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  1. Thank you it's a bloody nightmare with them, like I said I just won my ESA appeal that was stressful enough and now this, if I'm unsuccessful they obviously are not going to pay me pip up until May of 2018, so why they give people dates I don't know.
  2. Thank you for the reply but why the assessment so early, like I said it's in two weeks time. Surely if I'm not successful they will stop it before may 2018.
  3. Can someone please advise I was awarded PIP in 2015 only the basic rate, and was told it would be until May 2018, I have now been sent for another assessment in two weeks, I have only just won an appeal two weeks ago from my ESA Scoring 27 points when I was awarded zero points at my assessment, I have severe depression and anxiety, it seems as though the DWP has something in for me at the moment,,, is this normal for them to do this, because like I said I should have been ok until May 2018, as this has caused me nothing but stress and anxiety, its making me seriously consider whether to turn u
  4. I don't exactly know how much is in the bank account I think about £700 and £500 in a post office account, she was £800+ in credit with gas and electric, and also in credit with the phone bill and water which are all being refunded to me without any problems or going through probate, all I needed to do was send copie of the death certificate.
  5. Right I don't know how many times I've got to keep repeating this as people obviously don't read the full thread, I am her only living relative. My Nan and grandfather had 3 children, my father was the only one to have a child that's me. My auntie never married or had children, neither did my uncle, both are now deceased including my father, so nobody is going to come out of any woodwork! It's only me left.
  6. Just done that survey.. the Crown can **** right off!!! I've still got access to the bank cards and pin numbers... So **** the Crown, I'm her nephew my father was her brother, im the only surviving relative she had, if I have got to take ownership of my uncle's grave for my auntie to be buried with him then it's good enough for me to take ownership of any money she left. ****ing government!!!!
  7. No no will, I'm the only surviving relative. So at the time.. big mistake didn't think it was necessary.
  8. a friend and i have just cleared the flat, but I still don't see why I should be responsible for doing it, but anyway it's done now end of story. thanks all for your advice. I know if she as been over paid after she passed away it needs to be returned, but what if she had money in an account before, is that legally mine?
  9. Yes luckily I found out her funeral was prepaid so no worries there thankfully, her carer has the keys.
  10. I agree I would rather a charity take what they could rather than go to landfill, but what about any remaining items as I can't afford any clearance fees
  11. My auntie notified the hospital I was next-of-kin, I didn't know until the weekend i was i certainly didn't agree, but as being the only living relative she had I can see why she did it, I can't see there being any value to the estate as she struggled and was on benefits she was an old-age pensioner. Also there was no will, I have not taken anything from the flat as I don't need anything from their. But do need to read the gas and electric meter, I will see what citizens advice says tomorrow thanks all for the advice
  12. I've already looked at that but didn't find it very helpful or clear, I certainly won't be paying for removals I will see citizens advice, people die every day without anyone left, who covers the cleanout of they are property
  13. Am I liable for emptying a deceased's relative's flat of unwanted furniture? My auntie recently passed away I very rarely seen her and was shocked that I had a phone call on the weekend saying she passed away in hospital, as I'm her only living relative, I contacted the housing association about giving her flat up, they told me I would need to clear the flat I told them I can't due to other commitments and living too far away, they told me I would be liable to pay then so much for 3 items, can they do this? Am I liable for any costs?
  14. Thanks I will do, I've got an appointment with my citizens advice on Wednesday I will mention it to them also.
  15. I was kicked off ESA the end of 2014, successfully won my appeal March 2015, scoring 27 points from the original 0 that ATOS gave me, the letter I received from the appeal court, states review after 2016, but to my surprise the other day I received a letter with the ESA50 questionnaire that I need to send back by 5 February, This as seriously stressed me out, as I didn't think I would be called so soon especially after the appeal court letter stating review after 2016.
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