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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there, Bit of Background Both parents have died in the 15 months, and the Estate is effectively the house they lived in, to be split between myself and my 2 brothers. Both of my brothers live in said house ( one is mentally handicapped and the other is his carer ). My father left debts of around 66k ( one a equity release mortgage of 56k,which we have cleared. ) So we are left with the remainder of debt that has come from (so far) 3 accounts that Philips and Cohen are handling . I am the Administrator of the estate, and ideally do not want to sell the house as it would leave a vulnerable adult and carer homeless. Now these debt are likely to be in my fathers name only ( I've only just got the letters so not gone any further than here ), if that might make any difference. So my first thought would be to check the legitimacy of each account/ statute barred status. What's the current way of asking for the CCA/ proof of debt with these folks. Many thanks I'
  2. Hello everyone, My first post, I'm grateful for the website and all the valuable contributions made toward it by the community. I've already had a lot of what I wanted to ask answered already through reading I have had a similar recent encounter with Collectica who have clearly operated using foul practise. All the usual intimidation tactics of a [problem] company that seem to do the rounds every so often whether it be parking fines or whatever. Something doesn't seem right Here's what I understand about this company so far. Bizarrely it's owned by Serco, and allegedly one of the directors has a peerage which when putting the pieces together is a little worrying really isn't it. I had a dispute with the courts over a fare and wrote to them on two occasions. In one instance the clerk agreed to suspend the case for a month to allow me to send letters back in as they had wrong address. The letters were ignored and the severity of the situation continued to increase until more recently they have passed the debt on to Connectica. Now Connectica use the same tired old familiar routine combined with loads of heavy threats in their initial communication to me. They're chasing this same debt that I was non-the wiser had escalated in the first place as technically it was in dispute, but their letter page is riddled with inconsistencies and lack of specifics. Has anyone actually had a run in with a Collectica debt collector yet? All our dates seem similar, they're a recent operation and hungry for our hard earned money, no doubt they'll be hoping for gullible mugs to pay first time round. Anyone still riding there demands out? How much has it risen to? Someone posted on here the max they can blag is £300? Above all else. THIS STINKS. The circumstances in not only mine, but everyone's case I've read so far are utterly unreasonable and this needs to go to Watchdog, or Moneybox Extra on R4 for further exposure....anyone else interested in blowing the lid on this government endorsed operation before someone gets hurt. Any thoughts or experiences welcome. Kind regards, Jc
  3. Yesterday we got a letter from Phillips & Cohen with the news that CL Finance Limited has instructed them to deal with this account. Apparently they recieved a notofication that the client has sadly passed away yet she is still here with an actual heartbeat. Furthermore she doesn't know anything about a loan she had with them or whatever name they used before. Is there anything we can do about this because its rather appalling that you get these letters when the person in question did not pass away.
  4. Phillips trying to charge me £85 fees under Section 76 of the Magistrates’ Courts Act 1980, for default in paying a sum adjudged to be paid by a conviction or order of a Magistrates’ Court. The fine was being paid but the fines office admin failed to log an agreed restart. I emailed a complaint but fines office do not acknowledge me/no reply at all. Have now paid fine in full, just £85 "fee" remains. Is it true they can charge this as alternative website suggests not and that a N1 can be submitted. All they did was send a letter. and no, I did not get the further steps notice either. I requested copy of distress warrant but Phillips cannot provide this, just gave me a ref number and told me I could contact fines office or view it at court. Surely they should be in possession of it to request any fees? Who can I complaint to further re fines office as their ignorance is beyond belief? Any advise welcome please before I am mugged for this £85.
  5. Hi Have started a new thread because I cant find anything more recent than 2008 on these people. Forgive me if I missed sommink - please point me in the right direction if I have. A letter from this bunch of lovlies was recently sent to my deceased fathers address - addressed to 'the executor of the late.....' The letter says two things - 1. they have been instructed by British Gas to collect a debt of £226.88 and 2. that they can help sort out the Probate. Both my parents have not long died. Dad (to whom the letter was directed) died in December, Mum in March. Their affairs were relatively simple and are all sorted. There are - and never have been - any debts whatsoever. The estate is pretty much sorted and its now just a matter of house sale (underway). It will all be done then. My brother is executor and is meticulous in all things. He has recently received a statement from BG after doing all the final meter readings etc. They inform him that the account is in credit to the tune of £7.00. So - clearly a nasty bunch and no mistake. Question is what to do about it.. 1. Do we ignore it - throw the letter away and be done? Are they just fishing for a response? What are the potential consequences of doing this? 2. Have BG really passed on the details of my parents death? If so - what can we do to give them a bit of a poke? 3. Do we report P&C to someone, somehow? Looking at CAG and other sites, they have clearly been doing this coffin chasing stuff for a LONG time. It seems I am not the only 'fatherless' one! I am disinclined to contact them - because this will just provide them with information they do not have at the moment - like names, addresses, telephone numbers - which can be used to harrass us. That said... I am aware that this kind of unwanted DCA attention can become a pain over time if we dont nip it in the bud. What to do?? WM
  6. I received a notice of distress warrant off Phillips Baliffs yesterday the letter is dated 2nd of July and it says that I must pay £1200 in 48 hours which would have been the 4th of July. I do not have that type of money as I am unemployed and on JSA. The ammount of £1200 relates to 2 court fines 1 of which I was aware of. I have a lot of other debts, I recently settled a council tax debt with Bristow and Sutor by paying in installments so I am willing to pay what I can afford. I rang citizens advice as soon as I got the letter they have made a telephone appointment for me at 12pm Monday with a community legal representative but I am worried sick as the Baliffs may show up over the weekend. I am the Guardian to a 10 year old boy and he is having problems with his eye so I am taking him doctors now am worried they may show up when I am out. I have been worried sick looking on the internet for information. I can borrow £100 off a friend but thats all I can pay I don't know what to do I would appreciate any help.
  7. Some help please - no judgements about the situation please, I feel bad enough already. bailiffs I have a darling son, recently turned 18, who was fined £100 and given community service for a offence - this happened in 2010. He was not living with me at the time, staying with mates etc, however had given my address as his address. He did not comply with the community service and was taken back to court last month, where the fine was re issued as was the community service. This year Phillips have been writing to him at my home and calling my telephone. I informed them he was not living at my address, but they persisted in making calls etc until I was slightly rude to them. They state he owes £399 for the fine issued in 2010. My son went back to court last month about this matter - the community service and the fine were re issued, with him having to pay £20 per month. I have paid £50, which is half and intend paying the rest as he is not working or claiming benefits. I think as the original fine was re issued, and he is complying with the payment plan, Phillips are not owed anything, as the court has reconsidered this matter, re issued the fine with a payment plan. Can anyone advise me if this is correct? Also, when he lived with his dad in 2008 he received a fine of about £60 for another matter - he was 14 at the time. His dad did not tell me about the fine or pay it and Phillips have written to my address, the letter is addressed to his father and the parent / guardian. Do I have to pay this fine? I have never had a letter addressed to me telling me about the fine from the court or Phillips. I think because they know he is currently at my address, this is why they are trying to enforce this fine. Can he go back to the court that issued the fine, as he is now a adult and ask for a payment plan? He does not own anything in my home - there is a telly and music in his room, but I bought them and they belong to me. He is likely to go back to his mates when his bail is lifted. Please can I get some advice - I am frightened of opening the door or having the windows open, in case these hencemen get into my home and take MY belongings. Many thanks all
  8. I have been paying a court fine off gradually at an agreed rate of £5 per week, sometimes I missed a week or two but then caught up. I got it down from £120 to £60. I missed a week as I just didn't have the money, the following week paid £20 leaving £40. I got a letter to say the debt had been sent to bailiffs. I was upset as I had an awful experience before but also because I had no notice they would do this when I was clearly paying it off as best I could. I wrote to complain that I should have been told and so given the chance to pay the last amount off to avoid this and that I am also a single mum with bipolar disorder and asked if they could take back my debt. When I eventually got a reply I was told they couldn't do anything about it and to pay the bailiffs. I had a letter from the bailiffs saying I owed them £120. Lots of calls in one week which I didnt answer. I didn't do anything as I was hoping to resolve the situation. I had a visit today while I was out and it says I owe £340 (no breakdown of where this came from). can anybody please advise me, Im totally stressed out and scared. The company is Phillips.
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