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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, just found this forum, look like some professional people are here to give help. I want some advice on how to calculation of damages. I am pursuing a builder for breach of contract. Currently a surveyor came and reported that the site have lots of problems -need to come down and rebuilding. I want to ask if I am entitled to claim: contract price is 35000 paid by instalment on completion of each stage of work, so far paid 15000 new contract price for new builder is 42000 demolition fee is 12000 do I entitled to claim: 1.
  2. Dear All, I come to this website by searching for some advice for a serious dispute with my cowboy builder recently. Please bear with me with my long nasty story: We hired the builder in late April 2017 and agreed to make stage payments in contract. The whole project was quoted £35k We paid him 10% deposite and the first stage payment £9k in advance (what a mistake I know). The first stage payment is supposed to cover the material and labour cost till bricks are laid up to roof level (which was not written in contract but agreed verbally). I did get 3 references
  3. In early January we started looking for a bathroom installer who could refit our bathroom for us. We found a guy who talked very knowledgeably and gave a great impression, we agreed a price, a start date in mid-February, and agreed it would take up to two weeks for the work. He worked on the bathroom for one week and one day, at which point he had removed the old bathroom, rerouted some plumbing, installed some insulation on an external wall, installed a shower tray, and fitted the first six tiles. Since then we have not seen him. It appears that he decided that the tiles we wanted (large
  4. Hello, I'm new here. In April, a builder started a small extension and some internal work to knock through walls. The building inspector visited in May, and was not happy with a number of aspects of the work. The builder did not agree with the feedback, and walked out. I have spoken to a solicitor who advised me to get a RICS survey, which I am currently organising. I will be a litigant in person, but am taking some legal advice at key stages during the process. As the amount is unlikely to be over £10k it will probably go through the small claims. I have paid the builder in
  5. HELLO your advice would be highly appreciated please as I don't know how to handle this .. Late last year, we had a guy knocked at our door and proposed to fix our driveway, we told him we couldn't afford it as we were getting our windows replaced in a couple of weeks. . He said we could spread payments that he understands besides he has many people owing him anyway that he knows we would eventually balance him .. he said it would cost £1800 , bear in mind that we already had the cobbles kept in our garden which we agreed would be for half part of the drive way. He came 1 week earl
  6. Hey guys. I've unfortunately been on the receiving end of being duped by an absolute cowboy builder that really and truly needs to be stopped before anyone gets hurt. Over the Christmas period, i was looking to have some work done to the house, namely a new bathroom, toilet and to refurbish the kitchen. I posted an advert on rated people, received a call from a builder who came over to view the job and priced it up. I took a little time to mull it over, even went to view work he was doing at the same and agreed to hire him a few days later. Deposit was initially paid with the remainder
  7. Hi all! I have been reading through alot of threads to gain info. We have a problem with a builder, who was supposed to do approx £27k of work on our house. I will keep details sketchy as I don't want to identify ourselves. he was a cowboy, didn't do the work as he was contracted to do (we had no written contract, but the Surveyor had specified what needed to be done and how and the quote referred to "all works as detailed in the surveyor;s report). To cut a long story short, he has had two attempts to fix the roof, and has only made it worse both times, and i
  8. Hi, am looking for advice with how to deal with my builder. I signed a contract with a Loft company to build a new loft, good references, I met on of their previous clients and was happy to use them. They subcontracted the work to a builder who did a good quality job, however was very slow and indeed the project is still only 95% complete after 8 months. I'm not too concerned about this as I still have one final payment to make and believe the Loft Co will complete the work. On the back of this work I signed the builder to do a kitchen extension for us (for a good price of £32k)
  9. Hi. I am going to be attending the CAB in regards to this problem, but since I have been reading this forum for sometime now, I felt I should join and ask about my situation. We have a very worrying problem with our landlord who to put it mildly is a cowboy. We moved into the property back in June 2011 and had signed an agreement and all was well. Since then we have not seen nor heard from him. Nor have we received any rental agreement to sign within the past 3 years. We are in N.Ireland so some of our rental laws do vary in accordance with Great Britain. As of Febuary 2015 all la
  10. I will try and keep this short. My son moved into his bedsit 3 yrs ago since then there was immense problems in the bedsit, damp, smelling of mould, leakages, his belongings ruined by mould and damp, ect., we engaged a solicitor, after some time, he had endless visits from all and sundry denying the problems, various tests were done and repairs carried out, hence solicitor liaised with the council for compensation, the case fell because apparently the council corrected the problems and he would not have a good case to fight. Now they have employed Mullaley to renovate the block, new b
  11. Hello all. We came across CAG through Google searches about Everest and their cowboy antics, as we have suffered pretty badly at their hands over the past 3 years or so and thought you may be interested in our experience of Everest. They were so bad that we ended up creating a website detailing everything that has happened to us, but in a nutshell we experienced heavy leaks (one was like someone pouring a cup of water down the inside of the window), and water pooling near electrical outlets. If that wasn't bad enough, 2 glass roof panels (the inside sheet on each) se
  12. I'm seriously considering suing a cowboy kitchen fitter for what he has done. I dont want to put too much detail here as there is a chance he will read it, who knows. He is a cowboy and he knows it. However, I keep hearing there is no point in suing someone if he doesnt have money. If this type of fitter is charging people say £200 per day then there is money coming in. As far as I'm aware he is self employed and the name he trades under is not a limited company. I'm in no doubt whatsoever that I would win the judgement, I have reams of proof and photograp
  13. Hi I had a cowboy builder in and he took £3,000 from me and wrecked my home/didnt do any work he was paid for. I obviously want my money back but: a. Trading standards cannot help as its the only case against him, so they issued a warning for fraud. He told me his company was registered and it was actually disolved in 2010. b. Police refused to do anything about the nails he stole, as my word against his. (Nails cost £100 so expensive theft), but I have an incident number (fat lot of good that is) c. Companies House wont do anything as he was no longer registered with
  14. had some urgent work done in my bathroom due to a leak .paid the builder £745.00 cash no receipt .quick to collect cash very difficult indeed to get him to do the work.he fitted the toilet not seated right not secured wobbles all over.fitted the bath but found it did not fit so he decided to saw about 4ins of the top and the bottom of the bath so it would fit.told bath is useless as him doing this weakened the bath .left my sink on the floor unfitted never replaced the door frame he was paid to do .failed to mend my leaking roof .failed to wood clad the walls and ceilings in the bathroom he ha
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