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  1. I haven't spoken to the dealer yet and don't hold out much hope there. It's not that I don't trust them but the car should not be failing and BMW in my opinion should not be just washing their hands of it. The service record meets their recommendations and they know the underlying problem is their fault irrespective of the car's age.
  2. An independent dealer. Two BMW specialists have looked at it (and listened to it) and both have said timing chain - £2,000+.
  3. I bought a 2010 BMW 520D in November of last year with a full BMW service history (mix of BMW dealership and BMW specialists) and 118,000 miles on the clock. Much to my dismay I have now discovered the vehicle requires a new timing chain which will cost in excess of £2000. I have phoned BMW UK and they're not interested so does anyone have any ideas or advice please?
  4. Mum and dad just had to pay for a new gas boiler replacing a Main HE that was only 4 years old. Nothing wrong with the boiler as such just the flow pipe (I think that's what it's called) was faulty and could not be removed, hence completely new boiler! Obviously out of warranty but is there anything that can be done?
  5. My ex partner has claimed and won a PPI refund from Nat West. The claim amounted to £9k which they then subtracted from what they say she still owes. Original loan was for £15k and apparently she still owes that figure despite the PPI refund. The loan was taken out in 2003/04 and the 'debt' is now being persued by Drydens. Any advice would be most welcome. Can I assume that the 1st thing to do is send an SAR?
  6. A friend of mine has been notified of a telephone interview she must have on 12th January. I called the DWP on her behalf and they confirmed that it is in relation to the £6000 she has in her ISA and that they (the DWP) have had some sort of notification that it may now be worth more than £6000. The interview is merely to confirm this fact. Has anyone on here had experience of this process?
  7. It's difficult to know where to go then with my problem. I guess it's a complaint to Nat West followed by the FOS?
  8. I recently posted a question about several PPI refunds that I have had upheld with RBS and a related question regarding a loan and a frozen bank account. Despite over 275 views I have unfortunately not had any replies and now need to 'escalate' this to a solicitor or such. Can anyone recommend a suitable/reputable firm?
  9. I have recently had 5 claims against RBS/Nat West upheld thanks to a CMC. One of them is for £9400 but Nat West have informed me (by text message) that they have paid the money into my Nat West current account. This account was frozen in around 2003 after I deposited £10,000 into it (at Nat West's insistence) following a remortgage. The reason for this was as I recall to offset against a loan that I had defaulted on (balance at the time unknown but obviously £10k+). At the same time I cleared an overdraft of approximately £5k. For a while I received statements for this account but then they stopped. Shoosmiths chased me for the outstanding loan for a few years on their behalf. I have heard nothing for about 4 years or more. I rang the Nat West today and all they could tell me was that the balance of my current account is now £8400. When I asked where the difference between what I deposited (£10k) and today's balance had gone they had literally no idea! My questions are: 1. Do they have the right to offset when for the past 13 years they have held £10k in an account that I have not been able to access? Should those funds not have been immediately applied to the outstanding loan? 2. If the Nat West acted unfairly can they be brought to task over our subsequent repossession in 2008. A small proportion of the £10k that they were holding could have easily prevented us from losing our home at the time. I have long been of the opinion that Nat West were indeed acting unfairly and this latest escapade and their subsequent apparent incompetence in not being able to supply me with accurate information about my accounts just smacks of a shoddy and couldn't be bothered attitude. Granted the first port of call is a complaint to Nat West but I am reluctant to escalate to the FOS because of their toothlessness! Any advice would be most welcome.
  10. I recently agreed a payment plan with Rossendales to pay an outstanding Vodafone bill of £49. Two days ago I received a letter from All Pay confirming the first payment of £10 and a schedule for the payment of the balance. However the letter was addressed using only my surname with no title or initial and it could have been opened by either my mum or dad with whom I live. Had this been the case there would have been upset and in all honesty hell to play! All Pay are saying it is not their fault and are blaming Rossendales and/or Vodafone. Is this a breach of confidentiality?
  11. I'm a Financial Adviser and I have nothing to do with the driveway other than she has asked me for advice.
  12. The arrangement was to pay £100 per month on the 30th of each month. I have paid a couple of days late on a few occasions and that is why I am now being asked to repay the full amount. Original debt was £3295 and I have paid £1000. Fortunately or unfortunately, whichever way you look at it, my dad has now paid the £3695 and CES are laughing all the way to the bank. Outrageous! By the way £1000+ added in fees.
  13. An agent of CES called at my parent's address today and delivered an 'Avoidance Notice'. I have however been paying religiously for at least the last 10 months and have bank statements to prove it. This has caused untold distress to my parents and I want to know what course of action, if any, I can now take against this outfit. It seems that the company haven't been informing their agent that I have been paying every month as per the agreement because he is holding my previous address and the amount he claims I owe does not take into account the £1000+ I have paid. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. They are an established company who she approached herself. They have made a mess of it and I have seen so for myself.
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