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Found 17 results

  1. From the Guardian today. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/sep/10/boot-out-bailiffs-debt-collection-councils-ethical-schemes HB
  2. My husband received a letter from this shower on Friday morning, telling him that he owed over £7k on a current account with HFC Bank. To the very best of his knowledge, he's never had any sort of account with HFC - is a "prove it" letter in order to start with? We intend telling them that he denies it is his debt, in any case. Thank you all so much. Catherine Just adding to my own post - I have looked again at the letter from Ruthbridge - it accompanies one from the lovely Cabot Financial, which is telling my husband that, as they have not come to a mutual
  3. Please can anybody advise. Exactly 12 months ago my son was involved in a car accident. He was driving with his girlfriend when two girls in a car behind him threw something at his car (he didn't realise at the time just heard an almighty bang). He braked and the girls went into the back of him. Apparently it was a can of coke they threw. Very little damaged to his car but apparently their car was a write off. The police came and both drivers were drink/drug tested unfortunately my son failed drug test (cannabis) although he had not smoked that day. Rightly he w
  4. Ok, 1st post on here so bare with me.... Bought a car in mid Feb this year for 3.5k, 6weeks later an engine mount fails and the dealer tries to fob off with "I'll get it fixed for you at trade cost". I use my right to reject and compose a letter to demand it repaired under the CRA. At this point I find out that the dealer xxx motor company, is actually xxxx body repairs (I won't name and shame as we are still in dispute). The sales invoice hadn't included this info and I wasn't made aware at time of sale. If I'd known I was buying from a body repair shop I wouldn't have bought
  5. Hello, I had taken a number of payday loans in the past, in particular the period of 2014-2015. Most of them are settled or just ignored, but there are a couple that keeps getting chased. One is for Cheque Centre which has been bought up by Lantern (Formerly motormile) and the other is The MoneyShop who I'm now getting chased by BWLEgal on behalf of PRAC Financial Limited. Now, so far I've just ignored them, get standard threat emails etc. Heard nothing regarding the moneyshop one for months until now. However, is it worth making a complaint and the proceeding to FOS for ireespo
  6. Hi, just found this forum, look like some professional people are here to give help. I want some advice on how to calculation of damages. I am pursuing a builder for breach of contract. Currently a surveyor came and reported that the site have lots of problems -need to come down and rebuilding. I want to ask if I am entitled to claim: contract price is 35000 paid by instalment on completion of each stage of work, so far paid 15000 new contract price for new builder is 42000 demolition fee is 12000 do I entitled to claim: 1.
  7. Tried to do IR lending compaint with Quick Quid. They said No as loans are over 6 years old. Its not much but its a lot to me right now. Also I didnt pay back one of the loans but it has been sold on, to PRA Group I think .... Should I bother sending to Ombudsman? Or write this one off? Have included the statement Thank you all. QQredact.pdf
  8. I'm seeking some advice... Cutting long story short - a couple of years ago someone else (my partner) was driving my car (with my permission) with me as a passenger. Partner had a fully comp insurance and wrongly thought it contained a third party insurance on my car (i accept it was a very stupid mistake, and we have learnt a lesson to check all details on insurance big time!). Partner was not listed on my policy. My vehicle was involved in a minor collision with another vehicle while being driven by my partner. No visible damage to either of the cars and third p
  9. Hi, I will make this as brief as possible although it is very long and complex. Basically, I became depressed due to family circumstances and my partner went to the childrens' headteacher who because of my depression, made a referral to social services claiming my children were at risk. In this referral he stated I was autistic. Not true. Shortly after this, there was an incident of graffiti. The head phoned SS to inform them I had been seen wandering the village early on, looking angry and ripping up paper. Not true. SS included the false statement in a report. New headteacher begin
  10. Good evening all, I would be grateful for any advice that may be offered for the following case that I am pursuing through the Small Claims court. I have changed the exact dates, but the rest of the details are accurate: On 15 November 2013, I found a website offering for sale some consumer electronics. It was a computer peripheral (offered as a kit or fully assembled) that would enable me to expand my fledgling prototyping business. After many calls and emails with the Company Director, I went ahead with ordering an assembled and calibrated unit for the sum of £1000.00 (including co
  11. Hi, This is my first post and I am looking for some advice. I was in a car accident some years ago and the other parties insurers asked me to deal directly with them and they would pay for all my repairs and provide me with a courtesy car etc. They sent me a courtesy car from a company called Drive Assist who then went into receivership shortly afterwards. Because it all happened over 3 years ago I thought it was all done and dusted and had forgotten all about it. A couple of months ago I got a call from a debt collection company explaining that Drive Assist h
  12. Hi there Caggers... Debt Recovery Plus are the latest people trying to swindle by sending me letters such as the one attached. I park in this Excel car park at least 3 times a week. Last week in May 2015, they dotted these small notices around the car park saying that the cost to park was going up by 50p. Of course the signs were so small, hardly anyone saw them and then they did a massive swoop looking for all of those poor people in the carpark who had not seen the sign and paid £2.50 like myself. No intentions of paying them because they are con-men and stea
  13. I have had one case closed following a statutory declaration and at the new hearing the DVLA case was dismissed http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?451204-being-fined-for-lack-of-insurance-Dvla-**-case-dismissed**-or-is-it but Marston won't stop persuing me! The court say they have notified both the dvla and enforcement centre but they don't appear to have any record of it and will not listen to me or contact the court themselves to verify. Please, how can I force them to check their information and leave me alone. Thank u.
  14. Background: In 2003 I took out a credit card with HSBC (who I held a current account with). This had a credit limit of £200, which subsequently increased to £500, then £800. In 2007 I defaulted on the card. This default shows up on two separate occasions (more on that later) as 2008. I had been querying with HSBC how the amount owed had increased to £1700+, and had not received any answers. I (perhaps foolishly) then left this. In 2012 I wrote to HSBC, quoted the card number, and stated that I believed the matter was not resolved, and that I would like to resolve i
  15. hi guys, i recently sent off a template letter to restons solicitors regarding an old o2 account telling them my o2 account that has been passed to them is now statute barred. they have responded with a letter stating the account was opened on or around 21 june 2005 and a credit in the sum of £8.50 was made on the 8th june 2008. i am 100% sure no payments were made then, i have no proof, but by the wording of their letter (the on or around 21 june 2005) neither have they. they are now asking me to complete a financial statement and return within 2 weeks or le
  16. In 2004 my partner and I opened a business, and took out a loan with natwest bank, we also had our business bank account with them. In November 2007 my partner filed for bankruptcy, and all accounts were dealt with in that bankruptcy. We had at that time paid off about half of the original loan, which was secured against our property. All other overdrafts, cards, loans etc were not secured against our property. We have however been endlessly pursued by natwest for varying sums ( they don't seem to know how much we owe) of between £32,000 and £7000. We have repeatedly told them how much
  17. We are seeing a few people report that they are receiving letters from Bailiffs in respect of defaulted pay day loans or other consumer debt. If you have received communication from a Bailiff company and it is not in connection with a warrant / fine / court judgment / council tax, can you please pop a link to your thread in this thread. We would also like to see copies of these letters - unedited - if you are happy to provide us with copies, please let us know so we can provide you with a secure / private email to use. Thank you.
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