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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I would be grateful for some support on a PCN issued by Norwich Traffic Control on 2017. The car park is also for a DR's surgery that I was attending. I parked my car in a car park that was being enforced by NTC on 12/05/17 The entrance for the car park is only wide enough for one car so if you are maneuvering to allow another car to pass, you are not able to read the signs as you enter the car park. Upon parking my car, I went over to the pay and display machine to see if there was anything reading the Dr's surgery, there wasnt, just the usual generic sign. I then went into the Dr's surgery to ask them about the pay and display. They informed me that there were allocated parking spaces and the sign detailing this was only at the entrance for the car park. They also said that I wasnt the only person not to see the signs. I went back out side to move my car however I was met by a NTC Warden who had already issued a parking ticket. I had been away from the car for 1 minute. I explained to the NTC warden and the fact they must have seen me go into the Dr's.... I was informed that it wasnt her problem. Later that day I emailed NTC and explained the situation, they informed me that ticket was still valid. I appealed via the IAS and highlighted that i believed NTC had not complied with the Code of Practice for the IPC as follows; IPC Code of Practice Part B, Clause 2 – Signage Clause 13 – Professionalism Clause 14 – Predatory Tactics Clause 15 – Grace Periods BPA Code of Practice Clause 9 – Professionalism Clause 12 – Requesting registered keeper details Clause 13 – Grace Period The IAS dismissed the apoeal by stating the following; "Whilst having some sympathy with the Appellant, once liability has been established, only the Operator has the discretion to vary or cancel the parking charge based on mitigating circumstances. For the reasons given, the appeal is dismissed." I have today received a County Court Claim from NTC's solicitors claiming £246.06 for the parking ticket. I still believe that NTX did not comply with the Code of Practice for all of the reasons detailed above however I would be grateful for anyone's assistance with this. NTC are notorious for things like this and there are numerous complaints about their methods of operation. Photos.pdf
  2. Hello, I just received a PCN from private parking firm NTC (the worst of the worst). The communal garage door was broken meaning I had to use a visitors spot and display a ticket. I had a clearly displayed valid ticket except that the I forgot to put the reg. number on the ticket. The past 5 entries had the same correct reg. number and CLEARLY this was a valid ticket but I had just forgotten one inane detail. Here is the evidence they have: imgur dot com/Q4q1GFN The prelude to Christmas has rendered me broke and the ruthlessly exploitative nature of this conniving company is making me pretty reluctant to pay them the 'discounted' sum of £60. Just wondering what you all think is the best way to proceed? Thanks, Jude
  3. Hi all I have received a letter from this company stating that I did not display a valid permit in a college car park whilst attending an event. I did have a parking ticket from the machine which was clearly displayed on my dashboard. The letter includes a photograph of my car but from a distance and simply showing that my car was parked in the car park. I have written the following. Before I send it, is this OK? ******* I write to appeal against the parking charge notice as detailed above. I attach a copy of the parking ticket I purchased and clearly displayed on my dashboard. The photographic evidence you have supplied does not show the dashboard clearly and so does not show whether the ticket was or was not clearly displayed. I was attending a event at the college and was not advised that I needed anything other than a valid parking ticket in order to park my car, which I have provided to you. ******
  4. Hi guys, I am really hoping for some help here I am at the point of tearing my hair out!!! My partner had a letter addressed to him and another person about 18 months ago for some outstanding council tax, about 18 months worth, for a time at a property that he did not live there! We spoke with the council at the time to say not our debt, he didn't live there and we didn't get a response from them, assuming they were speaking with the other person whom the letter was addressed to. This February/March we had a letter from Equita threatening to turn up and remove our goods. My partner had several discussions over the subsequent few weeks with the council directly to try and get it resolved. We were told as he was claiming he did not live there, we should submit evidence and they would look to drop the claim. Even though the debt was from 2008-2009, we managed to get a couple of bits together from another address showing he was not where they claimed he was. Well, that seems to have been ignored as every month-2 months we get another letter from Equita threatening to take our car/remove goods! We have been into the council now numerous times to ask for updates as to what is happening and each time we get a 'backlog, hasn't been looked into yet' blah blah blah.... they will say that Equita are on hold and a month will go past and BANG another letter from Equita through the door! Now the bigger issue here is that my partner is disabled and not working due to his disability. Quite how they think he can afford to pay them back even if he was responsible is beyond me but they can apparently turn up and take your car without our consent which is really concerning as he is disabled, that is his only means of transport! Additionally, it would appear the council/Equita never bothered to contact the other party noted on the invoice for the council tax although we are fully aware that the person in question was at that address living on their own. Equita do not seem to care about this fact however and despite the other party still living at the address the tax is owed on (which is rented to them by Norwich Council!!) they solely harass us. I know this is a bit of an essay but I am really hoping for some help here. I don't want to pay for something we don't owe but what more can we do?? The stress is killing me.
  5. I was reading a bit around and everything I've seen states that I'm (as registered keeper) under no obligation to disclose the driver of the vehicle, but I just got pointed towards the Norwich Pharmacal Order which apparently means that I do indeed have to tell them who was driving, should it be issued... ld.practicallaw .com/0-211-3137 (remove line break for reference link) So do I, or do I not have to tell them? Any clues?
  6. Can anyone help my Daughter trying to reclaim ppi from them contacted Financial Services they say they are no longer in business but she is still paying her loan off and no one has advised of a change of company etc.
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