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  1. Hello, I would be grateful for some support on a PCN issued by Norwich Traffic Control on 2017. The car park is also for a DR's surgery that I was attending. I parked my car in a car park that was being enforced by NTC on 12/05/17 The entrance for the car park is only wide enough for one car so if you are maneuvering to allow another car to pass, you are not able to read the signs as you enter the car park. Upon parking my car, I went over to the pay and display machine to see if there was anything reading the Dr's surgery, there wasnt, just the usual generic sign. I then went in
  2. Hi, I received an email from my lease company in December, advising of a PCN with the reference number to login and view/appeal/pay etc. It was my son-in-law who had been driving and got stuck in a box junction. He logged on and paid the £65 fine. Then we received a letter from TFL that the PCN was going to be reissued to me as the lease company had provided my details. If the PCN had been paid then it would be reunded by CHEQUE. No cheque was ever received, and my son in law didn't notice the money be refunded into his account - it was a few days before Christmas.
  3. Good afternoon fellow forum users, apologies in advance as I've never posted before and want to give as much info as possible but there is a bit to tell and I don't want to bore you all to death so I'll try to be as brief and concise as possible. Yesterday I received 4 parking notices from a company claiming to be PCS and one penalty parking charge from the London Borough of Newham for a 52m - failing to comply with a prohibition on certain types of motor vehicle contravention. In total the bill is currently standing at almost £500 ( 4 counts of £60 from PCS and £130 from Newha
  4. The driver has just received a letter from a solicitor regarding a traffic violation in Italy four years ago. All the information provided seems correct, i.e dates, type of car name and address of driver. At first we thought it was a [problem], this is now looking less likely but still possible. What is the best course of action? The requested amount is €300 from waters&gate
  5. I work for a company that employs more than 1000 Trade plate drivers; we travel all over the UK delivering and collecting vehicles for many different customers. Many of the places we go to are quite remote, airfields and large compounds etc, there is not usually public transport to many of these places. The only way we can complete our work is to work with other drivers, sometimes this is arranged by the company and sometimes we arrange this between ourselves. When there is public transport it can often take a long time to travel between jobs, and quite expensive. Therefor
  6. I had a road traffic collision in February this year, very minor incident (I was overtaking a vehicle on a straight bit of road when as I almost completed my maneuver, a car emerged from a hidden single track country road to the right without stopping/looking). I was fortunate in that I was able to avoid a full force impact into the side of the car, and managed to make a very minor glancing blow. All parties exchanged details and left, no injuries, really minor damage. I haven't heard anything since February until today, in which my insurers have said no parties have pursued a clai
  7. Afternoon, I wonder if you can please help me with this ticket. Back in November 2016 I unknowingly made a mistake and took a wrong turn to the road where no right turn was allowed between XX and XX hours. I think about 2 weeks later I moved and was never aware of the offence until February 2017 I was actually nearby my old flat and met postman who I knew and who then handed me a mail which had that ticket with a penalty and from Northampton court etc. I then phoned Court, spoke with them and was advised to immediately submit 2 forms (out of time and something else) I Imm
  8. The following regulation has been discussed for many months, and was finally laid before Parliament a few days ago (11th April). It comes into effect on 6th May 2017. The Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/554/made
  9. Hi everyone, I've done some digging, and see that 25 out of the 28 EU countries now share details if a foreign car is noted committing certain traffic offences. An Italian car, say, is photographed speeding in France. The Italian authorities will give the French authorities the keeper's details and the fine will be sent to the person's home in Italy http://etsc.eu/faq-eu-cross-border-enforcement-directive/ This scheme does not apply to the UK - but the UK will join in May and presumably stay until Brexit, if not longer. I was wondering what forum members would a
  10. Hi all I have received a letter from this company stating that I did not display a valid permit in a college car park whilst attending an event. I did have a parking ticket from the machine which was clearly displayed on my dashboard. The letter includes a photograph of my car but from a distance and simply showing that my car was parked in the car park. I have written the following. Before I send it, is this OK? ******* I write to appeal against the parking charge notice as detailed above. I attach a copy of the parking ticket I purchased and clearly dis
  11. A query on behalf of a friend - she lent her car to someone who committed a traffic offence whilst driving it - she received the initial letter but had just had a baby and was unwell so didn't respond in time. The other driver later admitted the offence but they prosecuted my friend anyway because the information was not received in the time limit and took her license away as she was a relatively new driver. She drives for a living so she appealed. The hearing was adjourned and a new date set for this week - she is worried in case they do revoke her license as she
  12. Today I received a PCN for a bus lane violation from Brent Council for straying into the bus lane on 15/08/16. The picture clearly shows me in the bus lane. It also clearly shows a truck parked in the opposite lane which is forcing an oncoming car into my lane, thus I have to move into the empty bus lane momentarily to avoid going into the oncoming car which has clearly strayed into my lane. This is all evident in the picture so how can this be an offence?! According to the PCN there are only 4 grounds for appeal: 1. Recipient was not the owner 2. There was no breach of the
  13. I may or may not be receiving an NIP in the post soon. But I wish to vent my spleen somewhat over the circumstances of two incidents within the last few days involving traffic lights. The first was at a flyover with a roundabout underneath. There were three sets of lights to pass through in order for me to proceed onto a slip road where traffic merges from a 30 MPH zone to a 50 MPH portion of the motorway. I passed through the first set of lights on green at 20-25 MPH. The second set of lights changed to amber as I was crossing from one side of the road onto the slip r
  14. A Double Yellow Line Traffic Management Order has been recently implemented outside of our house. We live on a corner at the end of a side turning. The order states that the original lines should be extended by 15 metres both sides of the road and go around into the 'main' road and be 10 metres along each side. The lines that have been laid are of incorrect lengths in all four sections. We have informed the Council Highways dept. and the CEO, and we are kept being told that they are correct. The TMO was changed from a previous one and it appears that they have l
  15. A question rather than a rant I hope. We've some pretty disruptive roadworks in progress at the moment here, there's notice from a few miles out of a lane closure and then the usual warnings and speed restrictions. Alongside all of these signs are several that instruct people to queue in both lanes and merge at the very head of the queue. This works quite well mostly, the queue moves albeit there's the odd premium german saloon driver that refuses to let anyone in and the disruption, although annoying (taking a 3 minute drive up to a 25/30 minute one) is manageable. Until, a HGV
  16. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/630389/Worst-parking-car-space-Range-Rover-driver?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daily-express-uk-news+%28Daily+Express+%3A%3A+UK+Feed%29 The PPC managing the car park some how failed to prevent this inconsiderate parking with their ANPR cameras... *not my words.
  17. This morning I had a phone call from an Enforcement Agency who had been to my old address. They want almost £500 for a traffic ticket where they said I went into a bus lane last May. Obviously I cant remember and they said they are going to post me some papers out as I live in a different town now. I did give DVLA my new address and its on two MOT's since but apparently its not updated on the system. I know its on my credit report. Can anyone please tell me how I can fight this as I dont have the money to pay and they say it has been to court and finalised
  18. The council has recently put double yellow lines down near me. Do they need a TRO to be able to enforce them, by issuing a parking ticket? If so, how do I find out if a TRO is in place? Is there somewhere on the internet where I can search for them? Thanks
  19. My partner bought his bungalow end of 2013. Prior to the purchase a Private Search of Local Land Charges was made. We have concerns about the search because we received a letter recently from Hampshire County Council saying that they are install double yellow lines outside the front of the bungalow. This has been called a Traffic Order proposal. We objected to this immediately, the Council wont install a disabled parking bay outside the front of the bungalow claiming its too close to the junction, we disagree. They wont allow us to park the car in the garden again clai
  20. Hi Everyone. I would really appreciate your input on this issue. I just received a Default Costs Certificate from Chester County Court. The letter was redirected from our old address in Wales (we have now lived in the South East of England for the last 3 years). The letter states: "As you have not raised any points of dispute on the claimant's bill of costs, the costs of the claim have been allowed and the total sum of £604.85 is now payable. You must pay this amount to the claimant within 14 days from the date of this order (1 June 2015)." Now, this is the first time I hear o
  21. I have a panel van, registered as a Light Goods Vehicle. I have converted it to a camper van,(windows, beds,cooking, wardrobs, etc) but have not yet reregistered it as a camper van, as I believe this can only be done at my next car tax renewal date. I was caught speeding at 78,on a dual carriage way, which is right on the speed limit for cars. My belief, at the the time, was my speed limit was 70, but I now understand the limit for this viechle should be 60. Even though it is impossible to load or use as a public light goods vehicle. Do I have any defence if I was to contest thi
  22. As the coffin was being lowered into the ground at a traffic wardens funeral a voice from inside screams "I'm not dead, I'm not dead, let me out !" The vicar smiles, leans forward sucking air through his teeth and mutters " too bloody late pal, the paperworks already done".
  23. I have received a visit this morning from a bailiff. Banging on the door and shouting through the window etc. I got a PCN in November from Oxford City Council for driving in a bus lane. The fine was £130 approx and I came to an arrangement. Due to a lack of money coming in I was only able to make one payment and there has been £100 outstanding for several weeks. The bailiff today wanted £400 and because I couldn't pay clamped the vehicle which was parked on our drive. We then phoned the police who of course said they couldn't get involved. I resorted to having to ask my Dad for help and
  24. Hi, I have been stopped by police this morning on my way to work. It's my boss car but I'm insured only for domestic use (I didn't know). The car has our company name written on it but the our insurance policy says that I can drive it to work. ( I didn't know this either at the time police stopped me). Police claims that is a company car and needs a commercial insurance. After tell me that I wasn't insured I was very nervous and in one of the answers I said that I might use the car to meet clients after. Then they claim the car was used for Commercial purposes so I'm uni
  25. I would value all opinions on this please. There is a disabled blue badge holder living directly opposite me in a cul de sac. He has always parked on my side of the street, and had applied for a disabled parking bay, but hadn't heard if it was successful. There are grass verges outside the houses opposite, many of which have been concreted over to make a hard standing to park on. The man concerned still has a grass verge, but no hard standing. I got home on Wednesday night, to find a huge disabled parking bay on his side of the road, directly opposite my parking space. My pa
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