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  1. Oh yes, I'm not too worried by the P & C ones - just a nuisance I could be doing without. Good point about the CCJ, will look into finding out about that. I've a Case number any idea how I back track to find the issuing Court? just says on the TrustOnline doc "Country Court Business Centre". Is that the Northants one?
  2. Certainly hope so, but rather be certain. I'm definitely not planning on giving them anything.
  3. Another 3 letters came through last night , this might take some time. Ah well at least its costing them a fair bit of postage. Letter for Experian will be done over the weekend so will find out exactly what mess my dad's credit score is .
  4. Thanks that's useful for me to consider. Age of the debts I'm not 100% certain for all of them and some of my dad's have already been written off , I TH|INK these are the last , but will get a credit report and find out. My guess a lot will date back to around 2008, but whether any are statute barred is anyone's guess. There's no paperwork that we could really find , only the Equity mortgage , which like I've said I've managed to pay. Will investigate the Court of Protection route.
  5. Oh is there ? Its from the Probate office - also why I'm saying that rather than Executor ( there was no Will)
  6. Yes to my mothers Estate - dad died only a few months before so its rolled into one - I replied Up there , obviously got missed.
  7. The Gazette is next on my list for this. I've created a login and had a look , but its a rather confusing interface so will take my time over that one. Not for late night.
  8. Administrator to my mother's Estate as she died after my Dad, both were intestate .
  9. Thanks, The Equity Release debt has been paid off ( essentially I am now the major creditor to the estate). WRT Housing Benefit and contrived tenancy - we've looked into some of the ins and outs and we're reasonably confident there is an accepted way of doing this - of course we will get proper advice closer to the time. So to sum up the replies/ situation : I need to get my dad's Credit file and see what lurks there - go to Experian/Noddle ? I suppose as I'm Administrator that makes sense. Best do so for Mum as well, just in case. Web or write? Check Land Registry for any other charge on property ( is there a place to go for that as the standard one via .gov doesn't seem to have anything about charges on the property?) Many thanks.
  10. Not entirely sure, but got a TrustOnline report in my Dad's name and address and there is one line under England and Wales Orders & Judgements with a Status of Unsatisfied Judgement. Is that a CCJ ?
  11. Well I'm worried as I don't want to get into a situation where I end up having to sell the house from under my brothers. We were planning on putting it in my name and having them pay rent ( to help pay off the remortgage and build up repair funds). So would need to change the deeds etc. So don't want vultures circling around and trying to get their hands on it. Telling this lot to do one would ease my mind. Well there's an unsatisfied judgement in my dad's name for £2k (via trust online. ) dated from 2015. Probably stuck his head in the sand. Bum. May not be the Santander one though. Double Bum.
  12. Not entirely sure as yet one is New Day for @ £380 and 2 from Santander ( £2500 and one £8k) . The £8k one has one a note with "Original creditor Santander Personal Loans." Beyond that , I have nothing. Is a CCA the correct way to go about this ? Data Protection? Bit lost as to the best way forward. Thanks
  13. Hi there, Bit of Background Both parents have died in the 15 months, and the Estate is effectively the house they lived in, to be split between myself and my 2 brothers. Both of my brothers live in said house ( one is mentally handicapped and the other is his carer ). My father left debts of around 66k ( one a equity release mortgage of 56k,which we have cleared. ) So we are left with the remainder of debt that has come from (so far) 3 accounts that Philips and Cohen are handling . I am the Administrator of the estate, and ideally do not want to sell the house as it would leave a vulnerable adult and carer homeless. Now these debt are likely to be in my fathers name only ( I've only just got the letters so not gone any further than here ), if that might make any difference. So my first thought would be to check the legitimacy of each account/ statute barred status. What's the current way of asking for the CCA/ proof of debt with these folks. Many thanks I'
  14. Yes, its one of the ways spam gets sent by spoofing the headers so it appears to be from someone else - and one of the ways spam gets identified.
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