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  1. Paypal have reopened the case. Hopefully they will fall on my side. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Do you mean send an LBA to Ebay? I do not have the sellers full address. Just to clarify.
  3. I've put in a fraud report with the police for all the good it will do (probably none) and Ebay trust & security team. I've also made a complaint against Paypal with the FOS. But I hear they are only successful in about 15% of cases. I also left negative feedback warning others. Because the sellers full address is not disclosed by Ebay I have no means of sending them a letter before court action. Does anyone know how to get the full address from Ebay? All they sent me in a user info request was their name and general location (Hounslow, Middlsex).
  4. It's not allowing me to PM you as you have chosen not to receive private messages at this time.
  5. They confirmed via Ebay messaging that they did not send the item. They had marked the item as dispatched (Because of the way Ebay and Paypal works they are pressured into doing this) when I asked them for a tracking number they provided a Hermes tracking number but in the same message told me there was a delay on the color I had ordered and would I like to choose a different color. admitting they had not actually sent the item yet. They apparently use a drop shipment method to order the item and then have it sent to the buyer. Which is why they gave a number (which I could not seem to find on any Hermes site) and then asked me to choose another color. It was then that I asked for a refund and got into this mess. I have already hit a brick wall with that route. I went through a number of customer service reps on the phone to no avail. As far as they are concerned Paypal have closed the dispute and they are off the hook.
  6. Hi. I just checked my Paypal and found I did not use a Visa card and had an ongoing debit setup with my bank. An unsafe method which I shall be changing. This is why Santander said it was treated as a debit (I got confused thinking she meant Visa debit). Having the money go directly from my bank account instead of via card means I may be stuffed. I was reading that only 15% of complaints using the FOS are successful. This does not bode well for my case and the seller probably knows this too. Santander can put my money back into my account but this raises a dispute with Paypal. This is why I was concerned about doing so. I do not wish to get entangled in any legal stuff and any costs.
  7. I purchased an item using Ebay and the seller did not send the item. In my haste to get my money back I opened a Paypal dispute. However upon doing so the seller phoned me to say that they needed the Paypal claim closed to refund me through Ebay and rather stupidly I did so. Since then neither Ebay nor Paypal will do anything. I am unable to reopen the dispute with Paypal and Ebay say they cannot do anything because Paypal have closed the dispute (even though they are supposed to be two entirely separate entities). Now I could go the route of doing a chargeback through my bank. But it was done on a Visa debit rather than credit card. From speaking to my bank (Santander) that could entail some risk from Paypal challenging the chargeback which worries me. The amount is only the relatively small amount of £36.49. If Paypal were to be funny about it they could challenge it and possibly I incur some kind of legal fee? I don't know. Given that there is that risk I would rather swallow the amount and admit I have been ripped off and to be very wary in the future of closing any disputes before a full refund is given. Is there any other recourse for me?
  8. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/05/26/bank_fraud_liability_shake_up/
  9. You may be right there. I am getting older now and also have been under considerable stress in recent times. I had a feeling that might affect my driving ability so just did some Googling. http://news.softpedia.com/news/Stress-Anxiety-Impair-Driving-Skills-143554.shtml Seems pretty obvious to me. I guess I need to avoid driving when I am particularly stressed if I can and drive along at more sedate speeds. Drivers in a rush behind me be damned.
  10. I may or may not be receiving an NIP in the post soon. But I wish to vent my spleen somewhat over the circumstances of two incidents within the last few days involving traffic lights. The first was at a flyover with a roundabout underneath. There were three sets of lights to pass through in order for me to proceed onto a slip road where traffic merges from a 30 MPH zone to a 50 MPH portion of the motorway. I passed through the first set of lights on green at 20-25 MPH. The second set of lights changed to amber as I was crossing from one side of the road onto the slip road only for me to be met by the red lights of a pedestrian crossing. Which turned from amber to red at the same time as the second (previous) set of lights. There was no delay between them. There was a small space before the third set of lights for approximately one car length to stop. Because I was in the process of accelerating onto the slip road I would have had to slam on the brakes to avoid passing through the lights on red. This seemed counter intuitive to what I would expect when driving onto a slip road. Regardless of what the law says regarding driving through red lights. I felt it was not a fair system and in fact dangerous. I reported this to TFL on their website (without giving them my details of course). I have been beating myself up about it since. I am not sure if there were cameras there or not and it caused me considerable anxiety. The second time was only yesterday. There is a dual carriageway with a 40 MPH limit. This particular set of lights is quite odious. It has a red light camera (I assume) and speed camera lines on the junction. It is a major road junction that allows turning of traffic onto a minor road. I approached it with some trepidation wondering what the best plan of attack was. Begin to slow in preparation for a red light or continue at just under 38 MPH. I made the decision to continue at speed and that was when the lights turned amber. I decided to continue at speed and accelerated ever so slightly. I do not believe I broke the speed limit. However I am unsure if I made it through in time for the light turning red. From my understanding there is no requirement to slow down when approaching traffic lights unless they have already begun changing to amber and you do not think you will be able to cross the junction in time. But I may need my mind refreshing on if the highway code says otherwise. Especially since this was a dual carriageway with a 'continuous' 40 MPH limit. Because this is faster than 30 MPH it requires more stopping distance and this concerns me. Especially since they appear to have placed a speed trap on the junction as well. If you are getting close to the lights at speed (remember I have not broken the speed limit) then it leaves you very little room to stop without slamming on the brakes. But if you are pushed to accelerate through the lights at amber this could place you at risk of being snapped on a speeding charge or possibly being hit on both a red light and a speeding charge. The whole thing appears a bit catch 22 and very suspect IMHO. I have been VERY aware of my driving with regards to traffic lights of late and every time I approach a set I get more cautious and 'driven' to distraction with regards to how they operate and how I should deal with them. I have been driving for over 30 years now and it's only in the last few years I have noticed these issues. I never used to have issue with passing through lights but in recent times it appears the odds are being ever more stacked against drivers to be pushed into 'breaking the law' so to speak. Despite what they keep telling us about it being in order to make things safer for both drivers and pedestrians. The odds are you will make that 'mistake' sooner or later. To me it smacks of both incompetence and a cash grab.
  11. I had a feeling I was not seeing the woods for the tree's. Thanks. It also said my area was OK when in fact it's rubbish. You have to stand in a certain spot in the house to get a 1 bar signal that 'sometimes' works. Even outside you need to take a walk up the road to get more than a bar. I have one of those Three boxes that uses the internet for calls instead.
  12. Nope. Tried in Edge, Chrome and Firefox. http://i.imgur.com/37Y2H1a.jpg
  13. I don't get anything. No green or red areas. I have tried in several browsers. All I get are shades of grey and light blue for rivers etc.
  14. I understand what you are getting at and if it was me appealing I would use that argument. I am sure there are plenty of fines being overturned using such methods. Unfortunately the two other drivers don't seem to want the hassle or risk of a larger fine trying it. the point of my post is to ask whether they can be prevented from their continued harassment of motorists by taking more organized action against them.
  15. It has come to my attention that Redbridge council are unfairly profiteering from motorists driving in and around the Ilford area. I am posting here to find out if there is anything myself or others can do to 'overhaul' this system as it is unfair on drivers and is purely a money making scheme for them. Recently myself and a few other guests attended a dinner party and used the Citipark multi-story car park in Clements Road, Ilford. To enter and exit the car park there is a small intersection that splits the one way street and prevents drivers from driving back down the wrong way when exiting the car park. Upon exiting the car park you are immediately directed to the right and the intersection then directs you to the left into Clements road. You then proceed down two lanes. One leads you to the left - under a building through a small tunnel - into Clements Lane. The right hand lane continues to lead you down Clements Road towards Ilford main high street (High Road). We used three vehicles to attend. The drivers of the other two vehicles have informed me that they have both received a penalty notice from Redbridge council along with photographic evidence demanding £130 (£65 if paid early and appealing the decision could be very risky and costly) for driving down a restricted road meant for buses and access only. I myself have not received a penalty notice (yet). I don't recall driving down the wrong lane but I shall update the thread if I do. From looking at Google street view and from searching around I can see why. It is not very clear to me what the road priorities are and the signs are small and could easily be obscured if you were driving behind a bus. The road markings say nothing and there is no red coloring to the road that would indicate a bus lane either. From some research it would seem I am not the only one to notice that Redbridge council are using this as a money making scheme. Some links below give weight to this observation. Dailymail article http://tinyurl.com/nefwh9w Ilford Reporter article http://tinyurl.com/nrtz3mk Forum posts http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=68064 If you look on Google street view (link below) you can get clearly see what went wrong and why drivers are being caught out by this. I dread to know how many other drivers are being caught daily by this who are new to the area. Especially since at least two of us were caught out on this. http://tinyurl.com/p5ousm8 Based on this and the above information I wish to know if there is anything that can be done about Redbridge council's flagrant disregard for motorists and 'outrageous' use of them as a money making scheme. Is there no way for a group of us to fight back? This has been going on for years it would seem and surely it has to stop. If I lived locally I would be there every day with a big sign pointing out to drivers the restrictions, denying Redbridge council their pound of flesh! Both drivers of the other two vehicles have decided not to fight it and pay the fine without any complaint. They simply say it is too much time and hassle to fight this which I can understand. But if nobody fights back then more people will continue to fall into this trap and lose money. All the while Redbridge council will continue to line their pockets and not do a damned thing to change it. I would love to get involved in some kind of group action but at present all I can think of is to write a letter of complaint to Redbridge council, the local MP for Ilford, blog it all over the internet and write to Watchdog. Any advice is appreciated. P.S. Is it legal to put up your own sign informing motorists of the restrictions as long as it does not cause obstruction? If so, I am surprised nobody has tried this yet.
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