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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone my sister got a letter on the 6th of feb saying she owes £173 for a parking ticket that happened in October last year. It says a warrant has been put though from the courts but my sister hasn’t received any other letters about this. This is the first she’s heard of the parking ticket. With her being on benefits and not having the money to pay I was thinking of sending a n245 form but don’t no what court to send it too. Ill upload a copy of the letter. Any help really appreciate. Thanks Andrew E007F505-5A47-4D11-99C1-143F8339C132-converte
  2. Hello, My sister has had a incident with my travel card. When she was exiting the station a travel officer caught her using my card. She admitted to the travel officer that she had used her husbands travel card as she did not know it was mine. She had also informed him that he did not know her taking it. She admitted to using it, and gave all her personal information. He informed her that she would recieve a letter and now we have recieved that letter. The letter states that she was reported 26th of October 2017 failing to produce a valid ticket, pass or photoca
  3. Hi there, First of, any help or advice would be very much appreciated. my sister ended up getting into around £1300 worth of debt with orange due to her teenage daughter running up a very large phone bill in one month. My sister, I assume - has just ignore it all. I only found out yesterday due to her asking to lend money to resolve this. She received a county court claimform on the 27th September and a letter from Lowell's to state court proceedings would be the next option on the 2nd of October (after the claimform had already been submitted). Had I have kno
  4. Hi I am hoping someone can give me some advice on this as I am really confused. I contacted TV licensing on 10th October to inform them my sister had recently passed away. As she had paid for her license up tol April 2017 they said they would issue a refund. I was advised a scanned copy of the death cert with an email would be sufficient which I sent on 10th Oct. My sister did not leave a will but I have been dealing with her financial affairs. On the 12th October I received an email saying that they could not accept an electronic copy so I sent a letter on 14th October to
  5. My sister passed away in January and before she died she absolutely assured me she had no debt or credit cards. She said I'd find it easy to deal with her affairs as she owed no money anywhere. There was some money in the estate, but when everything (or so we thought) was paid and settled I wrongly assumed it would be alright to use the money in the estate to pay bills and expenses we'd incurred moving into a flat near her to help care for her. In other words, I was the beneficiary of the estate, being her only relative. She died intestate and there was no need of letters of adminis
  6. Hello all, Got some really good advice before so would appreciate some more, Family member of mine works part time as a entertainment agent for a company ( providing bands etc ), they pay her a set amount for shows and then she pays the acts/ does some of the promo/ takes a percentage herself from it- they book/ pay for multiple shows in advance She has recently gone through a really rough time - she suffered a very severe sexual attack - and she has been in and out of hospital/ counselling the last few weeks, due to an injury suffered she will be having an operation tomorrow. S
  7. :!:Hi all, Just wondering what options my sister has. She need to pay rent on the 01/01/2015 but she spent too much on Christmas and has no more saving. She is thinking of paying late or a payday loan. She needs to pay £375 What would be best for her to do? Thanks Andrew
  8. Help Please, Was caught on 3rd of October with my sister in law discounted oyster card , at the time i didn't know it was discounted card. she wasn't using it anymore cause they issued her freedom bus pass. The day i borrowed the card, i couldn't find my card which is discounted as well from the job center so i had to borrow. when i explained to the inspector he didn't believe me and took my details anyway. 4 weeks later i received a letter to explain what happen and replied with sincere apology followed the explanation and told them that am unemployed. Today i received a letter to app
  9. I'm new to this and got directed here for help. I am tiring to sort out my sister's debt problem, so a brief history My sister was working in France for a couple until 8 months ago when all three of them where involved in a fatal car accident, Husband of the couple ( French national )was killed, wife and my sister ( rear seat passenger ) where severely injured. My sister had to spend nearly 8 weeks in a french hospital before she could be returned to the UK. Now to the point, in the course of this time period she has racked up some debts and is being chased for them, she is in no fit
  10. Hey everyone. My sister needs help. First off she has learning difficulties and doesn't fully understand the situation she's in. She works for a care company where she goes to peoples houses to help the elderly with there daily things. She's on £7ph, the problem I see with this is they will schedule her to work 30 mins at a house and they will only pay her half of her £7 which I can slightly understand but what annoys me is she has to pay for her own travel nothing discounted or anything. She spent 5 days a week leaving the house at 8am getting home around 9pm and in 3 weeks on
  11. My sister was caught shoplifting in Boots today a face cream worth £15. She has been told by security guard that she will receive a fine in the post. Do you have any idea how much this fine will be as she is currently claiming Jobseekers allowance and is very worried that she won't be able to pay the fine. Any help will be much appreciated.
  12. Hello! My sister accidentally took my 16+ photo-card today. She was caught by the bus inspectors. She said she accidentally took it because we both had the same oyster cover and few minutes later they called me to ask and I said she probably took it by accident. My question is, will my chances of getting another 16+ be affected? some say i'll have to do voluntary work to 'earn' it back or i'll be suspended for 3 months! It's not my fault because I was sleeping so I didn't know she took it but I can't say that obviously because she didn't mean to take it in
  13. i was wondering if someone could help me. Im writting on behalf of my sister. She is 35 and a single mother to one. She worked for 10 years cleaning, but lost her job two years ago, due to her depression and taking to many days off. she has always had depression and is on very strong tablets, sleeping tablets ect. She was ESA last year, and tried to claim for DLA, as she can not leave the house, and has extreme panic attacks. if she goes out i have to go with her. She only goes out to my dads in a taxi twice a week. My neice helps alot. Anyway she put in a claim and was only awarde
  14. I wonder if anyone can advise me on this matter? My sister suffers from bi-polar disorder, having been officially diagnosed at the start of the year after a long history of severe depression. She is currently in receipt of DLA and as far as I know, aside from Housing Benefit, this is her only income. Since our mother died in March she has become severely agoraphobic and hardly ever leaves her flat or opens the curtains. A few weeks ago she was persuaded to move in with our father, and so I have been collecting her mail and passing it on to her. This week when I went to pick up her mail af
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