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Found 15 results

  1. Looking for advice please I have just been stopped for allegedly going through a red light The officer pulled me over and asked why I went through a red light to which I replied I had not He then said his was green as I went through so that tells him mine was red I once again told him I had not gone through a red light and that it was just turning Amber as I was more or less on top of it He then proceeded to take my details and then hand me just a yellow slip with no details of the offence and hardly any information Can you tell me if it’s worth fighting in court or just accept whatever outcome it is I feel very upset about the whole thing for something I did not do
  2. NHS gets funding green light for new buildings, wards and beds READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/nhs-gets-funding-green-light-for-new-buildings-wards-and-beds
  3. I may or may not be receiving an NIP in the post soon. But I wish to vent my spleen somewhat over the circumstances of two incidents within the last few days involving traffic lights. The first was at a flyover with a roundabout underneath. There were three sets of lights to pass through in order for me to proceed onto a slip road where traffic merges from a 30 MPH zone to a 50 MPH portion of the motorway. I passed through the first set of lights on green at 20-25 MPH. The second set of lights changed to amber as I was crossing from one side of the road onto the slip road only for me to be met by the red lights of a pedestrian crossing. Which turned from amber to red at the same time as the second (previous) set of lights. There was no delay between them. There was a small space before the third set of lights for approximately one car length to stop. Because I was in the process of accelerating onto the slip road I would have had to slam on the brakes to avoid passing through the lights on red. This seemed counter intuitive to what I would expect when driving onto a slip road. Regardless of what the law says regarding driving through red lights. I felt it was not a fair system and in fact dangerous. I reported this to TFL on their website (without giving them my details of course). I have been beating myself up about it since. I am not sure if there were cameras there or not and it caused me considerable anxiety. The second time was only yesterday. There is a dual carriageway with a 40 MPH limit. This particular set of lights is quite odious. It has a red light camera (I assume) and speed camera lines on the junction. It is a major road junction that allows turning of traffic onto a minor road. I approached it with some trepidation wondering what the best plan of attack was. Begin to slow in preparation for a red light or continue at just under 38 MPH. I made the decision to continue at speed and that was when the lights turned amber. I decided to continue at speed and accelerated ever so slightly. I do not believe I broke the speed limit. However I am unsure if I made it through in time for the light turning red. From my understanding there is no requirement to slow down when approaching traffic lights unless they have already begun changing to amber and you do not think you will be able to cross the junction in time. But I may need my mind refreshing on if the highway code says otherwise. Especially since this was a dual carriageway with a 'continuous' 40 MPH limit. Because this is faster than 30 MPH it requires more stopping distance and this concerns me. Especially since they appear to have placed a speed trap on the junction as well. If you are getting close to the lights at speed (remember I have not broken the speed limit) then it leaves you very little room to stop without slamming on the brakes. But if you are pushed to accelerate through the lights at amber this could place you at risk of being snapped on a speeding charge or possibly being hit on both a red light and a speeding charge. The whole thing appears a bit catch 22 and very suspect IMHO. I have been VERY aware of my driving with regards to traffic lights of late and every time I approach a set I get more cautious and 'driven' to distraction with regards to how they operate and how I should deal with them. I have been driving for over 30 years now and it's only in the last few years I have noticed these issues. I never used to have issue with passing through lights but in recent times it appears the odds are being ever more stacked against drivers to be pushed into 'breaking the law' so to speak. Despite what they keep telling us about it being in order to make things safer for both drivers and pedestrians. The odds are you will make that 'mistake' sooner or later. To me it smacks of both incompetence and a cash grab.
  4. I bought three matching units, two small and one large, it was well before I was ready but I loved them. They were put away until I finished decorating and sorting my house and this was told to assistant at the time. On finally putting them up by an electrician the large one keeps blowing a fuse when switched on...it takes some 30 bulbs. I returned it to the shop and told them it was faulty. They have said its not faulty and that maybe my wiring needs updating. My house is a new build and as up to date as it could be. My question is if it is too big and overloading my circuit should I have been warned this may be the case as it is such a big light and just swallow the fact that I have been lumbered with a light and unnecessary costs in order to be able to use it. The shop is not willing to replace or refund on it as it is over a year since I bought it. Would welcome any advice.
  5. Hello everyone, Hope you can help. Last year I jumped a red light - not on purpose, didn't realise I had. When the letter with the offer of a condition FPN arrived, I was perfectly willing to hold up my hands as it was certainly my fault. I duly paid up the £100 and thought no more about it. Unfortunately, it being a few days before Christmas, I completely forgot to send in my driving license in order to have the requisite 3 points added. This weekend, a court summons arrived - which initially perplexed me as I had evidence I had paid the fine. A call to the magistrates office confirmed I had no court fine outstanding. During our conversation, I realised that I had forgotten to send in the license, so the adviser suggested a call to the local FPN office, but didn't foresee any major problems. Having just checked my bank account, for evidence I could produce that I had paid the fine, I discover that they have credited the fine, probably on the day they send out the court summons! Oh dear! Help! I've never had anything like this happen before and am quite anxious. When I rang the Met's FPN number, I discovered they were only between 9 and 12 and I spent the morning just trying to get through to all the right people. Can anyone give me any advice or guidance on what might happen next? Thanks.
  6. Last week I was travelling home from work on a busy stretch of residential road. I came up to a set of green traffic lights at a crossroads, and had fully crossed the line when the car in front of me hit his brakes. as not to block the people in the oncoming lane from turning, I left a gap between myself and the car in front. By the time the cars in front had shuffled up, the other set of lights were on green so I stayed where I was. I could see the other set of lights, but I could no longer see mine. I waited until a couple of seconds after the other set of lights had turned red (assuming ours would have changed to green) and then I proceeded when I knew it was safe. There were no cars in the oncoming lane so I couldn't judge when the lights had changed by their movement. I've now been sent a letter highlighting that it's a criminal offense to jump a red light, and I have to fill in a DVLA form and will get the opportunity to pay a fine instead if I respond within a week. My lights must have still been on red when I moved, but I had gone way past them and there were none on the other side of the crossroads. It was a genuine mistake; it's not like I got impatient and just went, I made sure the crossing traffic had stopped and gave it a couple of seconds as a lot of lights do. I want to appeal because I was actually trying to do the right thing by leaving a gap for traffic turning, rather than just blocking the way like I could have done. I'll probably get told I don't have an argument but I thought it was worth asking. Thanks for reading.
  7. I was pulled for running a red light by 2 officers, i asked them for proof that i jumped a red light ,only to be told we witnessed you, I'm convinced the light was amber when i passed, if i braked i would have passed the white line, a £100 and 3 points does not go well with me, for something i did not do, as its my word against theirs, I do not believe both of them were only watching me at a busy roundabout, is there anything i can do to avoid the penalty? any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi my partners car has had a warning light show up. It is a picture of a cog. Upon research he has found out it apparently means "fuel additive to be checked every 37,000 miles". Can anybody tell me what this means, and which fuel additive we're talking about and what additive needs to be added and where? Also a steering wheel with an exclamation mark in the picture of the steering wheel Many thanks
  9. For years I could not find a decent light that did not cost more than my second hand bike. Then I found a Cree one with external batteries for under £30 (incl postage) on the Internet. It does the biz. Light on the right in the photograph (left when viewed on the saddle). Attachment is simple but effective. Not seen in the shops. I still use a cheap headlight for town riding and as a spare. On the left.
  10. Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor, has been fined for jumping a red light as he left Parliament. Mr Balls was caught on camera as he drove home along the Embankment, in central London, after leaving a late night Commons sitting last December. The Labour MP has now been caught for traffic offences on three separate occasions. More ... Here is some cheerful news during these hard times lol.
  11. Just had a memo from my office NIP sent to them because I went over a red light it says 1 second on the form, if prosecuted is it just a fine and points normally, if so how many points and any idea what the fine might be. And yes it was a camera and they have the photographic evidence so i probably did do it.
  12. Hi Thanks in anticipation for your help. To be brief my wife's vehicle was photographed going through a red light in May this is not in question the offense happened. The issue here is it was at a time we were both in the car and neither one of us could have been driving. When the NIP came through I requested the photo evidence which duly arrived and proved inconclusive. The number plate and offence were clear from the rear of the vehicle however occupants could only be seen as smudgy silhouettes with no clear identification. The form that requests she identifies the driver was duly returned with a letter stating that we had both done all possible to help identify the driver but alas we can not. We offered to pay the fine but obviously were unable to accept the points. The court set a date and we sent a recorded letter of defense stating the same. The court then set another date!! but my wife failed to attend and as such had the police serve notice of a new date, THIS FRIDAY 18th January. My wife is worried sick about what to do. I have contacted the magistrate court and they have stated she must attend, I offered to represent and/or send a letter of defense but this has been declined. Can i still speak on her behalf, after all i am a co-defendant, as long as she is present in court? She has already got 9 points, I have a clean license. We are trying to appeal against 6 as there were mitigating circumstances but that is another issue I am reasonably confident we can sort. Thanks Wylie.
  13. I went through a light on a traffic light controlled roundabout. I was stopped by the traffic police and told that I had ran a red light because *their* light was green. They were waiting at the lights of the next junction of the roundabout. As far as I'm concerned that's an inference based on an assumption. If I'd been charged with a speeding offence they'd need to produce a calibration certificate for any equipment used to prove that charge. As far as I'm aware, traffic lights do not come with calibration certificates. Is this worth defending in court? At the moment I'm looking at 3 points & 60 pounds. I have no points on my licence. Thanks!
  14. Hello. I'm Jason and I have an issue with a letter I got today stating I ran a red light. They state they have photographic evidence from an approved device, however I really don't remember doing that at all. It states that the light had been red for 0.9 seconds. They wish for me to fill out this form within 28 days informing them who the driver was to issue proceedings against me. However on the reverse of the paper they answer some questions for you and under the part that says "I would like to see photographic evidence held against me" the police answer is "the evidence will only be produced during a court hearing" Surely I am entitled to see if they do have evidence of this before it gets that far?
  15. I have 2006 mondeo 2.0l diesel. The ignition glowplug light has just started flashing, while it's flashing the turbo does not work and there is no power but the car run's ok. When the light does not flash i have to rev engine too 2000rpm so the turbo kick in to change gear otherwise car has no acceleration and black smoke is thrown out of exhaust, what could be main cause
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