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  1. How do you suggest I access those records, I was only there a week? As for training, I was drivers mate for 2 days. No trade union membership
  2. 2nd incident - the vehicle was not fitted (missing) straps on rear doors for driver to hold on to when vacating the vehicle from the rear door - isn't that negligent? 1st incident - loss or damage? it was hell trapped in their vehicle, do I need to have loss or damage to make claim being trapped in defective vehicle? Neither incident was bad luck - if vehicles were correctly maintained neither would have happened!
  3. I have spoken to NWNF organisation but they were so half soaked on the telephone, lacked confidence in their ability to process accurate details, when they couldn't even record the basic info correctly - plus I don't agree with them having their costs paid as well as the 25% successful claim fee {(
  4. Last year I was involved in two accident type incidents at a place of employment (Temporary worker) Background: I had trained for 12 months to become HGV Driver and decided to start with 7.5tonne truck to gain experience, trainer said I was excellent driver but due to the insurance premiums companies require 2 years driving experience, hence starting out on 7.5 tonne. I was working via temp agency and the company provided temp drivers with their older trucks and the permanent staff had the new trucks. 1) As I was provided with a company mobile phone I do not have access t
  5. UPDATE: We sent in High Court Enforcement Officers who have secured full payment
  6. Hello Slick, I'm doing ok thanks, how are you? Long time no 'chat', I was thinking about you on my way home this evening. The respondent is a business (Hotel) they have slipped up in so much as not sent covering letter to tribunal when requesting reconsideration, sent a bundle of documents which existed but was never disclosed to us via SAR or subsequent requests, judge has declined their request. The respondent is well past the appeal 42 days permitted and I hand delivered a demand for payment which naturally funds didn't materialise, but the respondent then tried the reconsi
  7. I represented a family member in an Employment Tribunal which was awarded in their favour. Background: The respondent failed to provide a bundle and came unprepared as he had planned for their finance employee to attend, but they were ill which left the respondent with no information on the day. The Judge gave the respondent the opportunity of 3 hours adjournment over lunch to get bundles but he declined and agreed to accept whatever decision the judge made. Once the judge verbally provided their judgement (recorded by herself for court process purposes) which was in my family
  8. I honestly dont know if the Scotland/England jurisdiction affects this, maybe Andyorch the legal expert on here may know. Perhaps Bankfodder could point him in this direction? You need to clarify the dates on the court paperwork and see when they need a response by, and think how you want to respond to it, otherwise your ex employers could win by default. I would expect it to be a minimum standard to specify deductions being made via your payroll, usual example would be over-taken on holiday entitlement. But as you explain, you were suspended, not on annual leave.
  9. Did you ever receive any correspondence stating that you were suspended on full pay? If so, you will need this to defend your case in court. If you can't remember, or have mislaid any documents you can send a Subject Access Request (SAR) to your ex employer detailing all documents required. They have 30 days to respond, at no cost to yourself. In the meantime, you will have to respond to the court documents appropriately, as to how you wish to defend the case, wholly or partially but you must respond. Otherwise your ex employer can win by default. You could have a
  10. Andyorch, thank you. I had checked this and everything there seemed fine. However, I changed my password on the laptop adn then tried on the mobile phone and it worked fine. Today however, it won't respond, so I suspect it's an age thing and I get muddled with caps lock on/off etc, lol At least I have identified my failings and now know how to investigate, thanks to you. This dinasour appreciates your assistance.
  11. I am having difficulty logging into the site via my mobile phone - I have the correct user name and password so wondering is this just a temporary gliche or something else?
  12. This sounds like a nightmare! Obviously it will be a huge inconvenience for you temporarily but for an agent to turn up with paperwork which states you owe either nothing or £493.00 and the finance company actually want in excess of £10k that is some very creative accounting by somebody............ If you're that way inclined, I would certainly follow it up with someone and see if what has happened was legal and get charges removed to reduce the debt if nothing else. How and more to the point who concluded that the finance company can send anyone to repossess the vehicle, the
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