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Found 14 results

  1. I moved from Economy Energy just over a month ago , and was expecting a rebate of around £250, I know it is protected and secure , but how long should I expect to wait for my money to be refunded now they have ceased trading
  2. We are on pay as you go both gas and electric and until the meters packed up electric on 31st Dec and then the gas on monday. everything was ok. the electric meter packing up left us with no electric at all and because EE were having their break they thought it would be a good idea not to have an emergency number.. I ended up speaking to SSE who came out 30 mins later to check the power into the house as they said just in case its a fault their side. it wasn't, it was a faulty meter, SSE electrician got authority to bypass meter. we then spent from 2nd jan to Tuesday 8th trying to get the meter sorted. it was changed on the 8th after they reported us to SSE for unauthorised meter bypass, which wasn't the case, the meter was changed for a key meter. the gas meter packed up on Monday this week, and after lots of phone calls, they sent someone to change the meter on tuesday. that was changed for a card meter. no card left and no key left. now EE have gone to the wall, and ofgem who`s advise is to stay put until they change us over, but where does that leave us without any means to top up our gas or electric.. .anyone have any suggestions have tried ofgem on their Facebook page but still waiting for a response...… .thank you
  3. Are they represented on this forum ? Web site rubbish , unable to message , unable to alter DD payment date after they have altered it for the second time . they ignore posted meter readings and phone for readings to be taken there and then , bit difficult when you are driving ! Not had a proper bill since I signed up last year , not had an update as what options are with them now a year has almost passed . Think I will be moving on
  4. Incredibly, EDF don't say exactly what 7 hours constitute the "low" metering period! It apparently varies by region and possibly changes depending on the time of the year. I can phone them and they will tell me what times apply to me, but their computer doesn't seem able to look this up for me when I log into my online account. It seems to me that I can hardly schedule my usage properly if I don't know when the cheap time is! How do they get away with this kind of thing? Haven't they got a duty to make that information easily available (and a duty to specifically inform consumers if the off-peak hours change)?
  5. Public asked for views on the digital economy READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/public-asked-for-views-on-the-digital-economy Note: Is Open until 7th Dec 2018
  6. Hello folk, I called my electricity supplier (extra energy) to tell them I wanted to go onto an economy 7/10 tariff, they told me that they can't do it because it meant replacing my meter Am I being lead down the garden path?
  7. Very interesting article for those who follow world economics. http://www.smh.com.au/business/china/chinas-real-estate-credit-and-investment-bubble-risks-global-recession-20150717-giebmc Some of the statistics quoted are alarming. Perhaps the Chinese economy is not as strong as some believe and their conversion to capitalist economics will end up in a bust. If there is a sudden market failure in China, then it will affect everyone.
  8. I do find some intersting info online about the state of world finances and it does makes you wonder what is going on exactly. The Chinese will apparently release details in the next week or so revealing exactly how much Gold they have in their reserves. There is speculation that the US government have been selling huge amounts of Gold to them, presumably as some sort of back up to selling a lot of their debt to them. It is quite possible that the US will not stand in the way of the Chinese currency becoming another reserve currency. If this is true, why has the US government/treasury been secretive about selling so much Gold to China ? Perhaps people in the US would not be very happy, if this has happened and there is an election in 2016. There is going to be major change in the next 5 years and more power is going to shift away from the West, with China playing a bigger role.
  9. British Airways is to make radical changes to its airmiles scheme used by millions of travellers - called Avios - which will slash by 75% the airmiles the cheapest economy class tickets will earn, while giving business and expense-account flyers more rewards. First-class and business-class customers benefit most from the new changes, with 'flexible' fare bookers earning 300% of the miles travelled in Avios points for first-class (up from 200%) and 250% for business-class (up from 200%). Non-flexible fares for first-class flyers also see an increase in points to 250% of the miles flown (up from 200%). Conversely, economy-class customers will see a drop of up to 75% in the amount of Avios points they can earn on BA flights, while flexible fares remain unchanged at 100%. The changes are being introduced on 28 April 2015, although you will continue to earn and spend at the current rates on bookings made before 28 April, even if you fly after that date. http://www.which.co.uk/news/2015/02/economy-class-customers-lose-out-under-new-airmiles-scheme-393961/
  10. On 12 November Ofgem issued notice of our proposal to revoke some of the provisions of the confirmed Provisional Order against Economy Energy following improvements in compliance. Read More Here: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/economy-energy-provisional-order
  11. Thousands of SSE customers across the UK could be in line for a refund, after the energy supplier admitted there is a fault with some of its meters. As many as 16,000 customers on its Economy 10 (E10) tariff may have been overcharged for their electricity consumption for years. SSE has now vowed to get in touch with all customers who may have been affected to check their meters. If you have the fault, SSE will repair or replace the meter and recalculate your charges to make sure you are not out of pocket. The E10 tariff provides households with ten hours of off-peak electricity, split into three blocks over 24 hours. During these off-peak times, households are charged a lower rate for their heating and hot water. But a batch of meters have a manufacturing fault, which means if there is a power cut the meter clock moves back by an hour when the power comes back on again. This would only happen when the clock is programmed to switch between GMT and BST and the power cut happens in winter time. For customers who are affected, the fault could mean that if they time their electricity consumption to benefit from off-peak rates, they may have paid more than they ought. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-2606778/16-000-SSE-customers-line-refund-energy-supplier-admits-meters-faulty.html#ixzz2z9ooXcos
  12. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/meter-clocks-set-to-wrong-time-could-mean-millions-overpay-energy-bills-105148366.html
  13. hi , I have just moved in to a property that used to be economy 7 as it was all electric and since gas has been installed ( GC heating) and gas cooker. I have spoken to my supplier EON who have said that I was still on economy 7 and that they would not change the meter to a standard and i am being charged at day time rates !!! I Don't use much during the night but i am still paying the economy 7 premium day time rate!! Tried to switch supplier to to get cheaper deal but they have me as economy 7 . Can eon do this ? why should I have to pay a premium for electric!! Meter are not prepay but credit meters
  14. I moved into my first flat a month ago. When i moved in the supplier was E.on, so i called and registered with them and verified final readings given by the previous tenant by their instructions of how to read the meter In an attempt to save money I run a comparrison on uSwitch and picked out a new plan with EDF. Since moving in i have been taking weekly meter readins to see my average usage and approx spend. I took a reading after work today at 17.30 and noticed the number 2 reading was flashing, indicating that was the rate being used and similarly I checked again just before midnight tonight and rate 1 was flashing. The meter rotates between each figure and the rate used flashes. I looked on my online E.on account and noticed something quite worrying, they state that rate 1 is for daytime and 2 is night time. I called after I took the 17.30 reading and the guy I spoke to confirmed that rate 1 was day time and 2 was night time. I explained that the number 2 rate was flashing indicating that it was currently in use, which would mean that either the meter was reading in reverse or they had made an error. He assured me that he was correct, but he would arrange for someone to come out and look at the meter. Heres a screen shot from my online account On the front of the meter is an edf sticker, as this was the supplier prior to E.on, on their website they state the opposite to e.on This quote is from EDf's website I assumed that the meter rates would be standard between all suppliers. Has anyone had this problem before and been successful in getting a refund? I've paid quite alot more than the bill should be by my calculations with the rates reversed.
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