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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I am worried to death. Last Thursday 27 September 2018, I became aware that I had not one, but three Notices of Prosecution (NoP) against me for speeding in the same location. They are all SP30s from consecutive days, i.e. 17, 18 and 19 September. Naturally I was shocked and confused by this as I had not seen a camera flash or any police speed van in the area and wasn't aware I was doing anything wrong, just going about my normal everyday commute to the office in line with the regular traffic flow. I went and looked for the camera on the road in question but couldn't see one. I was really confused by this. I then received another two NoPs on Tuesday 2 October, this time for offences on 21 and 22 September. I was completely and utterly devastated by this. The following day, I received yet another for the 22 September at a different time. On this day (Saturday) I had been at work helping to run an event so I had been caught speeding both going and coming home too. This is now becoming a joke. Not only that, because I only became aware on 27 September, I am likely to receive more NoPs for 24, 25 and 26 September so I am expecting more to come. I could have the potential for 12 NoPs against me. I use a company vehicle, have zero points on my licence (which I pride myself on) and now face a total ban, and god knows how much in fines. Having now looked into this more, I now realise that a new camera system has been installed on the road in question on a trial basis, apparently it was activated on the 10 September. It is an average speed system; two cameras high up on top of lampposts which I simply didn't see. There was no warning signs, but since then signs have now been put up. There was plenty of warning in local newspapers and on the web but as I don't live in the local area, I live in a different county, I had no warning of these cameras hence the speed trap I've now been caught up in. I am absolutely devastated by this and feel victimised. I have got a solicitor involved but we have only spoken once and she's not filling me with much confidence. I cannot afford to lose my licence. I live in a pretty remote area; no way of getting to work using public transport, I need the car to do my job, I won't be able to get to my aged parents who live 30 mins down the motorway, nor my sister who has MS and lives in Liverpool and I would also have to give up my voluntary work as I wouldn't be able to get there. I have no child dependents. Obviously I have to take this ridiculous situation to court. How can one person receive so many NoPs in this way? How can this be justified? Cameras are supposed to be a deterrent not a trap aren't they? I feel I have had no fair warning to be aware and to alter my behaviour (which I am not denying by the way) but instead, I might as well have been convicted of murdering the same person six plus times. How is that fair or even sensible? It just doesn't make sense. Has anyone ever heard of the like and what advice would you give me? Any help or advice gratefully received as I'm desperately worried. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, I've done some digging, and see that 25 out of the 28 EU countries now share details if a foreign car is noted committing certain traffic offences. An Italian car, say, is photographed speeding in France. The Italian authorities will give the French authorities the keeper's details and the fine will be sent to the person's home in Italy http://etsc.eu/faq-eu-cross-border-enforcement-directive/ This scheme does not apply to the UK - but the UK will join in May and presumably stay until Brexit, if not longer. I was wondering what forum members would advise in such a situation. Regarding France specifically, I see a speeding fine for being just a few km over the limit is €45, if paid within 46 days, which I doubt would be worth chasing, but after 76 days it becomes €180 which might be worth chasing. Obviously the French authorities can't do anything themselves in the UK, but they can transfer the debt to a third party in the UK (I think!) My reason for writing this thread is that although I'm British, I live in Italy, and have just received two French fines, one for being 7km over the limit on a motorway, and one for 5km over the limit, on a different motorway. I need to ask for advice on Italian forums, which I am doing, but as I'm a fan of CAG I thought to scribble a thread here too!
  3. Good evening. My step daughter has just received a letter of Statutory notice to provide her details and also three alleged offences: RT 88218 - Failure to stop after a road accident RT 88220 - Failure to report an accident RT 88575 - Driving without due care and attention These are the result of an incident that I suspect many of us have experience during our driving careers. That of someone driving too fast and close to the middle of the lane down a country road, resulting in smashing each others drivers door mirrors. The incident occurred at 5.30pm on 3rd December and my step daughter says a car hit her door mirror and she went into the verge in her attempts to avoid it. She considers it to be the other drivers fault. My stepdaughter DID stop at the scene. She was very shaken up and got out to inspect the damage to her car. She waited in case the driver returned. The other driver DID NOT stop or return to the scene. She rang 999 while at the scene. She was advised to visit her local police station. She did so but the station was closed. She rang 101 and was advised that a. as her car was driveable, b. there were no injured parties and c. there would not have been any CCTV in that lane, there was nothing they could do. However, they did say that if she went into a police station she could get a crime no./reference number to use for insurance purposes. But, they did NOT at any point make it clear that she MUST BY LAW go to a police station and report the incident. From this conversation my step daughter decided that as she wouldn't be making an insurance claim she didn't need to report it. We know now that was the wrong decision therefore the charge of not reporting the incident is obviously one that can be brought against her. The letter states. . . "police have reasonable grounds to believe that the driver was sufficiently blameworthy to conclude they were primarily responsible for the incident taking place". We are puzzled by this - how can the police come to this conclusion without any evidence from the scene? How have the police gained my step daughters details? Why has this escalated to this level? How many of us have had collisions like this? Andhad to get over it and pay up/or make a claim - whether it was our fault or not. I have never reported anything to the police. I have only ever dealt with the other party through insurance companies. So I assume I've broken the law in the past by not reporting them to the police then! Just to make it clear in my 30 years of driving I've only had a handful of accidents - all the other drivers fault! Should we be getting legal advice at this stage or should we await the next stage? This seems a shocking escalation of what on the face of it seems a 'minor' incident which would normally be forgotten about after the initial shock and anger of the event taking place. We aren't in the habit of knowingly breaking the law - although I realise that is no excuse. Any comments or advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Stuart.
  4. Couldn't think where else to pose the question Any suggestions which body within England and Wales prosecutes s.50 offences and does anyone have access to any reported cases? Relevant section at the following link http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1974/39/section/50
  5. A service allowing motorists in England and Wales charged with summary motoring offences to enter a plea online is being launched by the government. People charged with a minor motoring offence such as speeding or not having insurance will be able to enter a plea 24-hours-a-day via a secure website. The gradual roll-out of the "Make A Plea" scheme from March follows a successful pilot in Greater Manchester. The government says it saves time and money for the criminal justice system. Last year saw 4.5m minor motoring offences processed through the courts. The government is also considering whether the scheme could be used for other low-level offences. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-31653760 Warning: Expect an influx of copy-cat sites from the same bottom-feeders who rip off the unsuspecting by charging for something you can do for free. Here's the official government website: https://www.makeaplea.justice.gov.uk/
  6. In August 2013 (18 months ago) I visited Faro, Portugal. I hired a car with GoldCar, within 30 minutes of hiring the car, unbeknown to me I received a ticket for entering a no-go zone at Faro airport. I didn't know about this until I was back in the UK, 3 months later, I received a ticket in the post from the authorities at Faro Airport. The ticket was written all in Portuguese, so I had to get it translated! The rental company, charged 40ukp to my credit card for the privilege of passing my passport and DVLA details to the portuguese authorities! The ticket itself was for only 24 euros and is from the Autoridade Nacional Seguranca Rodoviaria (ANSR) The ticket payment method wasn't easy. As they had to get me to pay into a IBAN account with a BIC id. I ended up doing a Western Union payment to the IBAN number on the ticket, using my credit card, specifying the ticket details as the payee reference. I then emailed the parking authorities that I sent a Western Union transfer to them with the details. Today, I got an email from the Portuguese Authorities at Faro saying they can't find details of the payment and I should forward on the payment details, who I sent it to etc. So now its 18 months later, I no longer have the credit card I used for the Western Union transfer (or the card I used with Goldcar). The Western Union site doesn't have my account payment details and I no longer have the ticket. Any ideas how to proceed? Do I just ignore it? What jurisdiction do these people (ANSR) in Portugal have? Can they come after me? What if I return to Portugal, can the passport control refuse entry into Portugal or imprison me? I don't think I'm likely to go back to Portugal any time soon. Would be grateful for the any advice please? Thanks. Lee
  7. Cllr David Allen,*Surrey Heath Borough Council*member for Frimley Green, said: “The company gives tickets to those people whose wheels are over the line and if you are over by a minute or two, they will ticket you. It has only been an issue in the last six months. "We are trying to do as much as we can, but we are also appealing to drivers for them to be responsible and not disregard the regulations.” http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/frimley-motorists-still-being-hit-8450443
  8. I was seen by an off duty police officer using my mobile phone and no seatbelt. They sent me a letter stating I can goto court or plead guilty in writing and without going to court.. Does anybody know what the maximum penalty/points this could carry? Somebody mentioned that if you are convicted of more than one offence you'd get points for 1 of the 2 offences, whichever carries the most number of points? Is this correct?
  9. A few days ago I made a silly mistake and turned into a one way road the wrong way! I realised my mistake almost straight away and pulled over to wait for a safe spot to do a U turn and correct my mistake, I was about 10 yards inside the junction. At this point a PCSO came running over to my car, screamed "You are going to get some points for that" at the top of her voice and then got onto her radio/phone device and asked "any officers near xxx street free to write a ticket" At which point a gap opened in the oncoming traffic so I did a quick U-turn and drove off in the correct direction. Should I be worried about a nasty letter in the post or a knock on the door? She never instructed me to stay, advised me I was being detained or asked for name address details. TIA Mat
  10. Hi, I am fairly new to this, I couldn't find a legal forum, so I put it here since it started as motoring offences. My main question is this... What right do you have to a trial by jury? I have been right royally shafted by the courts, and I know that if there had been a jury I would have been acquitted. My case has now been through crown court.... Do I have any further right of appeal? What happens with fines... There was no means test applied to my case. Can I apply to have my fines reduced ? In crown court no mention of guilt, or sentence, nor the amount of fine I would pay was made. The judge was pretty embarrassed at having to find me guilty when it was laughingly obvious I was not, he was wincing and couldn't look me in the eyes and virtually ran out of the court afterward. Could I call into question the validity of the hearing, since no findings were read to the court? I did have fun grilling the copper, he was furious, I caught him out on everything, lying, cheating, fraud, all in front of the judge (who wanted to hide). I also feel I got my 2k worth since it must have cost them more than that. But, I don't have much and 2000 is way over. I have been totally wronged by them, according to their own rules, that were flagrantly disregarded. It was farcical. I will be back later, and will give all the details of the case, but I don't have much time now.
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