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  1. Received a charge certificate today. Still no response to the appeal from 26th March, I've chased them up
  2. Hi, Contravention code: 01 Yes, windscreen ticket Council: Basingstoke and Deane Location: Eastfield Avenue, Basingstoke Thanks
  3. Hi Just looking for opinion if there's value in making an appeal? We received a ticket for parking on single yellow but no signs (unless you go along the road and around the corner) Location: Google maps We parked where the red cross is, the only signs I can see are at the yellow cross. Many thanks, Kris
  4. I found this detail: https://www.edfenergy.com/welcoming-zog-energy-customers "working with Zog to understand which customers are owed any credit" has been a common theme on that page since 12 Jan
  5. Sorry to drag up an old thread.... I'm in the same situation, now it's almost 3 months and no refund. At what point should we be looking to escalate this and with whom - @ofgem?
  6. I think it was/is a fairly unprofessional outfit, so every chance he was a sole trader before registering a company, if he even declared himself as self-employed. In the text messages he suggested my son was also self employed and that he as a boss didn’t have to pay pension or holidays. It did cross my mind that if that was the case, maybe my son should just invoice him? (My son was a 17 year old labourer in his first job since leaving college so he would have been quite naive about the whole situation.)
  7. Hi, thanks for your quick reply. Good to hear it should hopefully be a worthwhile pursuit. Now for the extra info: This is the company: https://www.facebook.com/JPartificialgrassandlandscapes/ https://www.bark.com/en/gb/company/jp-artificial-grass--landscapes/DQqRP/ https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/13477487 It's a registered Ltd company, the only director is my sons cousin (not his auntie - sorry). Before I pursue this, should I make sure said cousin has removed herself as a director - so she isn't tied up in any mess - or is it somehow to my advantage that she is a director? The company was created in June just after he stopped working for them. I don't know where the boss lives, neither does the cousin. Maybe I can find out - I have a name, email address and mobile number. I think serving papers should be ok.... he doesn't know me so getting him to go to an address for a "quote" won't be a problem (if that's how it works when you don't have a defendants address). Many thanks
  8. Hi, I'm happy to write an essay full of details, but I'll keep it simple first as it may be fruitless..... My son's boss owes him around £1600. Boss said he would calculate what he owes my son, but that was many weeks ago and I'm unable to get a response from the Boss now. I have text messages from my son's boss to this effect so I have evidence that a salary is owed - but - there is no contract. The boss was my sons aunties boyfriend until recently, so it was all a bit 'keeping it in the family'. Would a lack of contract rule this pursuit as fruitless, or are the text messages enough to go hunting? Many thanks!
  9. Mrs X had a call, "the dashcam footage doesn't support her claim so the insurer will not be held liable". I'm flabbergasted, how can Mrs X hit someone with the side of her car. What do we do now..... solicitor?
  10. Good to know. We're sitting idle at the moment, waiting for fault to be apportioned to the 3rd party before deciding if we pursue said third parties employer/insurance company or our own insurance company. Miss X had an update today, to say the 3rd party was disputing the claim on the basis that Miss X was impatient. They are awaiting dashcam/cctv footage from the 3rd party. I'm fairly sure impatience is relative/objective. I never did explain what happened.... Miss X driving along a straight road in an industrial estate. A van a short way in front pulled over to the right hand side and stopped at the kerb, then reversed into a forecourt on the right. As the front of the van swung round it caught the side of Miss X car.
  11. I fired this back. I deleted the word fraudulent so I didn't get into trouble, but I do wonder if the guides are just that. We've looked every week for 12 weeks so see if prices are dropping and they are not. The guides are just not aligned with reality. I wonder on the process of 'transaction verification' and whether something's at play to keep the book prices artificially low. Lower book prices benefit the insurance company, they benefit traders, to the detriment of joe public. Perhaps that is unfair, do put me in my place if it's out of order. Hi Could I ask - do the guides include part-ex/ trade-in prices that are not available to the general public? It is simply not possible to buy a Kia Ceed 1.6CRDi 2 for c.£4,184. Even right this very moment on Autotrader (the largest digital marketplace in the UK) the cheapest available vehicle is £4,750. That is largely the picture I have seen over the past 12 weeks since we first raised a case with the Ombudsman. When you consider that £4,184 was not the lowest settlement figure but an average, it's apparent that the regulations reliance on these guides makes a mockery of the 'fair and impartial' position of the Ombudsman. There is nothing 'fair' with Esure's suggestion that we should be able to replace the aforementioned vehicle for £4,184 when 3 months of searching suggests this is not only difficult but actually impossible. There is nothing 'impartial' about the reliance on the 'guides running off live sales' when a simple look at the open market suggests the guides are just not aligned with reality. Regards
  12. Denied Many thanks for your email dated 19 April 2021, in reply to the assessment. And I’m sorry to read that you’re not fully satisfied with the outcome. Having received your further comments, I arranged for your case to be looked into again, so I’d like to give you the findings on the points you’ve raised. Your further comments After speaking with Miss X, you informed us you didn’t agree with the outcome, you referred to our website where we have a guide for businesses which you wanted to be considered in relation to your complaint. Specifically, the sections ‘we’ve been told by some trade guides that generally cars are selling at or close to advertised prices’ and 'Adverts may be helpful... if they strongly indicate that the guides could be wrong'. You quoted the extract from our website, which said: 'Advertisements Customers sometimes say the amount they’ve been paid is unfair because they’ve seen similar vehicles advertised at higher prices. We wouldn’t normally place much weight on adverts to decide whether a valuation is fair. Differences in mileage or year of registration can significantly affect value, and in sometimes the vehicle actually ends up selling for a lower price than advertised. Although, you should be aware that more recently, we’ve been told by some trade guides that generally cars are selling at or close to advertised prices. Adverts may be helpful if the complaint involves a classic or rare model. Or if they strongly indicate that the guides could be wrong.' You explained you were informed by persons within the motor trade that the impact of the pandemic on the industry has resulted in an increase in demand, especially in the send-hand market and has meant cars are indeed selling for close to advertised prices. Because of this, you said you’d argue the trade guides are not aligned with the current and fast changing economic situation and are not a reliable source to gauge fair market value. Further to this, you told us esure failed to consider evidence from advertisements, despite your request and our advice to do so. Findings Regarding your point about the guides potentially not being as accurate, due to the current circumstances around the pandemic meaning second-hand cars are now in higher demand than pre Covid-19, and therefore selling for more than they were in other years. As our website explains, some trade guides advised us that generally cars are selling at or close to advertised prices, however this doesn’t mean the results from the guides should be discounted. The guides run off live sales from all over the country, using many different selling platforms and markets. They monitor around 1.5 million transactions per year and use this research to study daily contact with sellers and buyers of vehicles in the UK. These transactions are checked, processed and then validated before the valuations are issued online. The guides we use run off live sales, so we know they hold enough current data to be able to produce a fair result for Miss X’ vehicle at the time of loss, even in the present circumstances. Its clear there is a large amount of data for a 2014 Kia Ceed 2 EcoDynamics 1.6CRDi for January 2021, and we know this because had there not been a significant amount of current data available the guides wouldn’t have produced a result. Therefore, as the guides use up to date information to base their valuations on, we’re satisfied the valuations aren’t negatively affected by any lower or inconsistent results from previous years or from sales before the pandemic. Looking at the extract quoted from our website, it says adverts may be helpful if the complaint involves a classic or rare model. Or if they strongly indicate that the guides could be wrong. In this case, we know the guides hold a large amount of up to date information for sales of vehicles similar to Miss X’ at the time of the loss, so we can’t say the adverts strongly indicate the guides could be wrong. Additionally, when we say classic or rare, we mean extremely rare, for example something that is more than 50 years old or made as part of a limited addition group. This is because the guides hold little information about vehicles like this, or of a certain age. Unfortunately, we can’t say Miss X’ vehicle fits into this category as the guides hold a lot of data for a Kia Ceed 2 EcoDynamics 1.6CRDi of that age, mileage and condition. Because of this, we must follow the guides as we are instructed to do by the regulator, which is why I’m afraid we’re unable hold more weight to the advertisements you’ve found online. I’m really sorry this wasn’t the outcome you wanted, as I understand you both feel strongly that the settlement wasn’t enough, but I hope after escalating the case for a second review, we’ve been able to explain why, regrettably, we can’t ask esure to increase their offer any further.
  13. Thanks for the info DX. I always understood it was best practice to close old unused accounts to reduce fraud
  14. Hi, my partner has a House of Fraser recognition card with zero balance. She asked them to close it a couple of months ago but we checked credit files and it's still open. We asked them again to close it and a couple of days later they advised 'the account has now been deleted, please allow 48 hours for the account to be deactivated.' The terminology and email we received didn't sit right so we asked them to confirm that this would be updated with the credit reference agencies and they advised 'We are not the provider for the New Day card. You would need to contact them directly.' The card is a santander card. Before I contact them again - who is responsible for sorting this - HoF or the card provider? Thanks, kp
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