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  1. @smokeyjoe - Whilst I agree with what you say, my pension actually allow me to take the 25% tax free lump sum, the rest will go into a pensions saving account via my provider... any future money withdrawn will be taxed.
  2. That's great GamerNic. I've been searching for some info like this, without luck so this is very helpful. If I'm reading this correctly, of the £17600 pension pot, the 25% tax free lump sum (£4400) does not need to be declared and balance of £13200 can be saved into the pension retirement account and does not get viewed as income but savings and therefor does not need to be declared as income, unless of course we draw any further amounts which would also be liable for tax. Again, thank you...
  3. Thanks @honey. I'm not really looking for pensions advice, I understand all of my options as I've had an appointment with pension wise. The issue I have is how HMRC will view the £13200 that will be sitting in the retirement savings account. Will they view it as income (even though we are not drawing from it) or will it be treated as savings.
  4. Thanks for that... I would only be taking the 25% tax free lump sum out now (£4,400), the rest £13,200 will be left invested in the retirement savings account. Since I only have £17600 the cost of going to see an IFA would take a big chunk of this away, so I'm trying to avoid this. I've seen a government pensions advisor but they only give you your options not advise.
  5. Hi there, I'm 55 and have a personal pension plan that has a value of £17600. Up until our disabled child was born I worked full time, when he was born I had to give up my job to become his carer. During this period of adjustment to our new financial situation we incurred some debt - £13000. I thought great, I can take it all as a lump sum and we can clear the debt... only we are in receipt of tax credits since our joint income, husband and my carers allowance = £21,000 per annum. However I've since realised that by doing this £75% of the lump sum will have to declared as income so basically will affect out tax credit award. So we would pay the debt off but have no tax credit income. So not really a viable option. The other option is to take the 25% tax free lump sum (to get the leaky roof fixed) and put the rest into the retirement savings account to pay the debt when I retire. If I do this, how will this this saving account be viewed for tax credit purposes. Will it still count as income even though we don't draw any money from it. It will be invested but could fluctuate wither up or down. Thanks in advance
  6. Ok will do Incidentally how far back can you request bank statements?
  7. Yes I sent them a SAR All they sent back was one cover letter and copy of Loan Agreement. Interestingly the cover letter states "Thank you for your statutory request for information in respect of the above loan agreement". I gave them the second loan agreement number as a starter for 10 so to speak, but used the template from this site..
  8. All they sent was the credit agreement form for the second loan, which is so poorly photo copied it's barely legible. I borrowed £15000 for a car and that's the only amount showing on this. The first loan was also for a car. To be completely honest it was a long time ago and I can't be completely certain that I hadn't finished the other loan, but I've certainly got a memory of some overlap, maybe there wasn't? I do know the first loan was with BOS and that I had PPI... so why would they have not sent any info relating to this one?
  9. Hi all, I posted a few weeks ago regarding a successful PPI claim against BOS relating to a loan. I had another loan prior to this which (as far as I can remember) was paid off (had a few months left) when I applied for this one. I sent off a request for all info held giving previous addresses and my maiden name (which the loan was taken out in). The only information I received back is the agreement for the loan that I successfully claimed on. The previous loan would have been taken our around 1997/98/99. .. Where do I go from here or have I missed the boat on this one.
  10. One more question please... My mortgage was with Britannia Building Society, which is part of Co=Operative Bank PLC. Shall I send the SAR to them at the address on the list. Thanks...
  11. Thanks... Are you saying that because the two loans are potentially linked? Even though I don't have account numbers etc. Also (now I'm on a roll) We had ppi on an old mortgage from around the same time... however we did claim on this due to my redundancy... can we still claim on this given we were paid out for around 6 months until I found another job?
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