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Found 18 results

  1. I took my car in to have the tracking looked at, and it was also making a drumming kind of sound at low speed that I wanted checked (the noise sped up at higher speeds so you couldn't hear it). Came back to me and said the left side shocker needed replaced. Just got the car back, and after having a look, it seems the right side shocker has been replaced, and the left side has also been removed, and replaced with a metal rod? I'm not a mechanic, but is this right? Doesn't seem safe to me, if anyone can help me out with this, it would be great, thanks.
  2. hi im new on this site, been reading some of the threads re:esa appeals, ive got mine in 2 weeks and im really nervous/anxious about it, i suffer from lower back problem and anxiety/panic attacks. i failed my atos last june (nil points) a lot of information is missing from the atos report, ie it states i was there longer than i actually was , never asked questions re:anxiety or the incontinence i suffer with ,and a lot of it is exaggerated to say the least, i got a solicitor involved to help with tribunal, with the info i gave her she had scored me more than
  3. My sister passed away in January and before she died she absolutely assured me she had no debt or credit cards. She said I'd find it easy to deal with her affairs as she owed no money anywhere. There was some money in the estate, but when everything (or so we thought) was paid and settled I wrongly assumed it would be alright to use the money in the estate to pay bills and expenses we'd incurred moving into a flat near her to help care for her. In other words, I was the beneficiary of the estate, being her only relative. She died intestate and there was no need of letters of adminis
  4. 950% increase in vehicle exist duty!!!! Feel free to comment on the vid or here if you prefer about this
  5. This morning I had a phone call from an Enforcement Agency who had been to my old address. They want almost £500 for a traffic ticket where they said I went into a bus lane last May. Obviously I cant remember and they said they are going to post me some papers out as I live in a different town now. I did give DVLA my new address and its on two MOT's since but apparently its not updated on the system. I know its on my credit report. Can anyone please tell me how I can fight this as I dont have the money to pay and they say it has been to court and finalised
  6. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help. I recently bought an HP Pavillion Laptop via Very.co.uk on buy now pay later. I've had it about a week but went to unplug it from the socket last night and got a big electric shock. i.e massive spark/bang, electricity went off in the whole house, and sore, tingly hand/arm. I contacted Very last night to advise them of this and they said to email them which I did, I received an email this morning telling me I'd have to contact their Customer excellence team. I forwarded the email straight away but heard nothing back. I then spoke to so
  7. Hi, Ill make this short and sweet but I had my 'MEDICAL' assessment yesterday at ATOS and im so shocked with what it was like. I suffer from mental health issues and have been in the throws of this for around 10 years and have just been granted ESA to support me alongside my long awaited therapy which will last 12 months plus. I was asked to attend an assessment and did so and was abs nervous etc about going but I did and went through what i can only describe as an interrogation. In all my years under mental health care I have never been second guessed about my symptoms, made to talk a
  8. Stolen mobiles are still causing victims "shock bills", in spite of government promises to cap call charges, Citizens Advice has said. The watchdog said consumers have faced charges of up to £23,000 each, after thieves used their phones. A year ago the culture secretary, then Maria Miller, promised that such charges would be capped at £50 by the Spring of 2014. The government said it was waiting for the industry to agree the details. Citizens Advice claimed as many as 160,000 people a year are hit by high call charges, following the t
  9. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/uk-news/welby-my-shock-at-hungry-britain-1-6992179 Matthew Hancock, is it not that the governments policies have left people in this position, not because they have been advertised or become popular. They do make me laugh.
  10. Hello there, My contract with t Mobile is for 500 minutes and what I thought to be free unlimited landline calls. for £26 a month. This month I received a shock bill for £255. I rang them and they said I had gone over my allowance by 517 minutes. I requested a bill and yes I had gone over my allowance by this many minutes but they have charged me 40p per minute for every minute, landline or otherwise. I can't find my original agreement with them which I guess I can ask for (will they charge me?), but my main question here is whether they are reall
  11. I bet you didn't know this Callcredit boasts it holds the personal details of 43  million people. This includes 26 million residential addresses, 20 million landline numbers and 15 million mobile numbers. Among the data it may know about you are the ages of your children, the angle of your garden (useful information for firms that sell solar panels or satellite dishes), whether you have a burglar alarm fitted, the make and mileage of your car, how much you spend on wine, sports and vitamins, if you gamble, where you go on holiday and what you read. These details aren’t on yo
  12. Couple see red over £163,000 Orange mobile bill For the full story : - http://money.aol.co.uk/2013/05/22/orange-mobile-bill-makes-couple-see-red/ Apparently the consumer had taken one of the phones into the store where it was purchased as it appeared to be overheating. It was replaced. However,
  13. Hi I was stupid enough to take out several payday loans with the same company. All but one have been cleared. I very recently noticed that the company in question has recorded them against my Credit File within the last week. The problem is that they are all recorded with outstanding balances even though they are months old. These loans have been paid back. It is even displayed as satisfactory on the status. Each one is recorded as a new account, affecting the credit score that I had displayed. Entries have been recorded for 2012 even though they have never shown up before on my
  14. I have not been anywhere near these hollowed parking forums for quite some time- nice to see the regulars about. Hello everyone! Now, this silly law that came about in Oct- this doesn't affect the usual "ignore the beggars, they'll go away eventually after threatening you with eternal torment in hell for overstaying by 3 mins outside Mr Nobbys mars bar shop" does it? I don't think it does myself. Cos, that's whats coming. a big fat ignore. I G N O R E. who are they..... oh yes A S parking.
  15. Hey was wondering if anyone could help. my girlfriend works as a health care assistant in a Hospital. Yesterday she went to unplug a machine from the socket which seemed fine but when she pulled out the plug she got quite a shock and the socket came partly off the wall. She felt a lot of pain shoot all up her arm and jumped backwards. Her fingers and arm started to go red and was told by a nurse to go to A&E to get seen to .She had an ECG and then was told to fill out a datix form. Thankfully everything was okay apart from her whole arm tingling the whole night.
  16. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14557/online-news/one-in-five-will-seek-payday-loan
  17. Posting on behalf of a new Cagger with low post count. Thanks for this. 'Shock tactics' used by some Bailiffs www.bbc.co.uk
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