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  1. Hi, Sent a CCA request to MBNA who i have been paying on a DMP with Stepchange 10 days ago, have just found my original welcome letter and it is with Bank Of America / Amazon. I have not had a reply as yet. Account opened in 2012. Wondering if i should have sent the request to BOA rather than MBNA Cheers
  2. Hi all Been reading up on Shelleys and Martin2006 threads ( which are very good indeed ) and looking in doing the following credit card charges reclaim. MBNA card - Defaulted around 2007 - cannot check accurate date as dropped of CRA and NO DN in SAR. —————————Credit Card Charges reclaim—————————————— Total Charges = £521 Total Compound Interest @ 24.90% = £10.699.22 Total Claim = £11220.22 ( which is WHOPPING ! ) Outstanding Balance with DCA £4500 ——————DCA————————— MBNA card taken out 2003. They then SOLD the debt of
  3. Hi, Im trying to unravel my late father's very complicated finances, as I'm his executor. I found a letter from Hoist Finance dated from last year stating they own the account, with an outstanding balance of £2131.92. When I phoned to say he'd died they told me it would be passed to 'Philips and Cohen' - this was mid-January and I've heard nothing (luckily). Having read these forums I then wrote to MBNA requesting all his account data but they replied stating the 'GDPR only applies to personal data relating to a living individual'. is this true?There's also a letter relating to anot
  4. Hi There, Been playing games with MBNA for months now on CCA etc and they passed onto PRA Group to chase, they have come back now and said the application was done digitally! Not sure where I stand now or what I can do? Thank you in advance for your help. Regards Steve H
  5. Had the following back from MBNA in response to a CCA request. 2 sets of T&C's, one current, and one supposedly from the time they card was taken out (not sure how I'd actually verify that) A summary statement showing current balance And a "copy executed agreement" Have uploaded the covering letter and the redacted "copy executed agreement". Basically, is this valid? This card was taken out in late 2014, and from what I've read it seems like it probably is a valid an enforceable response to my request, but would like to be sure before taking next step (MBNA bluntl
  6. Hi, my balance was £6,700 on my MBNA credit card and paid £4,409 which made my new balance £2,224 owed. My direct debit then paid the minimum of £67 which should of then made my newer balance £2,157 but this did not happen, instead, my balance owed went from £2,224 to £2,291, adding £67 to the debt rather than deducting it. I'm currently in a interest free offer and I have not used my card. This has never happened before, it's strange.
  7. Hi there, I am trying to help my mother reclaim PPI she paid some years ago, she sent in the complaint forms in december..she quite quickly received a letter responding just to say her complaint was received and they will look into it. on the 3rd jan 2014 she received a letter it said this.. "Dear mrs **** Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to you; however, our investigations are taking longer than anticipated. We will issue a response by 3/2/14" Then today this letter... Latter dated 20/jan/2014 "dear mrs **** Thank you for contactin
  8. I have read other posts, but have difficulty following since my brain shrunk! I am just about 69.= Old! I thought it best to start my own thread. I had an arrangement with MBNA, Who accepted token payments for a few months, following help and advice from CCCS. Wife and I do have other creditors, All have ripped us off in the past with Mis-sold PPI, both S/E, Had they not done so, we would not be in the position we are now! I am trying to get into claiming these back, but it seems that before I get into that, I have to defend us against the likes of Moo
  9. mitsi59


    hi lovely people i sent a CCa request on 21/04/14 to Lowells for MBNA old debt from 2005, i have been paying token payments since 2005. i havent had a reply back to CCA request and have recieved a letter from Hamptons legal re-payment options. i have suspended payments since, but while going through the paperwork, i have noticed the a/c number on all their correspondence over the years does not match the account number in question. should i querry this with them?
  10. Hi all, I have had many issues with MBNA, but most have been resolved in my favour. However this one is proving a little more difficult to deal with. I had an MBNA credit card from 1999 to 2003 all was ok until I was signed of sick, I continued to pay MBNA while i was off sick for the first year as i get paid for this and then I tried to activate the PPI that they sold me. I was told that because they didn't see clinical depression as a reason they would not activate the PPI (I have successfully claimed the PPI back). My problem is after I informed the
  11. Hi, Several months ago I received a form in the post from MBNA advising me that PPI may have been added to the Credit Card I had once had with them. I found this strange as I had clearly said when transferring the balance to the MBNA card, that I knew what PPI was and didn't want it! Some 4 weeks after completing the form I received a cheque for £572.62; happy days one would think. However during my time with MBNA I had lost my job and got into financial difficulty; I missed two of the payments and subsequently had a default placed on my credit file. The b
  12. Hello Forum I apologise in advance if this is answered somewhere else but I cannot find it. My ex-wife had a credit card with MBNA and amassed debts of £4700 on it. This was 7 years ago and I have only found out today that she is still paying this debt off. She is paying the minimum monthly payment which would appear to be mainly interest therefore she is never managing to reduce the amount. Today for instance her latest statement stands as follows: Balance from Previous Statement: £3411.06 Payment Received: £120.41 Cr Interest Charged:
  13. Hi, Had 2 letters from these guys in the space of 2 days. Say I owe Caboot 1400 for a credit card from MBNA. Now, I had one of these in 2001 when I was young and stupid but far as I know my parents paid it off at the time. If not there could have been no more than 300 as that was my limit. Any ideas? I'm not paying these clowns.
  14. A while ago i defaulted on an MBNA credit card. Later on noticed that all pof the debit woudl have been due to PPI which i successfully claimed back. However the default is on my credit file is still on my credit files and the Credit agencies wont remove it without MBNA say so. I believe i need to simply contact the department responsible for ICO compliance but i don't know which department that is.
  15. Hi All I'm in the process of dealing with an account of my wifes and I was told by the operative at MBNA, when asked for statements going back for the past six years as I intend to claim all the charges back, that they only keep records back to 2005. I would be gratefull for some advice here on how I should proceed. All the best Mike
  16. Hi all, my first post here, hope all are well. Am seeking some educated advice and from my reading of other threads this looks like the place to ask I hope. So the background... I used to have several cards/loans that I ran up and couldnt pay (yep fool i know but that was a while ago now, single, out every weekend etc) summing almost £15k I ended up with CCCS and cleared much of it. I then came into some money with which I got settlement figures from 4 creditors & used all the money and paid them.. .MBNA would not give me a settlement figure & by this time I was
  17. Hi I hope somebody can help me. I have a debt of c £2,700 which I presume Link bought from MBNA. I have been paying £15 per month for over 10 years and they have now all of a sudden started telephoning me. I dont know how they have my number as it is ex directory and in a different name to the debt. I no longer work and am disabled and really cannot afford the £15 but keep paying just to try to pay the debt off. I owe over £30k in total as I had to give up work due to ill health and I have two very small children also. I have MS and this is making me ill w
  18. Oh dear Experto have sold O.Hs alledged account onto Aktiv Capitol;
  19. Hi I have found CC statements dating back as far as 1997 with MBNA, there is PPI on these statements. Do you think I have any chance of getting this back as I believe it was missold at the time due to my circumstances? I think I cancelled the card in either 2002/3. Therefore the account is no longer active. Not sure how to get the ball rolling if I do decide to proceed so any assistance/guidance on this matter would be really appreciated.
  20. MBNA I'm in the middle of a PPI claim (have been self-employed since 1995 but discovered I've been paying PPI on my credit card since I took out the card in 2003). Today, I had the most annoying letter, from MBNA, saying the following: 'You may recall that we recently wrote to you and requested that you complete and return a questionnaire to provide further information in relation to your PPI complaint. To date we have not received your questionnaire. I have completed a review of the account based on the information we currently hold and am unable to uphold your complaint or issue
  21. Brief history … MBNA credit card into difficulty due to self employed and debt sold to Link Financial who took me to court and won and was ordered to pay full amount but I then applied for Variation order and was awarded to pay £10 per month . But Link did apply for a charging order and was awarded. Now since my CCJ I have paid the £10 by postal order and also sent every payment by recorded delivery to the address on the CCJ. After about the 2nd payment I started getting the standard letter saying I had fail to pay as per the CCJ etc and also constant barrage by p
  22. Hi guys I have a letter from MBNA saying a/c is sold to above trading as Idem services and also enclosed a letter from Idem services which strangely says ‘…there is no current requirement for you to amend your details as we have arranged for your payments to be redirected to us from MBNA.’; but they do kindly provide their bank details should I choose to pay them direct and they’ve kindly provided a shiny new a/c number for me. I was making token payments with MBNA with interest and charges frozen. I see from our forums that Idem is part of Paragon but their letter says they’re a t
  23. Hi all, I'm about to start a reclaim of credit card charges from an old defuct MBNA account. I've already sent a SAR request for copy statements etc and received these back, and I'm currently preparing a SOC. There are 19 charges for late payments/over limits ranging from £25 - £12 from between 2004 and 2007, totalling just under £500. I've had a good read through the forums for tips and advice, but I could do with some help to the following questions as some things seem to be contradicting themselves in different threads: 1) When calculating the APR, do you use the purchase or
  24. Last month I sent a SOC and a claim to MBNA regarding the "unlawful" charges applied to my CC account between 2001 and 2006. I was charged a total of £1313 for late payments and going over my credit limit. After applying CI at 24.9% the total comes to over £6000. Had a letter from MBNA this morning stating that they did not agree with OFT's interpretation of the law and that they were offering £200 as a goodwill gesture and to take it or leave it. Any suggestions what my next action should be? Thanks suvin
  25. I have been in dialogue with MBNA since late last year regarding PPI. I never asked for it, but they claim I did via telephone. I have asked for dates, and times, and they just reply saying 'by telephone', and then said they would not respond any more. I have asked for a copy of the CCA, and not received it. I have told them I dispute the debt then, as the payments are calculated with insurance. In 2009, I was laid off, and when I couldn't pay the bill they said why didn't I make a claim under insurance. As I was not aware I had it, I asked how I could, and they said under my polic
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