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  1. https://www.gov.uk/call-charges Then when you click on the 0844 charges the next link to Ofcom explains this in more detail https://www.ofcom.org.uk/phones-telecoms-and-internet/advice-for-consumers/advice/uk-calling. The government do not advertise this openly, they advise you check with your service provider, but Esther McVey has finally surcombed to pressure and it is now a freephone number. My point is, how can I check when the Gov website was updated to reflect this?
  2. A friend has been charged £27.56 in service/ call charges when applying for PIP over the telephone. I am aware that Esther McVey had been challenged regarding call charges with 08 numbers and I see that the government website has been changed to 0800 numbers now. However, I cannot see when the website was updated. Is there any chance of claiming these charges back from DWP/PIP as they are extortionate for vulnerable people who do not understand the implications of service charges on top of call charges?
  3. Although the joint tenancy was agreed and signed for in 2005, spouse died in 2015 and I was entitled to sole tenancy under succession rights. Will this affect the matter in any way?
  4. I am LA and yes, I asked them directly to their planning dept. I am currently looking for original tenancy agreement under a mountain of archived paperwork but the housing manager's response when raising this with him was that it was signed as a 3 bed and still is a 3 bed. Naturally, I will keep looking for the tenancy document.
  5. Hi Stu, Thank you for additional info. I have done extensive research on this subject and I am now trying to gather more 'personal' evidence in so much as plans from the original build of the property to ascertain number of rooms and theor sizes when built. However, the planning department have advised they no longer exist. Therefore, how can the council defend a legal case on their properties when they do not hold such information? I am now drafting a Freedom of Information request on a couple of things which may help. I've re-read the 'Nelson' case and realised that the UT have disagreed with the FtT that under-occupancy is the flip side to over-crowding but allowed one of the Nelson's cases on room size, layout and dimensions but as I say, I am looking for more personal evidence to support my case. Might you be able to suggest who I could approach to gain specific information on the property? I think I still have copies of the plans for my neighbour who I am attached to (they're a bought property) so it may have sizes and dimensions on those perhaps.
  6. I utilised the link you suggest awhile ago when researching my predicament so I am familiar with its contents. However, some of the links within this are no longer available. The family moved into this property some 13 years ago. The children have grown up and left home and my husband passed away. The house is 3 bedrooms. However, the smallest 'bedroom' houses the entral heating boiler and the stairs bulkhead. It only has 35.77 available sq feet and has never been used as a bedroom because of this. The house was adapted for my late husband and the council have not pushed for me to move albeit, I may consider it when I have completed my trauma therapy and I am fit and well again, but if one of my children decides to return home in the forth coming months then I will stay but they will not be in the smallest room. I will still have excess room if my child does not return home but it will reduce the penalty from 25% to 14% which will help immensely. I am aware of the discretionary housing payment but I respect it has an end date. Therefore, I am trying to locate the 'certificate of rooms' for the property to support my appeal to the tribunal.
  7. It is local council and the room has less than 50 sq ft (available) floor space. It has never been used as a bedroom
  8. I am currently appealing the bedroom tax (finally through DWP) having been given incorrect information from local council. I wonder if someone might know where I can get some details from as the Housing Act 1985 section 326 (6) states; " A certificate of the local housing authority stating the number and floor areas of the rooms in a dwelling, and that the floor areas have been ascertained in the prescribed manner, is prima facie evidence for the purposes of legal proceedings of the facts stated in it."? I have approached the planning department to ascertain when the house was built to try to access architect drawings but they are no longer available, apparently. If I approach the council the average response is poor because they do not know what I am talking about, and if I draw their attention to what it is for, I highly suspect I will get stone-walled to prevent assistance with my tribunal. I have measured the room in question skirting to skirting, and have invited them to visit the property to inspect for themselves, but this has been declined as has a mandatory reconsideration via DWP, thus the tribunal appeal is the next stage. Are there any other options available to gain official diagrams/dimensions to support my appeal? Thanks in advance
  9. having appealed the LA rejection letter stating that i recommeneded an inspection, and raising concerns of overcrowding (because i had intended letting out rooms to help with overheads) the officer has replied with the view that Housing services will not change their decision as the calculation in the Act is on permitted numbers and not a physical size requirement. No further appeal in this matter but he says i could telephone him to discuss the matter further. I am aware of a councils DHP but its just that! Discretionary....... This has the potential of making me homeless if i cant get this appealed. How do you suggest i could move forward with this please?
  10. I have located a few upheld decisions on Bedroom tax across the country and I wondered if I would be permitted to use these as examples to my local borough council? I am cautious to presume that the Housing Act 1985 applies to England and therefore I would be able to use the examples found. Have I answered my own question here, as I am stressed beyond belief.
  11. Should the person carrying out the assessment be registered with the General Medical Council or just have the medical experience from a previous career maybe? It appears the person who carried out the assessment is not known to the GMC in this instance and it concerns me that they may not have the relevent experience to make a decision on the matter. Thoughts?
  12. I am trying to support someone who has been rejected P.I.P and having requested copy of Consultation report it appears that their decision is based on information supplied from 1) Claimant's questionnaire 2015 2) Claimant's questionnaire 2017 3) Psychologoical therapy plan 2015 4) Date of Tribunal 2015 5) Psychiatrist report 2012 She has struggled to get the treatment recommended by the Psychiatrist in 2012 and some of which is only (JUST) being put into place. Social Services were responisble for not referring her to the relevent treatment organisations and we have had to fight hard to get her where she is today. She puts a stiff upper lip on things some days to get her through but she does not and cannot cope with the outside world! I am just drafting up a new appeal letter and would appreciate your views on whether the data they are relying on is a valid reason to reject the Mandatory Reconsideration? TIA
  13. I am aware of DPA and that POA ceases after death. The reasons I will be using this information to DWP is so that they are aware that I am not a complete stranger asking for information, and that whilst the main information I require is about myself, they do not have to be overly concerned about data regarding someone else. If they choose to with hold the data, that's not a huge problem as I have my own records in archive. Would just take longer to sift through. Will wait for their response now, thanks everyone.
  14. I understand but it appears that the LA officer does not understand the Housing Act 1985, and therefore should not be doing a job without the relevent qualification or training. Really winds me up when they spurge out letters they don't even know what they're doing! Just another fight.......
  15. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1985/68/section/326
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