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  1. I just thought it would add weight to my complaint if Cabot are saying that they are probate solicitors if they are not?
  2. Thanks folks! Are Phillips and Cohen actually solicitors?
  3. Hi, I just heard from Cabot that they have passed the account to their 'probate solicitors' Phillips and Cohen. Wondering what steps I should take now as I can find absolutely no record in my sisters papers of this. She kept amazing paperwork records and there's absolutely nothing regarding this debt. I did a check and she has no CCJs registered in her name and I can't find any payments going out of her bank accounts going back at least 4 years. What to do, ignore or be more proactive?
  4. Thanks so much to everyone who has responded, it is a massive help and stops me feeling so isolated in this! I won't contact them myself again at this stage, but as I did give them the address that we'll be at for the next couple of weeks I am anticipating some form of request from them (or their associate 'hearse-chasers') for money from the estate. Brassnecked is right, as the deceased family you want to do the right thing, or at least are frightened of the repercussions if you don't do as they ask. Will see what happens next, if anything, as we are only here at the address I gave for a couple of weeks before moving on.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, I have a feeling I will hear from them or similar so will certainly be back for more guidance if that happens. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I'll certainly be back for guidance if that happens. Just searching on here to read about them and how they operate!
  7. I really wish I hadn't given it, but we are only here another couple of weeks so hope it will be OK. What a nightmare! thanks for your reply.
  8. Thank you both for your advice!! I will certainly try not to worry as much (although had a few sleepless nights over this!). I will let you know what I hear from them, and continuing to trawl through all the great information on here, thanks again!
  9. My sister passed away in January and before she died she absolutely assured me she had no debt or credit cards. She said I'd find it easy to deal with her affairs as she owed no money anywhere. There was some money in the estate, but when everything (or so we thought) was paid and settled I wrongly assumed it would be alright to use the money in the estate to pay bills and expenses we'd incurred moving into a flat near her to help care for her. In other words, I was the beneficiary of the estate, being her only relative. She died intestate and there was no need of letters of administration as her bank were happy to pay money in her account directly to me as her next of kin. It was a huge shock when a letter arrived for her 4 months later at her previous address (her partner opened it) from Cabot (Marlin). It seems to be a statement and says she owes £11372.27. We both in a blind panic tried to phone them but they refused to discuss until we send a death certificate. I have sent the death certificate and I assume what comes next is that they will make a claim from the estate. There are no records that I could find at her home of any such transactions, but they say original lender was HFC Bank PLC - Credit Card. It says Agreement date Jan 2000 and says Date Assigned 11th August 2010. I have no way of knowing whether 6 years have passed or whether she has made any payments, no original documents or agreements and no copy of any assignment documentation. I don't know whether the estate can request these? I feel absolutely sick about this as I was only just coming to terms with losing her! I'm assuming the worst and they will have a legitimate claim against the estate and that I will somehow have to find a way to pay the money. Can anyone advise?
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