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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, I am in the process of going through MCOL for over £3500.00 due to poor service, supply, project management and deadly electrics when I had my kitchen installed by a large DIY chain. I am actually out of pocket to the tune of £3500.00 putting their mistakes right and my kitchen still isn't finished and it should have been completely finished by 6th October last year. I've managed to do all of the paperwork and POC and I have named 2 defendants; one is the large chain and the second is their parent company. I named the parent company because when I was liaising with the DIY chain and following their complaints process I was getting nowhere so I tried to use the parent company to apply pressure to no avail! the DIY chain have filed a defence, admitting some of their mistakes but not all even though I have proof, photos, electricians as witnesses, emails of complaint etc. Unfortunately, I have not heard a thing from the parent company with regards to filing a defence, acknowledgement of service or anything. Do I just leave them alone until it gets to court or do I have to let the court know I haven't heard anything back from them? I have received a copy of the defence from the DIY chain's solicitors and it's just full of legal speech to try and frighten me I assume. Also, they have offered me mediation with them however I really don't want to do that. For at least 2 months, I attempted to discuss this with them and they just ignored me I feel that because I followed their complaints process to the letter, they don't deserve to go through mediation. Does this go against me at all because I don't want mediation? Any help you can give me is really appreciated.
  2. Hello, I ordered built in wardrobes and some shelves for the existing wardrobes. After 6 weeks two gentlemen appeared and installed some of the items in awful quality, the shelves are not in line, pencil markings everywhere, dents to the existing wardrobes, etc. Along with that they ruined my cream carpets (I moved into a brand new house a 2 months ago! carpets are still in majority covered by the protective plastic layer, but everything around is now grey. In addition they put one of the wardrobes on top of the plastic !), stained the walls and ceiling. At the very end they started the installation of the doors to the wardrobes and these were of even worse quality and were damaged, so they took them off and disappeared. I contacted the company and send the photos. In response i was rudely told that nothing will be done to rectify my brand new house and if I want my doors I need to pay the last instalment. Is there anything I can do?
  3. Hello Cags, My fiance purchased a Louis Vuitton bag from their flagship Bond Street store in London. The day after purchasing she noticed an odd scuff mark (not caused by her) on the inside top lining of the bag and on close inspection the paint is revealed to be noticeably peeling off in an area of around 1 cm square. Not knowing her rights she approached me a couple days later with the issue and I took a look and believe that this item was sold to her defective and that she should be entitled to a full refund under consumer law. She was not afforded the opportunity to inspect the item upon purchasing as they gave her a sealed boxed item to take away. She paid using her debit card unfortunately. A week after purchasing she attempted to return the bag to the store only to be told by the store manager that 'the bag is worn and cannot be returned under Louis Vuitton guidelines'. We immediately sent a letter requesting a replacement/refund under UK consumer law. No reply for 2 weeks and we sent a letter before action with legal threat. My fiance had a phone call and Louis Vuitton refused to give refund however they have offered to send the item to their Paris Quality Control team for checking - however no possibility was given for a refund or replacement. We gave them a deadline of Friday 26th November after which time we have threatened legal action. They have 4 days. Do we need to hand the bag over to them for 'quality control checking'?!?!?! What madness is this!? I am guessing it's just a run around. Please advise. 99
  4. had some urgent work done in my bathroom due to a leak .paid the builder £745.00 cash no receipt .quick to collect cash very difficult indeed to get him to do the work.he fitted the toilet not seated right not secured wobbles all over.fitted the bath but found it did not fit so he decided to saw about 4ins of the top and the bottom of the bath so it would fit.told bath is useless as him doing this weakened the bath .left my sink on the floor unfitted never replaced the door frame he was paid to do .failed to mend my leaking roof .failed to wood clad the walls and ceilings in the bathroom he has took the money and vanished ignoring all recorded delivery letters .he has not been back for 3 months .he has left live wires hanging out of the walls .our jaccuzzi bath he has left exstension leads running from the bathroom to enable us to use the bath.i find consumer direct useless indeed feels there protecting the builders not the consumer every time i ring north east lincs council trading standards i get consumer direct so i feel im just wasting my time here .any one advise me here on my situation .please can you tell me if cutting the bath at both ends renders the bath as dangerous .
  5. Some 12ish years ago, my local council conducted repairs to most of the private houses in our street. In our case, this included a new roof, double glazing and re-rendering the property. This was a brilliant deal, we paid around 25% of the 'real price' the rest being funded (iirc) by an EU grant. The works did drag on, and the render was removed in the Autumn but not replaced until the spring. Around 3 years later, a crack developed across the front of our property just above the ground floor windows, it transpired it was caused by a metal beam that crosses the front of the house having got rusty during it's exposed winter, and as the rust progressed, it pushed the render and cracked it. This was around 2003. The council removed the render off the entire front of the house but didn't replace the rusty beam, they painted it and then used a metal mesh on the front of the property called 'renderlath' so that if the beam re-rusted despite the paint, the render would not crack. Now in 2012 I have crack running across the front of my house, again following the line of the beam. A quick google shows details of complaints against the builders over the quality of workmanship. But there isn't much detail - the web wasn't the same as it is now! How long should building work last? Would I have a claim against the council after 9 and a bit years? At least 12 since the original work was done & paid for? I thought I could claim on my buildings insurance - but as it isn't subsidence or storm damage, aparently I'm not covered
  6. There is an article on BBC News 24 about Scottish youngsters not being employable and centers around an Arnold Clark apprentice training workshop. One of the instructor can be clearly seen 'smashing' a steel wheel to remove it from the hub with a steel hammer. What a disgusting thing to teach someone to smash a customers car with a steel hammer and not a mallet. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-18158510 The video above doesn't show that particular part of the clip, but it is still running on the live news channel. I'm not sure if News 24 can be watched again on the likes of iplayer.
  7. Hello, I have a Skoda Octavia TDI and at 60000 miles I asked my mechanic to change the cambelt (as indicated in the manual). The car was in perfectly working order and never had any problems with it, so only had the camblet changed because the manual recommends this to be done at 60000 miles. In November 2010 the mechanic changed the camblet and the car worked fine until last week (so three months later) when it just stopped in traffic. I called the AA and their guy said the camblet jumped timing; the mechanic who changed the cambelt confirmed this today after failing to start the car. He will come back on Monday and try to reposition the belt but there is a very high chance that the belt has already damaged the engine valves, which means that the engine (and therefore the car) is unusable. Given that the camblet was supposed to last at least another 60000 miles and it broke after only a few hundred I wander what are my rights and what can I ask the mechanic to do about this. Many thanks for your help.
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