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Found 5 results

  1. I had a road traffic collision in February this year, very minor incident (I was overtaking a vehicle on a straight bit of road when as I almost completed my maneuver, a car emerged from a hidden single track country road to the right without stopping/looking). I was fortunate in that I was able to avoid a full force impact into the side of the car, and managed to make a very minor glancing blow. All parties exchanged details and left, no injuries, really minor damage. I haven't heard anything since February until today, in which my insurers have said no parties have pursued a claim, and because I didn't claim off my policy, the claim has been settled as a non fault claim with no affect to my no claims bonus. I'm presuming this is the end of the matter?
  2. Hello all, I had a car accident yesterday on the M6 Jct 17 southbound slip-road. The damage to both vehicles is moderate. The subject matter here is road maintenance and liability of the accident. The junction is currently facing improvement works overnight(s) until March 2015. The morning of the 14th May 2014 I was making a social journey and exited the M6 at Jct 17 at 70mph. Utilizing engine braking the vehicle had slowed to less than 50mph on start of the slope towards the overpass/intersection. There were construction signs 200m prior and speed limit of 40mph at the end of sliproad. I began moderate application of brakes slowing to 40mph and on the brow of the hill I saw the intersection and give way markers on the ground. I immediately applied heavy braking but the car lost traction and steering control. The vehicle veered into crossing traffic at the intersection colliding with another saloon vehicle. The collision occurred at approximately 10 mph. On assessing the vehicles and picking up debris of the road I saw some sort of grease or rainbow coloured substance on the surface. The road at the time was wet from drizzle and the area had been dug up so mud had been transferred over to the road. I called my insurance company admitted liability and recovered the car 200 miles to London. My excess is £750 and premium at £1,400. Is the accident completely my fault?
  3. Hi all, I was involved in a minor collision on Good Friday around lunchtime. Briefly, woman reverses from driveway onto residential street, cars parked both sides. Hit the brakes, minor collision. I was probably doing between 20-25mph so the damage to both cars is relatively minor i.e. scuffing on her bumper and the same on my front wing. Found her particularly unpleasant in her manner from the off but she gave her name and reg number and I gave the same. Following morning policeman at door – apparently, later in the afternoon she has gone to the police station and accused me of making racist statements. Policeman says she doesn't want to take it any further but and I quote "What's really annoyed her is that she only got the car yesterday". I'm told to call her up, apologise and give her my address - "do it today" he says. I called her Easter Sunday at 9.45am and left my address only on her ansaphone. Immediately after bank holiday weekend i.e. Tuesday I call insurance company and report the*accident. Thursday, I receive letter from Thames valley Police (special delivery so must have been posted wednesday) saying Notice of intended prosecution Alleged offence(s) careless/inconsiderate driving Fail to stop at R.T.A Fail to report R.T.A No indication as to which one, given that this is dated 29 March 2013 i.e. date of collision. Is this simply a case of 'crossed wires'? Grateful for any insight from the group many thanks C
  4. Hi guys, I am posting this on behalf of a family member, who had recently been involved in a collision. At the scene of the accident, the other party accepted liability as she had reversed into the passenger side of my sister-in-law's car, whilst attempting to find a car parking space, and my sister-in-law was attempting to pull out of a space. The Police were called, but as it was a none injury, and no damage to other property, they did not attend. Although the sister-in-law did attend at the local Police station to attempt to report it, but again because it is "a none reportable road accident" all they did was add a few lines to an incident report. Insurance company authorised repair of the car and use of a hire car later that day. So here's the issue, the other party is now contesting the blame of the crash, and both insurance companies are wanting a 50/50 split, resulting in loss of no claims bonus etc. The thing is, the incident was captured on CCTV at the local shop, should the Police have attended the crash, then that CCTV would have shown the incident and who was at fault. The other party waited for just over a month from the collision to contest liability, which surpisingly is the maximum period CCTV footage should be kept for unless required as evidence (I know as I work in that field). The insurance company were informed about the availability of the CCTV camera footage in the initial call to them and in subsequent calls. They failed to arrange for this footage to be retained, or instruct my sister-in-law to request the footage herself. Now there's also the matter of the insurance company stating that they could not ask the Police to provide access to the incident report as this is 'Data Protected' nor could they request a transcript of the other party's call to their insurance company for the same issue. I don't think that's right, surely the information of both these records would be disclosable?? I think the Insurance company has messed up. Anyway we would appreciate any help or advice on this, before going down the line of writing to the Ombudsman thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys yesterday I swapped my old car for a new one then today I had my friend (whos a mechanic) check it over and he is certain it has been in an accident in the past. And I was not told this so I want to know if I have any rights towards this matter? He told me the car ran perfect and he never had a problem with it. I suspect its been in a collision even more after looking at the V5 he put all his details down on. He put down his address is in Dorset but we met half way between where I live in Farnborough and he came from Birmingham. So I'm more led to believe this is a completely dodgy motor. So is there anything I can do to maybe even get my car back? Thanks.
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