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  1. My dad recently passed away, going back to the late 1980s early 1990s his bank account was frozen due to owing money to the tax office and nothing was ever done about it, what happens to the money that was in the bank at the time his account was frozen, he wouldn’t tell us how much was in there but it was a case of tax man isn’t getting it and neither was my dad (strange I know) could we the next of kin end up shooting our selves in the foot regarding the tax bill from years ago, or can we claim it, All help appreciated.
  2. hi mr.p thankyou for your help,i think the variation deed sounds like a better plan. thanks again .
  3. I need a bit of help,me and a sibling have been named in a will were an house has been left by a close relative,were going through probate at the moment, but do we both have to be named on the deeds for the house or can I withdraw from the share of the property as I don't really want my 50% share and I'm prepared to hand it over to my only sibling so there will be just the one name on the deeds. There's nothing dodgy I just don't want it. Can it be done and if so how. Many thanks
  4. thanks for the reply much appreciated -reallymadwoman
  5. hi ive been on support group of esa for near on two years ,ive received the renewal esa50 form today ,there has been no changes in my health since i was assessed last time ,is it wise to rewrite what was written in my original claim in 2015 or should i seek help with the forms, last time the cab helped but the person who helped is no longer at the cab and im uncomfortable with people i dont know, also is it likely that i will have to go too another face 2 face assessment, i got the support group points due to bladded problems so my mental health was never even discu
  6. Just been intouch with them, it's a no. But I had to ask. Thanks again.
  7. Hi king12345. Thanks for that I appreciate that,I wasn't quite sure with it been a dealership. Milage on car is 4000. But has been for sale for some weeks now.
  8. hi its this one: Ford Focus 1.0EcoBoost SS 125 EURO5 Petrol Turbo Zetec Navi, 5 door Hatchback Manual 6Spd 14 plate
  9. Do I need to do an hpi check when buying a nearly new car from a dealership ? And also can you still barter with them on the price? It's on for 12k, my budget is 10k. What's my chances. Thanks.
  10. basically i sold a vehicle then within 24 hrs i was contacted by the buyer who told me the engine warning light came on,i knew nothing of the engine warning light coming on when i had it,he's now saying he's bringing the vehicle back and wants the money back,even though ive sent the log book off already,cancelled insurance, the buyer is obviously angry about the situation, he actually thinks ive had the engine warning light switched off myself which i haven't.the buyer had a good look around it and took it for a drive and was happy with it, so were do i stand? thanks
  11. Hi,im after a bit of help re:mobility bus pass, i got a 1 yr mobility pass which expires in a few weeks, ive re:applied for it again and was basically asked me the same questions over the phone but got a letter saying they had turned me down,so i am appealing the decission,and have to go to see a physio and been told they will examine my breathing, and walking (distance) and my medical history, im in receipt of dla care low rate, and not entitled to mobility high rate,which would mean i would automatically get a bus pass, basically id like some advice if anyone has actually been to one of th
  12. does this still mean ill end up going to the assessment thru atos? thanks.
  13. Update on DLA mobility. Just spoken to someone at DLA they told me they will send a change of circumstance forms out ,but read a statement out to me which states they will look into the entire DLA allowance as well as the change of circumstances, I wonder if I could end up shooting my self in the foot,or is that what they want? I do think ill ask CAB for help with the forms.
  14. thanks, ill request an application form and go to c-a-b.
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