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  1. Hi to all! I have read some very helpful advices from the similar story thread like mine. I am wondering if anyone could ever help me as well with my situation This Saturday, when I was about to go to London to visit my 90 year old friend ( more like my second Father). I was so stress because I have not sleep that much for the whole week and stress out because my son who is 8 months old has been having temperature the whole week. all set...my husband told me to take his ticket. At first I said no but because I was rushing I just took the travel ticket in the end. Off I go to the station rushing to catch the train. When I got into the train the first thing I did was writing the things I have to do for the coming week. Booking my son's GP appointment, view my son's nursery, contact my manager about my maternity leave. And everything else. Then the inspector asked for my ticket. I was so stupid to gave her my husband's ticket thinking it was mine. So the inspector asked for my Ticket ID and obviously it won't match. When she asked me about my ticket and me thinking not to put my husbands into trouble, I said that I have my own weekly travel card and that card was beside my Husband's travel card and mistakenly took his instead of mine. But none of them was true, I just made it up because I do not know what to do and people are looking at me like a criminal. I have been in this country for 10 years and never been in this situation. When the inspector asked me about my reasons, I said I was on a rushed and I do not intend to take my husband's ticket. Which is true apart from the sentence when I said I have my own travel ticket. My husband went to the ticket office on Potters bar (GreatNorthern Railway) to ask if he could ever get his card back. But they didn't give it back instead he paid for another £300 for his travel card. They also asked for the reason about his ticket and all he said is that " My wife took my travel card by mistake and by the time she was on a train the ticket inspector took the travel card". It is indeed a mistake to take his travel card in the first place. I have called the customer service today asking what shall I do. But they cannot give me a straight answer. I am applying for my license and I do not want any records just because of my stupidity. I am so stress right now and I have no idea when the letter is coming so that i will know what to do next. I have read some thread here with a great result and I am hoping mine would be the same. I do not know if they will I prove to them that it is not my intention to use my husbands travel card. It was just a bad week for me and very stressful sleepless nights because of my son. But how would they understand my situation and what shall I do to prove them I am very sorry and it won't happen again. Should I email them before I received the letter from them or just wait? Please help me, I am not from this country but I have been living here for 10 years. I have never thought of being in this situation. Thank you in advance for those of you who would take time to read my story.
  2. My husband received a letter from this shower on Friday morning, telling him that he owed over £7k on a current account with HFC Bank. To the very best of his knowledge, he's never had any sort of account with HFC - is a "prove it" letter in order to start with? We intend telling them that he denies it is his debt, in any case. Thank you all so much. Catherine Just adding to my own post - I have looked again at the letter from Ruthbridge - it accompanies one from the lovely Cabot Financial, which is telling my husband that, as they have not come to a mutual agreement with him to repay "his" debt, they are passing it on to Ruthbridge. There is no account number given for this alleged current account with HFC Bank, only a reference number from Ruthbridge. I'm inclined to think that this is a phishing exercise - he's never had anything from Cabot about anything. Thank you again. Catherine.
  3. I'm not sure if I have posted this in the correct place so apologies. 4 years ago this August my husband walked out on me after 29 years of marriage. He said I could stay in the house as my wages are so low (800 a month) that I could not afford to rent. The house is mortgage free and has been for over 10 years . Both of our names are on the title/deeds. I have been maintaining the house and paying all the bills for the past 4 years. He has suddenly decided that he wants a divorce now but has stated that I can have the house . I don't trust him. Can anybody enlighten me on my rights regarding the house and the fact that I have lived in it for the past 4 years. My ex is older than me and now retired but has a very good income from several private pensions. I have never asked for any money from him, no spousal support, nothing.
  4. I wont list all the details but i used my husband season ticket today and got caught. I stated he was aware of me having his ticket but i only told him this as i was on the train in the morning and got caught on the return journey home. Wish i was not so honest telling the truth but there i am, i shoulg have never took his ticket. I dont think it would look good having made a false journey once already plus it is a season ticket, plus the owner was aware of this. As you advised, i will await for the letter from swt but sigh,, , dont really wanting to end a year in this way but read all the posts related to fare persecutions on this site which help.. .just waiting for the letter
  5. Good morning everyone! My partner has had recent contact from this shower, who are acting on behalf of HSBC. A while ago, my partner opened a bank account with HSBC. He admits to running into an overdraft of £200, and, because he panicked, has ignored a number of letters from them trying to resolve it. He realised he couldn't ignore it any longer when a text message came to my landline for him, and I happened to pick this up, and asked him about it. he did telephone them, and spoke to the ethereal "Chris", who said that, if he coughed up instantly (there's no way he can), he would only have to pay £240, and not the £308 that they'd quoted (£108 being the "penalty" for not paying back the original £200). He has never denied that he owes the £200, but trying to set up an arrangement to pay in instalments is proving difficult. He telephoned "Chris" again about a week after the original call, and got his ansaphone, on which he left a message asking to be called back. That hasn't happened, at least, we've not had a call from "Chris". Another text message came to my landline last Saturday morning, from the equally ethereal "Claire", saying that no payment had been received, and they couldn't hold off further action any longer. He immediately phoned the quoted number, and found that the office was closed, even though someone somewhere had triggered off the text message, and so he left another message, saying that he was going to be out of the country until 4th October (he's a continental coach driver, and often away for more than 7 days at a time), please would "Claire" phone him back then, as he wanted to make arrangements to pay. I am typing a letter for him to send to them, as I think we should now deal with this only in writing - I'm sick of having to deal with text messages, and tw*ts who don't phone back. I have already suggested that he offers to pay £10 per month - this is what I would like your views on. Should this be agreed, what would be the best way to make payment each month? Neither of us is keen on trying to set up a DD or SO - I've read too many horror stories on this site! I've offered to write a cheque for him each time, but he's worried that they'll then have MY details, too, and try other nefarious things. He likes the idea of a postal order. Your opinions would be very gratefully received. Thank you all in advance.
  6. Hi, I just wanted some advice please. My husband passed away 2 months ago. He had an old santander card which was taken over by capquest. I wrote and told them what had happened and sent a copy of the death certificate. I received a letter from capquest today addressed to my dead husband saying they are sorry for the delay and are waiting for santander to get back to them and they will contact him soon. I am so angry and upset I just want to know who I can complain to. I am going to write to capquest and send the original letter to santander and I also though the fca? Just wanted to see if there was anyone else I should write to or if anyone has had anything similar happen. It's been a struggle to come to terms with my husband's death, it was sudden and completely unexpected. I know dca's are the lowest but this has upset me so much. Thanks H
  7. Hi folks, first time here but i am in a sticky situation with Ipswich council. Forgive the lengthy story but i think i need to let you know how i ended up like this. My husband left almost 3 years ago and left me with a ton of debts, not just CT, which my new partner and i have been working our way through them and thought when we got this years CT demand we were free of them. a week later a letter from them stating that i owe £3500 from previous liability orders from 2008 through to 2012. Now call me naive but at the time he dealt, or so i thought with all the major bills and although i did find out that we were in debt i had no idea how deep. he even went to court a couple of times but on his own and all i was told was that its ok, got it sorted. Now this threatening letter states at the end, if 'I' don't pay up i will be committed to prison ! Phoned council today and told them that my partner had wrote a letter explaining what the situation was and all she said back was, well we couldn't find him so it is all down to you to clear the debt. surely this isn't right. i told her i know of an address, his work address and bank account number but again was told nothing they can do. I s this just them using me as an easy way out because they know my address etc ?. I have sent the letter but would appreciate any ideas or help that anyone may have, thanks in advance Jayne
  8. Hi All, Firstly, apologies if something like this has already been discussed. I have seen similar posts but I think my predicament is slightly different...it's a long story but I hope that some of you will take the time to read it and have some advice for me... So, some years ago, in my clearly very naive and gullible early 20s, I met my ex husband. We got married in 2010 when I was 23, less so because we thought it was the best thing to do, more so for 'financial reasons'. About 6 months before we got married, my ex had started to have some money problems and I noticed some unauthorised transactions on my credit card totally about £800. The transactions came under Victor Chandler and I reported them to my bank's fraud department. On learning that I had done this, my ex decided to tell me that I needed to withdraw my claim to the fraud department as it was to do with him and he could get into a lot of trouble! (He's in the RAF and works in the armoury...I believe being in debt and having gambling problems would be something that's frowned upon in his position...). He explained that he had used a online gambling site to 'transfer money' as he needed it to help his mum... the story was more elaborate and seemed to make more sense at the time.. .anyway I was young and stupid and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe him. I suspected he had a gambling problem, but every time he'd spin me a story and I stupidly tried to believe him. As things progressed, I buried my head in the sand and we got married and as soon as that happened, everything went from suspicious to disaster... The guy had all my bank details, all my personal details... he memorised my bank account numbers and card numbers off by heart! He'd put on a girls voice and call up my bank pretending to be me and all sorts. He took over my accounts completely and in a bid to stop me from finding things out he'd stop me going online by tampering with the phone lines, etc. One day I found he'd taped a small piece of clear tape over the phone plug so I could check my bank online or call them! My life and my finances got to the point where I was working full time and each payday, as soon as I had been paid, literally within an hour all my available funds would be gone. My bank statements from the period which I was with him are just full of transactions of money (mostly) going out and coming in from various online gambling websites. . Despite my feelings deep down and my instincts telling me everything was wrong, I tried whatever I could to just stick it through and hoped he would change and everything would eventually go away! I mean, he went to such lengths to prove to me that things were being sorted...! By May 2013 I finally decided that I was not going to take it anymore. I wasn't going to let him continue to ruin my life and I left him. We separated in May 2013. I moved back to Hong Kong for 8 months to get away from him and stayed with my parents. During this time, my ex husband and I still had some contact as I was still having major issues with my bank and I was desperate for him to sort it out so that, even if I couldn't get any of my hard earned money back at least the black hole of debt would stop getting deeper! Eventually, he told me that a solicitor had managed to get some money back for us, but it was being paid into my account via a payday loan company. As I was out of the country and wasn't up for speaking to him much I didn't pay too much attention to this. Some money did appear in my account from a payday loan company, but the money soon disappeared again. I thought it was just the same old same old. It wasn't until some time in 2015 when I had returned to the UK and got officially divorced from him that I found out that the money that went into my account was in fact a payday loan that he had taken out in MY name. And here in my predicament lies.. .the loan was taken out online, so he used all my details and signed electronically and the money did indeed go into an account that belonged to me. The money then left my bank account going to various gambling websites, and I'm taking a wild guess that all of those accounts to all of those gambling sites were probably in my name as well. This is a debt that I don't feel I'm responsible for at all after all the punishment and the financial ruin he's left me in. In the time I was with him I lost ALL my wages plus some money my parents had gifted me in the hopes we'd settle down and have a decent deposit to put on a house. All in all, I would hazard a guess at losing somewhere between £60-70k in the time I was with him. Not to mention his own salary on top of that! But, now I think I'm stuck with this loan of around £1200. I am now being hounded by the PRA group who have bought the debt off QuickQuid and are sending me letters saying that I need to pay them. I can see on my credit record there is a default against my name under the PRA group for this unpaid debt. It's causing me a lot of stress now as I have finally settled again, with a most amazing man and we are expecting our first child together and would like to purchase our first home but my finances are making me very uneasy. In all this time, I have never contacted the police as I did what I could to try to come to a civil separation from him. I didn't want to get him in trouble as I wasn't sure if it would affect his job and whatever ill feelings I had toward him I tried to stay fair and settle things with as little trouble as possible. Seems though, that the only person suffering is me! Is it too late to take this to the police now? Have I left it too long? My ex husband, to name the things he's done.. .gambled our entire marriage, made up solicitors and created fraudulent email trails. He's taken money from me that should have gone into my bank and brought me home a 'receipt' of paying it in to my account then turned a story about how the money went into the 'wrong account'. He's taken out numerous loans in my name. Opened up accounts to gambling websites in my name. He moved into military married quarters after we were separated using a marriage certificate that was no longer valid, ran up trespass charges for a late march out and slapped me with a bill of nearly £1500! He'd steal my purse... I've never lost my purse in my entire life.. .in the 3 years we were married I managed to lose it THREE times AND every time it's miraculously turned up back on camp.. .minus the couple hundred pounds emergency cash I had in it! He cheated on me. He's even lied to me now about his current girlfriend being sexually assaulted and suffering panic attacks because of it. ..and his poor girlfriend. ..he steals money from her kids...! I apologise for all the excess info and I understand it's all a bit jumbled. I just find it extremely difficult to put what he did to me in words but felt that some background on all the things he got up to might help me get some advice... Thanks.
  9. Hi, My husband suffered a serious brain injury some years back and after a few years it became clear that he was no longer able to manage any kind of finances. His solicitors suggested the Court of Protection which they set up and managed on his behalf, but it was very, very expensive and once all his savings where gone and they where only managing his benefits the cost was almost as much as they where. We recently switched to myself managing the CoP which means that I have a special bank account and his benefits go into that, his bills are paid and then an allowance is transferred to a bank account he can access. I've been trying to sort through all his stuff and I've found a number of credit cards that he's managed to apply for and use. The solicitors 'should' have blacklisted him with all credit agencies and as part of the CoP you: a) Can no longer have any credit. b) You are no longer able to sign any legal documents. c) Your financial decisions are legally made by someone else. I've returned the cards to the companies and made them aware of the situation. I'm assuming that since he should have been blacklisted, unable to apply for credit and unable to sign legal documents that the CCA's are at the very least unenforceable, illegal and that any debt built up is effectively written off? If anyone has experienced similar or has any advice on what sort of problems we might have because of this.
  10. Well, I'm usually asleep by this time but totally stressed with a situation because of my incompetent husband. I received a NIP for a speeding offence in Oct 15, I am the registered keeper. As I wasn't the driver of the vehicle, I signed the form and dated it and gave it to my husband to fill in the details. At the time we were separated, so I left it at his and told him to deal with it. It's August now and god only knows the truth whats happened but one of his mates was called into court to fill in a statutory declaration because he wasn't driving the vehicle at the time. I've come to know now they're going to probably going to get in touch with me now for an explanation. I will tell them that my husband should have dealt with it, but will I be in trouble for this as I've never done anything wrong or been in trouble before So just to confirm, the original NIP was signed and dated by me but all other details were left to my husband to fill in.
  11. Hello you kind people. I believe my long standing case fighting an energy company has, to some extent, contributed to my anticipated divorce. After 42 years of marriage, I am considering divorce. Indeed as you always advise, there are many financial factors to consider. Nevertheless, in the absence of money, I need to make some preparations at this stage before letting him know of my action. My husband has a private investment pension pot. It is set up in connection to his company and he shares the scheme with one other director partner. I am sorry to describe it so naively but I really have no idea of the scheme name. I know that he has included shares, a number of properties and perhaps other assets in the pot. I believe he is entitled and benefits from annual cash withdrawal up to a percentage. He can add to the pot by buying and selling those, new properties and shares. This pot does not bare any connection to me. However my concern is that I need to know how I can protect my share of interest in the pot in the case of divorce. He has kept all our assets within this pot and I guess immune from SHARING THEM WITH ME! Once he finds out about my divorce action, he can easily empty out the pot in no time. What is the name of this scheme? And can I put a freeze of some sort over his assets and at what stage? Do I have a chance or is it a lost cause? I hope I can get some opinions from you kind people here; believe me, I know I should go to a lawyer! many thanks and as always I am grateful for your support.
  12. Hi I'm looking into this for a friend. Approx 2 years ago my friend (we'll call her Lucy) let her husband (we'll call him Gru) use her credit card to do a minor balance transfer. Within a couple of months he had used the credit card (without her knowledge) to rack up £10k worth of debt on professional camera and toy helicopter equipment. She found out, he apologized, he promised to pay it back, he was forgiven. Hence it wasn't reported. Fast forward another two months and it was upto £13k. Again, for reason above it wasn't reported. They are no longer together and he's made no attempt to pay it back. It's defaulted on her credit file. While she still doesn't want to get him into trouble it's affecting her ability to get a mortgage. Can this be reported as fraud two years down the line? Reported to a body or to the fraud department of the card issuer? Would this clear the entry from her credit file or would it be just as well to put a note on the credit file? How much trouble will Gru get into? As for proof of who made the transactions we believe the card was registered on his paypal account. Thanks, Kristian
  13. I hope I'm posting this in the right place, it involves quite a few different debt related topics so this seemed as relevant as anything! I've recently split up from my husband and I'm looking to divorce him shortly, in the process of splitting up I've needed to apply for credit for the first time in years and it's become apparent that I've got a poor credit rating as a result of a number of payday loans that have been taken out over the past few years, and a credit card that I paid off years ago and haven't used since is also showing an active balance. I had no idea about these until now, as we've been living abroad and it looks as though my old address was used. I have no proof that this was his doing at all, but he would have known all of my personal details to enable him to apply, and he has a pretty severe gambling problem as well. He has in the past stolen money from me by using my debit card so I absolutely wouldn't put it past him. I reported this to the bank who refunded the money, but it was never proven that it was him. The payday loans were taken out over a short period in 2013, and this is the first I knew of them. I knew about the credit card but as far as I was concerned it was paid off then lost (admittedly, never cancelled). In addition to this, there are 2 loans showing on there as 'lowell' these were from much longer ago, around 2007 and 2009, but I believe these were Welcome Finance loans that I did take out but paid back by around 2011. I can only assume that the fact these are still showing on there is a mistake and somehow they have incorrect records. I should be able to dispute these using bank statements though. It all seems like a lot to deal with on top of the divorce etc. if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd be so grateful. I want to move forward and look into mortgages eventually but having all of this on my file will make that nearly impossible I think
  14. Hi sorry to bother here. I am new to here and I need urgent advice regarding a letter sent by my husband. Can someone kindly help me to start a new thread as follows: Husband send letter using solicitor for his intention to divorce: Hi I am a girl of 23 years old from Bangladesh. Five months ago I got married to a guy who is a student in London, UK but Bangladeshi national. He is on student visa in UK. The marriage was arranged by my family and my husband family. We have talked and seen several times before marriage and he was very nice to me. In one point of marriage arrangement process his family asked for huge money (£11,000 equivalent to BDT 14,000,000) from my family to get married. At that point I refused to get married to him. However then my husband called me and told me he never asked me for money and his family was mistaken and he started talking me sweet and nice. I fall in trap of him and agreed to get married. We then got married with a huge function at Dhaka. I then stayed with him few days and he then left Bangladesh to come to London. After he came to London he was okay with me for few days. However then I found he started contacting me less. At this point his brother in law demanding money from my family again for £11,000 ( BDT 14,000.00). However my family could not afford to pay the money. At that point his sister was getting married and they started asking us money for her everyday, my parents borrowed money from one our family friend for £1,500 (BDT 2,000,000) and paid to them. However they still asking money from me. At that time I was almost suicidal and however with my family support i was okay. My husband was keeping in touch with me at that time but only once a week or once in 2weeks and he always started arguing with me for everything. He started saying that I am not smart etc. etc. and started mentally torturing me. Last month I uploaded our wedding picture in my facebook and then he become very rude to me and said that he will divorce me if I do not take off the picture from facebook. I then got totally shocked and cried. As I was scared I took off the picture. After that my husband and his family started abusing me saying that I am not smart enough etc to be his wife while he married me after seeing me everything. Please note I am smart and graduate from well known university in Bangladesh. Anyway his brother in law never stopped demanding money and we could not provide them money as we do not have that much money. My husband then almost stopped calling me and he only used to call me if I ever call him. I think he only used to pick the call to find if money has been arranged. Now yesterday I received a letter written by my husband which was sent by a London solicitor. He wrote ' I write to inform you that our relationship as wife is formally terminated. The reason he has given saying that he has no love for me and also he says that I hide my past history to him. Please note I was married once 7 years ago which I got divorced 7 years ago. My husband and his family knew all these very well and we have told them everything before we got married. Now I can see that they are denying everything. As he has sent me a this letter, can you kindly advise what should I do now, please?
  15. Hi, My husband works full time, I'm a stay at home mum...but now looking for work and have been for the last few months. We do claim tax credits but I don't actually claim a penny for myself as I'm not entitled to anything due to my husband working. I also don't really know anything about the benefits system as before I stayed at home, I always worked. My husband is currently off sick from work. He picked up a full wage on Friday (which is a month in arrears for sick pay) and has been informed that he is not receiving any company sick pay, just SSP and at the end of September will just receive that for the period 9th August to 5th September. Which is going to leave us in a right mess financially. My question is this....due to my husband currently only receiving SSP temporarily, can I claim income based JSA for the weeks he is off sick? As I'm pretty sure if we were both unemployed and receiving benefits, we would be picking up more than he will be getting. Thanks for any advice.
  16. Hi, i am i am hoping someone can help me. My husband has a full time job, which he absolutely hates...he's been there since june 2014 Without going into why he hates it, i was wondering how long before he should be able to claim benefits? Btw i am not working and i dont claim any benefits...
  17. My husband and I separated 6 years ago due to his drinking. He stopped drinking then and is still dry now. When he left the family home he rented a property and as he he was receiving Incapacity Benefit he was encouraged to claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit. However he did not tell them he was getting a work pension ( having been medically retired due to depression and 2 suicide attempts) and his pension was paid into my account and I paid his rent. 6 months ago the council wrote to say they had received information about the pension and needed details. He contacted his pension provider and sent them the details for the last 6 years. He was then interviewed under caution with a solicitor and told them he had given me his pension due to my being in financial difficulties but did not tell them I paid his rent. Before this interview they had recalculated his claim and he owes £30000 which he is repaying monthly. However when he told them I had been receiving the money they told me they would be looking into my Income Support and CVouncil Tax Benefit claims as I was claiming as I was a carer for my parents. They called me for interview in January and my solicitor told me to give a no comment interview as he thinks what they were trying to do was get me to admit I helped my husband with his claim forms so they could prosecute me for fraud. I did help him with the forms because he was detoxing the first 4 weeks from the alcohol and was in no fit state to do it himself and indeed has no recollection of that time. he has sent a doctors letter confirming that to the local council. In Feb and March I was called to 2 more interviews but on solicitors advice I chose not to attend. He said that if they needed to find out information they could do it but I was not to provide any Fast forward to last week when I received a letter from DWP saying I owe £12000 because I was receiving extra income i.e. my husbands pension so was not entitled to Income Support. I phoned my solicitor with a view to asking for a Mandatory Reconsideration on the grounds i was actually paying his rent from that money. My solicitor said I should get a letter from my husband to say I was paying the rent and provide them with banks statement from my account to prove it and they may look at it that I was actually paying him maintenance by paying the rent. He also advised seeing the CAB. This I have done today and she says I need to go back to the solicitor to ask whether my giving them bank statements showing the rent payment is going against the no comment interview or is that and the reconsideration 2 separate issues. As it stands husband says he will only write a letter if Dwp or local council ask him too. So my question really is can 2 people be overpaid benefits for the same money i.e. the pension ??
  18. My husband told me last week that he had been made redundant from his job of 6 years. I completed an online application for JSA yesterday and today he confessed that he had actually been dismissed for gross misconduct for continual poor performance and bring the company into disrepute. He is frantically looking for employment... anything he can get. Most advice websites I visit state that he will probably get his benefits sanctioned for potentially up to 26 weeks. We have no income other than my carers allowance (we have a severely disabled child, who needs constant care) and tax credits. We have a mortgage and insurance but will not be able to claim since he got dismissed. We are in a very difficult situation and I'm worried sick. I appreciate he deserves to be sanctioned but it's me and our two children that will suffer too. The CAB websites suggest that as a carer I may be able to claim Income Support rather than my husband claiming JSA. Does anyone know if this is correct. Thanks in advance...
  19. Hi there, My husband works for an international company and paid in US dollars. However, the HMRC class him as self-employed. I carry out bookkeeping for him monthly with end of month reconciliation as well as annual returns with other specific tasks on his behalf. However, this work load will increase as of May 2015, hence charging him. My question is.... Can I invoice him for monthly duties carried out. I plan to go self employed doing exactly this once I have completed my Honours Degree in May, therefore, it would be far easier for myself to also go self-employed rather than being classed as an employee (seen other responses but always focuses on limited or sole traders). Can I do this as I am his wife, if not he will have to pay the accountant to do this as I suspect I will be too busy with my own clients. Thanks in advance
  20. evening hope somebody can give me some advice to put my mind at rest, came home from work and there was a open letter in a envelope that says High court enforcement by hand urgent removal of goods pushed through my door inside letter high court form no55 notice of seizure the name on it is my soon to be ex husband he hasnt lived here for 5 months please can somebody advice me what to do? thank you in advance
  21. This is quite a long one so I will try and condense as much as possible. Alcoholic Husband left a year ago leaving behind myself and two teenage children. New partner from the start. He was on ESA when he left new partner working. He hasn't engaged in any of the divorce proceedings so had to get him served. It seems that he and his partner are working as relief pub managers so are moving around. He lies to the benefit office and to the CSA. I work three jobs but am on a very low income. Suddenly the last few weeks I am now being chased solely for joint debts (Council Tax arrears, Tax credit overpayments and Water arrears ) as they have no idea where he is. I accept that I am liable for half of the debt how is it that he can walk away leaving these debts and not provide even for his own children ? Is there anyway I can reduce the payments or have my half written off due to financial hardship? At present I have more outgoings than income and am just waiting for the next debt to arrive
  22. My Mother had completed a ppi claim and stated that my Father had passed away. She received a letter shortly afterwards confirming the application was successful and she would receive a cheque in the post which she did. Unfortunately it was made out in both my Mothers and Fathers name. When she called the bank she was asked to send my Fathers death certificate as proof which she did she received a letter back saying they had received it and she would hear from the bank within 28 days. The 28 days had come and gone she phoned only to be told they wouldn't be sending a cheque as needed more evidence such as a will or a letter of authority (??). My mother is nearly 70 and this has stressed her out a bit as it is quite a substantial claim. Can anyone give me some advice on how best to pursue this? My Mother has felt like givin up as she doesn't know what to do which is probably exactly what the bank wants.
  23. My husband started work on a customers house in November 2011. He was just an ordinary self employed builder. The house was in an awful state but the lady agreed to pay them a day rate of £100. He did have a friend who is also self employed carpenter to help him. On the second week the client decided that their work was not up to her standard and had a chartered surveyor come along and say this to them. Hence he would not pay them the next weeks money, they continued another two more day after that and then decided that they would not return until wages had been paid thankfully they had taken photos of the state of the property. The client wanted and estimate so they put one forward that they knew she would not accept as they were not prepared to carry on We then emailed to say that we would withdraw the estimate and hopes that she finds someone else. In January early February my husband was taken poorly and was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I continued to have letters from both the customer and the chartered surveyor being quite abrupt and nasty. I informed them that he was about to start extensive chemo, and then I notified them by email to say that the hospital had told me that there was no more they could do. I did notify them that my husband passed away on May 6th and promptly received a letter saying they would then deal with me. I did not hear anymore for months and then in Nov 2012 the customer wrote a letter saying she was going to take in further and gave us 14 days. I did not respond as was not in a position or any state of mind to take this on. I heard no more from her until early 2014 again we ignored her letter as it was not from anybody legal just on her own typed headed paper. This last week I have received a load of notes that she has sent to a company and they have issued a form that we must fill in and return. I know this has got to be done as it is a legal document. She addresses all mail to the estate of [my husband]. He has no estate he actually left me debt to pay (bank overdraft) they have kindly let that go, it was not for very much. We bought our house together and it is all paid off. My husband did not make a will but after his death I did make one and the solicitor said it did not need to go to probate. I am so worried that this will end in me having to sell my house as that is all the security I have. Can they make me do this. He had nothing else and to be fair all the mortgage payments came out of my bank account, we never had a joint account. The papers she has sent to this company does not appear to be true, she has put a lot of things that she said they damaged it is beyond belief. I hope I have included all the facts but not sure what to do. I do know that the chartered surveyor is no longer in office. She is asking the sum of in excess of £25000.
  24. A husband went to the police station to report that his wife was missing. Husband. My wife is missing, she went shopping this morning and hasn't, come back yet. Inspector....can you describe her...what is her height. Husband... No idea Inspector...slim or healthy. Husband...Not slim so probably healthy. Inspector....colour of her eyes Husband...never really noticed Inspector....colour of her hair. Husband....Changes according to the season Inspector ....what was she wearing . Husband...not sure probably trousers and top or a dress. Inspector....was she driving. Husband ....yes Inspector....what type of car and colour was it. Husband....A silver Audi AB with a 4.2 litre V8 TDI engine generating 321 horse power teamed with a 6 speed tip tropic automatic transmission with manual mode. It has full adaptive LED Headlights, which use light emitting diodes for all light functions. It has a very thin scratch on the front left door. At this point the husband starts crying. Inspector......DON'T WORRY SIR. WE'LL FIND YOUR CAR.
  25. hi all, I am the main claimant for benefits, and have been for some years. We have an 8 yr old. my problem is : I have mental health problems over the years resulting in a breakdown. I was told I was unfit for work at a medical assessment over a year ago. however, I am interviewed every six months to see how I am getting on and if and when I will be able to work. This frankly is making my situation worse as it just piles pressure onto me. my husband is capable of work and would quite happily do so.(he is not my paid carer) I am in no fit state most days to cope on my own and we both know this would not be practical. My question therefore is: If my husband becomes self employed (not sure as what yet) will we get help with rent and council tax, would we get any other help? This is the only way we can think of to ease my situation. many thanks
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