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  1. Hi all, This time last year my gran passed away. We have discovered this week after finally clearing out everything in the premises (extreme hoarder) that she was a customer of that lovely company we know as Provident. From the mountains of paper work I've looked through, I have found 23 legible statements first one with a date of March 2008 and last one December 2014 - The oldest of the paperwork (extremely water-damaged) have the provident logo's and date Nov 1999. We have counted every one of these and there's 121 (inc the 23 legible) - which works out at roughly 3-4 loans per year from '99! (statements seem to be 6mths each) From the 23 I can read the total value paid back £32k - they average approx £800 each one & have an APR 245% (or around that mark). (Agreements dated before 2013 £20k was paid back) and each time one was taken out there was a repayment within 14days. My Gran, left no will - and my mom acted as executioner(?) though nothing official (except for Hospital letters stating her as N.O.K). She was in receipt of disability / benefits/ pension for years - I'm 40 and I remember going to the post office with her to cash her giro when I was alot younger.. She never held a bank account - did'nt believe in them. the only time she had an account of some sort was when the DWP started to pay into a post office account. I'm aware that Provident are one of the many being investigated for IRL & I've seen other threads where people have refunded PPI on behalf of a deceased relative. My question are - and might seem stupid considering the length of time I've been on here (and successes I've had) 1) Where do I start - do I send a GDPR / SAR request to Provident - (is there any specific wording/template for a deceased relative). 2) Provident will probably only hold 6yrs of info, but what about the year's prior to 2013 where I have statements? 3) Is there a specific IRL template (for a deceased relative) 4) We only have a the death cert. no other paperwork - will this suffice or are we unable to go after them for IRL? It has come as a great shock to see these, and to know that she'd had multiple loans running at the same time with benefit as only source of income. What made it worse is she said she was putting money away for her funeral and family - but my mother had to take out a loan (with a reputable bank) to pay for all the funeral costs & money owed to DWP in over payments. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Not sure if this is benefits or should be somewhere else. There is an outstanding debt to DWP for an overpayment which my relative had been paying off slowly for about 10 years. The relative died recently, and I am dealing with the estate. Within less than 2 weeks from the date of death I had quite a stroppy letter from DWP demanding immediate repayment of a sum about double what I had expected or alternatively providing detailed information on all of the estate's assets in a form to be returned within 7 days. Leaving aside the sensitivity of contacting me even before the funeral, I couldn't either pay them or provide the information they asked for in their time scale even if I wanted to. Are DWP even entitled to detailed information about the estate's assets or to demand payment/information so quickly? I was under the impression they were no more of a priority than the credit cards for example.
  3. We've been through all the usual probate etc for my mum in law who died Feb 2018. We've now received letters from the DWP saying my late mum in law may have been overpaid an income related benefit. They say according to their records and those of the probate there appears to be a discrepancy and want us to provide all her financial statements covering 2003 - 2013. They've told us not to distribute any funds from her estate (which we had already as it all went to my husband, before we'd even heard from them). They've said they can work on the figures they have and calculate the possible overpayment but its best if we provide the information for them so they can make an accurate assessment. I assume the cheapest option would be to approach the banks with SARs? However, before I do this, can I ask the DWP to provide all the information they have regarding her payments of benefit and her applications for benefit because, to be honest, neither myself nor my husband recall filling in any forms for her (and its something we would normally do as she's registered blind). We do know she was getting a pension credit (savings based only) but we've no idea when it started or how she came to claim it - perhaps we've just forgotten as its so long ago. However, I don't want to just take their word for it so how best to approach this really, if anyone has any advice. I'm not trying to avoid any repayment (if one is due) but naturally I'd like to check for myself as well, if that makes sense. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi, Im trying to unravel my late father's very complicated finances, as I'm his executor. I found a letter from Hoist Finance dated from last year stating they own the account, with an outstanding balance of £2131.92. When I phoned to say he'd died they told me it would be passed to 'Philips and Cohen' - this was mid-January and I've heard nothing (luckily). Having read these forums I then wrote to MBNA requesting all his account data but they replied stating the 'GDPR only applies to personal data relating to a living individual'. is this true?There's also a letter relating to another MBNA debt from Link Financial, so they have sold the two on. I need to know how old these are etc. Letters scanned and attached. The reason I'm confused is I've also written to Santander (using the same template letter) and have received all the loan info so they obviously have different rules! - I'm not willing to settle anything unless I know how old these debts are and what they relate to. We couldn't find any paperwork at my Father's house. Any advice as what to do next - I did send certified copy of probate certificate with my requests. Many thanks for reading! scan0041.pdf scan0040.pdf
  5. Hi all, I'm struggling to manage my deceased Father's debts as the executor. I'm left with a complete mess of paperwork. There is a little bit of money left in the estate but I'm unwilling to pay up to debt collection agencies unless I know its legit having read some of the threads on here. Santander responded to my SAR request and I've traced back a debt of £2131.92 that was with Hoist, and has been sent to Philips and Cohen since he died - they've not contacted me. However I see the original debt for £3000 dates back to 1999, but the Santander info stops in 2008, 10 years ago - how can I find out what happened in between and if he ever paid anything - I assume if he didn't its now out of statutory 6 years? Any advice gratefully received as I'm currently chasing MBNA and GE money and its all v stressful! Letter/info scanned and uploaded. Thanks very much. scan0042.pdf scan0043.pdf scan0044.pdf
  6. A relative's carer helped themselves to her bank account. This was discovered by the executor who stopped looking back through the bank account when the amount topped £11k in the five months prior to her death and handed the matter to the police. It is going to court and there's little doubt there will be a conviction. It will however be for considerably less than the amount taken because the criminal case is sensibly concentrating on those withdrawals and purchases which can be proved without any doubt. The direct victim was the now deceased relative and if she was still alive she could sue the thief. Can executor or beneficiaries?
  7. Hi there, Bit of Background Both parents have died in the 15 months, and the Estate is effectively the house they lived in, to be split between myself and my 2 brothers. Both of my brothers live in said house ( one is mentally handicapped and the other is his carer ). My father left debts of around 66k ( one a equity release mortgage of 56k,which we have cleared. ) So we are left with the remainder of debt that has come from (so far) 3 accounts that Philips and Cohen are handling . I am the Administrator of the estate, and ideally do not want to sell the house as it would leave a vulnerable adult and carer homeless. Now these debt are likely to be in my fathers name only ( I've only just got the letters so not gone any further than here ), if that might make any difference. So my first thought would be to check the legitimacy of each account/ statute barred status. What's the current way of asking for the CCA/ proof of debt with these folks. Many thanks I'
  8. Please can I have some advice, my dad applied through a company for ppi, sadly 2 months later he unexpectedly passed away, we received notification he was due a payout from Lloyd’s bank after his death and duly received a cheque in his name , the estate has been passed to my mom, to whom Lloyd’s reissued the cheque in her name, the ppi company are demanding their charges be paid, Lloyd’s suggested we do not pay them as the contract was with my dad not my mom, where do we stand on this, if it is owed they will be paid, but if not legally required obviously we would rather not , many thanks
  9. After a sibling died the others came together to clear the property with the sibling who is executor. This help was given freely and at no time did anyone mention or talk about getting paid or expenses for said help. Now suddenly an invoice has been sent to the executor for work carried out, this is a proper invoice as person is self employed. But is the executor legally obliged to pay this from the estate? We are aware that once the estate is settled if anything is missed the executor is liable personally. So although this is clearly immoral it's the legal side that concerns us.
  10. Think this might be a quick issue to resolve but I would like your thoughts please. Is it possible to apply for Data Subject Access Request for information on a deceased person? I am the spouse of the deceased and there was a Power of Attorney in place prior to death so I was next of kin. I suspect that DSAR is only for living person but if that is the case how can I get access to information which involves me but was on his records? Thanks in advance Shelley
  11. Hello Everyone! As referenced in the thread title , can anyone confirm what happens to a persons credit file after they die please? Is the file deleted or what? All comments welcome! Thanks tedney
  12. Guidance Unpaid estates of deceased service personnel READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/unpaid-estates-of-deceased-service-personnel
  13. My husband and myself both contracted out of SERPS in the 1980s. I was contacted earlier this year by Zurich to say I was entitled to my Husbands pension money. My husband died in 2005, and Zurich have told me that I must buy an annuity with the money, but unlike everyone else, I am not allowed to take a 25% cash lump sum. Is this correct? If so why? thank you for reading
  14. My best friend recently died without making a will. His considerable estate will come to his father. My friend's partner lived with him for two years prior to his death. In that period his house was transformed by her from an undecorated hovel to a swish country house. I would guess that by her efforts and persuasion at a minimum, £75K would have been added to the value of the property. All the costs though were met by my deceased friend. My question: when the house is sold does she have any claim on the "added value" to the property which she was directly responsible for? Thank you.
  15. A family member recently passed away suddenly with an outstanding balance on their personal loan a/c of £2,000, £400 in their current a/c and £500 in their savings account DWP have contacted me to inform of an overpayment of pension credit of £200 which of course must be repaid Next of kin has been in touch with RBS bereavement service, whom claim they can take the £900 in the deceased's RBS a/c's against the outstanding balance of the loan 1. Is this true? 2. What happens to the remaining balance of the loan? 3. Should we inform RBS of the DWP overpayment? & 4. Can the DWP overpayment be taken from the £900 in credit? Advice appreciated
  16. Hi I am hoping someone can give me some advice on this as I am really confused. I contacted TV licensing on 10th October to inform them my sister had recently passed away. As she had paid for her license up tol April 2017 they said they would issue a refund. I was advised a scanned copy of the death cert with an email would be sufficient which I sent on 10th Oct. My sister did not leave a will but I have been dealing with her financial affairs. On the 12th October I received an email saying that they could not accept an electronic copy so I sent a letter on 14th October together with a copy of the death certificate. I emailed them again to chase this on 10th Nov as I had heard nothing back and got the following reply: Having checked our records I can see that we received your letter on 1 November 2016. I can advise you that we've issued an executors letter for you to complete and return which you should receive within 10 working days. I emailed them again on 18th November to chase executors letter and asked why I was not sent this in the first instance abd received the following: I can confirm that the executor letter was sent to you on 11 November 2016, I must advise you that it can take up to 10 working days to receive it. I'm sorry for any inconvenience I still have not received the executors letter from them so I emailed them again on 29th November to express my dissatisfaction and requested information about making a formal complaint and have not heard anything since. I read somewhere that they do not give refunds and I was just wondering if this is true.
  17. Hello again everyone. Unfortunately l have to seek help again on this site regards a PCN that happened in August 2011. I did open a thread about it in August 2011 but no longer can find it. Yesterday l received the now popular BW legal letter acting on behalf of VCS about an outstanding balance of £174.00,[ consisting of £120.00 PCN plus their clients initial legal costs of £54.00. ]. Back in August 2011, following advice from this forum and as l wasn't the driver at the time of the PCN being issued but registered keeper, we decided to ignore the threatening letters which, eventually, all threatening letters ceased. Until yesterday, 17th August, when a letter from BW legal and VCS arrived together in the same envelope dated 12 August, saying that if payment not received within 16 days court proceedings may be started. The driver of the vehicle at the time the PCN was issued has since passed away in December 2013. I have read on other posts of similar situations about sending a letter back to BW legal stating about the pre- POFA Act 2012, driver responsible and not the RK at the time of issue , but, should l also give the name of the driver at the time stating that they are now deceased and therefore can no longer pursue the payment and wish for it to be fully withdrawn ? Should l ring them and explain the situation ( which l don't want to as then they will have my phone number), or send a letter by recorded delivery ? Any help much appreciated
  18. Hi there, My sister's husband has just this week passed away leaving over £36,000 worth of credit card debt including £16,000 to MBNA. There is no estate and he has pretty much left her in a mess financially, with no savings and just debt after debt. She is not a joint signatory and they were his credit card debts and nothing (apart from the fact she was married to him) links her to these. Will she have to pay them off (like she ever could) or do they die with him?
  19. mum died a while back. I had her estate sorted out and all accounts closed. Today I was just checking her emails and I saw there was an email off the national lottery. They said "We have transferred the balance from your National Lottery account to the bank account associated with your debit card because it is about to expire". I thought it was just spam at first but it had a username down the bottom. I entered mums usual password and sure enough it logged in I checked transactions to see at the end of August this year they did send £26 to my mums bank. I never even knew she had a lottery account. What happens now? That bank account was closed around 6 months ago. Thanks
  20. Good Afternoon Everyone, Unfortunately and unexpectedly my father passed away last Friday due to a motorbike accident. At present I am tying up his finances and have come to a bit of a grey area for myself which I am hoping someone can help me with. Last July my father purchased a brand new car on PCP with Black Horse (through Arnold Clark) - I will list all details; Cash Price of Goods - 18,077.49 Total Amount Repayable (inc. hire purchase charge) - 22,409.11 47 Monthly Payments of - 319.13 Final Optional of - 7,410 So far he has paid - 3829.56, the car has a guaranteed future value as listed on the agreement as - 7,112. Black Horse have given a settlement (automated) of - 15,688.29 which I cannot work out where they have got that from and until they receive the death certificate I have posted them, rightly will not discuss the account. The options I have been given are; purchase the car outright (no need I already have a perfectly good car), sell the car myself and pay any shortfall or let them sell the car for me at auction. I am at my wits end on this as the resale value of the car is probably only about 11-12k tops (less at auction) and I am trying not to get the shortfall taken out of the estate as the money will be needed elsewhere for funeral and lawyer costs. Can someone clarify the halves and thirds rule on this, i.e. will I only have to sell the vehicle to cover half the total payment value (11,215.81) or is it the total value owed on the vehicle at the time of settlement figure? And is there any other options open to me? As always any advise is appreciated and if you have any questions in relation to the agreement I have it hear with me. Thank you all kindly.
  21. Edit, sorry, I was changing the title and hit enter by accident, the title should read. No contact ffom loan company about deceased parents secured load. --------- Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer some for of advice. My mother passed away in 2012, she had a secured loan on the house, not huge, it ws 7k and at the time she passed there was 3.6k remaining. Being disabled she didn't have a massive income and her insurance policy covered her funeral and that was it, she has £70 in her bank account and no other money or assets besides the house. The loan company (Santander) were great, said we needed to take the details of probate in and everything would be on hold until then. Her will was written when I was a child so I was the benificiary but not the executor. Everything had to be done through her sister. It took a while to get probate sorted as the solicitors who had the 'official' copy of her will had closed and neglected to send their documents to wherever they're supposed to have sent them when they closed (Sorry, can't remember exact terms), we had to try and track down her will and when we couldn't we had to apply for a signed letter from some place (again, sorry I cant remember exact terms) that allowed us to go and sort probate, that took a while and it was fnally sorted around a year ago. myself and my aunty took all the needed documents to santander who took copies of everything and said they'd be in touch shortly, I distinctly remember the woman saying it is usually a quick process. They kept calling the secured loan a mortgage, are these two the same thing? It's now been a year and I've heard absolutely nothing from them. Neither has my aunty (We aren't sure if they'll contact me now probate has gone through because I'm the benificiary or contact her because she is the executor). Nothing besides the monthly ststements which has in big bold writing at the top 'This is for information only'. I know it sounds stupid and anyone reading will think why have you not called them, a few reasons really, I'm terrified for one, I've lived in this house my entire life, I have nowhere else to go, the house is in a terrible area and needs a lot of work, it's not worth enough for me to sell and buy elsewhere. And secondly my own health hasn't been great, mental health that is, I've suffered from severe depression and extreme anxiety includig time spent in hospital due to attempted suicide. I'm currently unemployed and am terrified if I call they'll say they want all the money or they want massive monthly payments that I can't afford and i'll basically end up losing the house. I've no idea what to do, do I call and see whats taking so long and why? Or just leave it and wait for them to contact me however long that takes?
  22. Hello I am posted this enquiry on several forums to hopefully find people further along the line than me or legal representatives who have dealt with Npower. My story is briefly that I acted as executor for a friend of, mine when she died. I contacted Npower to advise of the death of the account holder. The Npower call centre rep said that she would make the account deceased that the service address would remain until the property sold when any final amounts would be due. It was noted to be addressed to my name as they advised they cannot write to a deceased person but the address remained the service address of my deceased friend (ie not my home address) (Npower complaints department advise they have confirmed the date and time of the call, details of which I supplied, but have however lost the recorded contents of the call. Npower claiming that account was put in my name but no letter has been received to confirm this and they are unable to supply any notification of this.and have lost the call content where the call centre rep discussed it. Npower & probate advisory service (I believe instructed by Npower) issued different invoice amounts and the solicitor queried by letter (April 15) before settling the pre death account with a cheque from probate funds and instructing Npower to close the account. Npower acknowledge receipt (July 15) Npower accepted payments of the final Pre death bill from the solicitor dealing with probate and deceased’s estate and noted the account on deceased status. (Npower have retrospectively in March 16, after they had taken the final payment in early March, updated my credit file to show that I am account holder at this time and that the account is in default – see below) They wrote to the service address to advise estimated meter readings and that there were amounts outstanding. Called Npower and they advised the bills were in error. The property sold in March 16 and they advised there was an outstanding amount due which was originally £419 – I advised the property was shut down on death so there could be very little usage. The call operator was very helpful and said she could see that there was an error and took of all the charges showing and came to a remaining bill of £180. (I have the letter showing the charges removed – addressed to the service address - )I paid this to zero the account and finalise my involvement. They took this payment of £180 in early March 16 and asked for a correspondence address for the confirmation to be sent to. As the property was due to sell imminently I gave them my home address specifically for the purposes of this one letter. Up until March they were writing to the property address that the electricity & gas were supplied to The did not close the account and have continued to charge to current time even though the property was sold in March. In April 16 a month after the final account had been paid they updated my credit file to show me as the accountholder at my home address from the previous year and update 14 months of account information showing the account in default. They are also still billing to my home address and I have received letters from Pastdue credit solutions. I have written to them to advise the property has been sold and that the billing is the new owners responsibility. Interestingly no default notices were issued to the service address at any time. I have spoken to the complaints team and made a complaint via Experian and they are forwarding my case this week for review to retract the entries on the credit file but the complaint case manager does not seem confident that they will retract it. They have apparently found the date and time of the phone conversation where I was advised that no further charges would be applied and that the account would remain at the service address ( I do have letters with all requests going to the service address not my home address) but however the content of the call is missing, So are unable to prove that the call operator advised that the no charges will be made, although along the way the call centre rep agreed that is how it was set up and removed the charges, I still have the letter showing the charges removed. The complaint manager said, he can see notes on file showing that the address was to remain the service address and not my home address and that there seemed to be a mix up on the account status. But Npower having lost the call content apparently does not help me as it is up to me to prove! The complaints case handler just mentions that I can go to the ombudsman – he seems quite keen to push this. I note that a couple of post say to avoid this route and wonder if there is some trap I am falling into, or if this in turn rules out any legal action (any suggestions on this route appreciated) I have read on a couple of posts that the cases referred to OFGEM are logged as dealt with on Npower’s listings and it prevents revisiting the complaint with Npower itself. I now think I need to engage a solicitor and was considering one that has previous experience with dealing with npower. Has anyone engaged or consulted with a solicitor had any previous experience with them? Reading the forums and post where people have had so many problems with npower is anyone aware of any collective action being taken against them. I did read the telegraphs journalist report on it and it seems that the major papers have run reports on their customer service skills and fines. Ok it would be great to see where people are up to with this frustrating company. My business relies heavily on my credit rating and I am also in the process of re mortgaging and now it looks like I will have to put it on hold as I do not want a refusal based on a £21 current default (updated on my credit file yesterday and it’s the June bill of the new occupants) Any pointers or experience gratefully received. Particularly interested in any details of legal representatives dealing with Npower cases Thanks for reading such a long rant
  23. My sister passed away in January and before she died she absolutely assured me she had no debt or credit cards. She said I'd find it easy to deal with her affairs as she owed no money anywhere. There was some money in the estate, but when everything (or so we thought) was paid and settled I wrongly assumed it would be alright to use the money in the estate to pay bills and expenses we'd incurred moving into a flat near her to help care for her. In other words, I was the beneficiary of the estate, being her only relative. She died intestate and there was no need of letters of administration as her bank were happy to pay money in her account directly to me as her next of kin. It was a huge shock when a letter arrived for her 4 months later at her previous address (her partner opened it) from Cabot (Marlin). It seems to be a statement and says she owes £11372.27. We both in a blind panic tried to phone them but they refused to discuss until we send a death certificate. I have sent the death certificate and I assume what comes next is that they will make a claim from the estate. There are no records that I could find at her home of any such transactions, but they say original lender was HFC Bank PLC - Credit Card. It says Agreement date Jan 2000 and says Date Assigned 11th August 2010. I have no way of knowing whether 6 years have passed or whether she has made any payments, no original documents or agreements and no copy of any assignment documentation. I don't know whether the estate can request these? I feel absolutely sick about this as I was only just coming to terms with losing her! I'm assuming the worst and they will have a legitimate claim against the estate and that I will somehow have to find a way to pay the money. Can anyone advise?
  24. My husband left a credit card debt of £5000 when he passed. It was on a tesco credit card. Tesco agents are now chasing me for the debt which in theory should come out of his estate. This comprised one commercial property that I can't sell cause I am dependent on the income. Is anyone familiar with their agents and how vigorously they will pursue the debt? Or how likely they will be to write it off?
  25. Am I liable for emptying a deceased's relative's flat of unwanted furniture? My auntie recently passed away I very rarely seen her and was shocked that I had a phone call on the weekend saying she passed away in hospital, as I'm her only living relative, I contacted the housing association about giving her flat up, they told me I would need to clear the flat I told them I can't due to other commitments and living too far away, they told me I would be liable to pay then so much for 3 items, can they do this? Am I liable for any costs?
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