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  1. The council has recently put double yellow lines down near me. Do they need a TRO to be able to enforce them, by issuing a parking ticket? If so, how do I find out if a TRO is in place? Is there somewhere on the internet where I can search for them? Thanks
  2. I ticked the wrong box, I need to read more carefully! I get the right result on the calculator,...sigh
  3. Ok, thanks. I read that now, but if you use the HMRC calculator that is not the result? Maybe I am inputting the info wrong.
  4. When I crunch the numbers WTC does not come into effect until 24 hours. But he will not hit that many hours, at least not to begin with, so basically no better of until we reach 24 hours, the 16 hour rule only seems to apply if it is the person with a disability that works, which doesn't make sense as PIP is not means tested, so what is the point, or am I missing the point? He wants to work, but needs to be here to care as well. Difficult really.
  5. Hi I claim ESA(IR) and I am in the Support group, my partner wants to work, but it will be 16-20 hours per week. So obviously I will inform DWP if this goes ahead. But can anyone advise how it affects my benefit? If he earns £130 per week, is that taken of my ESA Claim or does my claim stay the same and he keeps the money, as I read that my partner can work upto 24 hours, but it might affect my benefit on the benefit letter. Can this be for more than a year, as it seems if it was me working the maximum would be 12 months. Thanks
  6. Hi I have a friend who has been on benefits for some time he has £2000 in savings, which he has had for some time. He wondered if he could use the savings to pay off some of the mortgage capital? I can't see why not, since you are allowed savings and I assume you can do as you wish with it.
  7. Yes ex council. A neighbour got charged as well for the same matter. You say the it could be the council is not bothered, yes it seems that way, my point was there were bothered when it means money coming in!
  8. I recently built an extension on my house, the local council charged me about £100 to get their permission to built, I believe it was related to a covenant. I checked my deeds and there are a list of covenants, for example You cannot hang a washing line in the front garden You cannot park vehicles on the front garden You cannot put the dustbin out before 7pm on the day before delivery You need permission from xxx Council for modifications to the property I may not have used proper legal wording! Anyway, people have had their gardens changed to drives and cars are parked o
  9. I do qualify, I have filled their forms in, then they asked for proof, so I sent that, then hear nothing, I even applied early last year because of the hassle the year before.
  10. Hi all I have claimed warm home discount from Npower for 2 years now and not received any rebate back, I sent them a message but they didn't reply, I rang warm front and they said they only deal with Pensioners, and when I pressed them they said I can't speak to anyone but my energy supplier, why do I think I am in for a long haul! Anyone else had problems, if so how did you get on? Obviously I will try harder, but someone here might know who I can speak to, to save time. Thanks
  11. Sorry if this is wrong area! My neighbours water pipe (from stop tap to house) passes under my drive partially, it is leaking and seemingly on my side only. Severn Trent do free repairs so all good! But since it is my neighbours responsibility to maintain the pipe and any repairs, do you think I would be able to make him pay for putting my drive back to normal properly, as Severn Trent only 'make it safe'. I haven't asked him as we don't get on! Thanks
  12. So I renewed my car insurance through Tesco this year, the next day I got a text message from my old insurance saying thanks for renewing lol, so I rang them up and they are going to do a refund, so I can't complain to a governing body, because I am getting a refund. My complaint is 1) They should not auto renew (I know it makes sure people are covered, but we managed until now) 2) They renewed using the payment details of my partner! So they took the money from her account! I was wondering why no money went from my account! I intend to deal with this under the data protection act, what
  13. Here is an example, but limit is below triangle, sorry. View Larger Map
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