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  1. Hi, 1. IBERIA: I was denied boarding by Iberia, they have been very slow in dealing with me, asking me for paspost details, birth certificate, bank account in very slow manner, but so far no compensation whatsoever, this goes back to late August. I am not sure what to do now, I threathned them with legal action if they were not to compensate me within 7 days, but nothing from them, no communication either. Shall I take them to court ? 2. LUFTHANSA: I had a flight delay back in 2016, I requested 250 euros, which they paid me, however when I realized it was more as it was a c
  2. Hi, Im trying to unravel my late father's very complicated finances, as I'm his executor. I found a letter from Hoist Finance dated from last year stating they own the account, with an outstanding balance of £2131.92. When I phoned to say he'd died they told me it would be passed to 'Philips and Cohen' - this was mid-January and I've heard nothing (luckily). Having read these forums I then wrote to MBNA requesting all his account data but they replied stating the 'GDPR only applies to personal data relating to a living individual'. is this true?There's also a letter relating to anot
  3. Good evening, For once I will submit a question instead of advising, as I am really not sure what I should do. My sister visited for Christmas, she purchased a Eurostar return ticket from Paris to London. The return journey wasn't brilliant... Eurostar advises to reach the London station at least 30 minutes before the departure time. On 26 Dec, she arrived around 45 minutes in advance (because buses to London were slower than usual due to city traffic), just to find an immense queue at the checkin. Time went by and when she reached the checkin desk, the operator said t
  4. My dear Dad who served in WWII and worked all his life developed vascular dementia after suffering a stroke and eventually ended up in a care home. We applied for NHS Continuing Care and was passed from pillar to post as is the case for many. The only asset he had was the ex-council house which I helped him to buy [he had lived there for over 40 years at the time] with my mother. We bought the house as joint tenants in 1985. On my mother's death in 1991 we failed to inform the Land Registry of her death [not clued up at all about these things] so the house was then jointly owned b
  5. I cannot believe how useless FOS is: Investigator ruled against me because I must have accepted an online question that I wanted PPI: he sent me screenshots of questions re PPI but not my screenshots since i never seen them before. my gdpr did not contain them, my cca regulated agreement contained nothing about ppi… he says fos is not interested in cca agreement or what is in gdpr … cca is a matter for fca.. not fos disgraceful appalling service... i feel a need to complain about this investigator i have sent an email complaining about the fos guy e
  6. About eight weeks ago I paid for admission for my wife and young daughter to a Zoo which, as we found out, was shutting for the day about 30 minutes after we arrived, even though I had specifically asked this and was reassured at the gate. I rang FD a few days later and asked to perform a chargeback but they refused because they said that I had no proof. Is this correct?
  7. Hello all. Ordered a mobile phone from CPW on the 27th Dec Phoned CPW directly asking to cancel the contract and return the device on the 9th Jan. Customer service rep stated that the 10th of January would have been the last day I could cancel the contract. I was given the choice of returning it in store or by taking it to a DPD collection point. I asked for the DPD collection point since it is nearer. Have been ill with an ear infection which had left me with horrible Vertigo which has kept me from going to work hence why I haven't taken it to the DPD collection
  8. JHi, and thanks to all those who contributed to my other thread in respect of ESA, the help has been greatly appreciated and I would appreciate any same kind advice on my PIP Tribunal was has now been listed and will proceed in a few weeks time. My initial reason for the Appeal has been based on the time it took the assessment, (approximately 14 minutes) and this was for two conditions, physical because I have a heart condition and for my mental problems which are secondary to the heart condition, PTSD, anxiety and depression. During the examination, the assessor just repeated the s
  9. I find myself in murky waters like many others claimming this new benefit. Having worked most of my life, and cared for family member, then returning to work following the loss of family member, my GP signed me off work and to cut long story short, I resigned from my job due to employers pressure. I was only on probationary period so cannot claim unfair dismissal. I investiagted my entitlement to benefits and was directed to claim ESA which I did. 3 weeks later receiving a letter rejecting my claim, not returning my 'fit notes' and advised to claim UC. I immediately claimed UC a
  10. I don't want to go into a 1000 word essay so I've tried to summarise this down into valid points and be as brief but detailed as possible. On 24th December 2014, I visited Halfords and purchased engine oil 5L bottle and engine oil top up service. When the gentlemen from the 'we fit' team came to my car he just had a orange pouring beaker and nothing else. On pouring the engine oil into the vehicle and inspecting the dipstick I was slightly alarmed that the staff member wasn't using any measuring device and was seeming freely pouring at his hearts content, I decided to take a
  11. Hi all, I'm wondering if you guys can help us out with advise. We have applied for a dropped kerb (also called vehicular access) for our house where the front garden has been paved as a drive way. When we applied we were under the impression that we would get the permit to create vehicular access based on the fact that 75% of our neighbors already have their kerb dropped. To our surprise, the Northamtonshire Highways have denied our dropped kerb citing new regulations that came into effect in 2014. We were told we could appeal, but that we probably lose this base
  12. I am starting this thread on behalf of my brother who desperately needs some help. He should've been on Group Income Protection by September however due to his bad health he never chased that up. He was then invited to attend a functional capacity assessment on behalf of insurer in January which itself was around 4 months later than when he should’ve started on income protection. He gave in his 200% in that assessment to a level that he ended up being with swollen legs and pain for next 2 weeks to follow. His illness started around March last year when he was gett
  13. Hi All I'm a long-term debt struggler, but I've made good progress over the past 5-6 years, some paid off, one written off, some on arrangement etc. Just when I thought I was getting on top, Lowell tell me they're sending the bailiffs round The original debt (Capital One) hasn't been paid towards, or acknowledged for a very long while (less than 6 years though!). I wasn't in a position to pay, due to other arrangements in place, so chose to ignore it. The idea was to eke things out until April this year, when two of my existing arrangements come
  14. Hi all, new to the forum and came here because a search on the interweb gave some great information from this site. My problem is that I bought a Dodge Journey diesel auto in April last year. As the garages warranty had run out, and I had some spare cash, decided to take a warranty out as Im not dripping with cash and as this is the most expensive car I had (with finance) wanted to ensure I could always get it repaired. It seemed good timing as less around a month later and with 730+ miles extra on the clock, when pulling out of a junction on my way to work, the gearbox gav
  15. Hi everyone, I feel I am being put into a position by housing benefit regulations of having to consider giving up my job, I would be grateful for any help or advice. My story starts with leaving a job I was in after 12 years as an employee to do the job I am doing now. I started this job in June 2104. Basically I am a door to door collection agent, (like a provident agent), different company. I am NOT self employed but PAYE, I am on a commission only basis and I pay all my own expenses from my Net Pay, e.g fuel, car repairs, mobile phone, wifi etc. these expenses are not recoverable from
  16. I pay for my parking monthly via Dash and park at a site managed by NCP. Dash allow multiple vehicles to be registered on their system. I renewed my parking but as we were going to be away for a few days I renewed the July payment on my alternate registration. On return my logged in and changed the vehicle normally parked to primary. Over the course of August I received 3 PCN notices, all challenged and two of which were acknowledged as noting the car actually parked was registered on the account and cancelled; the third not. I raised an appeal through POPLA, which surprise surprise has been
  17. I paid for parking via mobile and received a penalty notice for non payment. The appeal went to POPLA, and APCOA then agreed in their statement that they had received payment but not my vehicle reg. I stated that I entered my vehicle reg with my payment details. APCOA claimed that they sent me a separate text message asking for vehicle reg. They did not. I did however receive a voice mail from them saying that payment process was complete and I was entitled to park for 24 hours, so I assumed that everything was in order. (APCOA haven't denied this mess
  18. Rail passengers are routinely being denied the cheapest fares when they buy tickets at stations, The Telegraph can disclose. Self-service machines — which are used to purchase almost a quarter of all tickets sold annually — offer wildly different fares, an investigation by this newspaper shows. Customers buying from a machine can pay more than £200 when a ticket for the same destination can be found elsewhere at the station for more than £100 cheaper. For example, at machines run by train company Northern Rail in Leeds, passengers buying a First-Cla
  19. I discovered two years ago that for 6 years I had been paying day time rates for my E7. They admitted and promised to refund within 7 days. A tear later they were denying it and saying there had been no error. By this time the records had been destroyed forever after a system upgrade. I had calculated around 2000 in overcharges in the 6 years and stopped paying them until they sorted it out and refund me whatever I had not gotten back that way. After a few months I sent details to the ombudsman who acknowledged my complaint, but then lost it and never acted. I then became suspicious
  20. I am not sure if this is the correct place on this site for queries about the State Pension but could see no mention of pensions anywhere so someone might point me to another section. This is a little complicated but here goes. I was on ESA back in 2010, got put in support group for 6 months (letter appeared 2 weeks before my appeal hearing) but then 4 months later I had to start the process again with another E50 (?) form to fill in and new ATOS medical. Of course I failed the medical and lodged an appeal immediately in I think June of 2011 - it took some tim
  21. I have been fighting with Chandlers about oustanding CTAX that is owed, We have never granted them access to the property but now a Bailiff is claiming he is getting a warrant to force entry on monday to remove goods, can he do this or is this just scare mongering? Have spoke to Bexley council and they have said once its handed to bailiffs there is nothing they can do despite the fact we never received any warnings our account was in arrears, the first we knew we had Bailiffs at the door, and they have refused any sort of payment other than full payment
  22. Hi Not sure what advice anyone can give me and sorry it is long winded. Over a year ago my partner and I advertised for a part time admin person and were approached by a recruitment company who had obviously seen us as a possible lead! We are only a small business, but my partner decided to allow the RC to come to our house and discuss if they could help. I was not keen and left it to my partner. The result being she agreed to meet 3 applicants. She did not sign any terms and conditions, nor was she given any at that time, cost was not discussed at any time.
  23. Hi all. been a long time since I needed to post here I tried a search but couldn't find anything like my story. I have also posted this in the CAG facebook page because as I state at the end I want as many people as possible to know about this. Hi folks. I would like to ask has anyone ever been denied a crisis loan or know anyone that has. I'm between payments at the minute. My SSP has run out and am waiting for my ESA to come through. My money ran out at the weekend and my electricity and food ran out yesterday.. Went to my local SSO to get a crisis loan. The guy dealing with me rang th
  24. Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for any advice. I work in an organisation (ok, the NHS), at a large general hospital. Over the last 5 years, we have been merged with 2 other, similar sized hospitals, each 30-40 miles from us. This has produced 1 very large organisation to replace the three previous bodies. We are in the process of standardising pay, structure and conditions across the board. This has led to the creation of 3 new junior management jobs in each of the three areas, in my specialism. I work as a supervisor, so these new jobs would be the natural next step for me to
  25. Hi there Last week I managed to wash my iPhone. It went through about 45 minutes in washing machine and understandably is completely broken - both waterlogged and smashed screen. O2 have said they wont repair it under their insurance I have with them. The reason they give is that the IMEI doesn’t match what they have on record. They are reading the IMEI off the back case , which is a non-genuine Apple back fitted after the 1 year Apple warranty had expired. They claim in their T and C's that the handset must be maintained as per manufacturers instructions. But can fitting a
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