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Found 13 results

  1. I currently have a CCJ against me that was entered into by default judgment in 2014. The initial court paperwork was sent to an old address but was passed onto me, I did submit a defense but it arrived a day late and was struck out and judgment was entered into by default. I was recovering from a serious illness that affected me both physically and mentally and didn't have the capacity to be able to deal with it at the time. The Timeline is as follows: 2010 Default on credit file 2014 CCJ Default Judgement 2016 Default was dropped from credit file but CCJ remains 2018 I
  2. Hi I have a long running problem with a local limited company. His latest attempt to get out of it is to resign as sole director and let the company get struck off, its now showing proposal to strike off! He has over £3000 of my money and the asset how do I deal with this, can I still take the company to court? I was hoping the fact he isn't winding the company up "properly" and taken all the assets and capital out of the company would mean he is guilty of wrongful trading and that I could go after him personally? Or am I best trying to get the faulty goods back and cutting my
  3. Good evening all, I would be grateful for any advice that may be offered for the following case that I am pursuing through the Small Claims court. I have changed the exact dates, but the rest of the details are accurate: On 15 November 2013, I found a website offering for sale some consumer electronics. It was a computer peripheral (offered as a kit or fully assembled) that would enable me to expand my fledgling prototyping business. After many calls and emails with the Company Director, I went ahead with ordering an assembled and calibrated unit for the sum of £1000.00 (including co
  4. My partner bought his bungalow end of 2013. Prior to the purchase a Private Search of Local Land Charges was made. We have concerns about the search because we received a letter recently from Hampshire County Council saying that they are install double yellow lines outside the front of the bungalow. This has been called a Traffic Order proposal. We objected to this immediately, the Council wont install a disabled parking bay outside the front of the bungalow claiming its too close to the junction, we disagree. They wont allow us to park the car in the garden again clai
  5. hi ever one ! my company has proposed to reduce my hours from 35 to 25. the reason is to reduce wastage. i have worked for the company 9+ years. we are 4 full time staff and 7 part time staff. when i started work at this company, we were 3 full time and 1 part time staff. our duties were receptionist, meet and greet. The company employs now 4+7 =11 staff in total doing the above job. We all working for the same company and branch, at BMW the manager has proposed for me and other 1 person called janet to reduce our 35 hrs to 25 each. the other 2 full timer, no changes. when i as
  6. On 12 November Ofgem issued notice of our proposal to revoke some of the provisions of the confirmed Provisional Order against Economy Energy following improvements in compliance. Read More Here: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/economy-energy-provisional-order
  7. Ok sorry if this is long winded I will try to keep it brief. I've been in my position of Project Engineer for 2 years. My project in that time has been a nightmare but thats plainly down to outside sources effecting it. I have literally just solved the issue which has been tormenting everyone and yesterday received a letter summoning me to discuss various aspects. A HR advisor was present and I was told I could bring a representative etc. Now I have been unhappy in this job for at least a year, after hearing this discipline procedure I immediately felt like quitting but thought bette
  8. Hi All, I've got a question on redundancy and wanted to get an understanding on the level of detail or justification I'm entitled to which was used in determining if a role is redundant - hope someone can help. I've been placed in 'pool' for selection for a reduction in headcount, no change to role. The question as to why head count is being reduced (seeking justification) has been asked and the response has been that this information is not being provided. I've been invited to submit a counter proposal to the reduction via the collective consultation process, which I will do r
  9. The EU next month - September - is trying to push through the following: Make selling anything less than a packet of 20 illegal Withdrawal of Menthol & other flavoured cigarettes Withdrawal of slim cigarettes Minimum sale size of RYO tobacco to be 40g
  10. Hi all, I need some advice. I am an Irish citizen but have lived and worked in the UK since 2009. Due to the economic situation in Ireland there are no jobs in my field in Ireland and not likely to be any in the foreseeable future. I have an outstanding credit card debt since I was a student in Ireland. I have been trying to pay it off since 2000!! Unfortunately I still owe 1000 Euro's on it. I chopped up the card years ago but cannot seem to get it paid off!! The latest letter states that if I continue to pay the minimum amount on the debt I won't have it paid off till 2031!! I am j
  11. The creator of MoneySavingExpert.com has labelled proposals for a deadline on PPI mis-selling claims a “disgraceful proposition from the banks.” Industry sources confirmed to the Times today the British Bankers’ Association is proposing a deadline of next summer in return for financing a widespread advertising campaign which alerts the public to the introduction of an end-date. MoneySavingExpert.com creator Martin Lewis says the banks are playing a “dirty game” and accused them of planning a “backdoor move.” Lewis urges those reclaiming PPI to do so immediately. More: http://www.mort
  12. Hi. I have 2 accounts, isme and littlewoods. Most threads you will read that pay them £1, non prioity debt etc and that is true but I want to pay them off as quick as poss so have done the following: I wrote and emailed payment proposals that were flatly refused, I then sent emails to the CEO and got them to agree to MY offers and freeze all interest and charges for 12 months (so far ) Details are the same as the following thread as it worked so i passed it on: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?340272-Very-and-isme So now i have the payment
  13. Hi, I had a debt of £328 old council tax bill or something from 2003 that came back to haunt me. Philips got hold of it, put their fees on and said they wanted £110 a month. I told them that was impossible, I just couldn't afford it and offered them £50, they refused. I paid £100 after scrambling money together, but it was late, and hence they sent another bailiff round, and added on another £200! So I have kicked off and told them I just can't afford £100 every month, now they are saying I have to pay £240 a month, or £60 a week. I have written back asking where is the l
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