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  1. Hi, Does anyone please have the bank details for Amigo loans? My brother has to pay them he is in an agreed monthly arrangement but does not want to give them his new card details as he thinks they might take whatever they want. He want to pay cash in at the bank so we were wondering if anyone has these details please to make payments? Or any other way? Thanks.
  2. Thank you, I also forgot to say...we have a 6 year old daughter. We get child tax credits for her. Are we better off going into the job centre and explaining the situation or should we wait until he actually gets paid the SSP into the bank and then contact them?
  3. I mean I'm not sure what the weekly rate of pay for SSP is
  4. He gets £23 per week working tax credit and as he hasn't actually received the pay yet, I'm not sure what SSP is...whatever it is per week. He is off for a least a month, possibly more. Thank you for the comments. I have no idea what ESA is and I wouldn't have the first clue how to go about trying to claim any of these benefits. He would probably return to work before they were all sorted out anyway. Somebody suggested that we ask for a crisis loan when he receives his SSP. Is that a good idea? Many thanks.
  5. Hi, My husband works full time, I'm a stay at home mum...but now looking for work and have been for the last few months. We do claim tax credits but I don't actually claim a penny for myself as I'm not entitled to anything due to my husband working. I also don't really know anything about the benefits system as before I stayed at home, I always worked. My husband is currently off sick from work. He picked up a full wage on Friday (which is a month in arrears for sick pay) and has been informed that he is not receiving any company sick pay, just SSP and at the end of September will just receive that for the period 9th August to 5th September. Which is going to leave us in a right mess financially. My question is this....due to my husband currently only receiving SSP temporarily, can I claim income based JSA for the weeks he is off sick? As I'm pretty sure if we were both unemployed and receiving benefits, we would be picking up more than he will be getting. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Thanks for that, I've just typed it up. If and when he returns, I will post it through the letterbox to him. That will be interesting lol.
  7. Hi, Today, a debt collector has knocked on our door asking for me. I was out at the time but he says he will keep calling back until he gets me! Apparently he is from Robinson Way, but I have no idea what this is about or how much etc. Yes I am in debt and trying to sort it all out, I have had some advice off here and through national debtline and know a bit about it all. Am I right in thinking that he should not be knocking and asking for money without my prior agreement? If so, I am thinking of passing him a letter when he next calls, explaining that I will not deal with debt collectors at the door but I am struggling to find the right wording and would appreciate your help. If the company write to me directly, showing their ownership of the debt and indeed some proof of what the debt actually is, I am more than happy to start negotiating with them but I don't want people hammering on the door and showing me up in the street. I am also expecting family next week from Scotland for two nights and certainly don't want him turning up when I have people over. Thanks for the help.
  8. Hi, After thinking about it and from your advice I actually contacted them and cancelled my application. I will think of another way to try to improve my credit rating. Obviously, I am paying all of my utility bills on time etc and I have a sim only contract at the mo which I'm paying fine so that should begin to help anyway. Thanks again.
  9. Hi, Just wondered if any of you have used Sunny? It's different to the usual payday loan as it gives you a credit limit and then you choose when and how much of that you need, a bit like a credit card. I signed up for this earlier as I thought this might help my credit rating a bit if I use say £100 of my £500 limit and then just keep repaying in full each month. However, it said I was approved with a £500 limit and when I requested just the £100 it kept saying "doing final checks" (so obviously not approved as previously told lol) but that the money would be with me in 15 minutes. It isn't and my Sunny account still says the same. Did any of you have this happen? Thanks.
  10. Hi, Sorry to jump in here but I'm after some help for my sister. She had a loan at Christmas from Lending Stream and has just defaulted. I have had payday loan nightmares 5 years ago and so have advised her on what to do ( and never to take one out again!!!) She just wants to know, do they send letters to her home or will they email her about repayment as she still lives with our parents and is worried that they may find out Thanks
  11. The only person liable for a debt is the person or persons who's names are on the agreement. I had this happen to me once. They took £350 from my own bank account to pay a debt in my Husband's name. The only way I got it back was by ringing the company and telling them that if they did not refund me within 24 hours, I was going to report them for fraud, ring the police and go to the newspapers. They then apologised and I got my money back. I'm sure this is illegal and your husband must ring the fraud department of his bank and tell them to chargeback the money immediately. Also, the fact that you only owe them £150 plus one month's interest, I would also write to CFO and tell them you are reporting them to the OFT for unlawful and unfair charges as well as raiding someone's bank account whom apparently owes them nothing!! £996 taken already? Shocking!
  12. Ok thanks, I also forgot to mention, he also got emails from Marshall Hoare Bailiffs who I know are also the same company. They were the last people to contact him in January. Are they legitimate and can they really, legally say that they own the debt even though we know they are still the same group?
  13. Hi, My other half has been having problems with these for over a year. He had a loan of £300 or £400 off them and basically, rolled it over loads of times and then he tried to sort out a repayment plan. Obviously, they wouldn't accept any and now the debt apparently stands at well over £2000. He originally had the loan off " Paycheck credit" but had constant emails from Paycheck credit, Toothfairy and NDR all about the same loan?? Where do we go with this as there is NO way he will pay then the ridiculous amount they are claiming and as we have heard, Paycheckcredit no longer exist. Any advice please? Thanks.
  14. Hi, Yes I said the same to her and I have showed her all the replies and thankfully, she is not going to take one out! In stead, she is going to sell a couple of things. She said she really wants and needs this holiday and so she can part with a couple of material things and at least she won't have to pay anything out when she gets home. Thanks for all the advice
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