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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, bit of a background. Most dates are from letters. Blue are the dates from correspondence. 02/07/15 - contravention occured, CCTV observed 08/07/15 - Council applied for my details to DVLA 14/07/15 - Council received the details and posted PCN I have not received the PCN 24/08/2015 - Charge Certificate was sent (£90 or so) 01/09/2016 - PEC warning Letter was sent (£90 or so) I opened both letters on 09/09/2015. As I didn't remember entering any Bus Lane I drove to the place. Once there I remembered I did enter the road when looking for a venue for my Wife's birthday. I couldn't see any signs as there was a bunch of diggers and other road working machines parked on both sides of the road. The sign says "Bus and Access Only". As I went half way that road to check the pub it is access. The pub is not accessible by any other road. It sits bang in a middle of Bus and Access only road. I phoned up Council stating that I never received PCN and on top of that I was within restrictions as I was accessing a venue located on that road. Was advised to fill 2 forms (don't remember what forms). Couple of days later I filled the forms and posted them. Haven't heard from the Council since. 27/11/2015 - Council sent TE3/TE9. I honestly don't remember if I got them. Irrelevant anyway as I sent forms already. 08/01/2016 - Warrant of Control was authorised and notice sent to Enforcement Agency Some time in January enforcer turns up and wants nearly £500. I sent him away and contacted CAB. As advised filled forms (Out of Time Witness Statement and Statutory Declaration) stating that I have not received the PCN in a first place and I did coply with restrictions as I used the read as access to the venue which is on that read. Northampton refused the application. Now the case is back with enforcers unless I fork out £100 (no hearing) or £255 (with hearing) and apply for review. Why on Earth Northampton refused I have no idea. When I called TEC they said that officer refused based on reply from the Council. Looks like Council decided here even if it is a side in a case. Now I have to fork out £100 or £255 to have it reviewed and still not certain of the outcome especially if has been refused before despite the fact that I had 2 valid grounds for having Out Of Time granted. As far as my research so far any of this grounds on its own should warrant acceptance of Out of Time. Please advise if there is anything else I can do. Just to clarify, Main problem is should I received PCN I would have appealed against it. Mainly as I can't afford any extra expenses and I do watch very carefully where I drive or park. Having said that if I lost the appeal I would have to pay "only" £60. I definitely can not afford £500. Got to think twice before forking out £100 for review and £255 is out of reach. Regards
  2. This morning I had a phone call from an Enforcement Agency who had been to my old address. They want almost £500 for a traffic ticket where they said I went into a bus lane last May. Obviously I cant remember and they said they are going to post me some papers out as I live in a different town now. I did give DVLA my new address and its on two MOT's since but apparently its not updated on the system. I know its on my credit report. Can anyone please tell me how I can fight this as I dont have the money to pay and they say it has been to court and finalised and now I have to pay and they are talking about taking my car away if I dont. Worse thing is I am disabled and cant get around without the car. Really stressed and worried now as never had to deal with anything like this before?
  3. Quite a brutal show now on ITV re: HCEO's totally different from our former guys no messing with this crew from the HCEO's office
  4. Another from Scoop where a bailiff/EA has been threatened, this time with a gun: .http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/man-released-bail-after-bailiffs-7929055 It seems that more people are unhappy with the Enforcement industry, and is this a growing trend Thoughts?
  5. . http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04gtzrj More here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04gyrm4/broadcasts/2014/09
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