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Found 12 results

  1. Hi. Was wondering if there is a way to block / report / stop people trolling me? On a couple of posts I've made two people in particular have taken personal stances on questions I've asked, and instead of answering, simply slag me off. Is there a block / report function on this site? Thanks.
  2. The onwards and upwards march of the ad blocker continues http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35460785 Once again, like most of you, I hate the intrusion of ads while I'm trying to use my computer or my telephone. On the face of it, these ad blockers should be welcomed by all consumers. However, the people who will really be laughing are the banks, retailers, debt collectors, payday lenders et cetera who will be pleased to see the Consumer Action Group struggle and have difficulty paying its bills so that its very existence is endangered. This forum like tens of thousands of small hobby and enthusiast forums all over the world count on the small amount of advertising revenue to keep their heads above water and to pay their bills. We have hundreds of thousands of people who come to us every year and either simply benefit by reading all the advice and all the experience on this website or who actually get involved in discussions and ask the questions and get the help they need to stand up to the bullying and unfair treatment which is handed out every day by the companies that we all have to deal with. If this forum goes out of existence, those hundreds of thousands of ordinary individuals will lose and the companies that treat them so badly and which dominate them every day will win. If you have a choice, please don't use ad blockers – not only for this forum – but for all the small websites everywhere and for all the ordinary individuals who use them – everywhere – for every kind purpose. If you feel that you do have to use ad blockers, then maybe you should consider making a donation to the site – maybe not just once, maybe on a regular basis. We do our best to help you – but we can't do it alone. We need you to help us
  3. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/630389/Worst-parking-car-space-Range-Rover-driver?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daily-express-uk-news+%28Daily+Express+%3A%3A+UK+Feed%29 The PPC managing the car park some how failed to prevent this inconsiderate parking with their ANPR cameras... *not my words.
  4. A firm selling call blocking devices has itself been fined for making unsolicited calls to those who have opted out of receiving them. Cold Call Eliminations, based in Chichester, made calls to the elderly, including cancer sufferers. One was said to have been left "badly shaken". They were registered on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), so should have been exempt from such calls. The company, which has been fined £75,000, refused to comment. BBC Oops
  5. I'd really love to know if anyone has knowedge of building rules with regard to blocking a front door within a block of flats. My local authority freeholder is electrical rising works on me and I have walked out of my front door onto the common hallway this morning to discover chalk marks on the lino of where they intend to install - 13 inches in front of my front door. So basically they intend to put a box with electrical cables about 13 inches away from my front door on the LHS ( side with hinge) as you exit. The markings suggest a box 18 inches by 8 inches protrusion from the wall which is at right angles to the door( if that makes sense). Are there any building regs etc that could possibly stop them placing this there. At the moment I can't telll for sure but it looks likely it will make it more difficult to get my buggy etc in and out of the door (not impossible but certainly much less easy) I am pretty much in anguish over this project and this is the final straw - if it looks bad right outside the front door it might make it harder to sell the property and I have no choice to sell because I cant afford the works forced on me. This was their solution as to how I pay the bill, even though I'm on my own with a one year old! Bill is £10k of of works on me alone this financial year, with an additional £3k to go outside contractors ( who I must pay contract and pay seperately, although Freeholder's electricians will cut off my electricity if I don't do it, because it wont math their upgraded electrics.) I am also being forced to pay for further works next financial year of £3-5k ( they've refused to give proper notice of the next bill to come). Anyway. the workmen are here with their drills today ( only got notice at 5pm last night drilling today) so if anyone knows of any urgent way to stop them blocking the door thats most urgent and I'd really appreciate it.
  6. Are virgin media blocking the above ? For some reason when the above apps are being used wirelessly they don't work. When wireless is switched off they work ?
  7. Hi Fredricksons are chasing for a water bill whichis currently being paid off and a very rapid rate of nots direct to Welsh Water - the surname on the bill is incorrect. I am ignoring them and paying direct each week. They are sending daily texts asking me to get in contact with no name mentioned (ie mine) no details beyond a request for contact. I am also getting regular phone calls however there is no real person on the end of the phone after a long pause there is an automated message. Today another call I actually decide to answer it - complete silence, a voicemail is logged while the line is tied up with this silent call and then I can't end the call I have to switch the phone off nothing else would stop the connection - now OK its their bill but this can't be someting they should be doing.
  8. I have been trying for months to get an ECO Grant for a new boiler and insulation, and have encountered non stop problems. 1) I went through a website "Fine Energy Savings" they went over the criteria for myself and the boiler and advised I qualified, it was referred onto 2 companies, one for a boiler the other to do insulation, however both firms thought they were doing both, so a lot of confussion, it settled on one firm and they also checked that I qualified and arranged a free survey, I heard nothing so I contaced the firm, who advised me that all funding had been stopped until the new tax year in April and it would have been impossible to inform everyone. 2) I checked online and could not confirm anything about ECO funding being stopped, so went to another website "Energy Savings Advice Trust"? They said they checked with the DWP and I was not on the correct benefits, I advised I was and had already been approved and I could send them copies of letters from the DWP, they then said you may as well apply directly to your energy supplier E-ON and gave me a number to call. 3) I telephoned E-ON and they advised even though I was on the correct benefit and the boiler which is faulty was D rated complied, that we could still not get an ECO grant as the boiler has to be not working at all now, I advsied it was not working last week, that I am disabled and the council had to pay for a repair, she just said apply next time the boiler is not working, no mention of any insulation grant? 4) I looked again online and could see nothing to cofirm the criteria had changed where the boiler had to be not working at all so I contacted the "Energy Savings Advice Trust" again to see it they could throw any light on these new changes, all they kept repeating was they were impartial and cannot comment on any advice given by others, I pushed them and they said they were not aware of any changes to the criteria for obtaining an ECO grant. Has anyone else had this problem, I believe it has something to do with the Government not pushing the energy companies so hard on ECO in return for freezing their energy prices? Not sure where to go from here, I am severely disabled and our home has not had any inprovements in 25 years, all windows doors all faulty with draughts and rain. I know there is the Green Deal but that would involve a large debt with high interest. Any advice greatly appreciated Bernie
  9. Hi All, This is my first posting, so apologies if I am not posting in the correct thread. I have an issue with a mobile park home site. My parents bought a static caravan on a site near [edited] in 2009. They paid £XX,000 for it. They did not use finance. In the latter part of 2013 my dad's health declined and they decided that they wanted to get out of the static into a house. The site they are on keep their residents on a 51 week licence - although they do have a 52 week licence. They keep their residents on 51 weeks in order to prevent them being classed as residential - so they are classed as holiday homes. My parents paid council tax on their home, although when they bought it, they were told that they wouldn't have to (and they didn't at first). When they came to sell, they honoured their part of the contract which states that they had to offer the site owner first refusal of the home. They did so. XXXXXXX offered them £XK initially. The second time they asked a couple of months later, they were offered £XK. My parents refused and asked if they could sell privately (as per the contract). They were told yes. They sold privately but the day before completion, after my parents had signed a contract on another house and paid for it (and the buyer had given notice on his accommodation), The owners of the site, saw fit to block the sale. They refused to allow the sale to go through/allow the buyer to purchase. As you have no choice but to sell to them (and they even have the cheek to charge you XX% commission PLUS VAT to sell to THEMSELVES), they make a massive profit. We ended up having to remove the home from their park. They do have a contract which states that they are allowed to sell privately. What that contract doesn't say is that they will threaten to put the new buyers' site fees up (my parents site fees had already risen £xx from 2009) .They put the site fees up so that they can no longer afford to live there, then once they cotton on that you want to sell, they move in. They paid £xxx for someone else's I was told yesterday. The site owners are also allegedly collecting VAT. They are charging all residents VAT on their site fees, which I believe is illegal. I do know they were confronted by one person on the site about it, and were told that if they make a fuss their site fees will double and they would move that person's caravan to the 'back of the park' (i.e. in the bushes!) Can anyone offer any advice please. Legal standing? I would like to take this further and try and get these sites regulated in some way, offering a protection for those residents. It's a loophole that they don't inform people of.
  10. Good afternoon fellow Caggers. I need some advice please. My wife and I have two instant cash isa's with RBS. In march this year we decided to transfer them to Santader as the interest rate was (marginally) better. We signed all the relevant paperwork in our local Santander Branch. We do not have a local RBS branch. We received letters confirming that the transfer was being dealt with and all the new details were sent to us by post. On-line banking facility cards etc. So we assumed that everything was in order. We then received a letter from Santander saying the isa's couldn't be transfered as the account(s) were closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We then went into the local Santander Branch and told them that this was in effect inncorrect and instructed them to proceed with the transfer. We have had numerous telephone conversations with Santander and RBS who confirmed the isa's were ther and could be withdrawn anytime we wanted. Santander then rang us following a conversation they had had with RBS isa team who told us 1. My wifes isa had been transfered or blocked!!!! 2. The terms of my isa had been 'breached' and was not available for transfer. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT??? Our isa's are instant access accounts. What are RBS playing at and what is my immediate recourse? Santander want our business, have assured us we will not lose out on any interest payable. I am awaiting a call back from RBS. Any advice, assistance etc would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  11. I would value all opinions on this please. There is a disabled blue badge holder living directly opposite me in a cul de sac. He has always parked on my side of the street, and had applied for a disabled parking bay, but hadn't heard if it was successful. There are grass verges outside the houses opposite, many of which have been concreted over to make a hard standing to park on. The man concerned still has a grass verge, but no hard standing. I got home on Wednesday night, to find a huge disabled parking bay on his side of the road, directly opposite my parking space. My parking space is on the road, but there are no yellow lines or parking restrictions. If I park in my parking space, this blocks the road entirely, and you could only fit a bicycle (at a push) through the space in between. This would stop all traffic flow through the street and as it is a cul de sac there are no alternative routes. I am of course concerned about general traffic and congestion, but also about emergency vehicles and service vehicles (such as refuse collection) being able to get down the road. In order to make it accessible, they would need to prohibit parking in 4 to 6 spaces to allow vehicles to drive around the disabled parking bay, and parking is already tight. I am writing to the council and the fire service to complain. Can you think of any good points I should include in my letter? Thank you.
  12. Hi Guys I understand that you want to be careful to prevent people who are incensed from posting things that may bring the site into disrepute. However, there are times when a certain word is the only one that can be used. The online s-c-a-m where buyers (particularly from overseas and notably from one particular area in a vast continent) seek to defraud unsuspecting sellers is a s-c-a-m and there is no other word which really describes it. That word is very necessary to get the message across to those who have no idea they are being s-c-a-m-m-e-d. To automatically over-write it with "scammed" makes a nonsense of the message. The term 'defrauded' does not project the same essence. Please will someone reconsider 'releasing' this word?
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