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  1. Hi. Original loan was 10k. About 10 months of payments at 277, then when the house was sold it only cleared £6900, (have since found the old solicitors paperwork where part settlement was agreed) apparently welcome were supposed to contact us regarding continuing payments. We've never heard a thing since 2004. According to welcome the debt was written off at £13800 in 2010. They said today they'd added loads of charges and interest to it. I Presume that because it had gone statute barred in 2010 they wrote it off. I did ask if they'd sold it on
  2. We had a loan with welcome finance many years ago. Phoned them up last month regarding miss selling of ppi to which they said there was some on the account so we started the claim. Everything on the phone was fine no issues, the loan account was closed. We've had our decision letter today saying they were using the compensation to settle the loan. It was secured against our house, we sold the property in 2004. It seems there was was some of the loan left outstanding after the sale. We've had no correspondence or notifications regarding any outstanding sums on the loan.
  3. We've spoken to EPF and apparently the loan was sold to us by a broker, Norton finance who have since gone into liquidation so they aren't interested. They told us to contact the FSCS. They can't help us as the policy was sold pre jan 2005. I've contacted the FOS and they are going to contact the policy underwriters Hamilton insurance services, so we'll see how it goes from here. Spoke to RBS and apparently we paid a £75 fee when we ended the mortgage so we're getting that back:-)
  4. I've got the settlement figures for both and acc numbers, thats about it.
  5. Have found in our paperwork, a settlement letter for a secured loan that was paid off when we sold a house. The loan was taken out may'03 and settled july ,04. Now i know for a fact that we were given the old " you need to take out ppi to improve your chances of getting the loan" as our credit rating was slipping and we were getting desperate. I have the loan account number, but don't know how to start? Do i phone them to start a claim send a cca request for the agreement or go straight in with a SAR? Also we have the letter for settling our RBS mortgage can anything be reclaime
  6. I'd be interested to know, from the sound of it it's an overseas call centre they've setup for ppi complaints. Will get stuck into them on monday when the wife gets back and gives them authority to talk to me.
  7. I managed to speak to them about mine as the wife is away at the minute and an insolvency practitioner is one of these IVA firms, we've never had or used an IVA. I asked them about my account and they said mines still active.
  8. I have NOA's on these accounts saying capquest own them, so how do i stop this happening?
  9. My wife and myself both had identical halifax cards back in 2004 but fell behind with the payments. The debt has since been handled by capquest (badly). Capquest sent me an SD which i actually had set aside with costs. So i decided to put in PPi claims on both cards. The wife has just had a reply saying they accept it was mis-sold and have agreed a figure. 2 things i don't understand are A paragraph saying: Our records show that your financial affairs are being managed by an insolvency practitioner. We will liase with the insolvency practitioner and apply
  10. I think the the statement that was filed was the clincher as it blew anything they had to pieces. (courtesy of my mentor) But when they asked for an adjournment and i asked the judge to grant a lis between us ( so they couldn't submit any more paperwork than they had already) I think that let them know they'd have a proper fight on their hands, plus the judge had to explain what lis meant to their barrister,lol They also failed to comply with the court order from the first hearing to submit a new statement, then failed to turn up as well.
  11. Here's my dealings with Capquest and an SD which was set aside and costs awarded http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?243258-GnK08-v-Capquest-SD-**WON-SET-ASIDE-WITH-COSTS-AGAINST-THEM-TOO!**%281-Viewing%29-nbsp
  12. Thought i'd give a little update on this, Capquest pushed it all the way and sent me an SD. With some amazing help from nick20045 I submitted an application to set aside with a statement that left them knowing they'd biten off more than they could chew. At the first hearing i managed make their barrister look like a total chimp to the point the judge had to explain to him what i was asking for. They asked for and were granted an adjournment as they were nowhere near prepared for what we had instore for them. They didn't turn up and it was set aside and i was awarded a nice amount of
  13. I've seen off 100% of dca's i've challenged so far since being a member on here.Like i said never tried this one due to the CCJ. So is it back to square one then if the CCJ has gone, is the debt dead? Just wondered who or what they are .
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