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  1. What is the best course of action when I had a successful complaint against them through the FOS, reducing the amount I had to pay back but I head nothing from them until today saying it is with BW Legal now an advises me to contact them. Should I wait for them to contact me?
  2. Hello, I am just looking for some tips.. I have a loan that I took out in December for 1000£ with Loans2go, I talked to them today asking what my settlement figure was and they said around £1100. Now, I also talked to the top up team there as I had strange settlement figure on a broker site for a new loan (which I am sure I didnt ask them to compare, but oh well). And they confirmed this strange thing: If I were to top up, they could settle my loan for £692 and lend me the difference, Iend me £1000 to settle the previous one and I would get £338 to my account. So, for me. Would it not make sense to actually just ask for the top up and use the money to just pay it all back? £1000, essentially withdrawing from the agreement? Or am I wrong here? it would save me £400 if I am right.
  3. Hello, I had taken a number of payday loans in the past, in particular the period of 2014-2015. Most of them are settled or just ignored, but there are a couple that keeps getting chased. One is for Cheque Centre which has been bought up by Lantern (Formerly motormile) and the other is The MoneyShop who I'm now getting chased by BWLEgal on behalf of PRAC Financial Limited. Now, so far I've just ignored them, get standard threat emails etc. Heard nothing regarding the moneyshop one for months until now. However, is it worth making a complaint and the proceeding to FOS for ireesponsible lending when in particular Cheque Center no longer exist? Would that get me anywhere, and who would I complain to, Lantern? As for The Moneyshop one, should I complain directly to them or Prac Limited? I've read the guide so I'm prepared to take them to FOS (I had many many payday loans at the same time, and Cheque center was in particular bad where I was offered £1000 every month with £300 interest, and I used them for rollover several months in a row..)
  4. Received the "Notice of proposed Allocation to small claims track". I will of course suggest mediation. What happens further after I deliver this? Do the claimant have to pay a court fee to actually process to a hearing stage (if they don't want to go through mediation) ? Do they have a deadline?
  5. Will post something in a couple of hours to defend, any suggestions before I go ahead? I will contest that the amount intially claimed is wrong, any charges would be unfair and forecable , no notice of assignment, and when asking for more information as instructed by the solicitors, the request was ignored.
  6. Going to post my defence later tonight when I get back home, as the deadline is near
  7. It is as following : "The claimant is a loan company which offers short term loans. On 07/03/2014 the parties entered into an agreement whereby the Defendant borrowed the sum of 300.00 to be repaid by 01/05/2014 in the sum of 609.50. Despite extensive chasing, the Defendant failed to repay their loan in full and interest and costs have incurred. The Claimant therefore Claims: 1. 300.00 being the amount loaned. 2. 22.00 being interest up to the date of this claim; 3. 87.50 being charges incurred 4. 0.00 being amount paid 5. Further interest of 8% per annum 6. Costs The claimant claims interest under section 69 of the County Cours Act 1984 at the rate of 8% a year from 10/04/2015 to 16/04/2015 on 739.50 and also interet at the same rate up to the date of judgment or earlier payment at a daily rate of 0.16"
  8. The MCOL site works now, so I can actually submit my defence there. I did notice something though.. on the particulars of the claim, they say that I entered the contract of £300.00 to be repaid by 01/05/2015 in the sum of £609.50 This is ofcourse entirely false, the amount that should have been paid back then was £396.52, according to my contract. So that is another inconsistency of their claim..
  9. Hehe, no I have actually not paid them. They do sent me emails though. But there is one that offered me more or less the amount I actually did take out, with this said 100% cap as well, (SLLCapital) and I'm just working with them at the moment as I already paid in £40 to the original creditor
  10. Yes, Honeybee. I had some other payday loans being bought up by other companies, and they reduced it to 100% max, and usually gives a certain discount as well. Even the likes of Motormile
  11. ifi agree to this tomlin order, it will increase my cost by £500 over the orginal loan of £300, surely I should be able to lower that? The new rules even say that the max someone should owe after a payday loan is twice the amount IE £600 in this case. Now, I don't know how that comes into with court fees etc, was hoping someone here could advice on this.
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