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  1. Advice please - I parked in NCP Barnet on 27.12.18. No barriers and am not local, but local friend I was meeting assured me it was pay to park...….thought I'd take a photo of the location number, finally found a machine - weren't any notices, and then tried to pay at the machine. Was as number plate one and despite several attempts could only pay £1.50 ……..then received PCN to keeper last week. Anything I can do - I think I prob underpaid by £1, and I know its my fault, but £60 seems a bit steep! Any help gratefully received, Many thanks Date of the infringement 27/12/2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] Date of sending is 18/01/19 3 Date received 21/01/19 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] No Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up 7 Who is the parking company? NCP 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Spires Barnet For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. It says complain to NCP There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure, please check HERE- BPA If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here I have not received any other information but the letter does say that if payment is recieved within 14 days then I could pay £60 instead of th £100 they intend to charge. The letter also says that if I want to appeal I must do so within 14 days.
  2. I received a parking charge dated 21 April 2018, I am just wondering do I really have to pay this and is there anything I can write back to refuted their claim, it seems like a bit of a joke as their is a sign on a gate which has been blocked up by a 2 tonne concrete boulder saying no parking as access is required at all times, or something along those lines... should I take this seriously? Best Wishes Billy
  3. Hi guys thanks in advance for any replys, all help appreciated. I received a letter through the post to state that I had been charged with the offence of being the registered keeper of an uninsured motor vehicle. The letter I received was sent to my old address (mums house), stating that I either need to reply guilty or not guilty etc to the above offence. The vehicle in question was my old car that was left at my mums on the driveway for her to scrap/sell, I had moved the insurance from this car onto my new car so at this point the car was uninsured. Due to the car being in the way my mum had moved the car onto the road, I'm not sure whether this is why I have been charged with the offence or whether it doesn't matter if it's on the road etc? Next question is I'm sure I never received a fixed penalty notice for the offence, I pick up my post once every couple of months from my mum address some things I still haven't changed address on, is this a legitimate defence to ask the dvla if they can revert back to this stage as I no longer live at the address so didn't receive notification of the offence and the fine I had to pay ( which if I'm in the wrong I'm happy to pay) If it is not a defence that I am no longer living at the address and the dvla are not willing to revert back to the fixed penalty notice stage what is my best bet moving forward? Shall I plead guilty to the offence and provide this information in mitagating circumstances to the court? If this is the case what sort of punishment is likely for the offence and would this constitute a criminal record. Any help or advice greatly appreciated
  4. Hello, I'm in need of help and advice please............. On Monday 14th January 2019 I received a parking charge notice from PCN notice to keeper NTK St Mary's Road Retail Park Car Park, Sheffield S2 4AL- DFS sofas, Ammount charge -£100 within 28 days or £60 if paid before 24.1.19 contravention date: 27.12.18 contravention reason: parked for longer than the maximum period permitted - 120 mins!! Total duration stay: 199 minutes I visited DFS to look at sofas, I presumed this was owned by DFS not a private company!! NTK are lying because I left the car park- drove to Ikea Sheffield and Next outlet over at Meadowhall, at least a 20 minute drive over there. Looked the whole way round Ikea- and got stuck in traffic and then Next outlet, i then called at centretainment to pick family members up and then returned back to the car park to show my family a sofa I'd seen in DFS I have contacted my online banking and have evidence via online chat with them the time of transaction I made at Ikea and also have printed a statement with the date I made the transaction. I'm so upset about it- firstly I presumed the car park was owned by DFS and didn't see a sign. I haven't done anything about this charge notice yet- can someone please advise?? Do I appeal if so what should I reply with? Do I ignore it? Many thanks in advance
  5. Dear Forum members, I would like to ask you if you could kindly help me draft the best POPLA appeal that I can in regards to the NTK I received from UKPC? Appeal sent as the Keeper of the Vehicle on the following grounds and asked for further information: 1. Equalities Act 2010 compliance (have sent them proof of disability for an occupant of the vehicle) 2. Parking Charge amount claim grounds 3. Asking them to give a breakdown of their actual loss. Is the charge a true reflection of damages? 4. Their status – the creditor? 5. Ownership of premises? 6. Contractual Authority (as required by BPA Ltd AOS CoP B.7) 7. Signage There was no admission on who was driving and that is stated in the appeal letter to UKPC clearly as well. UKPC Rejection of the Appeal: Their reasoning for rejection of my appeal was (verbatim): Disabled parking bays are reserved for Blue Badge holders only and that a valid disabled badge must be clearly displayed at all times. They have not addressed any other issues or points of appeal at all. I have also downloaded the photos they hold on file for my vehicle and they are all silly and also show how inadequate their signs are as they are absolutely unreadable. I have included in this document (further down on following pages) the following: • Copy of the photos UKPC has on their online system for the vehicle at the location • Copy of the photos I have taken subsequently visiting the site to check for signage • UKPC Notice to Keeper copy (personal info scribbled out) • My letter of appeal to UKPC as the owner of the vehicle (personal info scribbled out) • Copy of the UKPC Rejection of Appeal letter to me (personal info scribbled out) Could you please assist me with making the best possible POPLA appeal for this case? Thank you ALL for sharing your time and knowledge so selflessly!!! Below is the summary as per your guide and I have also attached full PDF document with photos and copies of letters etc (redacted for personal details): please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement: 18/11/2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date]: 19/12/2018 3 Date received: 24/12/2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] YES 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? YES (copy in the attached PDF) 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] YES (details in the attached PDF) Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up: YES (details in the attached PDF) 7 Who is the parking company?: UKPC (ukparkingcontrol.com) 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town]: Great Western Industrial Estate, Southall UB2 4SD PDF case copies for the Forum to ask for POPLA appeal help.pdf
  6. Would a car parking company be in breach of GDPR if they passed over your details (as a registered keeper) to a debt collection agency, since the driver was the one who entered into the contract allowing them to do so, and not the registered keeper? Just a thought.
  7. Hello All I received a PCN/NTK on 08/10/2017 from “Excel Parking” for parking the car at Peel Center Stockport. The PCN/NTK letter shows: Issue Date (posted): 03/10/2017 PCN Ref No: xxxxxxx VRM (reg no): xxxxxxx Vehicle Make: xxxxxxx Vehicle Model: xxxxxxx Contravention Date: 16/09/2017 Contravention time: 11:15 Duration of Stay: 36 minutes I was unware I had to pay for being in the car (waiting) for short time as my wife took my daughter to use the toilet while I was waiting in the car until they return from the toilet. The notice says if payment is made by 17/10/2017 then it will be reduced to £60. Could you please help me how I can appeal and with a draft letter to Excel Parking appealing against the PCN/NTK. Please let me know if you need further information. Thank you very much for the help...
  8. i received today a notice to keeper penalty charge notice saying i had to pay 100 pound for an offence i did not commit i was not the driver. the date that the offence was supposed to be committed on the notice to keeper letter was 30/08/16 which is a total fabrication as my car had not even manufactured then it was first registered in November 2017. i think they made a boo boo about the alleged date the offence was committed, any advice would be much appreciated
  9. Hello, I have Entered Crawley NCP carpark Opposite TAJ. Which is pay and display car park without any entry and exit bariers . After entered i got a phone call it's took 8 minutes the reason i need to park my meeting was canceled i got a phone call from them then i left car park i have stayed just 11 minutes 30 seconds. After 13 days i have received a parking charge £100 and if i pay within 14days i have to pay £60. Please kindly advise me what i have to do ? shall i need to pay or i can ignore it? Many thanks Kind Regards parking charge.pdf
  10. Hi guys and gals. Sorry to post a new thread but I am extremely confused about the Gladstones Letter of claim. Let me explain. My husband is the registered keeper of the vehicle and I am the main driver. We have just received a Letter before claim from Gladstones, however this is the first I have heard of this PCN. On the day in question i know I was the driver because I found a wallet and handed it in to LLOYDSTSB bank as that's where the cards were from inside it. This is probably the reason i got a ticket as i am aware i was slightly late back but not by much. When I returned to my car I had no notice of charge on it. I have rung Gladstones to tell them to direct the claim to me instead of my husband and they refused to speak to me and asked him to email them. He is doing this shortly so that i can try resolve the issue. I am concerned as to what to do now. I don't want a CCJ on my file. what should I do from here.
  11. Hi this is my first post...so apologies in advance if I'm not doing it right! I've done the research after getting a notice from UKCPS. I wasn't the driver at the time so they are pursuing me as the registered keeper. What Id like to know is how the Protection of Freedom Act is being used by them to circumvent Contract Law... My question is if I wasn't there and didn't read their signage how can I bound by their contract?
  12. On 25th March 2016 I purchased a van to be used for my business. I carried out an online HPI check before agreeing a deal which was clear of finance. Unfortunately this was on my phone at the time and no longer have a trace of it as it was 20 months ago. I paid £5000 cash and received the log book on the day of sale. Today I had a note posted at my home address from a bailiff company. On ringing their office they informed me they had attended to reposses the vehicle. They told me to ring another company called Varooma to whom explained the situation and have now sent a new keeper questionnaire to them detailing the sale. They have said that I will be liable to pay the debt owed or the van will still be repossessed however at this stage have not told me what the amount is. They said there will be a meeting with a manager tomorrow and they will then inform me. Problem is this vehicle is my lively hood but will also affect the jobs of 3 other staff if this vehicle is taken away. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. I have also now got the Bill of sale registration number which I will check with the high court that it is valid.
  13. I've been in a difficult marriage for 26 years. I want to sell / trade in my car for a newer model but my husband is refusing to let me saying I'm not allowed because its his car. I am the registered keeper & I have always paid for tax, insurance and any repairs & upkeep. Would it be against the law for me to trade in the car without his consent? When we bought the car, he paid for it (& he says he can prove this), I sold my old car and wanted to give him all the money I got for it to pay for the new one. He refused to accept it, telling me to put the money in my bank account. This was 2 years ago. I feel trapped. He says if I want a new car of my own then I have to go and buy one but I should just give him the one I presently have because he says its all his. I'm concerned that he's going to be awkward and sell my car even though I'm the registered keeper. Can he do this? Sorry - I know there's a few questions here but I fell very intimidated.
  14. The following regulation has been discussed for many months, and was finally laid before Parliament a few days ago (11th April). It comes into effect on 6th May 2017. The Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/554/made
  15. received notice to keeper from euro car parks (its my husbands but he wont be home till tomorrow night ) I've scanned it but no idea how to put it on here or remove his personal information (but I am trying) it says failure to adhere to signage on site it also says the driver has failed to pay the notice amount within the time specified so its increased to £90 we haven't had any other letters from them and nothing left on the car can you tell me what I do next please thanks Scan0029.pdf
  16. Hi Guys, Another case of NTK for over 3 hour stay at Bishop Centre Taplow from Euro Car parks. I received letter in the post to registered keeper with photo of my number plate at entering and leaving times. Unfortunately my partner did exceed the 3hr free parking time stay there. But done bit of shopping there which would be visible on the bank statement. I am preparing appeal to the ECP in hope they will cancel their invoice. Can you suggest any more legal wording I could add to the below draft? Dear Euro Car Parks As keeper of the vehicle, registration XXXX XXX, I have received your invoice number xxxxxx. The driver at the time tells me that they did substantial shopping at several shops in Bishop Centre and that they are therefore not liable to pay you any money. Please find attached redacted bank statement with charges from Tesco and TK Maxx confirming they were legitimate customers and to substantiate their length of stay on site. I kindly ask you to allow this appeal on above mentioned grounds. Should you decide to reject this appeal, please issue me with a valid POPLA code. At POPLA I shall be requesting breakdown of the genuine pre estimate of loss that you charge must represent. Since it was a free car park and not filled to 75% percent at the time there was no loss. Look forward to hearing from you, Registered Keeper
  17. This doesn't relate to a specific case, but may be helpful to the many people defending claims in court. If POFA is not followed to the letter, the only party that can be the lawful defendant is the Driver. While I understand the need to refer to the Registered Keeper in the third person in all communication with the PPC and their lawyer of choice, so you don't negate the protection you have under POFA, how far are you permitted to go in court to deny that you WERE the driver? There was a case on here just last week where a judge required the defendant to state whether he/she was the driver or not. If you say not, but you know that you were (or there is a strong likelihood that you were), are you committing perjury? How do you get around this (as civil cases need only to be proven on the balance of probabilities)?
  18. I have received a Notice to Keeper relating to a van I own that is used by my employees with a parking charge of £100 issued on 06/05/2016 that has not been paid. It states the contravention was "parking in a strictly no parking or stopping at any time area" and gives the time but not the place. Before I work out who had the van that day and give the drivers details, does anyone know if this Parking Charge is valid when no place name is mentioned, as I've read on the PoFA that it is mandatory information.
  19. My sister ws looking to buy a car. Its a Cat D that has been repaired. She is ok with that as her current car is the same and shes had it for 10 years without a problem. Short story - see a car, had test drive, all good. Paid deposit. On the day she was due to collect was contacted to say that the car had been hit by another vehicle in a hit and run and was sent photos of the damage. Owner said that it would cost around £100 to repair but he would knock £150 off the price. Sister says now not interested and asked for refund of deposit. I passed the photos around some friends in the trade to get an idea of the cost of repair and got quotes from £350 (smart repair) to £1300 (main dealer). Owners son phoned to say we had agreed deal and he would get it repaired and then all ok. Sister says no, wants deposit back as the new damage, even though repaired, is not the car she wanted to but. Owner now playing up about returning the deposit. My question is this - the current owner bought the car and had it repaired from from the original Cat D accident. He has owned it since January, it is taxed, MOT'd and insured But - the V5 still shows the original owners details meaning he has never changed the registered keepers details. Just need a bit of ammunition to try to get the deposit back with the least amount of fuss so assuming insurance companies ask if you are the registered keeper, how much more information would they need if you were to say no. I am guessing that the owner has said that he is the registered keeper.
  20. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/keeper-liability-impact-assessment-due.html
  21. Hello, My friend has received the above notice in the post. I will specify all the details below. What I would like to find out is if this has to be paid or can we dispute this? NOTICE TO KEEPER/DRIVER/HIRER - Letter dated 12th MAY 2015 Time first observed 10/05/15 13:02 Time last observed 10/05/15 15:37 Location time: 2hrs Reason: Overstaying stipulated time limit The above is information from the letter received. The person did not receive a ticket on there car. It is a free car park at a retail park. I would like to know if this needs to be paid or if we can ignore or respond saying we will not pay. Please let me know. Thank you
  22. Hello, I have received a notice to keeper through the post 35 days after an alleged issue of displaying my ticket face down. This is the first communication I have received about the issue. There was no parking ticket on my car when I returned to it and I have not received a parking Charge notification through the post prior to receiving the notice to keeper. The notice to keeper states that a PCN was 'either affixed to the vehicle or sent via the postal service'. On the evening in question I purchased a ticket and remember commenting to my wife that the printing was very feint. I placed the ticket on the dashboard and left the car. When I returned a few hours later as there was no ticket on my car I assumed that I had parked and displayed the ticket in accordance with any terms and conditions and thought nothing further of it until receiving the notice to keeper. As this communication was received 35 days after the event I no longer have the ticket. If anyone can offer some help with how to appeal I would be very grateful. Two things that stand out to me are that the company in its letter does not specify exactly which method was used to issue the PCN and that as I only received notification 35 days after the event it has prevented me gathering or retaining any reasonable evidence that I could used to defend the charge. Any help greatly appreciated Many thanks
  23. Hi folks, On 9th January I received a letter from the DVLA accusing me of failing to notify them that I had sold my motorbike and demanding a £55 out of court settlement. I replied stating that I had notified them on the day of sale and completed the attached statement. I have now received a second letter demanding £35 before 20/02/15 or the cost will go up to £55. If I haven't paid by 27/02/15 they say they will take me to court. I know I am in the right and I'm perfectly happy to argue this in court as the law is on my side. I'm a police officer so giving evidence in court is nothing new to me I would like to stop this before it reaches court if possible and if not then I want to be as prepared as possible to beat this DVLA issue. I get the feeling that DVLA will send increasingly threatening letters and then drop the case at the doors of the courtroom. Would people advise just ignoring the DVLAs letter and waiting for the court summons or has anyone been successful in stopping this before it gets that far?
  24. Guys, a friend has two letters to keeper form UKPC for parking outside their own house - yes you read correctly. For some reason UKPC are ticketing vehicles on a new build estate that are parked in the roads, it is not permit holder parking, it does not cost anything to park there, there are just signs up saying parking restricted and the usual UKPC waffle. after two tickets on the vehicles they have now got letters to keeper, they have asked me to pen a letter for them, I advised do the usual - soft appeal then appeal to POPLA with GPEOL as the main reason as I jsut don't have time to write the letter. Is there a template for this anywhere?
  25. Hi. I know this type of question has been asked a million times, and much of the advice given is to read 'stickys' and other people posts. Truth is I haven't time to do this. My case is a simple one: I received a PCN from JAS Parking in May this year. I was the driver (though I have not told them this). I ignored it. 92 days later I received a 'Notice to Keeper' from 'Parking Debt Recovery'. Again, I ignored it. I then received another a couple of weeks later saying the same thing. In the last two weeks I have received three 'Demand for Payment' letters from 'Dara Debt Recovery'. I must stress I have not written to or contacted any of these cowboys so far. I understand the NTK must be received after 56 days of the PCN. So am I in the clear seeing as I didn't get one until 92 days after the 'offence'? If this is the case, should I just ignore these idiots?
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