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  1. Ah right. So that could have a negative impact. His 2 CC defaults are still with FOS for PPI so he's hoping they will be word clean. As always thanks for your time
  2. Nope. It's only showing missing payments. No default at all
  3. Thanks for reply. AT time loan issued he was in debt for around £1.5k. CRA's around time loan issued show that only 4 credit cards (2 went to default in jun 19) a Paypal Credit account and a ShopDirect - all within 20% of credit limit on each. (and Car Insurance paid mthly) Since loan issued he took out a Everyday loan which has another 20mths to go, but has been paid on time without any missed or negative marker. No defaults were ever recorded on his closed accounts.
  4. I would like some advice please. Trying to resolve an issue friend has got, and I'm a bit stumped. They have a 12mth loan account June 2018, but have never paid a penny towards it for some reason. As of today the Debt is not defaulted only shows as Missed Payments. Not once have they been chased for the loan, there's no record of contact or letters within their DSAR relating to collections - it just seems that the account fell off the radar. Now they are in a position to pay this debt in full, however they have spoken to the lender who has apologised about the lac
  5. An update. Complaint has gone into FoS, yet to be assigned a case number. Whilst I've been waiting I contacted the company (Morrisons) where she purchased fuel. Two replies came back, both stating that when purchasing from a Kiosk, it's an online transaction, not pre-authorised and also that you need to have sufficient funds available else the card will be declined. With this, I went back to Tesco, as it made the statement they based the rejection for refund completely untrue. I also added that a section of their own T&C's states "In certain circumstances, we'll need to s
  6. DSAR Sent. She received details of this payment arrangement and it doesn't still seem right. OverDue amount: £87 Overlimit amount: £55 Proposed plan = £25.00 for the next 4 months. After the 4 months the account will be in Arrears by £110 which would require a lump sum? Current Credit Limit = £250 Current Balance = £305 Now, my maths tell me that £25 x 4 = £100, deduct that from the Balance and then that leaves £205, £45 below the Credit Limit. So why would a lump sum be required? This is what I'm not understanding.
  7. Hi ya. Little update She received a default notice for £302. (C/Limit of £250) In arrears total £83.00 She rang them as they were supposed to put her on the COVID payment break freeze thing. They said a freeze was applied 6th July but as it's gone past the 90 days, collection letters commence - she pointed out that 90days would mean Oct. Bit of a track back by the agent who said the account was placed on a temp hold whilst complaint was investigated and not the covid freeze (despite originally stating that she was struggling back in June) Now this is the part I'm
  8. You said FOS don't rarely side with the consumer. Then again it costs nothing to try.
  9. Best tell her the bad news that she's going to have to pay it. Cheers for your help
  10. Do I need to reply to them or is it now FOS. The kiosk bit is a bit of lie. Ive gone to a garage kiosk and purchased fuel before and tried to pay with the wrong card and the card gets rejected if there is insufficient funds available.
  11. Reply to complain has been received via email: hanks for your patience while I've looked into your complaint. Based on what I've found, I think we've acted fairly, so I won't be upholding your complaint. I've explained why below. Your Complaint You let us know you're unhappy with the Late Payment Fees (LPF) and Over Limit Fees (OLF) applied to the account of xxxxxx account since July 2018 and want these refunded. When you spoke to us on 30 June, you were refused the email address for Customer Relations and no complaint was raised for you. The account wasn't frozen
  12. Oh cool so 3pts to me It does state on http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/14/section/12 the following: (3)The notice under this section may be incorporated in a statement or other notice which the creditor or owner gives the debtor or hirer in relation to the agreement by virtue of another provision of this Act. so just to be sure that statement does not apply
  13. Damn. I always thought that they had to provide with Notice of default prior to a charge being applied and not apply the charge and we will also include it on the statement. Another clutching at straws question, seeing as the blurb in the statement does not mention "notice under section 86" and just quotes "under the Consumer Credit Act 1974", be another reason to dismiss charges?
  14. Hi all, Can I quickly check something with yourselves. I've finally been able to pick up all the correspondence she's received and I have a question. There is no "Notification Of Default Fees Charged" letters. am I right in saying that where a Default Charge/Fee/Penalty has been applied they should also provide a notification of the this and not just have it on the statement?
  15. She said she'd never used pay at the pump. Only ever gone into the petrol station as she's always bought some other items (milk, bread) Would that be the same?
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