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Found 6 results

  1. I can not believe a company as big as Everest can get away with their practices. I’ll be brief, 6 months after from initial installation we have half the house fitted (10 windows 2 doors) ALL badly fitted (exposed cavity walls) damaged brick work, ALL damaged products and no contact From Everest as to when going to be corrected and finish. Having been advised to do so we have contacted and paid for a solicitor to see if we can get released from contract, deposit returned and start again with another company. In a nutshell we can’t unless we wish to go to court and pay 10k plus and not be able to recover our money anyway. Everest sent a letter threatening us that we have to pay them 80% of the 13k regardless of state left in the house. So far we have paid 1.5k, we have a house open to the elements (no water leaking thankfully but have lots of slugs) and apparently nothing we can do. We have to let them in when it suits them (can take another year or so) and accept a fight to get anything replaced or fixed if broken so my question, surely this is wrong and somewhere a law protects us? Going to court we can’t claim solicitor fees and small claims a max £1000 to capped. Need advice or a brianwave please desperatly unhappy
  2. My partner and I have saved up for 8 years to renew our windows, doors and conservatory and we decided in May 2018 to have the work done. After much deliberation and different companies proposing to us, we settled on Everest because they said they were the “ Everest fit the best” and we believed by paying a bit more and using this well known company, we would get the best as was promised. In May we were assured, with great cetainty that the work would be done before Christmas because in 2019 my partner and I would not be in the country. I currently live and work abroad for a period and my girl friend is due to join me before Christmas so of course installation would not be possible after Christmas and during 2019. Of course considering the amount of time between May and December who would think this would ever be a problem. Especially when you have the self proclaimed “the best” doing the work. So we paid more than we could have by going with a small local company, for the peace of mind and to get as they advertise. The best. One of of the ways offered to reduce the total price by 5% was to sign up for finance with Home Solutions, who have a deal with Everest to provide such a discount and then I was told before the first payment, or in between the first and second payment, i can’t be sure exactly, I would Pay off the full amount to them and therefore we would apparently not be subject to the interest imposed by taking out the finance, due to a consumer credit law that enabled this. Sadly, I’m ashamed to admit I did sign up with this agreement, however it didn’t sit comfortably with me at all, so on the 28th May I sent a text to the Regional manager to say as much and insisted that this financial agreement must be cancelled as I was inside my cooling off period of 14 days, and to increase the price by 5% and I was happy to pay. We had saved hard for 8 years and had the money. I didn’t want to be party to such shenanigans. As a result the contract was amended on June 28th to reflect this, plus a few other minor work related changes everything was still going ahead as agreed. The Minor changes was to do with the “sunroom” that Everest had to rethink, and re-quote for. On July 13th the first of the surveyors visited and said to my partner before he walked through the doors, “is that window being done?” Pointing to an arched window, and Said, “we can’t do that love”. My partner text me straight away saying about his dreadfully negative attitude and poor customer service, and he didn’t even perform a survey on the sunroom. The salesman pointed out the the surveyor is “a bit doom and gloom at times” and for my partner to send a complaint in by email and a customer service form. We didn’t bother to do this, because my partner was worried he might have to come back. On 18th August we received notification that the conservatory would be provisionally booked to be installed on 8th October. On receiving this, I booked a flight home to be there for the installation. At this stage, We still hadn’t heard a single thing about the installation of the windows and doors. My wife and I were calling regularly with no success so I reverted to contacting the salesman through WhatsApp to find out what was going on. On August 1st, more than two months to installation, I was trying to establish what progress had been made regarding the windows and doors. I was told it was with the tech team. We tried to get through to speak with someone at Everest for updates in August and September with no success. On 21st September I text the salesman and asked for an update. Not one person had contacted us. I could literally only get a response from The salesman through text message for updates and information. In one of the many texts I was told that communication is something that has been addressed in the company and it's not only ourselves that were having problems which he added probably wouldn’t make us feel any better, and apparently there's been a big turnover in staff at the call centre. I’m going to not bore with details of when and how often my wife and I tried to contact Everest to speak to someone from operations but it was a lot, and ending up having to revert back to old fashioned text messages with the original salesman for information and updates. It materialized that there seemed to be a problem for constructing a simple portal frame for the bifold doors to go into the sunroom. Something that is so simple to do, even people at Everest couldn’t believe why the problem existed. Since it was with paramount importance to get the work done by the end of the year, I was getting concerned that the widows and doors wouldn’t be installed in October. On the 24th September I was told that a local engineer could construct the portal frame within a week. The next day 25th September, I was informed by text that the order had been given to the director because of the trouble it had caused us, and it shouldn’t be a stressful process, especially considering the money we have spent. In the same text we were told that he had spoken to the area manager who decided to get senior management involved, and they were unhappy as they think they are the best but they hadn’t achieved that. He went on to say that the project would not be installed on the 10th October. We were so disappointed. Why. After over 4 months, could a company be so incompetent, as not to be able to do something so easy. Windows and doors and bifold doors. That’s all. We weren’t asking them to build the Eiffel Tower. Just to say up to this point, no one from operations had contacted us whatsoever. All our information and updates were from the one salesman. Can you imagine? On the 26th September I was told by text that the reason for this was due to one of the companies making the portal frames had pulled out last minute and they are looking for another company to replace them, and now that the director was involved things should get resolved fairly quickly. Nothing happened. No one contacted us. We tried to get in touch with someone, the only person we were able to talk to from customer services was as frustrated as we were because she couldn’t get any information for us. During one particular conversation on the 2nd October with customer services my partner was told the windows, doors and sunroom contract had been completely cancelled due to the problem with the portal frame and she asked hasn’t anyone got hold of you. Of course nobody had. Not one person from Everest had called us since the contract was signed back in May. We were the ones fighting for scraps of information. So back to WhatsApp to the salesman to inform him of what we were told. On 3rd October, He informed me by text message that it wasn’t cancelled and the situation has been brought to the attention of every manger and the CEO in relation to operations mistakes, and that operations had been bombarded with emails and calls from his managers and if they don’t call us, he wouldn’t like to be in their shoes. He went on to write that, he was embarrassed with what’s happened and that it was a joke. He wrote that there were certain people in the company that had really let them down and ruined their reputation not to mention causing us and other customers an unbelievable amount Of stress. I’m sorry to say, we were becoming incredibly stressed. We had never experienced such incompetence from any company in all our lives. The “provisional” installation date of the conservatory was changed from the 8th October to the 10th. I flew back to the UK on the 7th October specifically for this, using two weeks annual leave, anticipating installation of Windows, doors, sunroom and conservatory. By now it was clear that only the conservatory would be installed in October so I came home especially for that. On 8th October I spoke to operations who called me, but didn’t shed any light on what was going on but would get back to me. shortly after I spoke to the regional manager on the phone. He told us that hand on his heart, in all his career with Everest he had never known Everest let a customer down or treat somebody, the way they have us. That he himself sent out 30 or 40 emails and he’d even sent a grievance complaint to the CEO regarding what operations have done and how we have been treated, and that the only reason operations called me was that the CEO made him do so. He also said that if the windows and doors couldn’t be installed to hold off on the conservatory because obviously everything has to match. He said that if the windows and doors couldn’t be fitted we would be entitled to receive our deposit back because the company has broken the contract. He also added that when all the work is done I should be asking for some kind of compensation for the shoddy customer service and he would help us with that and we could get some recompense for all the nonsense and messing about we have endured. He said he was completely speechless with what has happened. We didn’t want to cancel anything. We didn’t have time. Despite what had gone on. We needed the work done before Christmas. Then On the Morning of the installation of the conservatory, 10th October, I received a phone call from the installation team to say they won’t be installing the conservatory now, and it was postponed. Apparently the ridge was damaged. We were devastated. Let down yet again. We couldn’t believe it. I came home from the other side of the world and both my partner and I had sacrificed our annual leave for 2018 for nothing. We were mortified and now becoming extremely stressed. A few days later operations called me to say that the sunroom also couldn’t be done. They had run out of ideas. We were between a rock and a hard place and I told them to just deduct the sunroom off the contract and I would find someone else to do it, in order to get things moving. Of course we were not happy and It was now going to cost me more than they reduced the price by and we were very angry and frustrated because if they had told us from the beginning, they couldn’t do it, we would never have gone with Everest. We wanted one company to do the whole job. Conservatory, Windows, doors and sunroom, to benefit from bigger job, better price factor, and of course so everything matches. Materials, style and glass. One company only . We were desperate. We needed the work done so I managed to book a week off in December. So contract reduced. More inconvenience having to find someone else as well to do a simple sunroom. As this account of our treatment by Everest is becoming long and I’m sure a bit boring for those of you who are still here, I’ll just say from October 11th until now we heard absolutely nothing from the conservatory department. Not a thing despite me leaving messages and calling all people. Nothing. I was speaking to a gentleman from the windows and doors side of the business who was trying to arrange that side of it. He told me he would get someone to call me, to no avail. Eventually on 14th November the operations gentleman called me to say that unfortunately they had supply chain problems with manufacturing certain arched windows they had quoted for, and that the work could not be done until 2019. This they knew was not possible as they knew we were not going to be there. Besides. We have lost all faith in Everest. I wouldn’t want a company this poor erecting my greenhouse never mind touching our home. By this stage after having previously written complaints to customer service, and receiving the obligatory, “has been received, we will get back to you” reply, I decided that enough was enough and We couldn’t go on anymore. I was and I still am suffering a lot of stress and depression due to how we have been treated, as more worryingly to me, has my girlfriend. I contacted the customer service department and requested our deposits back due to what has, or more accurately, hasn’t happened. This was declined and we were told that we should allow access for them to do the work. That they are willing to go ahead. This would be next year. We are not here next year. In 2019 we are not going to be in the the uk. They knew this in May 2018. We arranged this long time ago. Nothing has happened. I have now filed a smalls claim court proceedings against Everest. Even though I am getting legal advice and told many positive things, if any body has got any further advice or information to help us out, it would be very much appreciated. All we want are our deposits of £6,686 and for Everest to get out of our lives. We are fair and straight people. In 7 months. Nothing has been done. Despite all the messing about by Everest. Buying a ticket Flying to the UK for a cancelled installation and wasting two weeks leave. We just want what is ours back. £6,686. We don’t want extra compensation although everyone we talk to says we should. To tell us that we should let them continue is insulting. I’m depressed. Having to goto court to get our money back is going to cost us money. We will have to fly to the UK for the day to go. Which we will. But all this disruption and extra cost to our lives because of the incredible incompetency of Everest Limited. On this particular website it mentions that we should record all phone calls. We will regret it if we don’t. Fortunately I have recorded all calls for my personal use. I always do this with companies where details are given, so I don’t have to write things down and for reference. How can these calls be used, and also WhatsApp messages. The legalities. Are there any other good forums such as trust-pilot, etc that I can post our Everest experience, because we genuinely don’t want another family or couple or or anyone suffering how we have, and people should hear about our experience before they give their hard earned money to Everest. It’s been the worst experience of our lives and i don’t want to be dramatic but it’s effecting my health now. I can’t sleep or keep my mind on anything. It’s because I feel like we have been robbed. How can a large company like Everest get away with treating people so badly. I hope that no one else has to suffer like we have. Thanks for your help in advance and thanks for reading. And. Please. Avoid using Everest.
  3. Myself and my wife have been having major issues with Everest and their ‘customer service’, and whilst researching online for help, I came across CAG. Our story is a little complicated, but basically we have been led into signing a contract for a conservatory with Everest, by a salesman of theirs who used underhanded tactics and completely misleading information. Right at the start, in August 2016, my wife received some inheritance money from a close relative, which we decided to use to build a conservatory, which will act as a playroom for our 3 year old daughter and baby that is due in early 2017. Once decided, we got an initial quote from local company, Brackenwood conservatories, which was a bit too pricey. We the researched further online for decent reputable companies and along the way disregarded Everest and Anglian, as we already knew that they are much more expensive than most independents. Eventually, we found local company Three Counties, which had really positive reviews, so we decided to get a quote from them. My wife contacted Three Counties through a form on their website and a salesman of their’s, called David, returned an email, requesting that we contact him via a mobile number he provided, stating that the number for him on the website & email footer is incorrect. My wife contacted him on this number and arranged a consultation at our home. A week later, David carried out a consultation and designed a conservatory with a solid tiled roof for us, which is what we initially wanted (our garden is south-west facing and we wanted to avoid our conservatory getting over-heated in the sun). We were happy with the design and David went away and called us up the next day with a quote just under £23k, which we were fine with. Once we decided to go ahead, we got David from Three Counties back over a week later to complete the sale. Once he arrived, he brought the design back up on his computer, but for some reason the cost had risen by over £3k. He spent about an hour looking into the design and tweaking the spec until the cost came back down to the initial quote. Once we were ready to pay, David informed us that the only we can complete the purchase was by taking out a finance plan, which we would need to pay interest, resulting in the final cost going up to £26k! We asked if there was any way we could avoid this, as we already had the money to pay, but he told us that the conservatory had already been discounted and that the only way we could get it at £23k was to go with finance and pay interest. This new rise in cost was too much for us and, just as we were ready to give up, David then offered us an alternative design to the solid roof conservatory. He told us that Everest had just released a brand new glass roof technology that stopped heat from passing through into the conservatory, and that they were offering it free of charge for a limited time, as a way of pushing the new technology. David told us that Everest were the sole suppliers of this new technology and that it would be the ideal alternative to a solid tiled roof and it would also help us avoid planning permission. He told us that we had to hurry and take up the offer if we wanted to go ahead, as the offer was only available for the next day or so and that he could sub-contract Everest through Three Counties to get the product we wanted and also get the build finished in time before the arrival of our newborn. As, we were running out of time and wanted the conservatory built before early 2017, we decided to go with David’s recommendation of sub-contracting Everest through Three Counties. The quote to do this turned out to be just over the initial quote of £23k, which was slightly over our budget, but we were sold on this new magic glass roof technology. When it came to signing the contract and design, David informed us that it would all be Everest branded and that the initial deposit would be paid to Everest, but that the project would be overseen by Three Counties, our first port of call. We went ahead and signed the contract and paid Everest a deposit of £4.6k. The next stage was to get a survey from Everest and issue a party wall notice to our neighbour, as the foundation depth would be 2.5m. The survey was done and some slight alterations to the design had to be made, causing the price to rise by just under £300. Everest supplied us with a party wall notice, which we issued to our neighbour, but our neighbour would not sign, as he said Everest had not issued him the correct notice. Our neighbour told us, after looking at the government guidelines, that Everest need to supply him with plans showing depth of foundation, distance from boundary, etc. We returned to Everest asking for this to be done, but both David and the surveyor informed us that our neighbour was not entitled to any plans, which we then discussed with our neighbour, who was not happy at all. We then asked Everest a second time, this time the manager of their planning department, and again, they were adamant that our neighbour does not require any plans and that Everest have never supplied these in the past in regards to party wall notices. Time was running out, and without our neighbour signing the notice, we could not go ahead with the build without paying for party wall surveyors, which was a route we wanted to avoid. In the end, our neighbour had to write a letter to Everest asking for the plans, stating the rules given out by the government on party wall act. This caused Everest to finally take notice and they then sent out a new notice, with plans, etc, which turned out to be incorrect again - they managed to mix up our address with our neighbour’s, which was completely ludicrous and showed Everest’s incompetence! After all this, our neighbour got completely frustrated and did not want to help us any further, causing our relationship as neighbours to fall out. We complained to David, who was apparently looking after us, and he promised that Everest would cover the cost of party wall surveyors for both ourselves and our neighbour as a resolution. After this promise, nothing was put into place and we kept having to chase David and Everest, as nothing was happening. We spoke to the planning manager and the surveyor, who both told us that Everest do not, and never had in past, pay for any party wall surveyors and that David’s promise was completely false and would never be realised. As consumers, we found we were being given really bad customer service as we had to do all the leg work in order to get Everest to do their job and we were receiving false promises from their salesman, David. In frustration, we decided to go back to our first port of call, Three Counties, who we were told by David at the start, were looking after the sale. I contacted the owner, Simon, of Three Counties, who was initially very confused and concerned about our experience. He told me that Three Counties do not actually sell Everest products and don’t sub-contract to Everest, as they are a main competitor, and that his salesman has completely done the wrong thing by switching our sale to Everest. He told us that David was working for Three Counties during the time we had initial contact with him, but had parted ways shortly after and was now working for Everest! He also told us that the ‘new’ glass technology that David had sold us was not new, had in fact been around for years and was not exclusive to Everest. In fact Three Counties get all their conservatory materials from the exact same supplier Everest use - it’s all the same, but Everest charge at least £5k more. After hearing this news, myself and my wife were absolutely shocked and devastated that we had been misled into signing a contract with Everest and that David had led us to believe he was actually working for Three Counties - not Everest. Not at any time did David inform us that he had switched employment from Three Counties to Everest, nor was he wearing anything to make us aware that he was an Everest employee. We feel that David has committed fraud as a salesman and completely misled us into going with Everest. Since this finding, we having written a complaint letter to Everest regarding this issue and asked for a complete refund of our deposit as we had been mis-sold. We also got a new design consultation from Three Counties, who informed us that the design David from Everest had created for us was over-complicated and more elaborate than what was realistically required, which had probably been done to make the salesman more money. Three Counties’ design turned out to be a lot better, had added extras such as heating and better lighting, used the exact same roof (the ‘new’ technology David had claimed Everest had just released) and came in between £4k and £5k cheaper than Everest! After we chased Everest several times, they finally replied to our letter, explaining that if we wanted to cancel, we would be in breach of contract and that they would keep our £4.6k deposit and charge us additional damages for loss of profit. They said that they can offer us a party wall surveyor if we wanted to still go ahead, but this would only cover us and our neighbour if our neighbour was happy to go with the same surveyor. They also said that David had made statements, saying that our first contact with him was 3 years ago when he was working at Anglian - not through Three Counties. He also claimed he had an Everest ID badge on when he consulted us. Both of these claims David provided are complete lies, clearly demonstrating that he is trying to cover himself. Although the offer of a surveyor was made to compensate our earlier complaint, regarding the poor service and issues we had with Everest’s attempts at a party wall notice, there has been no attempt by Everest to take the issue of mis-selling and underhand sales tactics by their employee as a serious matter and they are trying to pressure us into carrying on with the project, even though we have been seriously miss-treated as consumers. Since the reply, we have asked Everest numerous times to provide further information regarding David’s claim of speaking to us 3 years ago whilst he was working at Anglian. So far David has stood by his statement and will not provide any further details. So far, we have contacted our local Trading Standards and we are now looking at speaking to the Glass and Glazing Federation to see if they can get involved. We are also talking to Citizens Advice, who have been very helpful. The whole ordeal has been extremely stressful and my wife is very upset, as Everest now have £4.6k of her inheritance money which is a very personal thing to her and is worried she will lose. We are also worried that the prolonged stress that Everest has caused my wife, may have an impact on her pregnancy. If anyone can help, we would very much appreciate it.
  4. Hi, Looking for help regarding Everest conservatory sale procedure when the point of sale is on customer premises. We have a long running dispute with Everest going back to 2014, when we were mis-sold a conservatory. We clearly asked the salesman for a specific type of foundation and base work, but as his sales tool was unable to specifically detail the type of foundations being requested, we made certain it was written on to the sales contract. To set the picture, the contract was signed very late on a Thursday night, and the salesman used an excuse that he couldn’t take our deposit money and consequently said he was unable to leave the signed sales document or the technical sales agreement with us. [yes, we now know this was breach of the consumer regulations act] We paid the deposit to the head-office the following week. What has happened since, Everest has used a different foundation (plus delivered lots of other problems) and since we don’t have a copy of the sales contract we are finding it difficult to prove our request with Everest. Everest have provided copies of the technical sales agreement, but their system was not configured to state what type of piling was requested, so Everest are claiming they have provided what was stated on the sales agreement. As instructed by Consumer advice/Trading standards we have asked for a copy of the sales contract under the Consumer Regulations Act, yet they only send repeated copies of the technical sales agreement stating that it is the binding contract. And per Consumer Advice, we have now also requested a Subject Access Request per the data protection act again specifically asking for the sales contract plus any other documentation with our details on them. We doubt Everest ware going to share a copy of the sales contract unless we can show them an example Everest conservatory sales contract, and demand they provide our copy. Can anyone share a copy of their sales contract? I’m not after your specifics but just what does the Everest Conservatory sales contract look like, because we cannot remember. Alternatively, anyone out there who has a copy of their Everest conservatory technical sales agreement, where it specifies Shire piling or Helix piling and/or a Quikbase base solution? It doesn’t need to be a contract in dispute, this can be any one that has been successfully installed and the customer is happy with it, either will do. Many thanks in advance, if you can help.
  5. Hello all. We came across CAG through Google searches about Everest and their cowboy antics, as we have suffered pretty badly at their hands over the past 3 years or so and thought you may be interested in our experience of Everest. They were so bad that we ended up creating a website detailing everything that has happened to us, but in a nutshell we experienced heavy leaks (one was like someone pouring a cup of water down the inside of the window), and water pooling near electrical outlets. If that wasn't bad enough, 2 glass roof panels (the inside sheet on each) separately crashed down on us, narrowly missing me as I leapt out the way. Everest refused or were utterly unable to put matters right and after the second panel collapse we were advised by our lawyer to get a replacement roof fitted for our safety's sake. This (and damaged items in the roof collapses) cost us £8k but Everest were unwilling to pay for it, and can not be sued due to the clever way they construct their "company" in Jersey (where we live). Even a lawyer we employed couldn't find a way to sue them to recover the costs. Needless to say, their support was non-existent throughout and sadly our so-called "Trading Standards" department don't want to know, claiming their remit is "Weights and Measures" (is this normal in Trading Standards on the UK mainland?). Having tried every avenue possible, we have now resorted to putting a large sign on our house advertising our website which has much more info - if you are interested please PM/email me and I can send the link to you. It makes for some pretty damning reading. Thanks for reading, any advice would be most welcome. I am off to post some helpful info (I hope) in the computer section as I am a self-employed IT Consultant by trade! Tim Clayton.
  6. Hi I hope this is the right forum? I am looking for a mattress and I wandered into a second hand shop, and saw a new memory foam double mattress with springs in as well by Everest. My old mattress is slowly wearing out and I can feel the springs a bit now and it twangs from time to time (not often). The mattress is priced at £175.00 with £35 delivery. althrough the woman whom I next saw quoted £25. I have curvature of the spine and I do sometimes get achy hips in the morning so I don‘t want it too hard. Please can you advise me, my dad wants me to save my money and go for something a bit cheaper. But I am not going to get any better then that. I have laid on it and it felt weird because of the clear plastic covering that was still on it. I have seen one at £299 at another shop which was by a manufacturer called Viscount, but I liked that one because the cellophane wasn’t on it and I could feel it properly. Can you advise me what I should do please? Sorry if this is a silly question? Many thanks for reading this post.
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