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  1. Hi, Ill make this short and sweet but I had my 'MEDICAL' assessment yesterday at ATOS and im so shocked with what it was like. I suffer from mental health issues and have been in the throws of this for around 10 years and have just been granted ESA to support me alongside my long awaited therapy which will last 12 months plus. I was asked to attend an assessment and did so and was abs nervous etc about going but I did and went through what i can only describe as an interrogation. In all my years under mental health care I have never been second guessed about my symptoms, made to talk about why i am ill (this has to be done delicately for someone with my condition), had my answers questioned on my feelings and when I tried to describe my emotions (again not wise for someone like me) I asked for reassurance if she understood and her answer was 'kind of'. Even in my therapy or during going through the system under mental health care have i ever been probed and questioned and worn out by this interrogation style, almost made to feel like a criminal in some ways. I dont think I was heard....how can I condense 10 years into 45 mins anyway? All this and they expect YOU to get evidence aswell?? The reason I am posting this is because i cannot see someone with a worse condition than myself coping with this atall...it has left me very anxious and low but i have a good support network others DONT. How can I effectively complain about this so it stops?? should I write to my local MP? Thanks for listening. PL
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