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  1. Hello, Just to update. I ended up contacting the supplier HP directly who replaced the charger and have taken the old one away for investigation. They were really nice about it and think its likely to be a fault with the charger. I've been using it in the same socket since and having no issues. Very still couldn't care less really and offered me £20 off as my complaint wasn't dealt with correctly. They didn't really address any of my concerns at all but I'm just glad I've got a working machine at the moment. Thanks for all of your advice
  2. Thanks for your comments again. HP are now investigating this for me and have told me under no circumstances to plug it back in. (not that I was planning to anyway) Think its possibly a a manufacturing issue. FYI - Yes we had to turn the power back on at the box, socket still works ok now with no issues and yes the socket was switched off before pulling the plug out.
  3. Hello, Wondering if anyone can help again. I've had details back from the advisor who says the quality manager has looked into the case and decided that as there is soot on one of the prongs of the plug then the issue lies with my socket. (my socket at home is fine, never had an issue before, still works and none of my other electrical appliances explode/give me a shock) Surely this cannot be decided by looking at a blurry photograph and they would need the unit back to inspect first. I've only had this for about 2 weeks. They have also advised me to plug the charger into another socket instead to use. I am absolutely not willing to do this incase anything else happens. The prong itself has a small chip in the metal which I think might be the cause of all of this. I didn't notice it before plugging in as, like most people, I don't tend to closely inspect plugs often. Consumer advice have told me that the burden of proof is on Very to prove that there is nothing wrong with it. They don't seem willing to actually take it away for inspection. I'm not sure what to do next, I'd like to to be properly looked into and examined. I bought this on a buy now pay later plan and it doesn't seem fair that I now have to pay for something I can't use. In previous correspondence a different team have already given me the option of a replacement, it seems like I'm being passed between two departments neither of whom are speaking to each other Thanks for your help
  4. I don't want to make a new order. I want them to deal with this one. I don't see why I should have to risk my own payment/credit ratings because they aren't doing their jobs properly. I'm giving them until tomorrow and then saying I want them to collect asap and I no longer want the machine. I'll get another one elsewhere if no resolution. I need a new one asap as I run my own website so losing money and also have open university assignments I need to do.
  5. Quick update: Someone from Very contacted me yesterday to say I have to wait for a Quality manager to contact me. Said it wouldn't be today (yesterday) but promised to chase it up tomorrow(today) with them. She advised quality manager will investigate and see if they can just send me a new charger, I said I want the full unit collected and replaced as was outlined in the options I was given previously. She then said; "I can advise that you can order a replacement or alternative if you wish, however, it would be at your own discretion as there is no guarantee the original unit will be authorised for return and refunded. This means you could end up with 2 units and have to pay for them both. The decision is yours as we cannot stop you from placing an order, however i would recommend you wait for the QA and their comments just in case this can be resolved without having to return the unit." Surely this doesn't make sense if the Sale of Goods act says that if an item is faulty (dangerous faulty at that) then a replacement should be provided in a reasonable time. I said of course I wouldn't be ordering another myself and that I expect the manager to contact me asap tomorrow (today) I waited until 1pm today with no contact so emailed her again - got her out of office, so she knew she wasn't in today. I've emailed again and send a message via twitter asking this to be escalated. I've also advised them of the SoGA and that I want a replacement asap. This is driving me mad, I've spoken to consumer advice twice who have reported to trading standards so hopefully will be resolved soon. Thanks for your comments so far.
  6. I don't think its the product recall as the cable isn't the same as the one in the photograph on the website. @ford - I assume so, never had any issues with the socket before or indeed any sockets/electrics in the house. I've been using the socket since and its fine. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your comments, I think I will get the laptop checked out by an electrician. Our landlord has someone to regularly check the electricity here. The socket has never had any problems before and still seems to be ok now, I switched it off approx 1 sec before taking plug out. (I'll get someone to double check it too just incase). The powerpack was quite hot and I could smell burning too. It hadn't been plugged in that long in the first place so shouldn't have got that hot with normal use. Also, something is rattling around in the plug itself now, not sure what that is. Thanks
  8. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help. I recently bought an HP Pavillion Laptop via Very.co.uk on buy now pay later. I've had it about a week but went to unplug it from the socket last night and got a big electric shock. i.e massive spark/bang, electricity went off in the whole house, and sore, tingly hand/arm. I contacted Very last night to advise them of this and they said to email them which I did, I received an email this morning telling me I'd have to contact their Customer excellence team. I forwarded the email straight away but heard nothing back. I then spoke to someone on twitter to query timescales and to ask who the customer excellence team were. They told me its the complaints dept and that it would take 5 working days for me to receive an acknowledgement and then a reply would be given after that. I said I didn't think that was very good service having to wait 5 days after having a shock from faulty charger. Eventually someone has emailed me with two options. 1. they will arrange collection of the laptop and charger and offer 5% discount, also reorder if required. 2. I can buy a new charger and send them the receipt which they will reimburse and also offer 5% discount on the laptop. Its likely that I'll return it and ask for a replacement as I need a laptop asap for uni work however I feel that they haven't addressed the fact I got a shock at all and a 5% discount doesn't seem good enough to me. I'm not sure what I should do, can anyone offer some advice? Thanks
  9. Hello, Yes it has marked my credit file. I believe the charges are between 2004 and 2010, I'll double check when I am home. I had a few credit/storecards around that time and thought I had paid them all off years ago but it seems I've missed off this one. I hadn't heard anything for years until around 2012 when the DCA contacted me about it. Thanks
  10. Hello, I was looking for some help as I think I may be able to claim back some charges. I had a storecard with River Island many years ago. I beleive it was with GE Money and then changed to Santander. The limit was for £250. For some reason I was sure that I had paid it off and closed the account many years ago however around 2012 I received a letter from a DCA requesting payment of around £270. It seems that I may have wrongly assumed this was PIF and closed which was fine, however I wanted to query the amount as I thought it was strange that it was higher than the original but not high enough to have been dormant with interest charges etc for several years. When I requested a SAR from Santander (which took a long time and a lot of back and forth between dca and santander) and received a statement showing payments etc it seems that almost every month I was charged a late payment fee of £12 the day before I made a payment. don't remember ever being written to in relation to this however it was several years ago. Am I still able to claim these charges back and request the account is closed and settled completely with these, I dont' really care about getting any money from them I'd just like not to have to pay all of these charges if possible as the account would have been paid off several times over already.] I understand that GE money had put a statement out several years ago advising they think £12 is a reasonable charge. (I don't) Also, as an explanation (not an excuse) I was an naive 18 year old student living in Manchester at the time, excited about storecard and didn't bother checking statements which were sent to my mother's home address in Glasgow which is the reason it has taken so long to realise these charges were on the account. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Apologies, I meant SAR rather than FOI, I work for government so got mixed up when writing that. I've written to that address a few times but not FAO data protection team so I'll give that a go too. Thanks
  12. Hello, Thank you for your reply. I've written to them twice in over a year and also written to Santander cards dept (who bought over GE Money) sent all recorded delivery which were received however I got no replies from any of them and when I called they said that recorded delivery only gets it to the building so must have gone missing somewhere. I'm planning on writing to them again today but I'm not 100% what I should be asking for. I've previously written asking for a breakdown of payments from opening the card til present, I asked them to let me know if I need to sent a fee for an FOI for this but still nothing. Its getting a bit of a joke as they are phoning me constantly now. (I don't answer) Thanks *Also yes the last payment would have been over 5 years ago
  13. Hello, I was hoping someone could provide some advice. I took out a storecard with River Island/GE Money when I was 18 which was around 9.5 years ago. I also took out an overdraft/credit card and stupidly defaulted on all of them. I started paying them off and was convinced that I had paid in full the storecard years ago. I paid off the rest in full last year. However around 1 year ago I was contacted by a debt collection agency out of the blue in relation to a £270 storecard which hadn't been paid off. I've since changed banks and didn't keep statements etc from around the time as it had been so long (I also often used my mums/grans card to make payments on it) so I don't have full records of payments towards the storecard. I've called the storecard providers several times over the past year requesting payment breakdowns for all payments made to the account however as GE Money no longer exists and is part of Santander they told me they do not have this and I need to speak to DCA dealing with it. What I find is strange is that the storecard had a £250 limit and they are chasing me for £270. I definitely made payments to this storecard so I don't understand the amount etc. If I've made a mistake and there has been an outstanding balance then I'm more than happy to pay but I'm almost 100% it was paid off. I've asked the DCA for statments/payment breakdowns and they all say they will put a hold on acc for a few months till they get them from the creditor however they never materialize and then DCA changes. All I want is a breakdown of payments made/dates so I can see proof that I owe this but noone seems to be able to provide this information. Can anyone help? Also I'm in Scotland and current DCA is Rockwell. Thanks in advance Lori
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