inventory notes (we broadly agreed with them) so that we can get the keys - she mentioned she'd send us the official inventory later. 2 weeks of phone calls later the landlord finally sent us the 65-page inventory (the clerk said that he only wanted it sent to himself). It did note many of the issues but we made a detailed list of ame
  2. king12345 - thanks. As far as I know she has a working permit and she's married to a EU citizen, but some of her friends could be illegal, I haven't asked.
  3. Thanks everyone! donarebun - I'll tell her to ask for a written contract (suspect there isn't one). It's also likely they're in breach of the minimum wage act - apparently they hadn't been paying her the minimum wage as it rose (to gbp 6.50 and then 6.70) until her husband called them to ask - and they don't seem to have repaid the amount owed from the date the wage rose, only from when they got the call or thereabouts. renegadeimp - yes, it certainly does look like a sham company. They're employing a lot of immigrants and they're using their lack of English and knowledge of the law
  4. Thanks, ericsbrother - they have already withheld GBP 60 in the last 2 weeks' pay and will presumably continue to do so. Would you suggest that she actually submit a county court claim (after informing them she'll do so) if the employer doesn't respond or give her back the withheld wages? Also, would it be best for her leave before she receives a response to the above (that is, ASAP) or should she wait for a response? There's the danger of them withholding her last 2 weeks' wages if she does not give a notice (not sure what that is but she mentioned a week)... Thanks very much!
  5. Posting on behalf of a friend, who is employed by a cleaning company. The facts: - She's been working for the company for 5+ years as a cleaner for a certain client for GBP 6.50/hr for 2 hrs/day (10hrs/week) and her husband was also employed there for the same wage for 3 hrs/day (15 hrs/week). - There is no written contract and she and her husband have never received anything from the employer except salary payments into their accounts. - Ever since she's been working there she was told by her supervisor that as long as the offices are cleaned properly it doesn't matter how many hours
  6. [QUOTE=mariner51;4643283]I would be worried about new LL saying he has no liability if you move in early. Agreed. Specifically, the proposed liability release is worded as: "...we accept no liability (other than to meet the reasonable costs of the clean) and require release from any claim under the tenancy agreement or otherwise which may arise in connection with you taking possession on this accelerated basis." If he receives confirmation from the electrician that the electrics are fine and is comfortable with the dehumidifier having done its job, then what else would he need re
  7. Thanks raydetinu, this sounds quite reasonable. If this is only a matter of a week to fix up the new flat then moving into a hotel/b&b would probably be a top option at this point. We'll have to wait till the electrician's verdict tomorrow to make a decision though - if he says it'll take longer, then we'll have to rethink...
  8. Thanks raydetinu. Yep, the pregnancy was not an unexpected "obstacle" and we are trying to do the best we can. Actually, the contract was modified only in respect of the previous contracts - it is actually a clean AST contract starting on 1 June that specifies that we can give 1 month's notice anytime (the landlord can give 2). Still getting conflicting opinions as to whether this means I have any fixed term in the contract! Yes, we paid the deposit & 1st month's rent on the new flat. Since we haven't moved in, however, I understand it's more complicated since the landlord could
  9. Yeah, the advanced state of the pregnancy makes it extremely difficult to either try to find a new place or move after this weekend. Doctor said yesterday that we're crazy to be moving this weekend anyhow.
  10. Well, the heading of the contract says AST but we had agreed to remove the definition of a fixed period from it. We specifically agreed on giving notice on any day (not just rent day) and to pay a pro-rated amount if the rent payment day and the leaving day don't match. Yes, there is a deposit and it's protected. I got some direction that the new landlord is not obligated to provide alternative accommodation because we haven't moved in yet. He's really keen to help anyway...
  11. Thank you for your reply (you've obviously noticed that I posted this elsewhere as well). As in my explanation in the other thread, we actually have an AST with no fixed term (we had a fixed term previously in the same flat) starting from 1 June and we could give a month's notice at any time (we gave notice on 11 October and ended the tenancy on 10 November). Rent was monthly. If we are not able to move this weekend (most likely), then we don't want to vacate on 10 November (and don't want to get charged mesne rent) - is that likely in these circumstances?
  12. Just to clarify - I'm the tenant here! Here's the situation - we have a fixed term contract with a private landlord and we served a notice to leave, which was accepted by the landlord and their letting agents, who in turn served us with notice 21(1)(b) expiring on 30 December. We are due to move out on 10 November (the expiration date of our own notice) into a new flat . However, we were just told by the new landlord that there's been a leak in the new flat, which might prevent us from moving in on 10 November - he's not sure when we could move in since some of the electrics might h
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