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Found 17 results

  1. From the Guardian today. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/sep/10/boot-out-bailiffs-debt-collection-councils-ethical-schemes HB
  2. My husband received a letter from this shower on Friday morning, telling him that he owed over £7k on a current account with HFC Bank. To the very best of his knowledge, he's never had any sort of account with HFC - is a "prove it" letter in order to start with? We intend telling them that he denies it is his debt, in any case. Thank you all so much. Catherine Just adding to my own post - I have looked again at the letter from Ruthbridge - it accompanies one from the lovely Cabot Financial, which is telling my husband that, as they have not come to a mutual agreement with him to repay "his" debt, they are passing it on to Ruthbridge. There is no account number given for this alleged current account with HFC Bank, only a reference number from Ruthbridge. I'm inclined to think that this is a phishing exercise - he's never had anything from Cabot about anything. Thank you again. Catherine.
  3. Please can anybody advise. Exactly 12 months ago my son was involved in a car accident. He was driving with his girlfriend when two girls in a car behind him threw something at his car (he didn't realise at the time just heard an almighty bang). He braked and the girls went into the back of him. Apparently it was a can of coke they threw. Very little damaged to his car but apparently their car was a write off. The police came and both drivers were drink/drug tested unfortunately my son failed drug test (cannabis) although he had not smoked that day. Rightly he was arrested and subsequently taken to court where he was heavily fined and lost his licence. Can I make it clear this was the best thing to happen I am anti drugs and since that day my son is also anti drugs, he has not touched cannabis since that day. Fortunately nobody was hurt in the accident. A few weeks after the crash my son received a letter from the police stating that the other party was responsible for the crash and unless she agreed to go on a driving awareness course she would be prosecuted. no action regarding the crash would be taken against my son. He did speak to the police who explained that even though he had tested positive it did not give her the right to drive dangerously. My sons insurance will not accept liability (rightly so because of drugs) but now exactly 12 months after accident Admiral (other persons insurance) has sent a letter to my son saying because his insurance wont pay they are starting proceedings against him. Please can anybody advise what we should do.
  4. Ok, 1st post on here so bare with me.... Bought a car in mid Feb this year for 3.5k, 6weeks later an engine mount fails and the dealer tries to fob off with "I'll get it fixed for you at trade cost". I use my right to reject and compose a letter to demand it repaired under the CRA. At this point I find out that the dealer xxx motor company, is actually xxxx body repairs (I won't name and shame as we are still in dispute). The sales invoice hadn't included this info and I wasn't made aware at time of sale. If I'd known I was buying from a body repair shop I wouldn't have bought the vehicle. The company director is also his wife, but under her maiden name on companies house. So it took me a bit of FB stalking and 2hrs searching on companies house to even be sure who to reject the vehicle to. I get no responce, so compose another letter, giving more detail on the fault and why I'm rejecting. Then get a letter back from "law firm". Basically saying it's an old car so it'll break down, deal with it. I reply with chapter and verse, an mention that their 'member' did not disclose who they are on the sales receipt along with a request to confirm the milage at time of sale as my invoice says exactly 75,000. So in the eyes of the law I had completed only 150miles.balso for copies of a service check on the vehicle and or pdi as I have no copies given to me at time of sale. They come back two weeks later with, yes the dealer rounded up the milage on the sales receipt! (illegal) And have included a copy of a pdi and service. Turns out the service check was completed after I'd laid down my deposit and taken for a test drive (also illegal) . So he had no idea the condition of the vehicle when he put it on the forecourt, I took a testdrive in what could have been a death trap. At this point Ive already contacted the back for a chargeback. Which has gone into my bank account, but he can still dispute in the next 6 weeks. I've responded to "law firm" with your member has committed a criminal offence(s) and I'll take it to small claims if he tries to refute the chargeback. Due to the severity of the above and flat refusal of liability on the dealers part I've also reported direct to the local trading standards with the above info and evidence to back it up. Now I'm happy to take home to scc if required as I'm 100% I'd get cost of the car back just on the mis selling of the vehicle under the wrong trading name. However, how likely are trading standards to take action and if so how do I find out if they have? He's basically only checking cars after they are sold (if at all as service check sheet could have been completed at any point in the last 4 months), and is pretending his main trade is a car dealership rather than a body repair shop. He could potentially be taking vehicles that have come through the body repair shop, offering customers a part ex and doing a quick fix to what could be prang on a vehicle and then selling on for big profit through the sales site (what I suspect with my car due to the type of fail and his reaction on the phone). Oh and here is the crux, he also didn't include Ltd on the sales invoice (or any other documents) so he or his wife could be personally liable rather that the Ltd company she is director of (there is a case law which proves this). If I do have to take to scc - who do I serve against? The Ltd Co. He who sold the car and signed the invoice or her who is sole director of the Ltd company? This could end up losing him his marriage as well as business.
  5. Hello, I had taken a number of payday loans in the past, in particular the period of 2014-2015. Most of them are settled or just ignored, but there are a couple that keeps getting chased. One is for Cheque Centre which has been bought up by Lantern (Formerly motormile) and the other is The MoneyShop who I'm now getting chased by BWLEgal on behalf of PRAC Financial Limited. Now, so far I've just ignored them, get standard threat emails etc. Heard nothing regarding the moneyshop one for months until now. However, is it worth making a complaint and the proceeding to FOS for ireesponsible lending when in particular Cheque Center no longer exist? Would that get me anywhere, and who would I complain to, Lantern? As for The Moneyshop one, should I complain directly to them or Prac Limited? I've read the guide so I'm prepared to take them to FOS (I had many many payday loans at the same time, and Cheque center was in particular bad where I was offered £1000 every month with £300 interest, and I used them for rollover several months in a row..)
  6. Hi, just found this forum, look like some professional people are here to give help. I want some advice on how to calculation of damages. I am pursuing a builder for breach of contract. Currently a surveyor came and reported that the site have lots of problems -need to come down and rebuilding. I want to ask if I am entitled to claim: contract price is 35000 paid by instalment on completion of each stage of work, so far paid 15000 new contract price for new builder is 42000 demolition fee is 12000 do I entitled to claim: 1. seek to get full refund of 15000 2. demolition fee of 12000 3. additional costs payable to new builder is 42000 - 35000 = 7000 Kindly please advise. Many thanks!
  7. Tried to do IR lending compaint with Quick Quid. They said No as loans are over 6 years old. Its not much but its a lot to me right now. Also I didnt pay back one of the loans but it has been sold on, to PRA Group I think .... Should I bother sending to Ombudsman? Or write this one off? Have included the statement Thank you all. QQredact.pdf
  8. I'm seeking some advice... Cutting long story short - a couple of years ago someone else (my partner) was driving my car (with my permission) with me as a passenger. Partner had a fully comp insurance and wrongly thought it contained a third party insurance on my car (i accept it was a very stupid mistake, and we have learnt a lesson to check all details on insurance big time!). Partner was not listed on my policy. My vehicle was involved in a minor collision with another vehicle while being driven by my partner. No visible damage to either of the cars and third party driver and passenger assured they were fine and had no injury. Police were not called. Afterward we called partner's insurers to inform them of this minor collision it transpired partner was not insured on third party vehicles, including my car. Eventually third party made a series of claims including whiplash and damage to vehicle. Admiral sent me form of indemnity which i did not sign. Partner never had any communication about this from any source. Now Admiral are pursuing me for just short of 10k for their "outlay" in this case. Third party was also insured with Admiral. I am concerned they have not investigated this matter at all and as far as i'm aware no medical or other evidence has been presented by third party and this claim has been just paid out by Admiral without any consideration to minimise the costs. My question is: does this mean all claims have now been paid out by Admiral to third party considering they seek "settlement proposal" for their "total outlay"? Also my understanding is Admiral would only be able to act as RTA insurer and pay out to third party IF they obtained either signed form of consent and indemnity or obtained court judgement against the driver (my partner) BEFORE paying out the claims to third party (considering i was not the driver, partner was not a named driver on my policy, and form of consent has not been signed). I have obtained legal advice from solicitor who advised not to sign the consent and indemnity form as it is effectively a blank cheque. He gave me advice as above i'm still confused as to why have Admiral paid out to third party as RTA insurer (which they say they did) without any signed consent form or court judgement? can Admiral now legally pursue me for their outlay? Can they now take legal action and obtain court judgement against my partner (we are still together) considering they have never even sent them any communication (although they were aware of driver's details)? The solicitor seems to suggest they Admiral effectively do not have a legal leg to stand on now as they have paid the claims out without taking the required steps as above, if anyone has any similar experience or knowledge i would be grateful for this. I just don't know where to go from here and how to finally resolve this.
  9. Hi, I will make this as brief as possible although it is very long and complex. Basically, I became depressed due to family circumstances and my partner went to the childrens' headteacher who because of my depression, made a referral to social services claiming my children were at risk. In this referral he stated I was autistic. Not true. Shortly after this, there was an incident of graffiti. The head phoned SS to inform them I had been seen wandering the village early on, looking angry and ripping up paper. Not true. SS included the false statement in a report. New headteacher begins almost immediately after, leaving me not time to question original head. New head had been a teacher at school for 6 years. I asked him to find out about this lies. He claimed nobody knew anything about it. perpetrator had been caught at this point. Sent a legal letter intending to sue for defamation and slander regarding above. Councils' solicitor (PJ) wrote back stating one was dissemination of information and stating there was 'some truth' in other statement. Left it at that hopeful lies would stop. Head took this letter personally and made life difficult. Using SS to prop him up as we had an awful social worker involved who was happy to get any info. and school would provide it, true or not. Never spoke about kids, just me! I ended up swearing at him in office. Calls police and banned. Other parents swore and nothing was done. He did me a colour coded reward chart and I was banned further if I didn't do exactly what was said which was dropping children off in office. If I said he was being silly, banned again. If I took them to gate only, banned again, if a friend took them in (bearing in mind I was in middle of mental health crisis which he knew of) banned again. Went on for nearly 2 months. Started staring and following me and kids. Went to police for advice and this behavior stopped. Eventually went to governors who, despite a lengthy email, said he had followed correct procedures. At this point SS had after a year of hell, left us alone. I was feeling better and wanted to make this head suffer. I experienced sexual abuse and other severe abuse in my childhood and this man had a profound impact. After governors ignoring me I called him a [edited] on fb and was cautioned and was banned for 12 months. Lots of little lies told to SS throughout all this. He always used the dissemination of information argument when challenged. Upon returning to school my children were ignored as was my husband and I. My autistic child had melt downs and wouldn't go in without me. The staff completely ignored her. Made life difficult and said if I was late, they would call SS (knowing the impact they had on me previously). I phoned SS and they reassured me nothing would happen. Relayed this info. to school. When I was late I phoned and apologised. Head phoned SS and police stating I was slurring my words and had been seen staggering down the road. I hadn't even left to collect them at this point. Kids taken to grandparents in police car. Spoke to 101 (in my 'unfit' state) and they wouldn't tell me anything. Grandparents phoned to say kids were on their way there and I drove 15 miles to collect them. Police did not investigate and after speaking with grandparents, SS were happy I was not unfit and took no further action. Very shortly after, I was threatened with an injunction should I contact the school. I had phoned them more frequently to ask about my 2 children who are both autistic but messages were always ignored. Told to email someone at council which I did 3 times but no response so had no choice but to contact school. Then an injunction was applied and an interim one granted. Stated a lot of lies and that head had been threatened via phone by my father. This father was never seen before. Said I would fight it then a warrant for my arrest was issued stating that although interim injunction had been granted, my father had again threatened him. As a result of this threat, he had an alarm installed (zoopla shows alarm there when he bought house) and he had CCTV installed. My partner sought out his address as I wasn't allowed 50 metres and sat nav wouldn't recognise it and saw no cctv. I said will they drop everything if I move girls school. Said yes. However, despite knowing all half term I was moving, I get a letter from PJ on the last day telling me that they want me to sign an undertaking with same terms as injunction. I should seek legal advice and give them an answer by monday (case was on tuesday). This left me no time to fight it. When I challenged the unfair terms PJ stated he would go for the warrant, despite my kids being in new school. After speaking with a solicitor friend, she set out some new terms. One was that I be able to walk my dog on the footpath which crosses the school car park and goes around the school. Mostly hidden by bushes. PJ sent a new order but didn't include map and lines showing where I could go. They said I could but only at weekends. Really made life difficult for me. Shortly after moving school, realised it was a mistake and sought to one child back. PJ then tells me I have been entering the car park. I said I can at weekends. He proceeds to tell me he didn't mean the car park which is also the public footpath. I had explained the difficulty I had in walking three girls elsewhere. It seemed he kept this as an insurance policy. I saw the map in court but as I said, he had not sent it via email, knowing I had legal advice. He then informed me they had installed CCTV (no signs) and says I was captured crossing the car park in the week. I explained I was not sure if that was the school, property and pointed out an email I had sent earlier requesting this info. Not done on purpose. He acted in a very underhand manner and it is clear from my email he knew what I meant when I said footpath purposely didn't send the map. He kept saying I could use it at such a time and it wouldn't be relied on. I have since moved from the village but I am angry how they have acted and lied. Given that I can prove some lies and that his statement to police differs to that given to judge, what can I do. If I ask for the undertaking to be quashed, they will agree (knowing I have moved) and it may never reach court. How do I get this to a judge and make them answerable to the lies? I know they will accuse me of contempt (which I deny) but that still doesn't take away the lies. I have also read the judge is corrupt and considering his attitude, fear this. I have been police but they aid it is a civil matter. I am sorry it is so long. Any help is much appreciated.
  10. Good evening all, I would be grateful for any advice that may be offered for the following case that I am pursuing through the Small Claims court. I have changed the exact dates, but the rest of the details are accurate: On 15 November 2013, I found a website offering for sale some consumer electronics. It was a computer peripheral (offered as a kit or fully assembled) that would enable me to expand my fledgling prototyping business. After many calls and emails with the Company Director, I went ahead with ordering an assembled and calibrated unit for the sum of £1000.00 (including courier delivery). The sale was agreed specifically for an assembled and calibrated unit, to be delivered within 10days. The director emailed after 11 days to state that he was waiting for parts and that I should receive the unit soon. Queue excuse again a few days later, but the Director offers to deliver the unit to me personally. After much chasing, a tracking number is received, but no goods. On querying with the Couriers, they state that the goods were never collected because no-one was ever found at the collection address. Repeat this cycle for approximately 6 months, at which point I contact Solicitors for advice. They do a search and advise me that CompanyA has been dissolved on the 22 June 2014 (effective 15/06/2014). No legal recourse as there is no legal entity to pursue. News to me. I complain to Companies House (CH), but am told that I had 3months to object to the Dissolution and that's that. They advise to continue communicating in the hope that the goods will arrive. The Director keeps up the promises and the goods never arrive. A request is submitted for delivery of the goods or full refund of the purchase price. This is ignored. The Director eventually ignores my emails and phone calls. The Director randomly emails me with another false Tracking Number in September 2014, to which I respond that I know he is making false statements and that I have reported him to the authorities. He replies to say 'sorry to hear but understandable. Machine will be sent soon'. I complain to Trading Standards (TS) and the Police Fraud squad (AF) and am advised that although I have no legal recourse, I should still pursue the matter by persisting in asking where the goods are/when they will arrive. AF advises that I should not under any circumstances give this individual any more money if he gets back in touch. Following the dissolution of CompanyA, I go back to his website where I find he is offering the same goods and services, but now under CompanyB. The terms and conditions on the website are still listed as CompanyA. I get back in touch with TS and AF and complain again, also contacting CH to report what I believe was Phoenix Company action. No further action by CH as he applied for Voluntary Dissolution. No further communication with the Director is received until February 2015 when he comes back on the scene, apologising and saying that's it's been all a big mix up and that CompanyB is now responsible for delivering the order. Again, news to me. I consider that maybe he is serious following the AF/TS complaints and is going to deliver the goods. On reading back through the correspondence, he does state that it is his intention to close the company 'within the next three months', but not that he has already filed the application. In hindsight, it is clearly his intent to close the company before he even resumes contact. Further, he states in a later email, that only those who have opted to NOT receive a machine would have received a copy of the DS01. Alarm bells ring and on checking, I find that he has an active application for dissolution. I am just in time to register an objection which is upheld. I notify the Director of my objection and continue to appeal to him for mediation, compromise... a solution. He repeatedly requests to discuss things over the phone and after a few weeks of waffle, I decline further contact by phone. I challenge him with regards to the DS01 and he emails a copy through, stating that he has never hidden this from me and that I should have received one in the post. No proof is provided, no communication is received from this Director or his Companies by post. Ever. I make him aware that I am contemplating legal action. His response is that CompanyB is ONLY fulfilling the orders. When I challenge his handling of the situation, his response is to ask if I want to invest £3000.00 in his business. I ignore this. A 'Notice Before Action' (NBA) is issued to his business address and home address. The home address one is signed for, the business address one is returned a month later, uncollected. He acknowledges receipt of the Notice. He misses the deadline to respond to the NBA. He later offers that funds are low, so he would not challenge legal action. He also asks that, given my history, would I be interested in an investment opportunity? I lodge a further complaint with the Director, who ignores the complaint and instead offers 49% of his business for £5000.00 and states he would then be able to issue my refund. (?) I again complain to CH. After objecting to dissolution for 6+ months, I progress to legal action. On legal advice, the Solicitor questions the ProForma, the only document I have with an order number on it. I question if it is acceptable proof of purchase and he agrees that it is. It is unclear who the liability for the ProForma is with - I assume it is with the Company. Solicitor advises naming Director and Company jointly, which I do. On investigation since submitting the Claim: The Director is sole member and sole Director of Companies A, B and C. (You cannot deal with anyone else in the company other than him: He is a one man band.) I find that the Director's DOB on the Certificates of Incorporation are listed differently between CompanyA and CompanyB. CompanyC is registered with incorrect Director's contact details. Director is later removed and reinstated with contact details for CompanyB's business address. CompanyB and C share the same trading address. The Director alleges that CompanyB and the unit are closed, but on investigation, I am told that the named unit is occupied with an active lease and no notice of termination. CompanyA's application for Dissolution was dated 3 months and two days after I sent the payment (17/02/14 and 15/11/13 resp). Granted he has not (to my knowledge) traded within that 3 month period prior to the application - I question whether there is an indication, seeing as how there were 2 days between sending the money and making the decision to no longer trade; that there was an intent to take the money without ever fulfilling the order. This would seem to be corroborated by not being notified of the Dissolution of CompanyA. CompanyA and the Director are repeatedly named in a user forum specific to this industry that I recently find. There are numerous complaints almost identical to my own. It appears that previous legal action has been settled in mediation with questionable/pitiful results. No accounts have been submitted for any Company. Only one return is ever filed for CompanyA, and all documents show as Outstanding (that's not for performance) with CH. As all have been/ are being Voluntarily Dissolved, CH will not take further action, even in light of his failure to notify Creditors and suspicions of sharp practice. These are stated offences in the Companies Act 2006. The Solictor's reaction to the ProForma bugs me. There is a logo that states CompanyA, but the only mention of LTD is under his name as Director of CompanyA Ltd. There is no inclusion of the Company Number and no VAT details. The office address is both the Company's address and the Director's home address. No invoice or receipt is ever received from CompanyA. I only have email confirmation that the Director received the money. Is the ProForma proof of an agreement between the company and myself, or the Director and myself? I call HMRC for clarification, they advise that the ProForma I originally received is not a recognised Invoice. It is considered to be a quote for goods and services. They cannot comment on whether the agreement is with the individual or the company. CH advise they cannot comment on the legality of the document, but based on my continued evidence and pending court case, the objections are being upheld pending Judgement. Director contacts me to complain that I have named him personally as a Defendant. I ask him who received the original payment. He does not respond. The Director has just defended the claim against himself, but nothing has been received for the company. Default Judgement has been removed now that his defense has been submitted. His defense is that the order is with the Company and that I already know this as I am objecting to it's Dissolution with CH. He states that he has sent me the DS01, (which he did, but only after I demanded a copy of it (and months after the application was submitted)). Whilst I have continually tried to be reasonable, his persistent evasion of any credible information leads me to believe that he is either incompetent or blatantly defrauding his customers. I only have his word that the goods exist and that the agreement is with the Company. As you can imagine, after 2 years+ of outright deceit, I am very suspicious of anything he states. I believe that I am waiting for a question pack from MCOL in order to progress to Judgement, but am concerned that the debt is going to be lumped on the Company and he'll close it without paying. Actually, I think it's obvious that he has been trading whilst insolvent, but I do not know what further powers (as a Creditor) I have to prove/charge him as personally liable. Was I wrong to name him as a Defendant in the first place? The claim covers the basic facts, but I am concerned because of the preconceived response to Director's liability in these situations. I don't want to waste the Court's time, but I do want to submit as much documentary evidence as possible for the Judgement. Is anyone able to offer any further advice? Many thanks in advance for your help.
  11. Hi, This is my first post and I am looking for some advice. I was in a car accident some years ago and the other parties insurers asked me to deal directly with them and they would pay for all my repairs and provide me with a courtesy car etc. They sent me a courtesy car from a company called Drive Assist who then went into receivership shortly afterwards. Because it all happened over 3 years ago I thought it was all done and dusted and had forgotten all about it. A couple of months ago I got a call from a debt collection company explaining that Drive Assist had gone into liquidation and that the other guys insurers had now refused to pay the debt folk for the hire car they promised to pay for. They asked if I would help them etc and I said yes. They have now started to threaten me and tell me that I have to pay the debt because his insurers have refused and because I signed a credit hire agreement and that I am now liable for the debt. They say that I must have hire the car from Drive Assist directly not via his insurers etc. I have a letter from his insurance company that states they will pay for my repairs and supply me with a courtesy car. The debt company say that I refused the courtesy car and went to Drive Assist myself to hire it. But all the literature on the net says they deal with insurance companies etc being an accident management company I feel that I am being conned etc by all of this big time but I can't afford a solicitor to fit on my behalf. I am really out of my depth here. Can anyone help please - I am desperate. Many thanks MM
  12. Hi there Caggers... Debt Recovery Plus are the latest people trying to swindle by sending me letters such as the one attached. I park in this Excel car park at least 3 times a week. Last week in May 2015, they dotted these small notices around the car park saying that the cost to park was going up by 50p. Of course the signs were so small, hardly anyone saw them and then they did a massive swoop looking for all of those poor people in the carpark who had not seen the sign and paid £2.50 like myself. No intentions of paying them because they are con-men and stealth tactic was devious. I wrote to them saying that I know my rights and that the PCN is an invoice to pay, they do not have the right to prosecute me, it is down to the land owner, etc .. and then wrote me this letter. I'm growing weary.. can they do anything? and is there anything else I can do to help them get the message that 'I AIN'T PAYING IT' because at the moment they ain't listening.
  13. I have had one case closed following a statutory declaration and at the new hearing the DVLA case was dismissed http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?451204-being-fined-for-lack-of-insurance-Dvla-**-case-dismissed**-or-is-it but Marston won't stop persuing me! The court say they have notified both the dvla and enforcement centre but they don't appear to have any record of it and will not listen to me or contact the court themselves to verify. Please, how can I force them to check their information and leave me alone. Thank u.
  14. Background: In 2003 I took out a credit card with HSBC (who I held a current account with). This had a credit limit of £200, which subsequently increased to £500, then £800. In 2007 I defaulted on the card. This default shows up on two separate occasions (more on that later) as 2008. I had been querying with HSBC how the amount owed had increased to £1700+, and had not received any answers. I (perhaps foolishly) then left this. In 2012 I wrote to HSBC, quoted the card number, and stated that I believed the matter was not resolved, and that I would like to resolve it, as I was worried about any adverse effect on my credit history. This letter received no reply, I followed it up with an additional letter a couple of months later. Neither letter acknowledged any debt or offered any payment plan; both referred to my concern over how the figure had been reached. While this was going on, I was receiving phone calls from what I believed to be various companies (Keynes, MKRR, Compello, MKDP etc etc) asking for personal details, which I always refused. It subsequently appears the alleged debt was purchased by MKDP LLP, and they were pursuing. In 2014 I obtained a cred it report from Equifax, Callcredit, and Experian, as I was looking at obtaining a mortgage. There were a number of inaccuracies, but relevant to this was a CCJ obtained at an old address, by MKDP LLP, for £1796. I applied to the court to have judgement set aside, and this was granted on the basis that I had been a continual HSBC client, so they should have had my correct address. There was a condition that I filed a defence with the court by the 12th January. The default date on the HSBC entry on my credit report (I've got some historical ones) is shown as 10/05/2008. The default date on the MKDP entry is shown as 15/10/2008. Neither show on my current credit report. The CCJ has now disappeared from my credit report. Question I have always disputed this debt. Court action was commenced before the debt became statute barred (if you count the default date in 2008 as the cause of action, rather than the date I stopped making payments etc). What should I do? A solicitor friend of a friend has suggested I 'Put MKDP to proof', and has implied that they may not pursue this any further - I however think they will. How do I go about putting them to proof, and what should I ask for? I'm all ready to send some faxes today (I've found this a pretty effective method of instant communication), so I would appreciate: 1. Knowing what information to ask MKDP LLP for 2. Some help drafting my defence Any support gratefully received. Jim
  15. hi guys, i recently sent off a template letter to restons solicitors regarding an old o2 account telling them my o2 account that has been passed to them is now statute barred. they have responded with a letter stating the account was opened on or around 21 june 2005 and a credit in the sum of £8.50 was made on the 8th june 2008. i am 100% sure no payments were made then, i have no proof, but by the wording of their letter (the on or around 21 june 2005) neither have they. they are now asking me to complete a financial statement and return within 2 weeks or legal proceedings will commence. have i opened a can of worms here?? i am guessing i can ask for proof that the credit was made and that i made it? any help please friends and thank you for reading.
  16. In 2004 my partner and I opened a business, and took out a loan with natwest bank, we also had our business bank account with them. In November 2007 my partner filed for bankruptcy, and all accounts were dealt with in that bankruptcy. We had at that time paid off about half of the original loan, which was secured against our property. All other overdrafts, cards, loans etc were not secured against our property. We have however been endlessly pursued by natwest for varying sums ( they don't seem to know how much we owe) of between £32,000 and £7000. We have repeatedly told them how much we owe, and if we can agree on the correct figure, then payment will be made. We are not willing to enter into any agreement when they appear to be plucking figures out of fresh air! This morning, I received a letter threatening legal action/repossession of MORTGAGE arrears for £21,000. My mortgage is not with Natwest! The CAB spoke to them about 4 years ago, and told them in no uncertain terms, that there behaviour was disgraceful, but to no avail! Any advice would be gratefully received!
  17. We are seeing a few people report that they are receiving letters from Bailiffs in respect of defaulted pay day loans or other consumer debt. If you have received communication from a Bailiff company and it is not in connection with a warrant / fine / court judgment / council tax, can you please pop a link to your thread in this thread. We would also like to see copies of these letters - unedited - if you are happy to provide us with copies, please let us know so we can provide you with a secure / private email to use. Thank you.
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