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  1. Hi All This is my first post as I'm currently having issues with Samsonite and a suitcase I bought. I bought a small cabin bag size suitcase from a genuine Samsonite outlet store in York during the Black Friday sales at the end of November. It cost £41 which I knew was really cheap for Samsonite as I already have a couple of their cases. I used the case for the first time during a trip to London in mid January, during which time the retractable handle broke while waking along a train platform (so much fun!). I took the case back to the Samsonite store where I purchased it, and was told it would have to be sent away for repair as it was more than 6 weeks since I bought it. I've since received a voicemail from the store advising that the case could not be repaired, and to visit them to discuss. I'd really like to know what my rights are before I travel to the store (which is 90mins from where I live, so I need to be prepared), as to what I can get as a replacement. I do not want store credit or my money back, as I know I won't be able to buy a replacement suitcase without putting a lot more money towards it. As far as I can see the suitcase wasn't fit for purpose, and I'd like a replacement at no cost to me, but is this what I'm entitled to? Any help would be much appreciated so I can be prepared to fight my corner. Thanks Claire
  2. I came to return my brother's car and parked on the suspended bus stop which had been closed due to Gasworks mains replacement. Below is my letter to Newham, I have appeal on 18th Jan 2019 and need some guidance. The PCN ….. was issued while the vehicle was parked on the Bus Stop on Plashet Road. Plashet Road was closed due to Mains Replacement work on Green Street. Stukeley Road had notices stating that it was closed from 28th July to 5th October. The works overran the above schedule and I wasn’t aware of its completion until after I was informed about PCN. My brother was replacing carpet at his home and had borrowed by Toyota Previa to dispose off old carpet at the tip in Jenkins Lane. I came on Sunday to replace the car, I parked his little Swift and drove off with my Previa. Later my brother found the above-mentioned PCN on his car and sent me a message. I accept parking his Swift on the bus stop as the bus stop was suspended since the start of the work, all buses were being diverted via Stukeley Road. Had the notices stated the correct date and if the notices were removed after the completion of the works I would have realised the bus stop suspension was removed and not parked the Swift where I did. I will appreciate if you will revoke this penalty as I didn’t park the Swift to cause any obstruction and nor was it intentional. I hope to hear from you very soon.
  3. Hi Needing some advice and guidance, will keep this to the point and hopefully someone can help, It was a 40th treat for myself which makes it even worse for me. Viewed a vehicle on 04/11/18, at a Lookers dealer in Carlisle, 70+ miles from our home address, Paid full screen price, £12,500, paid £8000 on debit card and £4500 on finance, asked for a few cosmetic repair's to carried out as well as serviced, mot'd and fully valeted. Got train back to dealer on 17/11/18 with wife and kids to collect vehicle, only thing was it hadn't been cleaned at all well apart from that happy with vehicle and service received. Drove home, on returning home (82miles covered) not even 3 hours into ownership the vehicle has smoking badly from under the vehicle, the transfer box on the transmission had been leaking all over the exhaust and underside of vehicle causing the burning smell and smoke when arriving home. So at this time on a Saturday night the dealership was closed so emailed the salesman. The workshop manager contacted us Monday to arrange vehicle collection as they wanted the option to repair the vehicle at the purchasing dealership (which turned into a joke), the vehicle was collected on a trailer (20/11/18) and took back to Carlisle. The oil leak was rectified and the vehicle returned to my place of work on 23/11/18. I took delivery of the vehicle as the leak seemed to be rectified, when I left for work I tested the 4wd system which displayed a fault, contacted the general manager as it had been passed to him to deal with and verbally agreed he knew the 4wd was working prior to repair as he drove the vehicle when it was traded in, as I also knew it was working as I tested it before purchase. He contacted me to let me know he had booked it into the Lookers Ford dealer nearer to my home, great, dropped it Monday 26/11/18 to be inspected Tuesday, this didn't happen, the inspection took place on Wednesday, they condemned the transfer box, the General manager from Carlisle contacted me to state a new one would be fitted and he had authorised the repairs. Collect the vehicle 03/12/18 far dirtier than when I dropped it off and to discover a second-hand unit had been fitted not new, which has now shown a fault 1 day after the replacement transfer box. I'm at the end of my tether. Now this is where my problem starts...…. and for my post needing help!! (sorry for the long post) I don't think for one second they will challenge my rejection as he has already made this a evident to me over the phone. We have been more than reasonable and in turn they have been fine with us. But.. Its a 63 reg vehicle and only had 44K miles recorded and had a very high spec. if I'm just to simply take my money back and finance cancelled there is not another vehicle on the market to replace this one for the same value, some are £2000 plus more, I may be being stupid but I don't see why I should now be without a vehicle because of Lookers incompetence or having to be another £2k plus deeper into a vehicle. Not including all the cost to collect the vehicle etc. Is there any advice on how to progress with this? I want the vehicle that was described to me at initial purchase, however I have lost all faith in the one I have. Are they obliged to find me one either from group stock or from an alternative source? and if they are and it is at a higher price - do I have any rights with them to ask them to price match for the one I bought? I don't see why I should be out of pocket and back to square one, after viewing a few vehicles before purchasing this one. Thanks
  4. I bought some headphones from Amazon about 6 weeks ago. They Developed a fault just after 30 days. Amazon have offered me a refund, unfortunately the headphones were at a promotional price at the time. The refund wouldn't be enough for me to buy a replacement pair from them. They have refused to either repair or replace them. I know under consumer law I am entitled to a repair or a replacement. Is a retailed such as Amazon able to ignore that if they simply offer a refund? I was very happy with the headphones and really just want a pair without the fault. Where do I stand?
  5. Hi, still trying to calm down after my visit to Currys today:x We bought a cooker there less than 2 months ago and its been faulty from the start, the oven cuts out during cooking leaving food half done and only fit for the bin. This happened in our second week of ownership but we weren't sure if it was us or the cooker, now we know for sure its the cooker at fault as its happened 4 times. We went back to currys today to complain but were told the manufacturer would only consider a repair and it might take a month So I've been looking up our rights and would appreciate some help from the forum First, they insisted we could only get help from the manufacturer, but our contract is with Currys, no one else, do they have the right to fob us off in this way ? Second, the fault has been there since we took delivery, do we have the right to a replacement or refund or do we have to accept a repair ? I know we're over the 30 day limit but its not our fault, this seems so unfair, any advice ?
  6. Trying to add a replacement car to my car insurance as previous written off-no fault of mine..other driver went into me whilst I was stationery. Case still open. I need to insure a replacement car but my insurance has advised I have to register this incident as my fault until case concluded. Apparently both parties have to register same on insurance until case concluded. Can anyone advise how I can get a car insured without trebling my premium..
  7. Hi all I booked my car in a good few weeks ago for a new clutch (powershift), had been putting it off for a while and finally decided to bite the bullet. Got the quote which was just over 1k which I was happy with. the day came and Ford (evans halshaw) collected the car, and told me it would be a couple of days, so far so good. I get a call a few days later from the service manager who told me they'd replaced the clutch, and it turned out the new clutch was faulty...and it was the last one available in the UK atm and it could be another 3-4 weeks as it's on backorder. I have another car I can use so I kept my cool, and asked what they can offer to compensate for this, to which I was told there were no loan cars available for a month, and he would speak to Ford about reducing the cost of the work. He came back later and said they would reduce the price by £100! I am without a car until probably the end of June, with only a small discount offered. Additional point - the car is undrivable now as I assume they didn't want to spend 6 hours putting the old clutch back on Does anyone have any advice on what I should be asking for in this kind of situation? I can't help but feel I may have been kind on them when they called!
  8. Hello, I am looking for some advice if possible regarding an issue that I have with them about a phone that I have returned to them to get replaced under warranty. On the 27th September, I returned my Google Pixel device back to Google's warehouse, using UPS shipping labels provided to me via their customer support live chat. This shipping method provided me with a tracking number so I could find out when it arrived. Great! The phone was delivered to Google's warehouse in Germany on the 29th September. A few days after I knew it had arrived at the warehouse, I got in touch with Google as I had received no confirmation from them to say that they have received my phone. I questioned this and was assured that my phone has been received at the warehouse and all is good, my replacement device will be shipped to me as soon as it has processed through their systems. A few more days passed with no information from Google still regarding my device, I get in contact again and explain. They tell me that they are unable to find my device that I sent them. This is where I begin to get slightly concerned. I explain to them that the tracking shows delivery (I sent them this in a screenshot). They asked me to provide shipping labels, which I did, but when I sent them to them, I never got a response regarding it. Cut a long story short, every time I've contacted Google I have spoken to a different agent, whether this was through live chat/phone call. I finally thought I was getting somewhere when I spoke to a staff member on the phone who told me that they are going to send me a Pixel XL in replacement for my Pixel device and that I will receive it within 7 working days. Excellent! I'm getting somewhere I thought. A few more days passed from that point, no shipping confirmation, no confirmation of receiving the device, nothing. The only communication has been when I have contacted them via email or live chat. Following this discussion, I received an email from the live chat again who explained that there has been no update on the device's whereabouts and that no new device will be sent until they find it. As you can understand, I was not happy and email back explaining the conversation I had with an agent on the phone. Finally, Wednesday 11th October, two weeks since I sent the device. I spoke to someone on the phone, who was an excellent help. He said that he has now just processed it as if they have received the device and that it is processing through the system now and will hopefully be sent to be soon (not exactly 100% what I wanted to hear, but it's a start). He explained to me that I should email him on Friday 13th October if I have received no communication regarding the replacement as he personally processed the replacement whilst on the phone to me. He also explained to me that he is now the only person that I will talk to for this case. So tomorrow, I will call Ollie the agent again to speak to him regarding the device, because as of this evening, no device has been sent out to me. The most aggravating part for me during this has been speaking to different people every single time I contact, even by email, a different person replies to me. I have tried to escalate the case as much as possible, but am being told that there is nobody else that is able to talk to me. Even when challenged, I got a response from a so-called "supervisor" by email, who I replied to but have never heard anything back from. Along with this, I have found an email address online for their grievance department, but as of yet, nobody has got back to me on that email, except an automated response. What would people suggest in doing? I plan on arrange for a call from the agent I spoke to on Wednesday tomorrow morning, but I am unsure at what I should do if he says that there is nothing else he can do to speed the process up. Despite the fact someone told me it was sent before he did. Any suggestions? Apologies for the long story, but have condensed it down as much as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice given. EDIT: Each time that I have spoken to a person on the phone and they have given me information such as sending me a different device or such. I have got them to email me this, so that I have a copy of this in writing each time that they have said it.
  9. Good day all, I'm in a bit of a panic here. I have a £4500 season ticket with SWT. I managed to lose it about 1 month into the ticket and was interviewed by revenue protection and subsequently given a replacement. Last night as I got up to let a lady off I folded the tray back with my season ticket in there and forgot to take it down again before getting off leaving my ticket on the train. Realising my mistake I tried to call the guard and SWT 30 mins after. However there were no numbers I could get through to. I spoke to the guard this morning and he advised that I wouldn't be given a duplicate and I would have to buy a new season ticket as I'd already had one replacement. My current season ticket had until June to run, so about £1500 worth of travel. I've got a new daughter being born soon and I can't afford the travel to get to work. Surely SWT can't refuse to let me travel? I've paid for the service not the ticket right? Is there anyone who can offer me any advice on how to go about coming to a resolution which doesn't end up putting me into debt or losing my job! Any advice greatly appreciated!!! thank you T
  10. Hello, I purchased a case for my tablet on 13th January. When it arrived I opened the parcel to find the packaging damaged, on inspection the stand for the case was missing. I raised a query with their customer services and they agreed to send a replacement, they did not ask to see any photos of the damaged item. I found it odd at the time that they agreed to send out a replacement before they had received the faulty one back. The replacement arrived on the 20th Jan. The return of the faulty case was arranged by them to be collected by Parcel Force on the 23rd. I packaged the envelope and wrote the returns number on it and nothing else, no address, no return address, etc as the courier would have a label to attach. It was to be collected from the office at work, the parcel was left on the table where all the parcels are delivered/collected from. I was away at lunch and on my return the Parcel force courier arrived but there was no parcel to collect! It transpired that the postman had picked it up, even though there was no address or postage on it, as it was next to the bag with the franked letters in. I have spoken to my local sorting office, Parcel force & Royal mail customer services and raised a query with the Royal Mail National Returns Center. All to no avail, the parcel must be in the system somewhere. This week Stuff-UK have said they now want paying £47.41 for the replacement as well as the faulty case or they will pursue legal action. I've tried speaking on the phone with them but we don't agree on the situation. They say it's wholly my fault and they sent the replacement in good faith, it was in my possession so I'm responsible even though it was an unfortunate event. Although they are 'sympathetic' to my situation they still want paying. Where on earth do I stand on this? All the information I can find related to companies losing parcels being sent to customers not the other way around! Am I legally responsible? Here's the email I got... "I have just spoken to Annette. Whilst I am sympathetic to your predicament, we are still £47.41 out of pocket. You have received 2 of the cases from us and returned none of them. The onus is on you to look after the product faulty or not whilst in your possession. The fact that somebody in your office allowed the goods to be given to another courier is unfortunate, but not a reason for us to be out of pocket. As this has gone on far too long, regrettably we will be issuing legal action to recover the monies owed plus costs and interest, if you are unable to make payment." I have until 24th March. Any help would be greatly appreciated as its quite a conundrum! I wouldn't even know what legislation this comes under. Thanks Pilau
  11. I took my car in to have the tracking looked at, and it was also making a drumming kind of sound at low speed that I wanted checked (the noise sped up at higher speeds so you couldn't hear it). Came back to me and said the left side shocker needed replaced. Just got the car back, and after having a look, it seems the right side shocker has been replaced, and the left side has also been removed, and replaced with a metal rod? I'm not a mechanic, but is this right? Doesn't seem safe to me, if anyone can help me out with this, it would be great, thanks.
  12. Hi folks Long story but hopefully I will keep it as short as possible. On 24th November 2016 I purchased a Whiteknight Dishwasher from co-op electrical, it was delivered on the 26th November, all was going well till the 4th January 2017 when it stopped draining and warning light was flashing and bleeping, I looked at manual and fault code was "Overflow - Some elements of dishwasher leaks" I called co-op electrical who said I should talk to whiteknight to arrange a service engineer to call. I called whiteknight who said that their own engineers don't cover my post code area but they would get in touch with a partner who will be in touch with me within 24hrs. 24hrs passed without a call I called them back, they apologized and said they would email engineer again and tell him to get in touch with me to arrange visit. Another 24hrs passed and no engineer called, I telephoned again and was told that a visit was booked for the next day and they would get engineer to call and confirm visit. As per usual no call to confirm visit and no engineer showed up. At 17.30 I called whiteknight again and was told engineer had to 18.00 to make a visit. Told them if no-one appeared I would be calling them back at 18.00. At 17.55 engineer called and said he had just been told about job and he would not be able to attend till the next morning at 9.30, I said this would be fine. Next morning engineer arrived and took dishwasher apart had a quick look around inside machine, switched it on and said he will be back in an hour once it had finished its cycle. He had only been out the house five minutes when the dishwasher flooded my kitchen floor. We switched off machine and waited for engineer to come back, told him what had happened and he said he was not quite sure what the problem was, said he could change pump but didn't know if that would fix fault, he then said he was going to speak to his boss, left the house and has not come back, dishwasher is still lying in bits in my kitchen and conservatory. Next day I called whiteknight to find out what was happening and they told me that the engineer had reported to them that we had refused a repair, told whiteknight that this was a lie. I have now been on the phone several times, since engineer visit, to whitekight and co-op electrical and all they say is we are looking into and someone will call you back within 24hrs which never happens. After all the problems we have had can I now reject the dishwasher, as I have gave them a chance of repair, and ask for a refund or a replacement. Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post. Cheers.
  13. Hi CAG, There is a known hardware fault amongst Apple and the Apple community in relation to my Apple MacBook Pro model (Mid 2010) whereby a hardware panic during the dynamic graphics card switching causes the MacBook to crash. I got in touch with Apple Support who advised that my MacBook is now considered as "Vintage" and so replacement parts are no longer manufactured, nor am I able to send it to Apple for repair. This fault has been reported to Apple many times from other owners, but I have never received contact from Apple to recall my laptop or advise me that there is a certain time period to receive a repair until it is deemed "Vintage". I am now left with a faulty laptop that constantly crashes, unfit for purpose and looses my work if I haven't pressed save before the laptop decides to crash. So, the only option for me now is to replace the laptop. During my call with Apple Support I asked if they are able to replace the laptop or even discount a new laptop to offset my faulty one. They advised that I need to visit an Apple Store and raise it with them there. I do not have any stores close to me, so before I decide to make the journey to one, would anyone able to offer advice as to where I stand with a replacement be it at a discount?
  14. I bought a pair of expensive reputable headphones from a high street store that also operate as an online retailer with good reviews. I purchased directly from the physical store as it was easier. In less than a year the headband formed cracks from normal use on the left and right ends. The manner which they appeared flagged a design fault or a material defect. I took pictures of the cracks, eventually one side snapped. The headphones are not usable, so not fit for purpose. I went to the store with the entire box, headphones and purchase receipt and asked for a replacement. The seller invoked 2 year manufacturer warranty and claimed he had to follow the repair/replacement process and send it to the manufacturer. I explained that my approach was merely based on SOGA rights, the product failed and it is not my fault as easily proven hence I wanted a new one. Because he was cooperating I tried not to make a big fuss and went for the warranty which I now regret. He admitted the damage is not repairable and as soon as they check back with the manufacturer they will replace with a new pair to avoid a delay on my end. I believe they should have given me a new pair and deal with the manufacturer on their end. On the other hand if I refused, it may have looked as they tried to provide a solution but I didn't comply with the process. Still I have to be without my headphones for unknown time...they claimed 6-10 days. I have in the meantime spotted information online that suggests there are batches with this problem and I plan to use it. I am not keen on the "repair" element, just want a new pair. I wanted to know if I got things wrong here, 1. would I be within my rights to demand a new pair if not satisfied? 2. shouldn't the seller replace the product? Why retailers persistently disregard the SOGA terms? 3. I have the option to invoke a credit card refund if not happy after all else...
  15. Hello, I've purchased this product https://www.scan.co.uk/products/audeze-el-8-closed-back-planar-magnetic-headphones-(open-box) after receiving it one of the first things I found was that one of the drivers does not work and there were scratches on the product. I've contacted them straight away and they've told me that they want to replace the product with another opened box, but I believe this will not be in accordance to the "full manufacturers warranty" and a reasonable outcome would be a repaired product or a new replacement product. I've written them a fairly big email explaining that there should be separation of concern regarding this and asked what would be the case if they simply didn't have any open boxes left in stock. What is the right procedure for such an issue? Thanks EDIT: I've got a response: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/audeze-el-8-closed-back-planar-magnetic-headphones-(open-box)
  16. Hi, My parents own a house in Northern Ireland which is 'split' in two halves and one half is rented out as a self-catering holiday home with its own entrance and exit door. The whole house still has only one postal address and the two halves have an interconnecting door which is locked on my parents' side. They currently have insurance from Santander (buildings, contents and public liability) but Santander are going to exclude the public liability aspect from the policy in January. My questions are: Did Santander provide enough cover for their situation (Satander said they did) or were they miss-sold? If miss-selling did occur, what recourse do they have (they never had a claim on the public liability insurance and only two claims over the years when they had a chimney fire and when a tree fell down on their greenhouse. If they were undersold on their insurance what should they have been sold? Thanks in advance. John
  17. I have a 5 month old iPhone 5S that has gone to Apple for repair - the likelihood is that a replacement will be sent to me as the phone was emitting smoke during its last charge. I understand that if a new item develops a fault within the first 6 months then the fault could be deemed to have been present at point of purchase. Does the Sale of Goods Act provide for a 'Brand New' product in replacement, or will I have to accept one of their refurbished units? Thanks
  18. We purchased an Aqualisa Vitalise SLX 8.5kW shower as part of a bathroom suite March 2013. From then until about 6 months ago it worked fine (Max temp on setting 3 of 45°C) 6 months ago it started intermittently not heating up to full on 3rd setting (Max of 36-37°C). We just got on with it, having other things to deal with. The fault is that: Setting 1 does not "click", and does not affect water temperature. Setting 2 "clicks", lights dim slightly, and water temperature increases. Setting 3 does not "click" and does not affect water temperature. Therefore i'm guessing that Setting 1 switches on one heating element, Setting 2 switches on a second, and Setting 3 switches both on. (Hence why 1 and 3 don't work). We eventually had time to research the problem (November 2014) - these showers were recalled in Dec 2013 due to risk of electric shock. We contacted the company who said that if it was not leaking then it was not eligible to be replaced under that recall. (http://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/product-recalls/2013/12/aqualisa-vitaliseenergy-electric-showers/) We then contacted their technical support who sent an engineer to investigate, who turned up with a whole new (?refurbished) unit, and fitted it. He said that due to low local water temperature and it only being an 8.5kW unit, the shower may not reach the maximum temperature. He left with the shower not achieving more than 36°C, having lowered the house water pressure slightly. Having investigated more thoroughly since, it appears that this replacement shower ALSO has the same problem our previous one had. Throughout winter 2013 the shower worked perfectly. Question is, who do we chase? Since Aqualisa replaced our previous unit, does the Sale of Goods Act apply to them?
  19. A friend's car is being fixed due to an accident that wasn't their fault. They have been told by the garage fixing the car (referred to by the other party's insurer) that they cannot have a courtesy car unless they agree to drive it every day. Further that the car has a tracker that will check this. Their own insurer has confirmed this. I can't find any info about this by internet search. It seems bizarre and unenforceable to me. The friend has been separately advised to simply hire a car from elsewhere that doesn't have this restriction. This sounds like reasonable advice. So specifically I'm curious as to whether people have experienced the weird requirement.
  20. The company that I bought a prebuilt computer from last summer have determined after much back and forward correspondence that the graphics card is faulty and should be replaced under warranty. I have enquired about having it replaced with a different card from the same manufacturer. Now, this is a card that is both newer and superior to the one I currently have. It is however, at worst, of equal value to my current card as of today and I know for a fact it is of considerably lesser monetary value than my card was at the time of purchase. They currently include it as standard in computers several hundred pounds cheaper than mine was. Despite this, they describe it as "an upgrade they will need to discuss". This to me implies they will want money for it to make up a difference in price that doesn't exist. Am I entitled to have this as my replacement item? If anything it is technically me who will be out of pocket, not them.
  21. Hi and thanks for the forum. I bought a jacket on Amazon through a seller in May 2014 and the item has been used a few times only. The zip broke a few days ago and the seller advised that I was out of the 15 days to return it. Amazon said I had until August 2014 but to call my Credit Card charge backs. So I've just called MBNA and they advised that I needed to file a claim in 120 days. Is that the end of the road as I feel totally ripped off. The product in my view is not fit for purpose. Many thanks in advance.
  22. Hi all. I bought a TV from John Lewis online in the Black Friday sales. The TV is faulty and JL say they cannot exchange as the TV is now £150 more expensive. They can only refund my money. Is this right?
  23. Hi all, The insurer we had at the time, was Sainsburys. We had a garage fire a few years back now, so the garage was refitted with new plasterboards, lighting and a new roof. The problem is, they had general contractors replace the roof and they did it wrong. They were called back about 7 times in total, to fix the roof, because it kept leaking, in multiple places. The company sent out an inspector at one point because we kept complaining and he said the roof was on upside down So it was redone again, by the same contractors, not roofing specialists and it seemed to hold for a short while. We've changed insurance companies since, but, the leaks keep coming, it was a small leak in the corner at first, now it's in multiple places, including through one of the light fittings. Can I get some advice on what we should do? Should we contact Sainsburys insurance again, despite not being with them? OR try going through our current insurer? (I don't think they'd cover it, or help) any advice would be appreciated!
  24. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can confirm or deny this please. I bought a Nikon camera on 22 July 2014, everything was great until last week (27th Oct) when we were on holiday, the camera would turn on and all functions worked fine except there was nothing on the screen when taking photos and all photos taken were solid black, similar to having the lens cover in place - but it wasn't. Upon returning from holiday I searched for the receipt in order to return it to our local Argos store, whilst I found everything else - box, instructions, CD etc I could not locate the receipt. Luckily (or so I thought) I had paid for it via my Argos card, so I printed off the statement showing the date although the price was more than the camera as I also made other purchases at the same time, I also printed emails I had received showing my reservation details. I took all the paperwork and box etc to my local store, the store manager stated that as it was a Nikon it *must* be sent away for repair and for that to happen I *must* provide a receipt! Because I had purchased the camera at another store my local store could not pull up a copy of the receipt and after disappearing for 20 minutes he returned to state he could not get through to the other store for them to fax a copy through but he had an alternative on this occasion..... He would replace it with one from stock! Excellent I thought, but then came the kicker - there where none in stock within a 60 mile radius, I showed him on my phone that whilst they didn't have the same colour in stock they actually had one of a different colour - exactly the same camera, specs, accessories etc just black and not purple. For this he wanted another £20 as it was priced at £20 more (£119.99) than I had paid (£99.99) (the web page for the new black model did state that the camera had been sold for the lower price of £99.99 in the previous 6 months so this in essence was a price increase). I was left with either paying the £20 or spending the around same amount in fuel to make the 120 mile round trip to pick up one of the same colour. To make things more confusing he stated the original purple colour camera was actually now priced at £84.99, when I asked if I would receive a refund of the difference he laughed....so it's ok to charge me more when the price had increased but not refund when the price had decreased, win win for Argos. Normally I would just take the hit but something about the managers smug attitude really got my back up - £20 is not a lot but as a matter of principle I don't know if this 'supplementary' charge should have applied. Can anyone shed any light if they are allowed to do this? Apologies for the long winded post but I like to get all the facts out in one go Many thanks
  25. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-29815425
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