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  1. Hi, I’m trying to help someone out with their finances and she has a loan with Satsuma that she has never made a payment on! Details of the loan are: Satsuma Loan Issue Date: Sep 2018 End Date: Sep 2019 Amount: £900 Repayment: £1792.80 (12 x £149.40) Rate of interest that applies to the credit agreement: 99.20% per annum (fixed) APR 315.7% Balance: £1792.80 Arrears: £896.40 I’ve spoken to them on her behalf and requested a settlement figure. They have quoted a Settlement figure of £1,602.02 (for settlement 30/04/19) To me this does not seem correct, I questioned this to be told it’s a system generated settlement and that they could not provide me a breakdown of how this is calculated. They said that I can check how it’s calculated by going to this site: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2004/1483/schedule/made Can anyone tell me if this figure is correct, as I can follow the information on the link. I was thinking it would be no more than £1500? Thanks in advance
  2. I am unsure, but my mother handled funeral and I think she said was a witness to the will. (No bank account, credit cards to close so this was never required before) Knowing what they are like I can understand that they don't want to part with the will, as it's got my nans details and handwriting (he's abit possessive when it comes to these things)
  3. Yep. This person is one of the named beneficiary of my nans estate - after she died they had help from a council worker to complete forms for accommodation, benefits and employment etc (my nan used to help him) - apparently this council worker stated to get all the information as they have their own solicitors that can assist - I do think they are under impression it's PPI.. Without the will we can not do anything, they also won't be happy that you have to send the will off to get Probate..
  4. After their refusal to supply further information, I submitted the a letter in regards to IRL on my mother's behalf. They have today acknowledged this, however as pointed out earlier by Mr.P they are requesting grant of probate or letter of administration. Unfortunately, it's now been discovered that another family member has the will and are refusing to part with it as "they do not want to drag [my nan] her name down". When informed as to why we require it ' I've spoken to the council worker [the relative has had help recently finding accomodation and filling in forms] and they say that their solicitors can deal with it all" So I think we are now screwed with any claim and provident are wiping the sweat away. If only you can pick your family.
  5. Response back from provident: Thank you for your email, requesting a Data Subject Access Request which relates to your late mother’s account with Provident Personal Credit. We are sorry to hear of the passing of XXXXXX, please accept our condolences at this difficult time. We have reviewed and considered your request and on this occasion we have been unable to provide the information that has been requested, as Data Subject Access Requests are only available to be made for living individuals as outlined in the Data Protection Legislation. Is there anything I can go back with to request this OR should I just stick in the IRL claim based on the information I have got?
  6. Thanks for your prompt replies. Probate was never applied for - going through the link in the above, the Inheritance Tax was never done (apparently) she live in rented (council) accomodation and had nothing so I would definitely say it's less than £5k We are now trying to find the Will, so we can apply for Probate/letter of administration. If we can not find the Will does it cause issues for obtaining the Letter of Administration? We have found another 2 statements for 2007 both separate loans of £1.5k each -- it's mind blowing how they've took advantage of her.
  7. Hi all, This time last year my gran passed away. We have discovered this week after finally clearing out everything in the premises (extreme hoarder) that she was a customer of that lovely company we know as Provident. From the mountains of paper work I've looked through, I have found 23 legible statements first one with a date of March 2008 and last one December 2014 - The oldest of the paperwork (extremely water-damaged) have the provident logo's and date Nov 1999. We have counted every one of these and there's 121 (inc the 23 legible) - which works out at roughly 3-4 loans per year from '99! (statements seem to be 6mths each) From the 23 I can read the total value paid back £32k - they average approx £800 each one & have an APR 245% (or around that mark). (Agreements dated before 2013 £20k was paid back) and each time one was taken out there was a repayment within 14days. My Gran, left no will - and my mom acted as executioner(?) though nothing official (except for Hospital letters stating her as N.O.K). She was in receipt of disability / benefits/ pension for years - I'm 40 and I remember going to the post office with her to cash her giro when I was alot younger.. She never held a bank account - did'nt believe in them. the only time she had an account of some sort was when the DWP started to pay into a post office account. I'm aware that Provident are one of the many being investigated for IRL & I've seen other threads where people have refunded PPI on behalf of a deceased relative. My question are - and might seem stupid considering the length of time I've been on here (and successes I've had) 1) Where do I start - do I send a GDPR / SAR request to Provident - (is there any specific wording/template for a deceased relative). 2) Provident will probably only hold 6yrs of info, but what about the year's prior to 2013 where I have statements? 3) Is there a specific IRL template (for a deceased relative) 4) We only have a the death cert. no other paperwork - will this suffice or are we unable to go after them for IRL? It has come as a great shock to see these, and to know that she'd had multiple loans running at the same time with benefit as only source of income. What made it worse is she said she was putting money away for her funeral and family - but my mother had to take out a loan (with a reputable bank) to pay for all the funeral costs & money owed to DWP in over payments. Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Same as Canada Square (Citi products) received cheque today for £500 for a low credit limit card, where they have identified there was ppi but too far back. I'm sure I only held the card for 2yrs. Highest balance £150
  9. Further Update: Yesterday I received a cheque from Barclays for £1117 They said in the letter this is the approximate amount they have issued for all Barclays Assist loans. So if you have had a welcome finance Barclays Assist loan get a claim in straight away
  10. I was foolish. Thought it was right thing to do at the time. Then learnt more about DCAs having not much power.. Guess you learn by your mistakes I should still be able to.go after wDA via the FOS, shouldn't I?
  11. My last payment to WDA was 28 Feb 2011 same day I took out the last loan. Last token payment to MMF was 2016 cos I thought oh well it drops off report soon.
  12. I had a roll over loan with WDA 29/11/2010 Amount £200 (actual amount £185 charged £15 for direct payment) Repay £250 20/12/2010 £250 Repay £312.5 Jan 2011 Can not find details. 28/02/2011 £350 Repay £437.5 After reading another forum (sorry) that’s associated to the guy on TV (He spoke about reclaiming), I went through Resolver for an IR claim. I had multiple loans (Pay Day Express, MyJar, LendingStream, CFO, CashChoice, MrLender, Speede) so I was using one to pay the other etc – got myself into a right mess With WDA – I tried multiple times to contact them to arrange payment plan but emails got ignored – they passed it to two agencies – latter being MMF. Well – had my Final Response today on the Resolver site: Now they have said that they’ve now told MMF to come after me again – this dropped off Credit File as it was 6yrs As you can see they even stating that I cant go to FOS and they don’t give permission. Is this correct? I’ve read different posts say I can not and some say that the FOS will take intrest into the likes of WDA for 6+yrs… Can anyone offer some advice, point me in the right direction. Thanks
  13. Update.. Thought I would try PPI claim to Barclays via resolver seeing as I signed the paperwork in one of their branches. Letter came through saying they are looking into my request and even quotes an Account Number under PPI policy
  14. I rang them aswell this afternoon and have only got details of 4 closed/settled account none of these being WF
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