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  1. Noting the branding on a cinemas car park, I parked to watch a film. Not noticing any clear notifications to pay, they clearly are there. Naturally this is a Br2ttaN3a managed carpark. I now have two letters. 1. Letter before action from the dubious BW 2. A final 16 day demand before court. I have done the following but have had no response. 1. Recorded delivery letter to parking management company, asking for evidence, print outs, and offence. 2. Recorded delivery letter to BW asking for data restriction. ( they replied saying not applicable ) 3. Letter to my MP 4. Letter to the cinema asking for them to make their signs to the car park clearly state you have to pay - and to step in and make contact. I enclose the two letters. I have sent a follow up email to the cinema stating I will write to the board and the local press - and that my complaint is under unfair contracts. Shall I post the letters here, obviously edited?
  2. ha ha Mobile phones. The thing is people tend not to damage cars with their bodies by running red lights
  3. Fair comment. However a 40k car used will be 25k - which is a large proportion of car buyers Who will now pay £37.50 a month for choosing a car that is reasonable or of good quality before they have driven anywhere Similarly those who currently pay nothing will then be paying £140 a year. All the while cyclist are not paying insurance or tax yet use the roads.
  4. 950% increase in vehicle exist duty!!!! Feel free to comment on the vid or here if you prefer about this
  5. Why would Being Dun - want to bump a post - and why is that an issue if the content is of value to a reader? I'm glad it has been raised again actually because this type of data use should be made clear. Whilst using data for lead or funnel processing the notion of being discussed and treated as a lead is really quite low. John Lewis might collect your data but they dont all have a staff meeting and say "Ok so Mrs Johnson, why has she not bought more curtains this year? Dave? You were handling Mrs Johnson" Asda? "Ok so Mr Bantock has spent £8236 with us in groceries this year... hm this is quite low" "Yes well when he came to the till, he said he wasn't keen on the price of Marmite" "Hm, yes good feedback, when he comes in again, can we all be sure to bear this in mind when talking to him, frankly unless he spends £8450 this year, he might be a lost leader, ok next Ruth Johnson.. hm, shes not spent much on nappies this month"
  6. I made a payment with my debit card. But good advice. Please note however that I am not sure why this is relevant as the car was purchased 2 years ago. This will make quite interesting reading when they respond, I have faith the manufacturer will come good and support the dealer.
  7. Well its German and I was not sure if to publicly vilify the brand if the case is on going?
  8. Back story I have a 3 year old car, purchased when it was one year old from a franchise dealer. The car was £32,800 and £47,500 new and is a high caliber manufacturer. During the 22 months ownership I have suffered considerable levels of defects with the goods which have been fixed under warranty. As the warranty expired 7 weeks ago, the dealer will not pay for the most recent fault, refuse to diagnose the fault fully and only under duress offered to raise a "goodwill" case with the manufacturer. Normally in these good will cases, the customer is required to make a "contribution". The current fault costing £650.00 is not wear and tear and may not also cure a current drive line related query with the car. Action I was advised to call the consumer helpline, who advised me that I have rights under the sale of goods act 1979 and that I should write to them explaining my rights to goods which are free from reasonable defects in relation to age and mileage. I have written to the dealer, and requested repair, refund or exchange. The consumer helpline told me the manufacturer are not directly at fault in this case as I do not have contract with them. Advice I was told that I have rights under the limitations act 1990 for 6 years and as a result of the extensive repairs and visits and consequential losses I would be within my rights to raise the concern. Someone then told me that Sale of Goods act does not apply to a used car purchased from a main dealer franchise because it should be my risk. However that is contrary to consumer helpline advice. Help Are you able to offer any guidance if the franchise rudely tell me to go away. My friend has upset me saying that they will shoot down anything to do with law and say sod off. This will hurt my feelings greatly. Summary of faults during 22,000 miles and 3 year old high brand value car. Actual/Perceived Losses in 23 months 64 days lost ownership. Vehicle being repaired. 22 non-service related visits to dealer franchise networks. 6/8 visits to non-local franchise network totaling 528 miles. 20 approximate hours on research, attention and telephone calls. Stress related anxiety for 12 months. 4 missed business appointments. Train, hire car and fuel costs. 22 Visits to the dealer network in 23 months Interface computer and navigation random failure. Engine Mounts. Gearbox. Engine Vibration issue unresolved, diagnosed or notification in writing of explanation. Creaking trim. Trim Rattles. Dirt in instrument cluster. Seat Rattle. Seat Creaks. Noise from the brakes. Buckled wheels. Misaligned panels. Drive line click sound. Cracked Suspension bush. Dealer broke the brake sensor when replacing brakes. Dealer sold car with brakes that required replacing. Warranty replacements in 23 months Engine Mounts. Gearbox. Trim felting. Seat felting. Seat-back repairs x 2 Gearbox. Instrument cluster.
  9. Hello thanks and I am sorry. I have had some work carried out by a body repair garage, I recall them and the insurance company saying to me that accident repairs are normally covered for three years as standard. In other words I understand that work carried out for an insurance company is always offered three years. The paint on my car was a shoddy job and 16 months after the body repair an assessor told me that the job was shoddy in his report. I am just checking that I do still have rights against the garage even though the repair was very late 2012. The insurance company agreed to instruct an assessor in May 2014. So this does help me assume that the three year rule is around reasonable. I just dont want to send a nice "settlement" offer to the garage for them to say "oral contract mate, not worth the paper its printed on"
  10. Is it 3 years from the date of repair that the warranty is undertaken?
  11. Yes I was thinking of surveillance too. It is tricky as they might see my car in tescos too
  12. I had an insurance repair job done on my car late 2012. I have made several visits to the garage to complain about the work. They made some alterations. During February of this year I called an assessor out to check the work who wrote to me saying the paint did not match and the work was shoddy. I took 5 quotes and chose a repair at £350 to make the paint match better. Although I do not have a case against the insurer because I CHOSE the repairer, I think I have a claim against the repairer under the sale of goods act. I want to write a nice letter explaining that I gave them lots of insurance jobs and my own cash jobs in goodwill, but this one has gone bad and that I want them to write me a cheque. They are a small company, bunch of ruff tattoo types who like to fight and run a down beat backstreet shop... I am actually worried they might come and destroy my car...>!!!!!
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