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  1. Happy Christmas - cant believe my saga continues. I sent a letter back in October, as advised, and have since received yet another reply, offering to reduce my 'fine' to £100 to settle - without prejudice. I cant believe they're still chasing me after 2 years. Again, any help gratefully received, so fed up of this stupid, pointless exercise. Huge than ks fpr anyone take the time to reply. Best wishes, Caroline (Letter attached bwlegal.pdf
  2. Yes I sent it months ago. Ok and does that count as 'replying within 30 days'? Is it a genuine 'letter before court'?
  3. No I've not replied or sent anything at all. I saw that advice on 'money saving expert forum', and I wanted to query it. Nervous they will follow through with court claim that's all!
  4. Thank you. Here’s the letter. Many thanks bwlegal.pdf
  5. HI, I posted back in January 2019 about a PCN received from NCP at Spires Barnet. As advised I ignored the various claim letters, then it was passed on to BW Legal. They've been quiet for several months after I replied as directed on here. However I've not got a 'Letter before court' asking me to pay £257.02 (Principal debt + initial legal cots £160, Est. Interest £22.02, Est. Court fees £25, Est. solicitor costs £50). All this for supposedly over staying a £2 parking ticket. 1) I don't want a CCJ against me. I've researched and seen advice to request a SAR from NCP and send BW legal a holding email. Any other ideas as I know I cant ignore this one. 2) If they send me the info on the SAR what do I do with it - do they have to show a photo of my dashboard with the wrong ticket/time on it? Many thanks and best wishes.
  6. Hello, I am dealing with my late Father's tangled financial affairs. He was in a mess with lots of debts, but left v little paperwork. I am an executor, and there is some money available, but I seem to be dealing with debts that are years old, with no paper trail or original agreements, so am loath to pay. Recently received a letter to him, from Cabot (having his post redirected to me), offering a settlement amount of c£300 for a debt of almost £4k. I wrote informing them my Father had died, and I wanted to see a copy of the original loan/cc card or whatever it was, and a list of payments .I received a reply stating they'd now passed it to Philips and Cohen (!) to deal with. I attach the letter and list of transactions. From what I understand my dad had a loan or card in 2001 with MBNA and no payments were made after 28/02/2013. is it statute barred? Any advice - do I ignore it - I am dealing with another Philips and Cohen debt that I've asked for a copy of the original credit agreement and payments (in May) and am still waiting for a response - is it dangerous to ignore them - do I make an offer? Thanks v much. Cabot july letter.docx.pdf Cabot trnasactions 1.pdf scan0067.pdf scan0068.pdf
  7. Ok I'll save another forest and keep quiet until I hear anything - thank you!
  8. Thanks for all the comments above....slightly unsure what I should actually do - Do I write back/ignore/quote case law? Just checking.
  9. HI, I've received a reply to my letter, which was worded as suggested above. How do I proceed as they say they still hold me liable for £160? Thanks very much. Have attached their letter. scan0064.pdf
  10. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer, I'll send off the reply and hope for the best!
  11. Hi, Me again...have sat tight and ignored letters from Trace. Now have received attached from BW Legal threatening me with court action if I don't reply and pay them by June 19th. I'm not sure what to do - I don't want to go to court, and tbh no idea what I did/didn't pay it was so long ago....and no proof anyway. Such a ridiculous amount over a £1.50 parking ticket. Please can you suggest my next move, would be grateful for help! (and what to write - to confuse things I'm not living at the address where my car is registered, but not insured there - its my house, I pay for it but live elsewhere - if I write to them I assume I use that address?) many thanks. BW3.docx.pdf
  12. As advised on here I have ignored all the letters and now have a 'Final demand' from a company called Trace Debt Recovery for £160 - not v nice - do I continue to ignore or offer to pay? I don't want court fees or a CCJ at the worst! Thank you
  13. Tried to get credit file - was very complicated but I think you're right that's going to give me a better overview of the last 6 years than anything else, so might pursue that first.
  14. Yes I've got the last years bank statements might request last 5 years as well - good point, thanks very much - not seen anything in the last 12 months, he was quite unwell, and in hospital hence the financial mess as I live miles away and my sisters overseas, so our priority was his health and not his finances!
  15. Thanks - I've read they're a bunch of idiots - I'm happy to tell them top get lost if I know where I actually stand with these debts as I've got a feeling they're old debts anyway. its just a pain as I've got three of these debt companies hanging over me (lucky me), and its like unfinished business. I can't distribute the funds unless settled really Yes, annoying that Santander and GE both responded but MBNA won't. I might phone them on Monday and as you say write another letter as I want to get the estate settled - but I'm not willing to pay debts that aren't valid any longer!
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