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  1. Cheque arrived today and is now waiting to clear
  2. Snoopy Dance Update: Have had discussion with Provident. They provide me the transactional information and I was able to work out the correct figures. Even though FOS stated loans 6 to 30 always new that it would not be the case. Provident offered 15 to 30 (£12k redress) but I had previously discussed with the family as to minimum we would go. Pleased to say that minimum was the final agreed value (£18k after tax). Only issue now is getting the cheque to the bank when it arrives - you'd think that banks would.lift their value limit on Remote deposit of cheques
  3. On a high today. FOS adjudicator has been in touch and have upheld my case. From the 30 loans Provident had given them details of, Loan numbers 6 to 30 should have charges + Stat.Interest from the original date payments were made to the date of settlement. It's roughly £15k of Charges, and I've worked out the 8% from settlement of each loan to today, which comes to £8,400. So less the VAT (8400*20% = £1680) its about 21k Now FOS have given them a date of 25th March to reply. Some other sites a reporting that Prov are contacting people to negotiate and if refused they reject the Adjudicators decision. Waiting game never ends
  4. Update: 3rd Jan, I called FOS for an update. They still hadn't assigned the case to anyone, but as told them that we are trying to close the estate she would check to see if they could do anything. 6th Jan received an email stating that due to the circumstances the "complaint prioritised. What this means is that the complaint will be taken out of the casework queue and will be dealt with separately. " They also sent a further email 2hrs later saying they have requested the file from the business. 20th Jan I rang to see what was happening as I had not received any communication. They said they were still awaiting the business to send the file through. The person I spoke to said once she's finished with the call, she would chase them up. 20mins later I received an email stating she had rung them and they said the file will be with FOS by 31st Jan. This never materialised. I rang again 3rd Feb, again FOS said they'd chase and an hour later received a call from FOS confirming that they will send the file to them by 7th Feb. Contacted FOS today, again nothing sent through. They said all they can do is keep chasing them. Again they rang me back to tell me "provident are doing their best to provide the information, but they have a high volume of queries". It kind of worries me that the FOS can be fobbed off like this -- this is similar to my Wonga claim, they kept fobbing them off and then boom Administration. Has anyone come across this before with the FOS, is there anything that can be done to lean on both FOS/provident. I have already submitted statements & payment books as stated earlier only missing information is prior to 2008 and 2015 to 2018. Can't FOS go off this information or do they have to keep chasing and waiting?
  5. little update. Submitted complaint to FOS 27th Nov Today have emailed saying it in a queue to be assigned to an adjudicator and wont be until the new year just to the sheer volume of complaints that they have had in response to Provident & irresponsible lending. Provident still ignore any requests for update to the complaint / sending full account details through. On other sites I can see claims that Provident are now starting to agree/uphold complaints that have gone through FOS following their Test Cases(?) Most are being upheld from 1 May 2007 due to the change in the Law? If we are successful with the claim can some tell me the is the Tax from the 8% recoverable? With it being a person who has passed - they of course pay no tax. My mother (on benefits) it the claimant on behalf of Nan - she does not pay tax. I only ask as by my calculations it will be >15k of Interest/charges that could be refunded.
  6. Update... Extremely annoyed. I've contacted Provident regularly requesting an update as to the complaint and when I can expect to receive the copy of the information - response of we have 56days blah blah.. Today I've received and email form them (standard response?): Now I've got to attempt to submit with the Fos - on other platforms I can see: FOS. contacts Prov. with a specific reply date. Prov miss this - FOS extend it 6wks. Prov fail to respond. FOS uphold complaints Prov. Rejects the FOS action. Another 3-12mths wait for it to be assigned to Ombudsman. Ombudsman upholds after another 6mths Prov take 2mths to send refund... Do you know if there is any way to speed up the process / force Prov's hand at sending the information through & dealing with the complaint. Only information I have to hand is a Post Office account statement showing the benefit paying in - there is no bank account, unable to obtain Credit Report(s) and I only have the account number and agreement numbers for the 23 loans (14k charges for Credit) . Will this information be enough for FoS, What will happen to the information that I've requested but failed to be provided - will this be taken into account as there should be loans before 2008 & after 2014?
  7. Nope there are other items making up the balance and this is the first charge/missed payment & I only did this as the agent said not to pay it.
  8. Hi All, having an issue with Paypal / Paypal Credit. Purchased two 4.50 items from Ebay, paid both through paypal, one via Debit Card the other paypal credit. The items did not get sent, and the person Cancelled the order. However, Paypal tried to get refund and the refund was cancelled due no funds in the persons account. 25th A dispute was raised (Upheld in my favor but yet to be refunded - said can take 30days!) whilst speaking with the PayPal advisor I told him I had a minimum Payment due with Paypal Credit (£12.71) and he agreed that I should not pay it whilst I was owed money by paypal. Fast forward to 5th Nov, I get a snotty call from an Irish chap, telling me I've missed my payment and they have now charged me an additional £12 and that my next bal is £32 to pay. I informed him of the call I had on the 25th, to which he advised me the agent had no right saying this as he's not the credit department. Told them that I didn't really care what department they were in the company he represents is PayPal not PayPal credit. Agent then said he would open a complaint and somebody will be in touch. Sat 9th, missed call - thought it was in relation to resolution and me getting my funds back, nope collection call. told the guy again, he was quite understanding and said he understood, and would note the system to cease calls for a week. Today 11th at 11am phone rings, cancel the call due to moments silence. ring back - Collections again - this guy was worse. would not listen, kept talking over me, telling me that I had to pay as it's two seperate companies etc etc, tells me that FCA actually advise that company's to make charges to keep customers in line. Refuses to read notes, eventually he said agent on 25th deny's advising me not to make a payment. Told me I was being pedantic, and I should pay up as the £4.50 is the dispute not the account (its the same thing!) and charges & interest is stopped on this entry and not the account??? And that they will continue to report negatively on my credit reports despite a dispute being raised. I said, well i will await resolution, and in mean time contact FSO for advice - exact words were FCA and FSO wont help you on this, tell them it's over £4.50 and £12 and see how far you get. I've been informed at work that PayPal & PayPal credit are not authorized by FCA they can keep harassing me and applying charges. Is this correct? Apart from not entering in to communication with these cretins what other suggestions you have? I just want my money back, charge refunded so I can continue and get balance down and close the account.
  9. Letter Of Administration received today (sitting on the door mat when we just came in) Now I suppose the fun and games will commence. Going to send off a revised Complaint of Irresponsible Lending and request that Details/history of the account is provided asap. I do have a feeling that they won't send me through statements of Account and I'm sure that there is plenty more loans than the ones we've already found
  10. Hi All, Back in March I had approx £500 leave my PayPal Balance for Betfred Transactions. I was previously an account holder but did the GAMSTOP back in November (my payment method was paypal previously) I disputed this with PayPal, and it turned out that the Email Address associated to my Paypal account was the email address associated to the Betfred account. Loging into this email address I checked all folders and found a couple of emails from Betfred requesting ID as the account was now on hold -- How ever this email was not addressed to me but to my father (who does not use the internet) We had previously only used this email account for PayPal and Car Insurance. Paypal did their investigation and said that the payments were authorised and closed the case. I contacted Betfred on a number of occasions and they refused to contact me as I was not the account holder. I even recieved an email saying that "Betfred will enter into no further correspondence regarding the issue, you will need to report this to PayPal" this P**ed me off, so with my fathers agreement we submitted a GDPR & provided his ID -- They cameback saying there was a balance in the account (£200 - 300) and details would be passed onto GDPR Team. GDPR sent email with spreadsheet which shows my fathers full details & payment dates from the paypal account. I've asked as to how to reclaim the balance within the account and yet again - they are not responding. Sent them a further email outling one of the T&C'S that says they will refund of funds of a suspended account -- but again nothing back from them. I'm now stuck in limbo. PayPal state that the transactions were approved and genuine & closed the case, Betfred refuse to respond. What further can I do?
  11. Hi, I am probably running before I can walk (as nothing has been sent to Provident yet - still waiting on the Probate people) Out of the four spreadsheets I think it's StatIntSheet v101.xls I require. Claim From would be the original loan date, but what would the Claim To be.. would it be the end date of each loan? Also as it's a loan, the Charge was up front do I put the full value or break it down into the weekly payments per agreement? ie the first loan was issued 15/03/2008 and length 56wks Amount of Credit: £800 Charge for Credit: £544 Total: £1,344
  12. Update. Probate has been applied for (start of August) been told that can take upto 3mths. Noticed on an other site that Provident seem to sit on these types of issues for quite sometime. If provident decide not to reimburse, is there a time limit for FOS to investigate/complete investigation? And can someone point me in direction of working out the 8% interest. For the loans I know about the charges between 2008 and 2014 come to roughly £15k
  13. I've reached out to my local MP who happens to be the weirdo with the strange hair for Conservative.. No not Boris the other one.. Well the same thing has been reported to him, and he has said he will raise it at his next meeting what ever that means?
  14. Bank have said it's Google, so it's a Civil case and are sticking by it unless it was fradulant and then they said to go to police before they can even look into it? This is Starling Bank. Google are sticking by their policy that states it's Digital in app purchase which has a limit of 2hrs for reclaim. (As shown in above post). I personally think a lot more needs to be done for these types of purchases as there is no protection.
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