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  1. Hi, Lookinforinfo, please can you expand on your earlier post re "The Protection of Freedoms Act 2007 paragraph 9 section 2 [f] the PCN wording does not comply with what it should say in the ACT. the act says it must comply so that means that the keeper is not liable to pay if the driver doesn't." I have attempted to look of this but it refers to Act 2012 - On another matter I am now dealing with, this maybe extremely useful please. Many thanks
  2. We wont be divulging the driver details and the response we stated in the appeal is shown in #17 above. I'm intrigued!
  3. So the appeal has sent their response, typed below 'verbatum' "Dear Sir/madam, Thank you for your correspondence relating to your Parking Charge. The representations stated in your correspondence have been noted and considered. Please forward to us the full name and address of the driver at the time this charge was incurred so that we can update our records accordingly. We are placing this Charge on hold for 14 days from the date of this email to allow you to provide the details requested. Yours faithfully" When we appealed the following was our response: "The driver drove around looking for a space for 24 minutes but was unable to secure one so left without parking. There has been no breach as there was no opportunity to read the signage and consider it and agree to be bound by its terms and also as the demand is for a parking charge, this is not applicable as there was no parking event to incur such a charge" It appears that we didnt disclose the driver details so how do you suggest we respond to this please?
  4. Nothing has been received since, so it maybe wishful thinking that this has gone away?
  5. Hello, A friend was a victim to a trafficking situation by criminals ( can't go into details, on-going case) and the local council had to find them temporary accommodation whilst the case was being investigated by police. To cut a long story short, the council have taken from April 2020 - March 2021 to find a permanent property to move into whilst Housing Benefit continued on the original property, the council were footing the bill for the 'safe house'. My friend was/is still in receipt of legacy benefits (ESA ETC) although the offer was made in March 2021, the viewing didn't take place until end of May 2021 (Council delays - unknown reasons) but this now resultas that my friend has lost eligibility to retain legacy benefits including HB and they are forcing them to claim UC. We're all aware the Covid-19 has caused many delays in all area's of business, so does anyone know if legally, the 52 week rule was extended to account for this also, or has this remained the same please? My friend has a support worker who has tried in vain to get updates from the council to no avail, and the Housing Manager admitted she had never dealt with a case of this severity before, so I question the validity of the delays between March - May preventing the continuation of legacy benefits, am I expecting too much? Is there an appeals process?
  6. The driver is 'outed' naively, sorry, crossed wires! The driver had been looking for a space, but had a 3 month old baby in the car screaming so abandoned the trip. The driver had not been to this area before, but relatives had said it had been 90 minutes free parking, but as they hadn't parked was surprised to have received this. Naturally distracted by events in the vehicle they weren't looking for signage on P&D.
  7. Dx100 you pointed me to a previous case in your post of 5th June and I followed that advice. Hadn't parked up, so no breach!
  8. Car Park.pdf Finally managed to attach, hope this is legible. We have appealed today (just within the 14 days of 2nd reminder) and await their polite decline to agree our appeal and will post up again when it arrives. Thanks Peeps
  9. Apologies for the delay, I am having great difficulties trying to scan the document - however, I have taken photograpghs and when trying to upload them it says they are too large, but then I note the accepted file types Please can you advise how I can get these images to fit and upload? TIA
  10. Following your post on what information you require here goes; 1) Date of infringement: 15/05/2021 2) Date on the NTK (this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date). NTK Dated 27/05/2021, 3) Date received Today - 05/06/2021 - no markings on envelope to prove posting etc. 4) Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedom Act 2012? No 5) Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 6) Have you appealed? No 7) Who is the parking company? CP Plus Where exactly (car park name & town) Crown Wharf, Walsall. WS2 8LL 9) Official Body BPA Will scan both sides of document and will post as single PDF file once personal info removed shortly.
  11. How do you suggest I access those records, I was only there a week? As for training, I was drivers mate for 2 days. No trade union membership
  12. 2nd incident - the vehicle was not fitted (missing) straps on rear doors for driver to hold on to when vacating the vehicle from the rear door - isn't that negligent? 1st incident - loss or damage? it was hell trapped in their vehicle, do I need to have loss or damage to make claim being trapped in defective vehicle? Neither incident was bad luck - if vehicles were correctly maintained neither would have happened!
  13. I have spoken to NWNF organisation but they were so half soaked on the telephone, lacked confidence in their ability to process accurate details, when they couldn't even record the basic info correctly - plus I don't agree with them having their costs paid as well as the 25% successful claim fee {(
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