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  1. Yes, I am already aware of that anmarj! Not helpful lenny100!
  2. Thanks anmarj but I am not on IR(ESA) and never have been - I am on contribution based and as far as I am aware, any occupational pension you were on at conversion is disregarded so it should not have been included.
  3. Hi..... Towards the end of last year I was sent an ESA3 by the DWP with a letter explaining that I might be owed money from when I was transitioned from IB to ESA....they stated the dates from 2013. At the time I didn't respond because I thought I was exempt because of an occupational pension but the DWP telephoned me in the New Year - the lady said I should still apply as it wasn't necessarily the case that my pension would make me exempt. I filled out the form and sent it back. In the meantime, I read up on other cases and believe that my pension should not be counted
  4. Hi, She is appealing both.. ..it was for doing 36 in a 30 zone but as I said, her friend was driving not her. She has not pleaded guilty.. ..she sent an appeal because she had just given birth and was unwell so missed the original PCN.. ..it is now a year ago since the offence. The original hearing was adjourned until now because of her health ...from the court letter I am assuming she pleaded not guilty as it says hearing adjourned for trial to take place. Details of the case say she failed to give information relating to the identity of the driver, wh
  5. A query on behalf of a friend - she lent her car to someone who committed a traffic offence whilst driving it - she received the initial letter but had just had a baby and was unwell so didn't respond in time. The other driver later admitted the offence but they prosecuted my friend anyway because the information was not received in the time limit and took her license away as she was a relatively new driver. She drives for a living so she appealed. The hearing was adjourned and a new date set for this week - she is worried in case they do revoke her license as she
  6. Sorry for the delayed response....busy few days. No, it is not a private estate. The kerb was dropped by the council about a week ago so it is clearly not a requirement that the garden was ready for parking.. ..I have seen several houses in the road have dropped kerbs put in without the garden being ready for parking.. .the house opposite me has a dropped kerb but their garden is still not ready for parking two years later so do not think it is a requirement before you can get it done. I do know that you cannot park across a dropped kerb and do not intend to do that.. ..b
  7. Can anyone shed light on the subject of a dropped kerb. New residents moved into the house across the road approx. two months ago...in super quick time they had a dropped kerb put in outside the front of the house....they cannot use their front garden as it is a "front garden" with shrubs and bushes etc. there is also a fence surrounding the garden so clearly not in use as parking space. Despite having the dropped kerb, blocking a space that until now was free to park on, they both continue to block our parking spaces with their van and car whilst their dropped kerb sits comple
  8. Good afternoon, A query about where I stand and how I deal with this matter.... 8 months ago I purchased a Gigaset touchscreen phone costing £130 for our business. A few days ago it was absolutely fine.. ..returned to the office the next morning to find the touchscreen totally unresponsive. The clock and calendar are still functioning but the screen doesn't allow you to access anything so I can't even get to answer machine messages or see who called as I cannot access the call list either. I contacted Seimens/Gigaset and it took three days to get a reply.. ..t
  9. Thanks for the replies... king12345 - he cannot get me to leave in order to rent privately.....it is council housing! stu007 - thanks.....that really helps. I did make a formal complaint some time ago and just a few weeks ago a woman in the office that deals with the councils legal told me she was going to investigate but I have heard no more from her since. I will now write a formal complaint to the Chief Executive and will ask for those policies. Will let you know once I have heard. mariner51 - having already been to court for an injunction for a
  10. Good afternoon, Couldn't find an appropriate section that related to my post so here goes.... I live in social housing - same flat for thirty years. For the last five years I have been continually harassed by an employee of the landlord. He makes appointments for workmen to visit without telling me two years ago tried to take me to court for an injunction for access. The case was laughed out of court as he blatantly lied in a sworn affidavit - he then had the cheek to ask for costs, which the Judge rightly refused. Undeterred he has continued his
  11. In September last year I was chased by a "white van man" through the Worcestershire countryside - a very angry man indeed! Several days later I received a Penalty Charge Notice for speeding - not caught by a camera but a van parked on the side of a road. I was fined £100 plus 3 points on my license. I tried to get some advice but then got a letter from the police to say that if I didn't acknowledge and pay the fine immediately I would be fined a further £1000 - I paid the fine and sent back the form with my driving license - I do not agree with having to pay the fine or receive the poi
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Emmzzi......I appreciate people's help but I am not sure why your entire focus is on the charity aspect rather than the fact that I might lose my job and where I stand.....so I think I have answered as much as I can and do not see any further mileage in continually going backwards and forwards with this. I will wait and see what happens and then see where I need to go for advice. Thanks to all.
  13. There are no trustees. Stewardship provides charity accounts for both institutions and individuals......the accounts are designed so that people working in mission can receive financial support. It does not work in the same way you are assuming it does and is not covered by government legislation in the same way either.
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